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Best DJ Turntables 2021: Top Full Review, Guide

Best DJ Turntables 2021: Top Full Review, Guide

The one-device DJ turntable has gone through many periods of history and has been improved in functionality by manufacturers until now. A turntable where DJs delight to show off their music-making skills.

The market currently has so many products to choose from; sometimes it is tiring with so many similar products. For that reason, Fidlar has compiled a list of the Best DJ Turntables 2021. 

What Would Be The Best Turntable Needles?

There are several elements to consider when picking the finest DJ turntable for you; here would be the most crucial ones, which we thought while exploring this listing.

Direct Drive: The DJ turntables we are advocating are direct-drive versions, signifying that a direct drive motor spins their platter (the round bit you put your record on ). This is different from belt drive list players with an elastic band around the dish’s face to spin it. Mensa states, “DJ (direct-drive) turntables are somewhat more precise and much more durable over the long term.”

Tempo Controls: Among the hallmarks of a DJ turntable is a fader (a sliding switch), which permits you to raise or reduce the platter’s rate to alter a song’s tempo. This fader enables you to change between tunes with distinct BPM (beats per second ) seamlessly.

Speed Change: All the DJ turntables we urge allowing one to switch between 33/3 and 45 RPM (rotations per second ), which means that you may play with both singles and full-sized albums.

Preamp: Many turntables have a built-in preamp. This sound element increases its quantity output to be attached to any input, a stereo receiver (or even a set of speakers). Most of our DJ turntable recommendations do not possess a dream since that task is handled by other elements, such as the mixer you’re using.

Causal Use: Though the turntables we are advocating in this manual have features intended for DJs, they may nevertheless be used for listening to records for enjoyment for part of your home entertainment system. Remember, you will want to acquire a preamp if your stereo receiver does not have a phono input.

Best DJ Turntable 2021

Best DJ Turntable 2021

1. Technics SL-1200MK7

Technics is easily among the finest DJ turntable brands thus far. Technics is possessed by Panasonic and is the newest name for the vast majority of the professional, hi-fi music gear they sell.

The SL-1200MK7 is among the more innovative turntables that can bring back the exciting sense of scratching plastic as many DJs did years ago. The SL-1200MK7 is the most recent version in Technics’ 1200 String of turntables produced since the 1960s.

Diving in the features of this SL-1200MK7, it utilizes a wireless direct-drive engine, which can help achieve more secure turning to drive the dish immediately.

This direct drive engine provides a couple of valuable things: high performance, such as spinning accuracy and adequate torque, the engine doesn’t need replacement components, and it remains reliable over an extended period. This is ideal if you do not like to frequently purchase new updates or shell out cash for repairs.

Other features include the high torque direct drive and brake speed that may be adjusted separately in four measures, along with a pitch control permits you to alter pitch over 8 percent to 16 percent (down or up ) via an electronic function. A brand new attribute, reverse play (self-explanatory), opens even more doors of imagination. This is the very best turntable for scratching.


  • It has a lower flooring sound yet is more robust than previous versions.
  • Plays 78s, not only 45s.
  • They Play records backward.


  • No hinges on the dust cover
  • Substance feels somewhat more affordable than old versions.
  • The start and Stop buttons seem somewhat flimsy.

2. Stanton STR8 150 Mk

The flagship decks from US brand Stanton boast some of the highest torque on the market. The STR8 also features a skip-proof straight-shaped tone arm, making it aimed squarely at scratch DJs. It is the best turntable under 1000.

It boasts a heavy-duty aluminum platter paired with low-resonance feet for reduced noise. Other features add an adjustable brake speed and a switchable pitch fader. It also comes with a full license for Stanton’s DVS software, Deckadance.


  • High torque motor
  • ‘Skip proof’ shaped tone arm
  • Deckadance license included


  • Not the cheapest

3. Numark PT01 Scratches

Numark has become a leading producer of notable DJ equipment for the previous several years. They’ve some wonderful modular pieces of equipment for DJs that prefer a modular installation instead of an all-in-one DJ controller.

The PT01 Scratch is the initial version that starts a brand new age of mobile DJ turntables, and it’s also the best affordable turntable.

Together with the PT01 Scratch, you may use a scratch recording and carry out some scrape pattern standard of a turntablist with or without a power cable. That means it is utterly ideal for DJs who prefer to travel, whether it’s overseas or only to the park to the day.

Getting to the Scratch features comes with an Adjustable Scratch Switch that lets you Scratch at the specific place you need by being repositionable around the dish, and it is replaceable if you want a brand new one.

The PT01 Scratch permits you to connect your telephone or a different sound source to it via a 1/8 stereo input and scrape with the beat.

There is a built-in speaker, and you may also link it to additional modular equipment through the RCA outputs or use the headset output. You could even set your vinyl digitally through USB for your computer, which can help producers who wish to sample documents quickly and economically.

The PT01 Scratch may be plugged into a wall using an AC adapter but also runs on batteries. The layout is a plastic enclosure powerful enough to protect it from small bumps and knocks, and it’s a handle for easy transport.

The PT01 Scratches is the turntable at best buy should they need a great deal of portability or flexibility. The Scratch was created for traveling, and its features demonstrate that. But, its elements will also attract music producers who wish to sample vinyl inside their songs.


  • Too mobile with a grip and can run on batteries.
  • The speaker also contains various outputs.
  • Can record vinyl to an own computer with a USB link.


  • Requires an adapter if you would like to utilize 78s.
  • The vinyl enclosure is lightweight.
  • The speaker isn’t incredibly loud.

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4. Denon DJ VL12 Prime

Denon DJ is still another top producer of DJ controls and other equipment; nevertheless, Denon DJ appears to bring a little more focus on lightweight components being integrated into their music equipment. One such instance of this is VL12 Prime.

The VL12 Prime is the best turntable setup using a proper quartz lock and sets the bar among the most technologically innovative turntables of now. The VL12 is excellent for use in almost any loud, bass-heavy surroundings like parties or clubs, and it seems fantastic to play.

The VL12 Prime features a light ring around the dish to light your performances and make them fun. It is possible to correct the brightness, then change the colors, and turn it off if you desire.

The platter has a clasp and brake, and it has got a transitional beveled border shape, which means you have more control over creating the best alterations to your final blend.

The VL12 Prime includes torque, so it’s considered the greatest in the DJing business, which means that your experience blending with Prime is always accurate and straightforward no matter what. A neat thing about the VL12 is the torque can also be adjustable if you would like to alter it to meet your specific tastes.


  • Versatile concerning positioning and setup.
  • The platter may be used to create super lovely adjustments.
  • Has a customizable mild ring around the platter.


  • Doesn’t include a dust cap.
  • Outputs are on the other side, not the trunk.

5. Pioneer PLX-1000

Pioneer quickly responded to this surge in plastic celebrity, bringing out their turntable to shoot over the high-end sector. The PLX-1000 is that their flagship vinyl turntable, plus it is a monster! Modeled on the Panasonic Technic scope, which altered vinyl turntables, this deck is Pioneer having an exceptional brushed black finish, exceptionally durable elements, and a new design and complete.

It’s a very high-torque high-end brushless engine that has been expertly engineered to be very powerful for prolonged use. The headlines of the deck are only its expert and compelling build.

It does not have USB and can be connectable via RCAs, either straight to phono interfaces on mixers or ports if you are using DVS. The multi-pitch speed controller lets you adapt inside the areas of +/- 8, 16, and 50, allowing for intense pitch variation. This is one of  the very best DJ vinyl turntables


  • Sound quality amazing
  • A class brushless motor along with other electronic equipment
  • Wide-range pitch faders
  • Minimalist and comfortable design


  • No revolutionary features (both a pro and con)

6. Pioneer PLX-500

In a somewhat perplexing transfer by Pioneer, the PLX-500 introduces USB to produce digital recordings of your documents and also allows for a link to RekordBox to DVS use.

However, it will lose a few of the pro-grade elements of this PLX-1000 and believed Pioneer is comparatively non-specific. It would appear that the engine is downgraded. On the other hand, it is cheaper (as well as forthcoming with additional functions).

This deck is the best turntables for beginners and believed it is touted as a beginner deck, so it readily packs features strong enough for demanding DJ use.


  • Inexpensive for Pioneer
  • USB for PC/DVS link
  • Fantastic components
  • Great build quality


  • Motor downgraded in the PLX-1000

7. Reloop RP8000S

Reloop has rapidly ascended the DJ technology ranks to eventually become a leading light in producing high-end yet advanced DJ technology. The RP8000s features a straight arm, optimizing it for scratches. Straight arms are considered to improve monitoring when abrupt motions are created on the deck.

The Reloop is a USB-compatible deck with its cue, sample, loop, and slicer controllers to be used with DJ applications like Serato DJ. This is amazing because it allows vinyl DJs or even scratchers to tap into a few of the ease of CDJs or control decks.

The Reloop comes packaged with technology to generate life more comfortable for DJs, including joining four decks collectively to only the only USB port.

There’s a rotary encoder to get scrolling through your audio library straight from the deck and a digital display to show you speed info regarding your monitor!


  • Digitalized control with additional functions
  • Tempo screen
  • USB tether mode
  • Optimized for Serato


  • None

8. Numark TT250 USB

Numark has been among the most well-known providers of mid-range and funding DJ gear, and they are continuing to provide excellent products at a remarkable value.

This is a fundamental deck using a high-end motor that provides direct drive capability to the dish. Having a timeless pitch-fader and flexible arms, both feet, and toaster elevation, this deck offers all of the features you will need for vinyl DJing or scratching. The deck comes with great high-quality needles and heads from the box.

One innovative feature of the deck is that it’s a USB connection so that you can convert vinyl to digital files with bundled applications.

That is pretty amazing and makes this a perfect multi-purpose deck for HiFi and DJ use. Additionally, it has a distant port that, when combined with a harmonious mixer, enables automatic plastic play once the fader is triggered on the mixer, perfect for wireless DJs, can be said that it is the USB turntable best buy.


  • Inexpensive for an Excellent deck
  • USB enabled
  • Comes with needles and heads
  • Timeless design


  • Lacks innovative functions

9. Audio Technica LP120 USB C

This is just another deck that unites commercial life features like USB recording components powerful enough to withstand DJ use. This deck’s USB recording feature is allowed through Audacity Production Software that comes bundled.

This deck also plays in the older school 78 RPM, which matches mostly old vinyl. This turntable also uses its pre-amp to plug straight into speaker gear that lacks phono/line flat switches.

This deck joins a high-class, robust, and durable engine with some fantastic features that make it ideal for both DJ and his utilize. It’s a pitch fader flexible between +/- 10 or 20% for blending vinyl at substantially varying tempos. It comes packed with cartridges, heads, and needles so that you won’t have to include your own.


  • 33, 45, and 78 RPM manners
  • USB recording bundled applications
  • Timeless design
  • Wide-range pitch fader


  • Not laid out for conflict DJs

10. Audio Technica ATLP1240 USB

This is a class-leading deck that arrives at the very top of Audio Technica’s range. It is exceptionally well designed and has been supposedly tested for its limits to ensure its long-term durability and robustness equally when employed as a HiFi turntable and if subject to the most challenging DJ use.

This turntable features a potent modern high-torque engine for starters, mostly aluminum and steel, using an aluminum pouch. It is packed with pro features that have made it a smart option in professional venues and studios worldwide.

This turntable features a well-made target mild, a pitch-control slider which is constructed for precision beatmatching when blending at tiny increments, in addition to a quartz lock for bypassing pitch controller completely and zeroing at 0%. The deck functions across 33, 45, and 78 RPM to permit the playing of almost all present vinyl.

It’s two start/stop switches and alteration controls for how fast the badge breaks. This lets you place the deck for battle-mixing or scratching. It’s a built-in phono amp, too, for immediate attachment to gear, which will not increase the signal line. To top it off, it’s a USB output port for a vinyl/digital conversion. It is a top deck by a leading producer for pro use.


  • Exceptional build and elements
  • 33, 45, and 78 RPM selectable
  • Faders made for DJ use.
  • Double start/stop for conflict mixers


  • None
Pioneer DJ DJ Controller, Black, (DDJ-SB3)
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DJ turntables are an excellent modular bit of equipment and a wise decision to grow your DJing installation if you don’t already have one. All these DJ turntable reviews and the manual here on turntables should be sufficient to get you started if you are a newcomer. Still, there’s also lots of advice here that anybody can discover useful regardless of their ability entry-level. Make sure you wait for more posts on DJ equipment in the not too distant future!


Can DJs still use turntables?

They might still have a turntable, but that’s a digital one that is only utilized to mimic scratches on electronic files or blend two tracks collectively live. They do not place vinyl on these; they just assign monitors to the turntables using their notebook even though there could still be some DJs utilizing vinyl at theatres.

Does DJing ruin vinyl?

So yes, DJing can harm documents, especially the audio quality, within a very long duration. Working with bodily forms will always have the possibility of harm, whereas you can play with a digital recording as far as you need without damaging it. The better you look after your vinyl, the longer you can spin it.

What’s it called if a DJ scratches a listing?

Scratching, occasionally known as scrubbing, is a DJ and turntablist method of moving a vinyl record back and onto a turntable to produce percussive or rhythmic sounds. A crossfader on a DJ mixer might be used to fade between 2 documents simultaneously.

What exactly does a torque direct drive motor mean?

A direct-drive mechanism involves transmitting torque and power from an electrical motor with no discounts (for example, a gearbox). Immediate drive mechanics can be classified. (A) Torque motor mechanics. The output is pushed either by a brush torque engine or a brushless torque engine.

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