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Best Pedal Board 2021: Top Full Review, Guide

Best Pedal Board 2021: Top Full Review, Guide

How many types of guitar effect pedals do you have in your toolbox? If you haven’t, then it’s time to consider investing in a pedal for your beloved guitar so you can make the sounds unique.

And you already know how to choose the right pedal for your guitar, and you are also stuck in the hundreds of products on the market today. This is precisely where you need to go, here Fildar has compiled a list of the Best Pedal Board 2021, plus notes to choose the right pedal for your goal. Let’s also explore accessories for guitars.

Things To Consider When Purchasing A Pedalboard

Pedalboard Real Estate

Knowing the distance you need should be simple when you’ve got regular size pedals, but it gets more complicated if you have pedals using unique shapes and sizes. To give you a better idea of the size differences, We’ve recorded the measurements (W x D x H) of hot pedals below:

Power Supply

For convenience, some producers build electricity supplies directly in their pedalboards, while some have been bundled with dedicated power supplies mounted onto the board. You might even get a stand-alone power supply. However, the aim is the same for them to have sufficient cables and power for the pedals you are using.

The good thing is that pedal makers do not always adhere to the typical 9V power source, meaning you ought to assess your pedals to be on the safe side. The most frequent cases are pedals that need 12V or 18V.

Be aware that using the incorrect power supply can damage your bike. Therefore it’s ideal to look at the specifications. Another matter is that a few pedals may be too power-hungry, tipping the essential current over the electricity source’s capacity. Therefore, if you’ve got at least one of those power hogs, then consider this.

Plywood vs. Aluminum vs. Plastic

Plywood has been, for quite a while, the substance of choice for many guitarists due to its simplicity and usefulness. As it’s constructed from wood, it is readily customized by drilling holes, making cuts, or incorporating wood pieces.

On the flip side, Aluminum is increasing in demand since it is lighter and more rigid, perfect for those always on the move. Plastic boards sit between. They’re sturdy, somewhat more massive than Aluminum, and are often less expensive.

Horizontal vs. Angled Profile

Angled or sloped pedalboards are becoming popular due to the distance they provide for power cables and supplies. The slanted profile also makes hitting rear/top pedals simpler. Horizontal pedalboards are somewhat more straightforward and save more readily. It’s the default setting for several compact pedalboards.

Carrying Case

Among the reasons why custom pedalboards could be a nuisance is you will also need to personalize a fitting carrying case. Happily, most ready-made pedalboards arrive with hard or soft carrying bags. Soft cases are milder and more comfortable to carry, while severe instances are thicker but provide additional protection. A number of those carrying cases have pockets for carrying attachments, which can simplify setup and transport.

Velcro, Cables, and Accessories

Many pedalboards use Hook-and-Loop Velcro as a pedal fastener, and a few manufacturers provide them combined with the plank. Additionally, there are the ones that come bundled together with zip ties for superior cable ties placement.

Some provide 1/4″ patch cables for linking your pedals. Therefore setting up will probably be straightforward from the box. While using these accessories might be a fantastic bonus, many consumers cautioned that their caliber possibly sub-par compared to those that may be had separately. To give you a better idea of just how new pedalboards are installation, check out the Pedaltrain Setup video under:

Boss BCB-60 Deluxe Pedal Board and Case

Best Affordable Pedal Boards

1. Boss BCB-60 Deluxe Pedal Board and Case

Given that Boss generally produce quite simple but exceptional effects pedals without a fuss, we could expect a similar impact for this pedalboard, which is precisely what they provide us.

The casing is made of a tough resin that’s molded instead of with no joints. The reward of this substance against timber isn’t just its capacity to withstand a hefty blow-off but also its longevity.

It’s a cushioned interior that provides additional protection. This is sometimes internally made to suit your circumstances. It’ll take pedals of sizes such as a wah. But it has to be emphasized though that Boss’s plank is mainly made for Boss pedals.

Three pre-cut folds choose Boss size pedals and a spare that may be trimmed to accommodate a dimension variation. It’ll take up to seven minutes to complete. Employing different manufacturers’ products with a selection of sizes will affect the number of pedals it will be home.

A fantastic addition to its amenities is the addition of a power supply using its onboard AC adapter. It’ll power up to seven effects pedals and includes cabling.

This bike board is nicely made, but you have the impression it won’t require an excessive amount of inferior handling. It sounds better equipped to get a player that will apply a little control over how it’s used instead of being stamped around.

One difficulty it has is using its fittings and hinges that aren’t incredibly powerful.

This board isn’t a flight situation kind product and can’t be thrown around as a few people today appear to perform. It takes at least a bit of care. However, since it’s used wisely, it will provide decent support. It is the very best guitar effects pedals board.


  • A great choice if you use lots of Boss BBC 60.
  • Own power supply and wires.
  • Strong resin outside.


  • Fittings are somewhat weak.

2. PT-CL2-SC Pedaltrain Classic two soft case

A pedalboard that will be recognizable to some can be an updated version of the initial product. It’s its own four railing design and recognizable spacing. However, there are a few small design alterations to make it even more functional.

It sits about 1 inch greater than its predecessor, to permit different electricity supplies and connectivity problems. And is available in the front to make it much easier to join cables and electricity resources.

It’s constructed in a sturdy style from aircraft-grade Aluminum with a matte finish. The functioning size is 24 inches by 12 inches, so there’s loads of space for several pedals of all sizes and shapes.

Ninety-six inches of Velcro substance is included to help out with adjusting the pedals into the framework.

It includes a fitted case of soft substance that’s reinforced at different factors. Concerning the situation or maybe more correctly, travel tote, you might find difficulty shutting the bag together with the pedals hooked up.

It will be dependent on your pedals’ size, of course, but if they’re on the bigger side, there might be a problem.

It’s an easy pedalboard but none, which can permit much in the means of protection such as pedals. If you’re trying to find a full and demanding pedalboard for vacationing you can stamp around, This guitar pedalboard probably is not for you. But it is the very best small pedalboard.


  • Simple layout, easy to use.
  • Lots of space for a whole lot of pedals.


  • It does not protect you if you travel a whole lot.
  • Quite costly.

3. SKB PS8 Powered Pedal Board

The SKB PS8 board carries the concept of keeping things straightforward and has produced a no-frills board that can accommodate up to 8 inches, based on pedal dimensions. One of those boards’ important assets is it self-powers the pedals you decide to utilize through its built-in electricity vents.

It’s somewhat a challenging plank without really providing much protection to your pedals. The board itself is made from injection-molded rubber that’s likely to have the ability to bring a few knocks.

Regrettably, that’s merely the foundation, and there isn’t any excess cover to the board through transit.

It’s a 19 inch from 12-inch region to mount your pedals, and it’s well designed for simplicity of use and connectivity. Preventing your pedals is by way of a hook and loop Velcro process.

For travel purposes, it includes a heavyweight nylon tote with a shoulder strap. The tote has an excess pocket for cables and some other essential products.

As a very simple plank to mount your pedals, then it’s well designed and practical. The self-powering alternative is an enormous asset but one that could bring forth undesirable sound problems.

If you’re interested in finding a pedalboard that will do a great deal of traveling, then be packed continuously with trucks afterward, this board probably is not for you. It is probably the best guitar pedal board.


  • Solid plastic construction.
  • Self-powering.


  • It just has a travel tote.
  • Does not provide much protection.

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4. Pedaltrain Metro 16

The Metro 16 is a pedalboard case for mounting approximately five to eight effects pedals, throwing them at the nylon shoulder bag, and running out the clinic door. Even when you have four or three straight now, the excess space will come in useful if you inevitably dimensions up the floor display.

For an additional $70, you can find a super-tough tour instance, and also, the Metro 16 is little enough to carry as a carry-on thing with many US airlines.

Pedals are connected with Pedaltrain’s professional-grade, hook-and-loop pedal attachments, plus it includes lots of wire ties. You will want to purchase your power brick independently, This is the very best cheap pedalboard.


  • Fantastic Price
  • Pedal organizing is simple.
  • Lightweight


  • Much non-Pedaltrain power also supplies Large.

5. RockBoard TRES 3.1 Pedalboard

The TRES 3.1 sees RockBoard improve upon concrete past designs using a sleek, brushed aluminum construction using a powder-black complete, and tons of routing for wires, and a substantial support beam down the center. It makes the most of its board space; therefore, mounting around about eight to 10 regular-sized pedals should not be a problem.

It includes a gig-bag using a shoulder strap plus an all-important attachment pocket, but an additional 60 bucks get you a trip instance should you require something much more rugged.

Power supplies may be mounted around the unit’s base, and it is simple to adjust the height to your taste. It is probably the best guitar pedalboards 2021.


  • Fantastic construction
  • Fantastic bag/flight case alternative
  • Power supply mounting


  • Narrow rails in the front and rear

6. Aclam Guitars Smart Track S2

The major draw with all the so-clever-they-called-it-Smart Track pedalboard from Aclam is that, rather than the Velcro, hook-and-loop design cassette that many other boards utilize, the Smart Track S2 uses its Smart Track fastening system. All these rubber-coated, screw-in attachments keep your pedals loose of the tacky tape residue, and swapping them in and out is simple as pie.

This pedalboard takes between 2 and 10 pedals. You’ll be able to fix the device’s incline for simple accessibility to the pedals in the trunk and mounting an electricity source underneath.

Also, in case you suddenly begin purchasing more pedals and why would not you? – you can find a broader set of railings for sizing the device. Pretty smart, really, people. This is probably the best pro-level powered pedal boards


  • Nice clean mounting
  • Upgradable
  • Transportable


  • Useful accessories are sold separately.

7. Gator GPT-PRO-PWR

The GPT-PRO-PWR is the best guitar effects pedal board, but it can home and electricity around 11 stompboxes. It could even squeeze a little more on its Velcro-covered space if your rig is still packaging a lot of mini-stompboxes.

It includes a pre-mounted G-BUS-8 power source that’s eight 9V and three 18V outputs. There is space to mount yet another G-BUS-8 in pedalboard cases you require it.

It is quite heavy, but the built-in grip on the pedalboard may choose the weight, and the roomy accessory pockets around the gig-bag will be convenient. It includes plenty of tape for fastening pedals.


  • Benefits of cable routing
  • Onboard power supply


  • It is cumbersome
  • Only ships with a single 18V power connector

8. Voodoo Lab Dingbat Medium Pedalboard

This Dingbat comes in 3 distinct sizes. The medium is your joyful alternative for mounting eight to 12 pedals – dimensions-based – together with the glue hook-and-loop fasteners.

Power supplies may be mounted on the top or beneath the pedalboard, and Voodoo Lab offers packages with pools contained. Shipped with Pedal Power 4X4, powering around eight pedals, it will cost around $300, and an additional $100 buys you the Pedal Power Mondo, powering about 12 pedals.

The slots result in simple arrangements with lots of room to clean the wires underneath the machine. A tote makes it effortless to transport. It is one of the very best pedalboards for guitar.


  • Easily configurable, Excellent construction.
  • Power supply mounting
  • High quality


  • The bag lacks storage choices for accessories.
  • Screwdriver needed to mount power supplies.

9. On-Stage GPB3000

This is a good board for the cost. It’s a clean construction with navigation around the center of the plank for threading wires through. You ought to be able to match around ten pedals with this – more if you’re using minis.

Pedals are mounted with the typical hook-and-loop tape, and a roster is included with this device. The installation should ensure it is effortless to organize your pedals; however, you enjoy them.

Regardless of the lightweight construction, non-slip rubber feet will continue to keep this firmly in place on the ground. On top of that, the gig bag has pockets and a shoulder strap.


  • Non-slip rubber feet
  • Fantastic Price
  • Power supply mounting


  • Routing the cables might be catchy.

10. Friedman Tour Pro 1520 Pedalboard

Your pedalboard is often not hard to organize until you attempt to match a wah pedal or volume pedal on the market. However, the Tour Pro 1520 comes with an innovative two-tier solution, using a riser letting you sit wah on there over the remainder of your pedals.

The riser is removable; you can purchase supplementary risers if you’ve got a volume or whammy pedal, and can be screwed to the board.

Alternatives range from the ultra-transparent Friedman Buffer Bay 6 to get an additional $70, even though you can find that along with an Electricity Grid 10, powering around ten outcomes and made as an excess riser, all for $569.

The wiring alternatives are highly configurable and remove the sign problems you can get with complicated signal chains. This latter platinum alternative isn’t cheap, but it has all of the bells and whistles. It is also one of the best electric guitar pedalboards.


  • Fantastic construction
  • Two-tier pedalboard
  • Onboard buffer alternative


  • Expensive

When Can I Start Buying Guitar Pedals?

Welcome into the planet of stompboxes and pedalboards! We presume that you have reached a place where you feel restricted by the tones provided by your amp, and you’re eager to expand your sonic horizons.

It’s if you come to this realization which you need to begin investing in guitar pedals. Coming in all forms and sizes, the sum of pedal choices is vast. In the tide of overdrives out there to niche impacts such as ring modulators, the sheer degree of choice may look somewhat overwhelming at first.

But, establishing your initial pedalboard shouldn’t be a daunting prospect! In this section, we have identified essential pedals you ought to select before putting together your board.

What’s Pedal Voltage, Current & Polarity?

None of us in Andertons Music Co. are fully-fledged electricians, but we all understand enough about the fundamentals. Concerning pedals, voltage, present, and polarity would be the only things you have to be concerned about. And getting to grips with those conditions is far more straightforward than you may think.


Voltage refers to this difference in cost between two factors. In this example, the origin of electricity along with the pedal. Fortunately for you, most ordinary pedals have been ranked at 9V DC, with DC position for the direct current. Some pedals might require alternative present’ (AC), but generally, they’ll include their power source.

Pedals that need 9V could be the most common; however, there are several exceptions. By way of instance, strong digital pedals such as flaws or reverb pedals may require 12V or longer on account of their more complicated circuitry.

To prevent damaging your pedals’ internals, we would always suggest assessing their specialized specs before providing them with electricity. Should your electricity a pedal wrongly, you might fry it!


Electric current is a flow of electric charge. You will often find this exhibited as’100mA’ in your pedal, for instance. With analog stompboxes such as overdrives or wahs, the total amount of current they need will typically be meager. But similar to voltage, electronic pedals will require a more significant amount of current to work correctly.

If a pedal does not get enough present, then it merely will not function, or its noise is going to be hindered. But, providing a bicycle with more present than it requires will not affect its performance or noise in any way. Therefore, if you give a bicycle 300mA of current when its current draw is simply 20mA, that is fine!


Electrical polarity (negative or positive ) is the term used to refer to the path of current flow in an electric circuit. This signifies you will run into pedals that are tagged either as center positive or center negative to reflect their polarity.

Luckily, the vast majority of new pedals are middle negative, and many pedal power provides cater only for them. Pedals that are middle-positive are a rarity, and people you find will probably be antique pedals. Should you have to give juice to a center-positive pedal, then locate another dedicated energy source.


Each pedal on our list is handpicked by expert sound experts. And they are the best-listed products on US online stores and many other countries.

If you plan to invest with a low budget, Boss, SKB, Pedaltrain are reputable brands to experience. You can try the Gator and Voodoo brand for a higher price.

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