Best Guitar Capo 2021: Top Full Review, Guide

The capo is a remarkably simple device. It is a clamp to the guitar’s strings developed to elevate the pitch, such as placing the guitar’s nut in a more excellent wager.

Capos are the best instrument for jamming in catchy sharp or flat necessary signatures, or whenever you want to transpose a song to a more excellent pitch and use the same chord shapes.

And if you play acoustic guitars or electric guitars (or both!), Fidlar urges that everybody invests in one of the Best Guitar Capos within this round-up.

Purchasing Guide The Best Capo For Guitar

Ok, you now understand a little about the forms of a capo on the market. What would be the crucial considerations if you would like to purchase one?

Fixed Point or Movable

To start, it is essential to keep in mind exactly how you would like to utilize it. Many folks favor a fixed anchor point (you can not move up and down the fretboard readily ) while others want to transfer their capo at a minute’s notice.

Movable capos (see Trigger/Spring-Loaded over ) are easy to change from 1 fret to another, meaning they are great if you’re rehearsing with a singer who’s experimenting with various keys to determine which matches their voice finest.

You might also instantly shift up or down a wager or two with no hassle (usually only with a single hand). If you are more worried about getting the best potential sound rather than planning on jumping up and down the throat a great deal, a fixed stage capo is a much better choice (see C-Clamp/Variable Tension previously )

Going Up the Guitar Neck

The dimensions of the throat on acoustics get warmer as you get closer to the body. Attempting to use a clamp capo will not work if you are that high up, whereas a tap will. If you never intend to go past the 4th fret, then a Trigger/Spring-Loaded or even C-Clamp/Variable Tension will do the job just fine.

Number of Guitar Strings

You’re likely purchasing one for a six-string guitar. However, what about if you start playing with a 12-string guitar later on? Maybe future-proofing your buy with a single which does 6 and 12 series is a better choice.

Alternate Tuning

Some capos are created explicitly for alternate tuning. If you would like to change between a traditional EADGBE tuning to something similar to, say, DADGAD, subsequently capos like the Kyser Short-Cut Partial are excellent tools for allowing you to do so.

Maintaining Your Guitar in Song

If you would like to maintain your guitar in tune at all prices, let us say you are doing live. You ought to avoid capos, which use a spring-loaded bolt mechanism. It is simple to overdo the amount of stress, and much strain will knock off your strings from tune. In cases like this, decide on a Yoke-Style that consists of a flexible screw instead of a clamp.

Is The Fingerboard Curved (Radiused) or Flat?

Should you possess a nylon-string guitar, then it is likely that your fingerboard is flat. If so, beware of curved (frequently called ‘radiused’) capos designed to get steel-strung acoustics. And vice versa, in case you’ve got a steel-string acoustic, then select a curved one.

Best Guitar Capo 2021

Best Guitar Capo On The Market

SaleBestseller No. 1
WINGO Guitar Capo for Acoustic and Electric Guitars - Rosewood with 5 Picks
✔︎No Buzz: perfectly balanced pressure for that clear tone with strong spring.
SaleBestseller No. 3
WINGO Quick-Change capo for Acoustic and Electric Guitars with 5 Picks for Free, Black.
✔︎No Buzz :perfectly balanced pressure for that clear tone with strong spring.
SaleBestseller No. 4
Kyser Quick-Change Capo for 6-string acoustic guitars, Black, KG6B
The original one-handed Quick-Change capo; Strong, lightweight aluminum with steel spring; Professional quality

1. Nordic Essentials Deluxe

The Nordic Basics deluxe is a slick, the best 12 string capo. The metallic framework comes in five different color choices so that it is going to blend in nicely with many styles of guitar.

An edge of its layout is the fact that it may be utilized with both the 6 and 12 string electric guitars and acoustics, in addition to ukuleles, banjos, mandolin, and bass guitars.

The spring discharge clamp is quick and straightforward to reposition with a single hand and does not need massive sums of pressure stiffness is a frequent problem with some more affordable versions.

Additionally, it is protected with silicon pads to protect against the neck and fingerboard from scratches and damage.

This one is also quite durable, being produced out of a lightweight but sturdy zinc metal alloy, and you receive a lifetime guarantee. Additionally, it includes a convenient carry pouch.

This versatile product is perfect for those that have over the usual one-stringed instrument. It is a simple program, and reliability makes it is the best buy guitar capos suitable for beginners also.


  • Mobile Small, lightweight (59 g ), and Simple to fasten onto your device with one hand
  • Versatile Relevant to Various devices can be utilized on many 6-String and 12-String guitars.
  • High-quality substance Extra solid steel spring and zinc metal for durability, with a lifetime warranty


  • Somewhat more expensive than funding Choices
  • Can not fit all makes 12 series guitars. Many 12 strings have fretboards that are slightly too broad for you to match.

2. G7th Performance 3 ART Capo

It is possible to purchase a capo for under 10 dollars, so what is G7th’s huge idea charging only shy of $55? Could it be worth the outlay?

The G7th Performance 3 ART features the organization’s Flexible Radius Technology, a method inside the upper bar that adjusts to the guitar’s fretboard’s curvature.

The advantage? In theory, there should be no buzzing strings in the capo worry as the gadget makes even contact with all six lines. Subsequently, this provides the most excellent possible tuning stability also.

Coupled with rock-solid construct, comfy one-handed usability, also, really being not the most expensive offering, the G7th is well worth consideration for any guitarist who needs high performance from their capos.


  • Suits any fretboard radius
  • Simple to operate, even one-handed
  • Reasonably lightweight and slender


  • It is not Affordable.
Nordic Essentials Aluminum Metal Universal Guitar Capo, 1.2 oz (2 Pack) - Black and Silver
  • Guitar Capo (2-Pack) from Nordic Essentials™ - Premium Capos for Acoustic, Electric & Classical Guitar, Ukulele, Bass, Banjo & Mandolin
  • Quickly and Easily Releases and Repositions With One Hand Without Disturbing Tuning
  • Ultra Lightweight and Durable Capos Made of Aircraft-Grade Aluminum (Weight: 1.2oz)
  • Package Including: 1 x Black Guitar Capo, 1 x Silver Guitar Capo, 2 x Carry Pouches
  • Comes with an Unbeatable Lifetime Warranty!

3. Shubb C1 Steel String Capo

Together with the standard C collection of capos, Shubb has incorporated many previously only available features from the S version. Deluxe spec at regular price, afterward. Bargain! Even a capo of svelte layout, its diminutive frame should not inhibit your playing round the clamped fret.

Flip the lever to lock the capo in place or remove it once you have corrected the screw tensioner for optimum pressure, that’s. Sure, it is barely a 20-second undertaking, but if you frequently move your capo around the fretboard or into another guitar, the rate of a quick-release capo could be preferable.

Nonetheless, it is a minor criticism. This is a traditional design, a well-built business standard that should provide years of dependable use. Purchase with confidence.


  • The svelte shape will not impede playing.
  • C2-5 versions available for 12-strings, banjos, etc


  • Lever/screw is slower compared to other layouts.

4. Ernie Ball Axis Capo

Ernie Ball’s yummy-looking Axis capo convinced has curb charm, but its abilities are not just skin deep. Its principal strength is a simple, one-handed operation. Need to transfer your capo mid-song? No problem! Just catch the Axis and proceed with it.

The springs cope with all the tensioning for you. Provided that you are careful not to bend the strings at the process, capos do not come simpler to use than that.

And there is no need to be concerned about the curvature of your guitar’s fretboard either. The Axis includes two rubber-padded arms, one for flat fretboards and one for radiused.

Turn the capo around to match your board. The components may get in the way a bit; however, the ergonomics are usually pretty excellent, so we are not whining.


  • Fast, single-handed operation
  • Works with flat and curved fretboards
  • Acceptable for six- and – seven-string guitars


  • Those arms can get in the manner.

5. Planet Waves D’Addario NS Capo Pro

Both lightweight and slimline, this capo out of D’addario is intended to have an as little negative effect on your acting as you can. The minimal mass signifies the NS Pro does not weigh your guitar’s neck down (a possible concern when camping in the 1st or even 2nd fret), and its diminutive height causes simple fretting with the capo.

This model is for guitars with radiused fretboards. That means you’ll need another capo for classical guitar or generally flatter-radiused instruments, which, to be fair, D’addario does offer.

Just be aware this isn’t a one size fits all capo. Need to save your dollars? Consider D’addario’s NS Lite model instead it’s plastic, admittedly, but high-strength molded ABS, so it should be bear the rigors of many years of use.

Need to conserve your bucks? Consider D’addario’s NS Lite version; instead, it is plastic, real, but high-strength molded ABS. Therefore it must endure the rigors of several years of usage.


  • Ergonomic slimline design
  • Micrometer adjustment helps reevaluate buzz.


  • You may Require Another capo.
  • Not much actually
GUITARX X3 Capo for Acoustic Guitar, Electric Guitar Capo - Also For Bass, Ukulele, Banjo and Mandolin - #1 Brand Among Guitar Capos - Zinc Alloy, Gun Metal
  • ✔ BUILT TO LAST: The X3 capo is made of premium zinc alloy. Perfect for electric guitar, acoustic guitar, bass, mandolin, ukulele, and banjo.
  • ✔ MAKE QUICK CHANGES: Easily slide it between frets to change position. Must-have among guitar gear and accessories. Great gift idea!
  • ✔ NO SCRATCHES: High-quality pad protects your instrument against damage.
  • ✔ NO FRET BUZZ: Steel spring with internal memory always providing the right amount of tension. The best choice for the beginner or professional musician.
  • ✔ HIGH PERFORMANCE: Stays in tune with great intonation in all frets. The #1 acoustic guitar capo. Also for electric guitars, bass, ukulele, banjo and mandolin.

6. Dunlop Trigger Capo

This capo has existed a little while. Some might say it is just another of these industry standards. In 2021, it’s a pure competitor from the Ernie Ball Axis version, both being spring-loaded quick-release layouts. Just like the Axis, it is possible to readily change key with only a squeeze of this Trigger’s spring-loaded arms. Easy!

However, regardless of the Trigger’s reassuringly sturdy build, sure to provide continuous intonation in usage, the Axis has it licked for the two flexibility and price.

There is nothing to dislike, though. It is a fantastic capo with proven durability. If you want, you can be confident the Trigger will serve you nicely.


  • Ease of use
  • Robust build quality


  • Tough competition from Ernie Ball
  • Single radius layout just.
WINGO Guitar Capo for Acoustic and Electric Guitars - Rosewood with 5 Picks
  • ✔︎Quick Release : super easy to clip on guitar and quick to change. It can even change keys during a song,just clamp it and let your song fly.
  • ✔︎Versatile: this capo can suit your this capo can suit your steel string acoustic and electric guitar ,banjo,mandolin or ukulele well.
  • ✔︎No Buzz: perfectly balanced pressure for that clear tone with strong spring.
  • ✔︎Well Made: High-Grade aluminum alloy material and much thicker silicone pad protect your guitars from scratches or demage.
  • ✔︎What you get: Unique beautiful wood finish capo with 5 medium picks which are shipped by random,might not the same color as the picture,but the same quality and also super beautiful. Rock & Roll with this capo,and it comes with lifetime warranty.

7. Thalia Capos 200 Series

Thalia claims to have solved the conventional capo’s trimming problems by fitting their apparatus fret pads into a guitar’s fretboard radius, thus requiring less strain on the strings.

Fourteen tuning kits have been comprised: places for seven radiuses in both regular and higher tension form (such as 12-string guitars( among others). The slot at the tuning kit fits with your guitar’s fretboard radius.

It is a superior capo that does its job nicely. We favor the adjustable tension of this G7th. You require a little bit of power to click on the Thalia into position.

And the premium cost represents an investment rather, so we’d recommend keeping a funding capo around also. You don’t need to lose your $75 Thalia in a gig!


  • Beautifully crafted
  • Fantastic tuning/intonation
  • Custom styling choices


  • Adjustable tension could be preferable.

8. Paige Original 6-String Acoustic Capo

We only had to add a wraparound within our listing, and also, the Paige is a worthy competitor for your money. A pressure screw sits in the center of the back of the throat, yanking the capo’s front arm with pressure throughout the fretboard. It is a design that mainly minimizes sideways series pull, thus anticipate constant pruning.

A variant for electric guitar comprises thicker rubber to permit for simpler string bends and accommodate all but the most populous fretboard radius.

A broader version is available also a significant issue with wraparounds. Be certain that you measure your guitar to make sure it will match Paige’s 2.062-inch diameter (or even 2.187 to your broad model) before purchasing. Can be said that it is the very best acoustic capo on the market.


  • Even pressure ensures excellent intonation.
  • Leave it behind the nut when not in use.


  • Can not be corrected for a specific radius
  • Not the fastest place changes
Guitar Capo,TANMUS 3in1 Zinc Metal Capo for Acoustic and Electric Guitars (with Pick Holder and 4Picks),Ukulele,Mandolin,Banjo,Classical Guitar Accessories
  • CREATIVE 3IN1:Includes compact capo& guitar pin puller,designed for easier playing.The clip top carry 360°clamping pick holder, won't shake off
  • SIMPLE TO USE: 2.1oz lightweight balance design, Not too heavy or too light , Avoid the feeling of draping sensation when in fast move
  • GOOD DEBUGGING:Capo’s key parts are matched with widening thick high-resilience steel springs and silica. Carefully tuned to ensure reliable performance and safe Instrument protection
  • BRIGHT LUSTER:Uniform Brushed spray, not only the luster color but also bring the comfortable grip feel when in use
  • BUY WITH CONFIDENCE:90-day return refund guarantee ,equipped with 4 pcs picks in 3 different thickness. Environment-friendly material and supported by ROHS certified.

9. Guitto GGC-02 Revolver capo

So, who understood capos could consist of features beyond clamping strings from a guitar’s fretboard? Those cool cats in Joyo’s brand new accessories manufacturer, Giotto that is who!

Along with its own spring-loaded, screw-adjustable clamp, this budget offering in the Chinese firm provides two genuinely useful extras.

First, there is a slot to hold a spare choice, a wonderful touch! And next, there is a bridge pin puller that will help you make string changes in your acoustic guitar.

Using its vacuum-cast, electro-plated zinc metal constructs, this ought to be a fantastic excellent capo too. And, even when you’re not a regular capo user, at this price, it would still be worth maintaining one (or 2 ) on your gig bag for all those impromptu jams.


  • Genuinely Helpful pin puller and select slot
  • Impressive build quality for the Purchase Price
  • Cool revolver styling


  • Oversized handles can slow playing.

10. Creative Tunings Generic SpiderCapo Standard

A creative spin on a device that is humble, the SpiderCapo permits you to clamp each series separately, consequently offering up a world of alternative tunings many you may not have otherwise attempted. All without really returning a series!

For example, you may put a SpiderCapo in 2nd place, clamp the fretted strings of an open A chord and then leave others empty, open A tuning. It is possible to just capo one fret yet, so more complicated chordal tunings aren’t an alternative.

The SpiderCapo is acceptable for any fretboard radius, but you will be adjusting pressure on every individual series, possibly a gradual process. Additionally, unclamped strings can not be fretted in the capo place that is a bizarre quirk; over or beneath the capo is the sauce.

Nonetheless, if a capo can fuel fresh creative thoughts, that alone makes it worth the purchase price of entry. It will probably suit technically skillful acoustic finger stylists, but we would recommend it for any participant seeking inspiration.


  • Create alternative tunings without retuning your guitar
  • Fret notes above or under the capo


  • Can impede series bending
  • Unclamped strings can not readily be performed in capo fret
Nordic Essentials Aluminum Metal Universal Guitar Capo, 1.2 oz (2 Pack) - Black and Silver
  • Guitar Capo (2-Pack) from Nordic Essentials™ - Premium Capos for Acoustic, Electric & Classical Guitar, Ukulele, Bass, Banjo & Mandolin
  • Quickly and Easily Releases and Repositions With One Hand Without Disturbing Tuning
  • Ultra Lightweight and Durable Capos Made of Aircraft-Grade Aluminum (Weight: 1.2oz)
  • Package Including: 1 x Black Guitar Capo, 1 x Silver Guitar Capo, 2 x Carry Pouches
  • Comes with an Unbeatable Lifetime Warranty!



1. Do professionals use guitar capos?

Guitar Capos aren’t just crutches for wusses. Sure, many players, from beginners to pros, use a capo to keep things simple: no retuning, no barre chords, no advanced fingerings, and positions. Guitar Capos have been around for 300 years.

2. What is a capo for acoustic guitars?

One of the more familiar acoustic and electric guitar accessories and tuners, string winders, humidifiers is the capo. Taking its name from the Italian word for head, a capo is a small device that clamps onto the neck of a guitar and shortens the strings’ length, raising their pitch.

3.What is in stainless steel?

In addition to chromium, stainless steels are made with alloys of silicon, nickel, carbon, nitrogen, and manganese. Nitrogen, for example, improves tensile properties like ductility. Nickel is added to austenitic steel to enhance flexibility.

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