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Best Pedalboard Power Supply 2021: Top Full Review, Guide

Best Pedalboard Power Supply

It might seem like researching a Pedalboard Power Supply that powers your pedal isn’t that exciting, but it’s pretty essential to ensure the continuous operation of the pedals you are using. Although it is not your favorite job, you should choose carefully; today, there are so many such devices on the market, it will probably take a lot of time to learn and choose them. For that reason, Fidlar has compiled the Best Pedalboard Power Supply 2021; let’s see what we have for you in this article.

How To Select The Best Pedal Power Supplies

Isolated outputs

The primary decision you want to make when purchasing the pedalboard power cables is to want isolated outputs. Remote outputs provide each pedal using its energy supply, which eliminates him in the equation.

You could experience something when running analog and digital pedals in precisely the same daisy chain. Unless you are only running a small number of analog components, we would always suggest an isolated power supply wherever possible.

Power requirements

You should also estimate your pedals’ power requirements: do all of them need 9V or are several conducting at 12, 15, or even 18V? A number of the electricity supplies in this manual provide switchable voltages, and a few may even sag under 9V to yield decreasing battery noises out of fuzz pedals.

Then you will find mA prerequisites: while a few fuzzes and overdrive pedals may draw 10mA, modern digital and multi-effects may draw anywhere from 100-1,000mA. In such examples, you ought to check out electricity supplies that may output more excellent mA from each output power supply signal.

DC vs. AC electricity

Most guitar effects nowadays are DC, but a few elderly pedals, especially the now-discontinued DigiTech Whammy IV, operate on AC. And lastly, if you are a touring musician, you will need to be sure to use your favorite power source across the world. In that instance, switchable input signal voltage is a must-have.

Best Pedalboard Power Supply Reviews

Best Pedalboard Power Supplies 2021

1. Truetone 1 Spot Pro CS12

Surprisingly cheap given that the functionality on offer, the One Spot Pro array consists of the CS7 and CS12, wholly isolated power supplies using quite a few nifty features.

On the CS12, you will find just six 9V presses from 100mA – 250mA, one 4-9V variable output, two high-draw 9V outputs, and two 18V outputs, which may be used to get distortions or overdrives that may take 18V for more generous headroom.

Uniquely into the CS12, there is also a 9V AC output signal, driving elderly Whammy and Digitech pedals. Though the rated output signal is low for a Whammy, the truth is that a Truetone Pro may provide up to its maximum current draw, that’s the sum of its outputs, meaning it could flex up if you are not in the max for all the workouts. It is the very best pedalboard power.


  • 12 total isolated outs
  • High current workouts for electronic pedals
  • 18V workouts for distortions
  • Best cheap power supply


  • Difficult to a fault!

2. Strymon Ojai

The Strymon is not messing around when it comes to the very best power supply. Designed to give the Strymon lineup, their default present delivery is a whopping 500mA on each output.

The Ojai specifically has a very intriguing USP. A developing pedalboard could be accommodated with the 24V via a connector to join added Ojai units, with no necessity for additional amps to the wall.

Additionally, it comes within an R30 version that’s a low-profile variant to fit beneath tighter or more compact planks such as the Pedaltrain Nano series. It is seen as one of the very best power supplies.


  • Automatic worldwide voltage shifting
  • Five high-current workouts for electronic Consequences
  • Chain additional Ojai


  • Independent laptop-style power supply

3. Voodoo Lab Pedal Power Mondo

The Voodoo 4×4 has been the best pedal power supply for the guitarist conducting quite a few power-hungry digital effects since its four standard presses, rated at 100mA, along with four 400mA presses, together with two switchable around 12V. The Mondo is a much bigger version for gamers with many more pedals.

Both the 4×4 and the Mondo possess a temperature-controlled enthusiast to halt the unit overheating in harsh conditions, such as a sexy festival series or cellar gig.

The Mondo, as the bigger brother, has more amps, features, and also two extra sag outputs, which emulate the reduced headroom and voltage source of a dying battery. It is probably the very 12 volt power supply best buy.


  • A large number of isolated outputs
  • Two high-current outputs for electronic Consequences
  • A courtesy outlet for Another AC plug


  • Not many outputs will be Helpful to all players.

4. MXR Iso-Brick

The Iso-Brick is your isolated variant of MXR’s diminutive but pricey non-isolated power supply to that of the DC Brick.

The Iso-Brick’s ten presses are entirely isolated. There are various present draws available to push even the most hungry digital pedals, along with two 18V workouts for higher-headroom distortions and two variable outputs, which may be used to emulate starved-battery sounds on fuzzes.


  • Many outputs
  • Little
  • Fully isolated


  • Select outputs will probably be redundant to a few players.

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5. Pedaltrain Volto V3

The Pedaltrain Volto was revolutionary when it first seemed, being an adequate power supply that has been genuinely portable and rechargeable.

It featured extensively in the excellent Coffee & Riffs location-filmed YouTube show by the pedal makers supporting Aged Blood Noise Endeavours and eased numerous sessions.

The V3 is the most up-to-date and most excellent online, today offering 25 percent higher use from one charge compared to its predecessor. It is seen as the very best power supply kit.


  • Mobile
  • Little


  • Non-isolated
  • Does not manage high-current pedals nicely

6. GOKKO Guitar Pedal

The Gokko Pedal Power is the very best power supply for small pedalboard that provides many output signal configurations at a cost price.

Made from aluminum, it is lightweight and mobile.

Its ten isolated outputs are configured in the following fashion:

  • Four 9V, 100mA sparks
  • Three 9V, 300mA sparks
  • One 9V, 500mA output
  • 1 12V, 300mA output
  • 1 18V, 100mA output

The Gokko also includes isolated small circuit protection using a blue LED indicator for each output signal, a great feature not typically found in electricity supplies at this cost. This pedal is the very best guitar pedal power supply available now.


  • My Best Pick for your features at this cost
  • A Great Deal of power output Choices
  • USB charging interface a plus


  • None
Voodoo Lab Pedal Power 2 Plus Isolated Power Supply
486 Reviews

7. Joyo JP-05 Rechargeable

The Joyo JP-05 is the very best budget pedalboard power supply with a twist: it’s a built-in battery for constant usage without AC power. Its measurements will be 5.7″ x 2.6″ x 1.4,” and it weighs 2.15 lbs.

The JP-05 has eight outputs configured as follows:

  • Four 9V, 100mA sparks
  • Three 9V, 500mA sparks
  • One 9V/12V/18V, 100mA output signal, flexible

Each output has separate remote electricity with overload and short-circuits protection, which protects your pedals from harm.

Unlike many other energy supplies in this cost range, its own built-in 7.4V/ 4400mA rechargeable lithium-ion battery pack.

It takes 2.5 hours to charge the battery fully. However, after billed, it may last up to ten hours when combined with eight analog pedals or two hours using high current digital pedals. It is a welcome attribute for on-the-go traveling use where AC power isn’t available or only as a backup energy supply when AC power goes out.

Additionally, it is handy in gigs with low-quality AC electricity where you pick up hum and buzz; unplugging in the AC and working on batteries may prevent this problem.


  • A lot of electricity Choices
  • Reputable and very quiet
  • The battery may last for a whole recording session or gig if needed.


  • None

8. Donner DP-1

The donner dp-1 guitar power supply is the best budget power supply of the four Donner electricity supplies. It has a smaller electricity source measuring 5.9″ x 2″ x 1.25″ and should fit under smaller pedalboards.

Its ten isolated outputs are configured in the following fashion:

  • Seven 9V, 100mA sparks
  • One 9V, 500mA output
  • 1 12V, 100mA output
  • 1 18V, 100mA output

There’s some debate that the DP-1 isn’t an accurate isolated layout. As many isolated power supplies providing these features are more costly, this might be true. But aside from the way it’s constructed, it does the work and has lots of satisfied customers worldwide.

Each of those 10 outputs has its own isolated small circuit protection using a blue LED indicator light. When there’s a problem with any single work, that output LED light will go off, convenient for monitoring. There’s also a chance to turn off all lights if wanted.


  • Best cheap pedal board power supply
  • Small size must match most pedalboards
  • Provides three Distinct voltages


  • None at this cost
Truetone Stage And Studio Equipment Case (CS12USJ)
361 Reviews

9. Donner DP-2

The Donner DP-2 is an upgraded version of this DP-1. It is the same dimensions as the DP-1 (5.9″ x 2″ x 1.25″). Therefore it must easily fit under bigger pedalboards.

Such as the DP-1, It’s ten isolated outputs, which are configured as such:

  • Six 9V, 100mA sparks
  • Two 9V, 500mA sparks
  • 1 12V, 500mA output

The most crucial difference in the DP-1 is the DP-2 presses a more significant mA current on the 12V and 18V outputs.

Much like the DP-1, every one of those ten outputs has its own isolated LED short circuit protection using blue LED light. When there’s a problem with any single work, that output LED light will go off, convenient for monitoring. There’s also a switch to turn off all lights if wanted.

The DP-2 is a little more income than DP-1, but it will give you a more splendid milliamp present requited by most newer pedals.

Like using the DP-1, this is some debate that the DP-2 isn’t an accurate isolated layout. But, there are minimal complaints regarding noise or hum, and there are many satisfied customers around the globe.


  • Upgraded cheap remote electricity supply
  • Small size must match most pedalboards
  • Provides three Distinct voltages
  • More significant milliamp outputs for newer effects pedals


  • None at this cost

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10. Donner ISO 8 (DP-3)

The Donner ISO 8 (DP-3) is the best power supply of this DP-1 and DP-2. It features a different blend of amperage than the Donner DP-1 and DP-2, but you just have eight outputs, not 10. On the other hand, the ISO 8 provides a few new features and elements which make it a step over the DP-1 and DP-2.

Here are the differences:

To begin with, the ISO 8 is a larger-sized device compared to the DP-1 and DP-2. In 6.10″ x 3.35″ x 1.75″, perhaps it does not match under a few pedalboards.

The ISO 8 includes eight remote power sockets, not 10. The milliamps per voltage outcome signal have been decreased. It currently includes:

  • Four 9V, 100mA sparks
  • Two 9V, 300mA sparks
  • 1 12V, 300mA output
  • 1 18V, 300mA output

However, ISO 8 provides a few new features:

By utilizing an optional voltage doubler cable, the ISO 8 may induce effects that use 18V or 24V.

Additionally, it adds updated components to optimize tone. Its high-quality internal toroidal transformer was created with additional shielding to maximize your rig’s style.

The ISO 8 also contains a polarity adjustment cable, a 3.5millimeter converter cable.


  • Added features compared to Donner DP1 or even DP-2.
  • Can electricity 24V pedals
  • Top-quality construction
  • Contains helpful features like polarity reversal


  • A larger size might not fit under some pedalboards

What Power Supply Do You Need?

There are a variety of ways to supply your guitar pedals from battery options which you can recharge but can be tough to keep a tab on levels, to plug in daisy chain leads which can, unfortunately, generate a lot of noise as the current flows from one pedal to the next.

The best way to truly get an individual noise-free current to each pedal is with an isolated power supply. It provides individual pathways for each output but is convenient like a daisy chain set up.

What type you need is entirely down to what effects you want to include in your chain and their requirements. Most of the brick-style isolated power units we have reviewed above can cater to various volt and milli-amp combinations, but some can only be used one way or the other, so you have to think things through one step at a time to work out your needs.


What are the three types of cables?

There are three types of network cables and the connectors associated with each that you must know for this exam: fiber, twisted pair, and coaxial. Fiber is the most expensive of the three and can run the longest distance.

What do power supplies do?

A power supply unit (PSU) converts mains AC to low-voltage regulated DC power for a computer’s internal components. Modern personal computers universally use switched-mode power supplies. Some power supplies have a manual switch for selecting input voltage, while others automatically adapt to the mains voltage.

Why are power supplies so expensive?

Tariffs on China and inflation. Plus, PSUs use a lot of finite resources, such as several minerals. So the less there are on earth, the more expensive things using them will become. Plus, PSUs use a lot of finite resources, such as several minerals.

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