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Best New Blues Artists 2021: Top Full Review, Guide

Best New Blues Artists

Blues is a legendary music line of world music, appearing early and still developing until now. The music genre has created many legendary names that live forever in the hearts of fans with excellent works. We, Fidlar, take great pride in making the Best New Blues Artists 2021 compendium list, seeing and re-enjoying the classics that make us very proud of this development. If you are also a fan of the Blues, please take a few minutes to look back at your idol here.

Best New Blues Artists 2021

1. Joe Bonamassa

He is the best blues artist who has spent 2019 packaging out pretty much every big, red-plush seated theater that Joe Bonamassa can see in support of last year’s masterly Redemption. It is little wonder that his chops are almost always on-point.

Joe Bonamassa

Nevertheless, it is not merely his performances that make him so powerful; his championing of his fellow blues players increase the genre, bringing a bit more light and warmth to the fast-rising blues cats like Eric Gales (his number one blues-rock participant on earth, along with your number 12).

Other highlights include gearing with Journey in Caesar’s Palace and returning the favor to Neal Schon, and, like an inveterate gear collector, carrying receipt of some see-through Lucite Fender Twin plus a pristine 1958 Gibson Flying V, aka “Donnie J.” must be up there, also.

2. Eric Clapton

To get a participant who left his bones in the’60s with Cream and Blind Faith back when the shade TV was novel, Slowhand made a decent effort at breaking up the net when he played with While My Guitar Gently Weeps together with Peter Frampton at this season’s Crossroads Guitar Festival. It brought down the house.

It remains to be seen when we’ll observe a follow-up to 2018’s Happy Xmas. However, with super-limited custom shop models from Fender, Gibson and Martin minted in their title to coincide with all the Crossroads festival, he still stays the lodestar for modern blues civilization.

Pointless trivia: as a kid, Clapton had a fantastic pet horse known as Bush Branch. Less moot: GW’s lesson in Clapton’s jaw-dropping off-the-cuff phrasing. He had been the master. He’s the master.

3. Derek Trucks

Can there be a better slip player on earth at this time? Trucks band are the maximum slide expert within our clients’ list, and perhaps that’s because his sensibility is that he never overpowers the jam, frequently positioning his Gibson Artist collection Dickey Betts SG somewhere in the uncharted frequencies shared with vocals and guitar, and as an undercover counterpoint for his spouse Susan Tedeschi’s Strat or Les Paul.

Derek Trucks

When necessary, he could pin the viewer into the ground, dialing in more sting on his volume controller to reach the front of his Alessandro habit head tougher. The Tedeschi Trucks Band’s most current album, Evidence, is upsetting, life-affirming, and filled with the spirit. Blues for our times.

4. Buddy Guy

Profiled in the New Yorker as “the final of the bluesmen,” Buddy Guy could be 83 years young, but he’s over lots sap in the tree and may currently be seen, Strat flip side, at places up and down the length and breadth of America.

Whether he is enjoying his cover of Willie Dixon’s I’m Your Hoochie Coochie Man or Damn Right, I’ve got the Blues Buddy’s playing remains off-the-charts, hold-the-bus genius – because of his showmanship, gleaned from among his all-time heroes Guitar Slim (Eddie Jones). He is one of the very best blues artists.

5. Kenny Wayne Shepherd

Kenny was born in Shreveport, Louisiana, on June 12, 1977, Kenny Wayne Shepherd’s title has practically become synonymous with “young blues guitarist.” He’s a self-taught guitarist and gifted songwriter. His dad was a radio personality and concert promoter. Inspired by Stevie Ray Vaughan, whom he fulfilled his dad, Shepherd was playing guitar since youth.

Shepherd had remarkable business success from a young age. He had been signed to a multiple album contract with Giant Records and released his first record, Ledbetter Heights if he was only 18.

He’s had seven singles in the Billboard Top 10, won two Billboard Music Awards, and was nominated for five Grammys.

6. Warren Haynes

Warren Haynes was born April 6, 1960, in Asheville, North Carolina, Warren Haynes started playing guitar at age 12. He cites Jimi Hendrix, Eric Clapton, and Johnny Winter as musical character models.

Warren Haynes is a guitar player, singer, and songwriter. He’s connected with southern stone, blues-rock, blues, and soul. He gained notoriety when he played with The Allman Brothers Band. He’s also the creator of this jam band Gov’t Mule.

In his younger days, he also played for David Allan Coe and The Dickey Betts Band.

He’s also related to living members of the Grateful Dead. He trips with Phil Lesh and Friends and The Dead.

He’s co-founder and director of Evil Teen Records. A New York City-based record label started in 1996. He is probably is one of the best rock singers.

7. Janiva Magness

If anybody has the right to sing the blues, it is Janiva Magness. The soul and blues singer/songwriter was born in Detroit, Michigan, on January 30, 1957. As a kid, she lost her parents and subsequently proceeded to foster care.

From the time she had been 16, she had been an emancipated minor and a pregnant teenager who afterward gave up her child for adoption.

Magness discovered her salvation once the songs of Otis Rush attracted her into the blues. The songs spoke to her in ways nothing else had.

While singing the blues functioned to help cure her restless spirit, she discovered singing the blues also helped create a living. Known for the smoky, sexy voice, Magness has obtained a total of Blues Music Award nominations. Her latest nomination was for 2012’s Contemporary Blues Female Artist Of The Year. she still is one of the very best soul singers.

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8. Tab Benoit

This accomplished guitarist, singer, and songwriter was born in Baton Rouge, Louisiana, on November 17, 1967. Delta blues using a Cajun-influence is in the heart of Tab Benoit’s style. Devoted to his swampy blues, he does not have any interest in pursuing a more hard-rock design for the sake of popularity.

Tab Benoit

Maintaining the swamps of Louisiana is a cause near his heart. Benoit founded the company Voice of the Wetlands to promote awareness of Louisiana’s receding of the coastal wetlands.

9. Larkin Poe

As a lover of the blues, I do not understand how I’ve missed these unbelievable young girls for such a long time. I only recently discovered them for the first time, and they blew me off.

Larkin Poe is the group name. The group is led by sisters Rebecca Lovell (born January 30, 1991) and Megan Lovell (born May 12, 1989) from Atlanta, Georgia.

Rebecca is excellent on lead vocals, electric guitar, acoustic guitar, mandolin, banjo, and piano. Megan is perfect on backup vocals and lap-steel. Their voices blend as though they’re one.

10. Gary Clark, Jr.

Gary Clark Jr. is yet another participant who integrates alien elements into the mix, and it’s still the sin.

This creature, his third studio record, is a work of searing fire and righteous indignation, its title track appropriating some of Guthrie’s unique composition and changing it from sight.

But hip-hop, stone, whatever; if it rains from Clark, it moves all of the ways back to Johnson, Walker, et al.

11. Billy Gibbons

The Egyptian bastion of boogie’s most exciting second of this year came after Queens of the Stone Age’s Josh Homme encouraged him out to play his Desert Sessions Vol.11/12 recording, together with Gibbons opening proceedings in half falsetto on Proceed Together.

But those searching for something to place some Texas warmth in their drive time commute would have discovered that this season’s Goin’ 50 set a worthy reminder of ZZ Top’s inimitable style.

12. Eric Gales

The comparisons to Jimi Hendrix do not start and end with Gales’ taste for its right-handed Fender utilized southpaw. Still, maybe there is some SRV in the marketplace, mainly because of the super-juicy tone.

Eric Gales

However, the Raw Dawg’s cover of Small Wing is proof he could stamp his individuality on anybody’s substance – to the blues itself. Please have a look at Resolution from his most recent record, Bookends, to get a publication blues-rock program of this DigiTech Whammy pedal.

13. Robert Cray

Robert Cray was born on August 1, 1953, in Columbus, Georgia. He had been an Army brat; his family moved worldwide before settling in Tacoma, Washington, in 1968.

After Albert Collins played his high-school graduation, Cray became fascinated by spirit songs and blues. Cray spent a while playing for Collins but presently went out by himself.

After some local success, he had been signed by Mercury Records. He created several albums with this label and started to get a broader appeal.

He was traveling and opening for leading celebrities such as Eric Clapton. Also, he played with the legendary John Lee Hooker on his record Boom Boom. Throughout his career, Robert Cray has won three Grammy awards and has been inducted into the Blues Hall of Fame in 2011.

14. Bettye LaVette

Bettye LaVette was born by Betty Haskins on January 29, 1946. She had been born in Muskegon, Michigan, and grew up in Detroit. This gifted singer and songwriter have an eclectic fashion that ranges from blues and soul to rock, gospel, and country.

Interested in music from childhood, she left her first album when she was just sixteen. Her single, “My Man – He is a Lovin’ Man,” became a Top Ten R&B hit. This led to a tour with artists that comprised Ben E. King and Otis Redding.

But fame can be fleeting from the audio business, and her achievement was sporadic before LaVette’s 2005 album I’ve Got My Hell to Raise brought her back to the spotlight just 45 years after a first hit single.


15. Joe Louis Walker

Joe Louis Walker is best known for his electric blues guitar, but he’s also a singer, songwriter, and producer. Walker was born in San Francisco, California, on Christmas Day in 1949. He’s been playing guitar since age 8, and from the time he had been a teenager, he had been a regular on the Bay Area music scene.

He performed with many renowned blues artists and has been great friends and roommates with famous blues guitarist Mike Bloomfield (before Bloomfield died from an apparent heroin overdose in 1981). His buddy’s death prompted Walker to return to college to earn degrees in Music and English, but he finally returned to his first love, the blues.

16. Sonny Landreth

Landreth is called “the King of Zydeco” and performs a powerful zydeco influence. Guitarist Eric Clapton has stated that Landreth is among the most innovative guitarists on the planet and the most under-appreciated.

Landreth is famous for his slide guitar playing, having developed a method where he frets plays, and notes chords and chord items by worrying behind the slide while he performs.

Landreth plays the fall onto his little hands, and so his hands have more space to fret, supporting the decline. He’s also famous for his right-hand technique, which entails tapping, slapping, and selecting strings, employing each of the fingers on his right hand.

He wears a particular principle pick/flat pick hybrid on his thumb to ensure he can keep down on a select while concurrently utilizing his finger-style method for the slip.

Landreth is famous for his use of Fender Stratocaster guitars and Dumble Amplifiers. He’s also known to utilize Demeter and Fender amplifiers on the event.

Landreth utilizes Jim Dunlop 215 thick glass slides and Dunlop Herco horizontal thumb picks. His guitars are fitted with DiMarzio and Lindy Fralin pickups, a unique Suhr rear plate system, and D’Addario moderate nickel wound strings indicators 0.13 – 0.56.

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