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Best Fuzz Pedal 2021: Top Full Review, Guide

Best Fuzz Pedal 2021: Top Full Review, Guide

If you are looking for a pedal with many effects to support your beloved guitar without breaking your budget, then the Fuzz is the most talked-about effect.

Fuzzes became popular when Keith Richards first plugged the Maestro Fuzz-Tone back in the Halcyon days of 1962; since then, this Fuzz pedal has been increasingly refined and used as widely as it is now.

You will find many similar pedals on the market today, so choosing the right Fuzz board for yourself is not always easy. For that reason, Fidlar has compiled a list of the Best Fuzz Pedal 2021; you will be overwhelmed by our beautiful proposals.

What’s Fuzz?

Fuzz differs from the two overdrive pedals and distortion pedals in how it clips the initial sign.

Overdrive pedals push your audio fuzz to the purpose of dividing the sign. An overdrive pedal is intended to mimic the sort of noise of a cranked-up amp in the stage of split up. It is a glorious noise.

Distortion, on the other hand, is a different creature altogether. Distortion pedals will alter and clip the sign to provide a thick, soaked, and dark noise. This can be a more aggressive noise associated with Heavy Rock, Punk, and Metal. Using a distortion pedal, whatever the quantity, you will find the same trimmed, modified, dark, and dirty tones.

What's Fuzz

Fuzz differs again. Fuzz will square off the sign. It extends beyond stimulation. The square trimming generates a woolly and, well fuzzy noise. The clipping is demanding that if you are playing ‘ordinary genres of songs, blues, hard rock, country, etc., it appears merely too odd for anything aside from lead.

Fuzz is, hence, generally for enjoying lead. Even though it may be utilized efficiently to perform some heavy riffs and power chords, particularly if you’re at grunge, sludge, psychedelic, or area rock group. Fuzz is a screaming sound, a Fuzz sound so well personified by Jimi and the 60s.

Fuzz Pedal History

The Maestro Fuzz pedal has been the very first fuzz pedal created in the fate of a blown transformer in an amp. The resulting noise, through a recording session with Marty Robbins, was deemed as Feeling trendy.

Back in 1961 (What annually ), the Robbins nation tune’ Do not worry’ went on for a hit. The recording engineer, Glenn Snoddy, subsequently designed a bicycle that may replicate the blown transformer Fuzz sounds. The very first fuzz pedal has been born.

The usage of Maestro Fuzz began to gain popularity before it had been utilized by Keith Richards of the Rolling Stones from the tune’Satisfaction,’ subsequently, fuzz exploded in popularity.

The Tone Bender in 1965 and Fuzz Face in 1966 shortly followed. Jimi Hendrix introduces his psychedelic noise courtesy of the Fuzz Face. Guitarists around the globe were soon to replicate, and new fuzz made its entry.

Germanium Fuzz

Those looking for classic tones will gravitate towards a fuzz pedal with germanium transistors. Germanium transistors were the very first to be utilized in fuzz pedals. They are inclined to produce smoother and warmer tones.

Silicon transistors aren’t as readily available as silicon transistors. They are more challenging to come by, and so are somewhat more expensive. Builders of boutique fuzz pedals often join a continuous hunt for NOS Silicon transistors, which additionally serves to push their cost.

Despite this drawback, if you’re searching for authentic classic tones, germanium transistor-built fuzz pedals are tough to beat.

Silicone Fuzz

From the end of the 1960s, a few smart souls had exercised that silicone might be utilized instead of Silicon transistors. Then, to the 1970s and beyond, as silicone became more economical and more accessible, so did the option of silicone-based fuzz pedals.

Silicone, although a fantastic choice, does not offer precisely the identical tonal consequences as germanium. The noise is harsher, more competitive, rawer for Metal, Punk, or more challenging genres of preferable music. If you’re searching for a more classic and warmer sound, it is not.

The actual benefit of saline fuzz pedals is your cost. Also, as fuzz pedals become increasingly more sophisticated, they are in a position to produce an assortment of distinct fuzz tones at precisely the same pedal.


The EQ on a fuzz pedal is an excellent means of forming and tidying up the tone. The established fuzz might not be just what you’re searching for; thus, the capacity to dial back the bass or treble or add some excess emphasis into the mids could be crucial.

Wampler Velvet Fuzz Pedal

Best Fuzz Pedals 2021

1. Wampler Velvet Fuzz Pedal

This is a well-made, sturdy pedal with true bypass. Controls are simple and nicely laid out. There are three control knobs for volume, fuzz, and brightness. Furthermore, there’s a switch to change between large and tight.

When you are in a significant manner, you get this harsh, competitive fuzz. There are lots of bottom end and classic vibes reminiscent of Marshall stacks and Hendrix. The Wampler seems somewhat like a smooth version of a Big Muff if you are in big’ style, and you have an excellent quantity of fuzz dialed in.

Switch tonight, along with also the base end tightens up. Matters become even smoother. Within this setting, you are beginning to walk the line between distortion and fuzz. It is not a terrible spot to be at all. There is lots of flexibility to be had here.

No matter which mode you are in, you can tame the base end by turning the brightness up. This gives you another fantastic method of shaping your tone and provides such an intriguing texture to your audio. What is more, there is also no shortage drop if you roll up the fuzz.

It has a great tone and functions nicely in a string with other pedals. In specific ways, this can be two pedals for the purchase price of one. It is a distortion and a fuzz pedal in one neat bundle. Additionally, this is a pedal that cleans up nicely when you back off the volume. This is seen as one of the very best guitar effects pedals


  • True Bypass.
  • Great for both distortion, fuzz.
  • The noise cleans up nicely at a reduced volume.
  • Sounds great from the series.


  • It is pricey.

2. Orange Fur Coat Vintage Adjustable Octave Fuzz Pedal

The Orange Fur Coat offers you Octave and Fuzz and has used the mythical 1970s Foxx Tone Machine for inspiration. For any guitarist currently searching for a new unit with fuzz and OctaveOctave mixed, the Orange Fur Coat is a superb alternative.

There are four control knobs on the pedal commanding Volume, EQ, Fuzz, and Octave. There are just two footswitches to switch involving Fuzz or Octave.

The pedal’s layout is cool and identifying. We enjoy it a whole lot. Regrettably, there’s a, however. The problem lies with the font and size of the control knobs. They have lost in the images of this pedal and so are too small to see. Orange Fur Coat will fight to pick anything out considerably more challenging to read.

If you are in the era in which you need reading glasses, or whether you’re playing live, be aware of what the controller knobs do beforehand. You won’t have any possibility of studying them on point. The two footswitches are not particularly evident. However, using a small squint, they are only about readable.

Switch the fuzz up, and you are rewarded with warm, fat, and classic-sounding fuzz. Together with the EQ set randomly, there is still a lot of bottom end. Switch the EQ, and items warm up, and you also eliminate a few of that wooliness.

Switch on the OctaveOctave, and things begin to get exciting. Power chords or single notes are provided a brand new, ic border. The noise can be as subtle or forward as you would like. There are loads of choices to combine the tone and find some super trendy noises. This is also the very best bass fuzz pedal.


  • It’s Octave in Addition to Fuzz.
  • Warm, classic fuzz.
  • Lots of bottom end.
  • Cool images.


  • The font and size are incredibly tricky to read.
AZOR AP-303 Fuzz Mini Guitar Effect Pedal with True Bypass Aluminium-Alloy
  • 🎸【Classic design】- Legendary rich, creamy, violin-like sound

3. Fender The Pelt Fuzz

The Fender Fuzz pedal is the best new guitar pedal. In their identifying anodized brushed aluminum end to the hinged battery compartment, they look at the company.

Appears are always subjective. Although we enjoy the lovely aluminum finish, we adore the magnetically sprung-hinged battery compartment much more. A spring-loaded hinged opening that you could open with your palms. Brilliant. Why not we got this on each pedal? It makes much more sense and is so much simpler to work with than a traditional battery casing.

Another cool feature is that the LED lights on the controller knobs permit you to view your preferences at a glance. Fantastic for any gigging musician. Nice one, Fender.

This is a silicone fuzz pedal. It’s the usual three control knobs for tone, level, and fuzz. Furthermore, it includes a control knob for both Bloom and two buttons for both Mid and Thick.

The Bloom knob controls the degree of grit to your fuzz. It is possible to move all of the ways from soft to hard. Turned to the max, and you will receive something similar to the noise of a Big Muff. On top of that, should you decide to go thick, you still get signed to the community.

To provide more control of your audio, the Mid switch enables you to boost or scoop out the mids. Additionally, if you would like to fatten up the sound, change to Thick, and away you go.


  • LED-lit control knobs.
  • Cool looking brushed aluminum finish.
  • Patent-pending sprung hinged battery charger.
  • All circuit boards are new.
  • A broad array of fuzz tones.


  • Not true skip.

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4. Electro-Harmonix Op-Amp Big Muff Reissue

Although many household names have utilized the electro Harmonix big muff through time, possibly the group most correlated with the pedal is currently Smashing Pumpkins.

In their 1993 classic Siamese Dreamthey gatecrashed the grunge celebration using their guitar military’ and lions of guitarists scratching their heads about the way to create that noise.

A part of the response was a lot of overdubs. However, if the word got out that Billy Corgan had used a large Muff on the album, the pedal became enormously desired overnight. Regrettably, for wannabe sound-a-likes, Billy’s Big Muff was an unusual classic op-amp edition.

Because of the availability of components, the plan of this electro Harmonix big muff changed over time. Also, the op-amp edition, which was a very different circuit in the quad-transistor first Big Muff, was relatively rare. Billy had only gotten fortunate he picked up that particular variation in the pawnshop. it can be said is the very best guitar pedals.


  • THAT fuzz noise
  • Records nicely


  • Not Acceptable for each style of playing

5. Z.Vex Fuzz Factory

Employing a blend of Silicon transistors, feedback loops, and controls that permit the consumer to miss-bias the circuit indoors, the Fuzz Factory is more flexible in a manner that many pedals only are not.

Wish to decrease the input voltage, so the pedal to the pedal break illation? Proceed. Feed the output from 1 block back to itself? Sure thing!

Because of this, this is a breath of fresh air when published, a released ex the bases on which to construct an empire of the odd.

Concerning sounds, it is from the Fuzz Face household tree. Therefore it is possible with some tweaking to have a quiet lead tone from this pedal, but obviously, it excels when it is a crying ice-pick of velcro-fuzz mayhem. It can say that it is one of the very best effects pedals.


  • Crazy sounds
  • Sensible sounds


  • Cost

6. Way Huge Swollen Pickle

Despite owning an IC on the board rather than different transistors, the Swollen Pickle’s IC is merely a transistor bundle, making it a version of the standard significant Muff rather than the op-amp Big Muff, as some presume.

With quality parts, a buttery-smooth footswitch, and controllers for scooping the mids and altering the expressing, in addition to a few internal trim pots for additional tweaking, the Swollen Pickle provides more tone tweaking one-tweaking any large Muff-like pedalboard friendly in the marketplace. It is one of the very best cheap guitar pedals.


  • A more versatile Large Muff-style fuzz
  • Cheaper than the NYC muff


  • If You’d like an EHX first
  • If You’d like a Russian, Triangle, or even Op-amp Muff
AZOR AP-303 Fuzz Mini Guitar Effect Pedal with True Bypass Aluminium-Alloy
  • 🎸【Classic design】- Legendary rich, creamy, violin-like sound

7. Electro-Harmonix Nano Big Muff

Although the internals has changed radically over time, the wedge-shaped silver NYC Big Muff is the most iconic and best guitar fuzz pedal which EHX has produced. It is now offered in a Nano enclosure.

Odds are you’ve heard this on many records, and in case you’re searching for a massive wall-of-sound fuzz, then it is probably the major Muff which you are considering.

The only point to be conscious of is that the Big Muff has been in production since the end of the’60s, so understanding what Muff sounds you are following Russian, Triangle, and Op-amp can help you receive the precise noise in mind.


  • Vintage’violin’ Big Muff noise
  • Iconic seems


  • As you desire a distinct muff?

8. Jim Dunlop Mini Germanium Fuzz Face

Even though it’s been out of production at different points, the identifying smiley face Fuzz Face pedal was in production since the sixties. It is sought after because of its responsiveness to the guitar volume knob and capability to ability mild, blues mild to all-out fuzz.

The ancient units were created using germanium transistors; those were favorites of Jimi Hendrix. Many reissues are silicon, on the flip side. Still, Dunlop, the recent producers, has recently published a swathe of both reissues and Fuzz face mini variations with germanium transistors, accurate to the first noise of the Fuzz Face. It is probably one of the very best budget guitar pedals.


  • The classic fuzz face audio
  • Interacts well with the guitar volume knob
  • High quality


  • Costlier than silicon version
Distortion Pedal, Biyang Guitar Effects Fuzz BABY BOOM Series True Bypass Full Metal Shell 3 Mode Normal, Bright, Warm
  • The MIMIDI Fuzz Distortion Pedal is a totally brand new effect pedal, smooth sounding fuzz distortion is in every settings, supplying 3 kinds of FUZZ tone(Normal, Bright, Warm ),selected via the toggle switch

9. Passing by Audio Supersonic Fuzz Gun

The brainchild of Oliver Ackermann out of noise-rock ring A Place To Bury Strangers, Death by Audio fuzz make mad, off-the-wall pedals, out of mind-bending reverb pedals and delays to oscillating fuzzes similar to this, which explains the way they left their name.

The Supersonic Fuzz Gun is one of the most recognizable and best fuzz pedals and penalizes the ancient DBA circuit-design plan of throwing components in a breadboard until it seems crazy. Such as the Fuzz Factory, the tags on the controls endure a small connection to the impact they have on this pedal’s sound.


  • Unique sounds
  • Expressive controls


  • If you do not play sound rock or shoegaze

10. Aged Blood Noise Endeavors Haunt

A spin-off of a pedal called the Gatekeeper, which Brady Smith made under the title Small Axe Effects before founding OBNE, the Haunt was among the initial creations. An extremely tweakable and somewhat intense fuzz, they are relatively secretive concerning the circuit topology.

It is transistor-based, which probably puts it someplace in the elongated family tree of the Big Muff, but that is less important than noises everything from middle-of-the-street fuzz to ripping velcro along with gVelcroputter. If you’d like a bizarre pedal but weird amounts of strange, then the Haunt might be the fuzz for you.


  • Versatile
  • Intense sounds


  • A Tiny uncontrollable in extreme settings

How to Utilize a Fuzz Pedal

Fuzz, as a sort of distortion, has a natural location in the signal chain, but where’s that, and how can we know that is suitable? And incidentally, how can we deal with these knobs on the pedal? Allow me to show you.

Where to Put It from the Signal Chain

Unbeknownst to many, due to this dumb platitude of”break all the rules” in audio, there’s a particular sequence that your pedals will need to maintain. This is characterized by logic and nature and is much more scientific than art-related. Plus, it could be outlined like this:

  • Dynamics, Filters, & Pitch Shifters
  • Boost & Distortion
  • Modulation
  • Time

Fuzz is a distortion that has to be fed up with your sign once you shape clean and tweak the waveform and frequency response for your liking. Since as soon as you add in distortion, there is no going back.

And since modulation and time-based effects respond to the sign you feed them, it is logical to acquire distortion from this way before then also. Utilize your compressor, equalizer, and pitch changing first, then increase to feed your fuzz pedal the massive advantage it requires.

Knowing the Knob Preferences

Even though you’ll get some fuzz pedals, including within an EQ stage and other crap, typically, you will have a few knobs shirts. The major one is that the Volume knob (sometimes just called Fuzz or Drive) defines this distortion’s sound by letting you push it more difficult and consequently chop the waveform harder.

You will typically find a Tone knob, which allows you to sweep a plate increase around to specify the brightness. The Sustain knob does exactly what you expect, allowing you to decide how long your notes ring for.

At times you’ll notice a Change knob, which provides you control over the kids so that you can scoop or enhance for more warmth and definition. Others will offer you a Level knob that allows you to control the advantage in the output.

Some alter the definition and call the amount knob’volume’ and telephone the volume knob fuzz. That is easy to figure out after it is on your hands. The very best fuzz pedal won’t ever be confusing, so don’t be worried about it too much.


How does a fuzz circuit work?

The fuzz face works by inputting signal through a DC blocking resistor driving transistor one; transistor two is directly coupled with transistor one. The final nonpolar capacitor blocks the Fuzz Face from saturating any device that follows it. Also, it determines the lowest frequencies that are let through.

What goes first, fuzz or overdrive?

So, whichever one you want to hear more about, put last. Typically it’s overdrive first. I have my fuzz first, however. For one, buffers in front of some fuzz pedals aren’t right, and my Soul Food is buffered.

Where should a boost pedal go?

Unlike distortion and overdrive units, you can run boost pedals either in front of your amp or through its effects loop (if it has one). Running a boost through the front of your amp may be the right choice if it has its unique character.

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