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Best Loop Pedal 2021: Top Full Review, Guide

Best Loop Pedal

As a guitarist and performing regularly, how many pedals do you invest in yourself? And we wondered if you had the ideal Loop Pedal for your guitar? If not, this is precisely where you need it. Here, Fidlar has compiled a list of the Best Loop Pedal 2021. Let’s see what we have for you.

Things To Consider When Purchasing The Best Looper Pedals

Loop Controls

While streamlined loop pedals may get things done, controlling them using their solitary footswitch can be challenging. Manufacturers usually need you to perform various “dancing” measures to activate different purposes like playback, minutes of recording, undo, and redo.

These measures consist of double standards, take steps, and speedy release. Multiswitch loopers offer simpler hands-free management of their loops because they frequently have a couple of footswitches committed to every circle. The obvious disadvantage to multi-switch loops is that their more extensive and bulkier profile.

Complete Loop Time and Memory Slots

Over two years ago, DigiTech introduced the PDS 8000 looper pedal with a complete loop period of 8 minutes. Nowadays, some loopers can save many hours of large-fidelity loops due to access to compact cards.

Nevertheless, you need to be aware that more isn’t always better, particularly if you’re only going for fundamental one-track looping and overdubbing, according to the prevalence of this TC-Electronic Ditto Looper, using its 5 minutes total loop time.

But if you intend to craft, organize, and use various loops, you will want to have more loop time and several memory. Multiswitch pedals tend to have more memory; however, a few compact looper pedals offer expandable memory and memory card slots.

Amount of Loop Tracks

Single-track Loopers are usually good enough for many guitarists, particularly people who only want basic looping and therefore are playing with a group.

Their simple simplicity and operation make them simple to use, while their small size makes them simple to locate space to get a pedalboard.

Multi-track Loopers provide more control and permit for crafting more complicated loops, with the drawback that some have additional mass, steeper learning curve, and what’s more, different prices. They are usually favored by guitarists who also sing and one-man-band actors who need in-depth control within every loop.


For basic mono setups, a streamlined looper pedal with one input and a single output port is sufficient to get the work finished. More complicated rigs or computer instruments with stereo outputs will call for stereo input and output interfaces, provided by a number of those pedals in this listing.

Aux data signal is lovely and to get, as it lets you jam along with your favorite tracks, as well as save them. A couple of pedals have head out, which can be nifty for silent practice.

Some loop pedals using USB connect permit you to save and manage your loops onto your pc; this can be pretty handy if you are collecting musical thoughts.

MIDI compatibility is also an essential consideration if you plan to incorporate a loop using MIDI clock-compatible devices such as roller machines.

Size and Weight

Pedalboard distance is considered a diminishing source, so careful planning is recommended before purchasing your pedal. Thus, we provided the measurements of every unit, which means it is possible to prepare your board beforehand. We have also said the weight of every pedal so that you can judge their portability.

Extra Features

While the attention is on looping, it does not hurt to have additional features like built-in metronomes, multi-effects, and rhythms. But too much is not always great, mainly if it will prevent you from becoming productive and motivated.

Bottom-line only gets you with all the features you need or wastes too much time on matters that you are not going to use to your live performances or tune ideas.

Best Guitar Looper 2021

Best Guitar Looper 2021

1. TC Electronic Ditto Looper Effects Pedal

The TC Electronic Ditto Looper Pedal is the best cheap looper pedal Reddit, not only due to its low cost. It is available in compact dimensions to fit easily on your pedalboard.

It’s exceedingly simple to learn and to utilize, as it includes one switch and one knob. The button toggles between play, record, and overdub, while the knob permits you to control the quantity.

The Ditto Looper provides up to five minutes of looping and unlimited overdubs, sufficient for the casual inaugural. Additionally, it has a true bypass that will not impact your sound if you don’t use it.

It includes a slick design with a grainy grey end, which allows it to match anywhere. On the downside, it will not function on batteries, and you want to obtain a power adapter since it isn’t contained in the bundle.


  • Very Simple to Use
  • Compact size
  • Durable
  • Cheap


  • It does not operate on batteries, and an adapter Isn’t included.

2. BOSS RC-3 Loop Station

Boss is the best looper pedal for live performance and has a great deal of expertise in crafting looper pedals. The RC-3 packs many features in a small size, ideal for anyone who has an already cramped pedalboard.

Its built-in memory permits for 180 mins of recording time and provides you with 99 memory slots to store your loops. The USB 2.0 connection enables you to export your circles into a pc or import sounds right on the pedal.

The RC-3 comes with an AUX input, allowing you to connect external audio sources into the pedal. Additional features include a faucet, a built-in drum system, and nine pre-recorded loops to perform together.

The only drawback of the pedal is that it does not have a true bypass, meaning your electric guitar quality sound is a bit changed while the pedal is off.


  • Hours of storage and recording
  • Strong build quality
  • Compact size
  • USB connect with AUX input


  • Does not provide the right skip
Boss RC-1 Loop Station Bundle with Power Supply, Instrument Cable, Patch Cable, Picks, and Austin Bazaar Polishing Cloth
  • Create your own backing track to play along with--great for learning or practicing

3. Electro-Harmonix 720 Stereo Looper Pedal

The Electro-Harmonix 720 Stereo Looper Pedal is the best cheap loop pedal that could store up to 720 minutes (12 minutes) of loops.

It provides ten slots where you could save your musical thoughts, which you may play in reverse or half-speed, a useful additional feature for demanding guitarists. It offers high-fidelity 24-bit stereo recording at 44.1 kHz and has compact dimensions which does not take too much distance.

It includes two hushed footswitches and stereo capability, enabling you to record stereo signals (for instance, synths) or simultaneously join two tools.

What distinguishes this pedal out of additional looper pedals is your committed prevent switch, making it simple to use if you perform live. It includes a 9V power adapter, which saves you some cash from needing to purchase it individually.


  • Cheap
  • The stereo connection enables you to record two tools.
  • Simple to use on point
  • The power supply is included.


  • It requires some time to get used to the way it functions.

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4. Nux Loop Core Guitar Pedals

This Pedal is the best guitar looper that provides many helpful features despite its reduced price tag.

It permits you to set up to 6 hours of loops together with infinite layering, and it provides you with 99 memory slots to store and remember the circles readily. It includes two inputs, outputs to connect a stereo device or two separate mono tools concurrently.

This pedal contains 40 pre-recorded drum samples that you can play along with. The USB connectivity allows you to export your loops into your computer or import sounds right into the pedal.

Additional features include an integrated drum machine, speed shifting, and word shifting without latency. This pedal has a very small size, which allows it to match your pedalboard easily, and features sturdy build quality that will endure for a long time.


  • Bang for your buck
  • Double inputs data and outputs
  • Time of recording


  • The power adaptor Isn’t included.
Donner Tiny Looper Guitar Effect Pedal 10 minutes of Looping 3 Modes
  • Three models:1/2 Speed Mode: Provide 1/2 speed playback recording,

5. Lekato Looper

Let us kick off with a few of the least expensive looper pedal versions, Lekato’s Looper. The principal advantage that this Looper brings to the table is not affordability.

It is amazingly versatile and straightforward to use, while its audio quality is on par with the majority of mid-priced lower models we have found in the marketplace.

Unlike many budget pedals and loop channels, Lekato packs a solid aluminum metal construction. It is built like a brick house, and with proper usage and upkeep, you’re going to have the ability to utilize it for decades, or even decades ahead.

The audio quality of the looper pedal is entirely fantastic, mainly because of the simple fact that it rocks a 24-bit converter unit that provides uncompressed sonic performance.

Not only that but packs an Analog-Dry-Through layout that permits the dry noise to pass through each of the tweaks virtually unchanged.

Lekato’s Looper does not come provided with a slew of features. It’s a turn-on/off change and the automatic ‘level’ knob. Basically, as a result of the simple layout, it is the best loop station 2021.


  • Remarkably affordable.
  • They are packed with a straightforward pair of features, very simple to use.
  • Unlimited overdubbing.
  • Solid aluminum alloy construction.
  • Uncompressed sound.


  • They limited looping moments.
  • Not best suited to experienced guitar players.

6. HeadRush Looperboard

The HeadRush pedalboard amp modeler and multi-fx unit sound excellent. However, using a sizable touch-screen, it is less intuitive to work with than other components, like Line 6 Helix.

To some degree, the same is true of this HeadRush Looper. Concerning features, it’s everything you may ever want: inverse and transposing choices, a ton of I/O interfaces on the trunk up to four-track recording, and loading/saving via both USB and SD cards.

But in the time of writing, the footswitches are not assignable outside their hold function, and also the cease all’ change is on the next row, as will be the case’ buttons to the four chief loops. Anybody with experience of live-looping will inform you you’re typically juggling circles, and also, the footswitches will need to be as near your toes as you can.


  • Most innovative floor looper around
  • Granular quantization Choices
  • Best guitar loop pedal


  • A small learning curve
  • You are reassigning footswitches not possible, however.
Donner Tiny Looper Guitar Effect Pedal 10 minutes of Looping 3 Modes
  • Three models:1/2 Speed Mode: Provide 1/2 speed playback recording,

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7. Nux Loop Core Deluxe Bundle

Here We’re Taking a Look at Nux Loop Core Deluxe Bundle. Essentially, it’s comprised of this pedal along with a double footswitch.

Starting with all the build quality, the Nux Loop does not disappoint. It is pretty much in precisely the same amount as many other, brand-name pedals you may see in this budget.

The very first thing you’ll probably notice will be the two inputs data and outputs this bicycle features. This may be quite a handy feature, mainly if you anticipate using two tools for this result. The other work provides you the capability to connect with a stereo rig down the series for that excess thickness effect.

The simple fact that the new Loop Core boasts up to 8 hours of recording time makes it among the very best loop pedals for use if you are all about that one-person band thing.

It’s true that you might have one footswitch available, but using this much memory onboard, it is possible to easily pre-record all the rhythm bass or guitar lines into your songs and perform with the remainder live above that.

Importing and exporting formerly listed loops is relatively easy and can be done using a USB cable. Feature-wise, this pedal is filled with useful surprises.

Primarily, there are tons of different drum designs pre-recorded on the pedal, which means that you may use these together with the faucet feature.

Sound-wise, this pedal performs pretty well, with all the noise staying on stage and organic, even following layers of distinct effects being implemented.

Quite simply, the Nux Loop Core Deluxe is among the more innovative looper pedals that are distinguished by the abundance of features that it comes provided with and a massive degree of flexibility.

It is certainly not overly straightforward to use due to this; however, there is a foot change that significantly simplifies its performance method.


  • Sturdy.
  • Compact.
  • Two inputs and outputs.
  • They are packed with useful features.
  • Recording import/export through USB.


  • No additional features.

8. DigiTech JamMan Express XT

DigiTech is known for producing some of its best looping pedal and processors for quite a while now. How can their JamMan Express XT looper pedal compare to others within this review?

Though the JamMan Express XT is a bit of an entry-level looper pedal, it competes with much more expensive competitor versions. Whether you are a beginner or a more innovative guitar player, the odds are that the JamMan will provide you a relatively satisfying and productive encounter.

The build quality is reasonably high, which means you can trust this pedal to give you a relatively long time. The one knob on the top isn’t just very bulky but seems reliable and precise.

The JamMan Express XT features just one footswitch and a single knob used to control the right degree of this pedal. Unlike most other versions, this one contains 3 LEDs that allow you to know which style you are in now.

Much like the previously mentioned Loop Core Deluxe, the JamMan Express XT delivers dual inputs in addition to outputs, which makes it another fantastic selection for anybody seeking to experiment with looping over one instrument.


  • Well, we have constructed.
  • Simple to Use.
  • Amazing audio functionality.
  • Up to 10 minutes of the loop period.


  • No additional features.
  • The footswitch might be too difficult to press sometimes.
Donner Guitar Delay Pedal, Yellow Fall Analog Delay Guitar Effect Pedal Vintage Delay True Bypass
  • Pure analog Whole circuit delay, clear, plump and smooth New Delay effect. Aluminium-alloy classic, stable and strong

9. CNZ Audio RePete GLP-50

Next up is CNZ Audio’s RePete GLP-50 stereo looper. Now, this looper pedal can work amazing things at the hands of a seasoned guitarist, even though it’s more than evident that many novices would not have the ability to manage it with a long shot.

The very first thing you will see concerning RePete GLP-50 is its layout. It’s a massive footprint for a looper pedal, as well as the images, even though they seem very cool, may confuse some of the most experienced guitar pros.

You will find two inputs onboard, which essentially means you’ll have the ability to wire two tools or two pedal chains around the RePete. Each input signal is regulated by its pair of onboard controllers, even though this loop’s rate is worldwide and will influence both inputs.

You’ll have the ability to save 10 minutes’ worth of loops around the GLP-50 and will benefit from the endless overdubbing choices. An internal SSD storage uses impeccable tracking, which means that you may be sure that your looped paths will be primed and prepared to be used in only moments. It is probably the very best guitar looper pedal.


  • An unusual amount of flexibility.
  • Highly durable construction.
  • Ten minutes value of looping, unlimited overdubs.
  • Internal SSD storage.
  • Double input layout.
  • Decently very affordable.


  • Quite tricky to use.
  • Best suited to professional and knowledgeable musicians.


10. Boss RC-3 Loop Station

Many guitarists and other musicians consider Boss when somebody mentions effects and for a great reason. This organization is famous for making some of those best-selling pedals for quite a while, and also, their RC-3 Loop Station is no exception.

The artwork of cramming loads of helpful features and specs that are amazing at a comparatively modest apparatus is exactly what Boss excels at. Like many other Boss products, the RC-3 is produced to cater to traveling musicians’ requirements, feeling quite hardy and using high-quality parts.

Concerning connectivity, this pedal provides both dual outputs and input signals. Consequently, you may use two tools with it at precisely the same time and join to stereo-supporting apparatus down the gear chain. Due to the feature, many users locate that the RC-3 be the ideal looper pedal for both guitar and vocals.

Connectivity does not end there. It is possible to plug in a USB cable for this pedal and move .wav sound files to and from it if you’re feeling the need to utilize third-party loops and samples. The internal memory provides up to 3 hours of loop recording at stereo caliber. It is seen as the very best looper for guitar.


  • Sturdy build.
  • Extensive controls.
  • Two inputs and outputs.
  • USB connectivity.
  • Three hours of loop period.
  • Tap tempo.


  • Still just one footswitch.
  • Average audio quality.


1. Are electric guitars dangerous?

There have been incidents with older equipment, and anything electrical does have failure modes, but electric guitars are as safe as most other gear pieces. Just make sure your grounding is right.

2. How much is a good acoustic guitar?

Those who are still relatively new to the guitar should expect to pay between just over $100 and $500 for their instrument, depending on the brand name, the quality of materials and artistry, and the included accessories. Even at the lower end of that range, guitars should consist of quality woods like spruce and rosewood.

3. What are the best acoustic guitars for beginners?

The Best Acoustic Guitars For Beginners:

  • Yamaha C40 MkII.
  • Fender CC-60S.
  • Yamaha FS800.
  • Yamaha FG800.
  • Ibanez AW54.
  • Cordoba C5.
  • Taylor Big Baby BBT.
  • Seagull S6 Original.

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