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Best Dj Mixer 2021: Top Full Review, Guide

Best Dj Mixer

Mixers are, quite literally, the centerpiece of almost any DJ booth, something that allows paths to be blended and manipulated. It is the mixer that divides a DJ installation from a house music system.

Since they are so important, it is worth considering what you want and what you could get for your budget. Here, Fidlar will be covering everything from beginner DJ gear to the Best Dj Mixer 2021.

What’s The Best Mixer DJ?

Crowning a definitive best mixing DJ is a tricky task. A lot of what makes a mixer wrong or right comes down to personal taste like the noise of EQs, effects, and filters, and the consumer’s specific setup requirements.

However, Allen & Heath’s recently updated Xone:96 is a tasteful, high-end mixer, and while it is still relatively early days, it seems built for decades of flexibility and endurance.

On the flip side, Pioneer DJ’s Nexus array verges on being industry standard, especially in European teams, and you can not go much wrong using their flagship 900NXS2. If creative performance impacts are a huge draw, then that is undoubtedly the best way to go.

For something a bit different, Rane’s MP2015 rotary mixer is an absolute class. This style of DJ equipment won’t suit everybody. It is best suited to antique home and techno thoughts; however, lots of pro DJs swear by rotaries, and for a good reason.

In the end, if you are watching out for a funding DJ mixer, Numark’s M6 USB is well worth a look. It is somewhat dated and can be lacking about the front, but to get a rocky, four-channel workhorse, it stays a small bargain.

Best DJ Hardware: Purchasing Information

The ins and outs

The most elementary kind of DJ mixer will provide two input signals, combined with amount controls and, typically, a crossfader. The resulting sound will then be fed into a most crucial output signal, in addition to an assignable ‘cue’ headset output, which permits users to listen to a track with no being blended to the primary mix.

Many mixers provide more than this. However, four or more input signal is typical on higher-end mixers, as are microphone inputs, booth outputs, and impacts loops.

However, the number of ins and outs would you need when picking the best mixer DJ for you? More I/O means more versatility and more future-proofing.

If you are a newcomer DJ, you could discover that two stations are sufficient for today, but you could reach a stage later when you want to put in a fourth or third deck to get more imaginative.

Those seeking to perform weddings and industrial purposes will probably want a mic input signal. On the other hand, DJs likely to achieve more prominent nightclubs will probably require a booth output signal.

But, the additional ins and outs do not come at a cost, and if you are convinced you won’t wish to perform more than blend documents from two turntables or even CDJs, then a straightforward 2-channel mixer might well do the task.

This is especially true for scratch DJs and turntablists, who favor the battle mixer’ format. All these tend to adhere to 2 stations but pile on other functionality features and emphasize quality faders and crossfaders.

Try out the best studio cans for dimension.

The ten best DJ software applications in the world today.


Nearly all DJ mixers possess some channel EQ and, often, a low/high-pass filter. Higher-end mixers generally offer you added effects, such as rhythmic delays or gates or items like phasers, reverbs, or perhaps one-shot FX.

While none of them are just necessary to DJ with, the more resources you have at your disposal, the more creative you are. For extra customization, an outside impact loop allows DJs to add pedals or background effects in their setup.

Digital compatibility

Despite digital audio being, in various ways, DJs are inclined to be a small set in their tracks at the forefront of technological advancement. Therefore, many are inclined to ditch the entire kingdom of electronic’ DJing in favor of a conventional two decks and a mixer’ installation.

There is no ignoring that the parade of progress is slowly going towards the electronic realm, however, so having some compatibility is not a terrible idea.

Electronic compatibility ranges from the mixer marketplace from USB interfaces allowing streaming of sound quality to/from a pc to complete control integration using DJ applications like Serato, Traktor, and record box.

Many mixers are ‘DVS-ready,’ meaning they are set up to utilize effective digital vinyl systems incorporated into the software above tools.

These enable users to control applications decks using ‘real’ hardware, employing timecode vinyl or CDs. This may be an excellent bridge for the ones that desire a traditional hands-on texture and the ease of digital DJing.

Best DJ Mixer 2021

Best DJ Mixers Software

1. Denon DJ X1850 Prime

Easily the DJ mixer best buys accessible 2021, in my view, is your Denon DJ X1850 Prime. Denon DJ consistently comes out using top-end digital DJing equipment, and they certainly do not disappoint here using all the X1850 Prime.

The X1850 Prime is an electronic 4-channel DJ mixer supposed for a centerpiece for creative DJs. All four stations have multi-assignable inputs.

There’s also a 3-band EQ that provides both expressive and normal isolation modes. The X1850 Prime also features a crossfader controller for producing smooth transitions.

4 Sweep FX is offered for you to incorporate into your mixture to give it additional dynamics. These Sweep FX shape frequencies using a low and higher pass filter.

You will find 16 Pro Club BPM FX in addition to a Time Division Touch Strip for changing your beats even further. You could even quantize FX to be sure your parameters align along with your audio.

The fantastic quality of the X1850 Prime is the OLED display. Through this screen, you can personalize your workflow and then edit your Pro Club FX.

In terms of connectivity, there are numerous inputs and outputs around the X1850 Prime, a number of them being for analog equipment, radios, USB links to your computer, and there is a LAN interface for linking to other compatible devices. These inputs, outputs have committed overlapping buttons for simple observation of the respective stations.

In terms of the layout, the X1850 Prime is made from metal and is very hardy and durable. It may handle being chucked around on tour and hauled around during performances. The lights and assorted markers are simple to view even in the dim lighting, and the design is simple to navigate and understand.


  • OLED display for FX and customization functions.
  • The rugged design is excellent for touring.
  • A lot of inputs, outputs.


  • Phono input may be somewhat noisy.
  • The paint may wear off after some time.

2. Pioneer DJ DJM-900NXS2

Pioneer DJ is a famous brand that’s existed for ages, and they consistently keep coming out with best-selling equipment for the home and professional DJs. This mixer DJ is the best 4 channel dj mixer that features Pioneer DJ’s first-ever 64-bit mixing processor.

This processor gives the audio a warmer sound and provides more clarity to small details in sound quality. This analog audio makes the sound quite natural without analog sound because of an improved preamp and output frequencies.

So far as features go, the DJ mixer features 6 Color Sound FX (Sweep, Filter, Crush, Dub Echo, Noise( and Space), which can be inserted into any station.

The parameters could be further tweaked using a control knob. The considerable X Pad may be used to pick 14 distinct kinds of Beat FX along with an OLED screen that shows you precisely what FX is presently being used.

You can fantastic-tune your audio using the DJ mixer. An excellent illustration of that is you can choose precisely what frequency range to add FX to.

Therefore vocals may have an echo while the bass features a flanger on it. You might even utilize external FX units together with a committed AUX input or USB, and other equipment may also be linked to the mixer, can be said that it is the best analog DJ mixer.


  • Programs a warmer analog seeming processor with no analog sound.
  • Has a ton of Beat FX and Color Sound FX for imagination.
  • Durable and sturdy enough for vacationing because of alloy construction.


  • Expensive.
  • Cue buttons may malfunction from time to time.
Pioneer DJ DJ Controller, Black, (DDJ-SB3)
2,020 Reviews

3. Allen & Heath Xone:96

Allen & Heath is a sound equipment company that may not be well known among everybody in the sound world. However, they indeed sell some exceptionally high-quality DJing products.

Xone is Allen & Heath’s broad DJ mixer lineup that features everything from little, more mobile mixers to enormous, innovative mixers for your club.

The Xone: 96 is your follow-up version to Heath & Allen’s legendary classic, the Xone:92. The Xone:96 is a 4-channel analog DJ mixer with digital relations and is supposed to be utilized at the club. The Xone:96 features an exact 4-band EQ, Xone: VCF filters using CRUNCH harmonic distortion, and also a USB sound card, as it includes the complete version of Traktor Scratch.

Two FX sends four stereo input channels with committed 4-band EQs, two stereo input channels with 3-band parametric EQs. Also, you will find two stereo return stations.

Another master ad is available for you to join your other equipment to the mixer. There are two USB ports, a MIDI out, and lots of non-digital inputs and outputs.

The extensive selection and volume of EQs on this particular mixer makes it excellent for just sculpting your audio. It is possible to find some crazy noises from the mixer and tweak your mixes to virtually unrecognizable levels due to its Xone: VCF filters.


  • Extremely high-quality sound.
  • Extensive EQ controls for sculpting sound.
  • Very rugged design that is wonderful for vacationing.


  • Knobs can feel somewhat “sandy” after turning.
  • The cost is steep.

4. Citronic Pro-2 MkII

The Very best 2 channel DJ mixer. Citronic is just another company that makes pro audio equipment like DJ headphones, studio monitors, USB soundboards, and analog DJ mixers. The Pro-2 MkII is only one such instance.

The Pro-2 is a 2-channel analog DJ mixer, which is extremely straightforward. Although it’s an easy 2-channel DJ mixer, it’s still potent and provides DJs what they’d need to get a great-sounding set. The Pro-2 MkII features high-quality faders, durable and durable rotaries, along a mic input.

The mic channel has a committed 3-band EQ and entry-level control. From the screen segment, a rotary control lets you change between the 1st and 2nd station and so that the DJ may have a mixture of the two stations in the cans at precisely the same moment.

Besides this being a 2-channel mixer, you will find five inputs (two phono, two lines, and one mic), every station has its advantage and 2-band EQ, also there is a headset mix and even an LED track for keeping tabs on your levels.

The plan of this Pro-2 MkII is relatively straightforward and straightforward with a clean, evenly arranged appearance. I would consider it to have an extremely minimalist design. It is made from metal and quite rugged enough to manage to take a beating tour from the van or on point.


  • A straightforward design with minimal controls allows it to be non-overwhelming to utilize.
  • Ideal for carrying on tour when you’ve got a smaller installation.
  • Warm analog audio.


  • It just has two channels, so that it seems somewhat restricted.
  • No onboard effects, so you are going to need to utilize effects modules.
  • The crossfader is nothing particular.

5. Native Instruments Traktor Kontrol Z2

Native Instrument is a great producer of VST tool plugins, MIDI keyboards, virtual guitar amps, and DJ controls and mixers. The Traktor Kontrol Z2 is the world’s first two +2 DJ mixer. That means it’s two standalone stations and two Remix Deck stations.

Together with the Traktor Kontrol Z2, you receive the best of the digital and analog worlds; you can utilize it as a standalone mixer alongside turntables and other analog equipment, or you may use it as a hub to get a controller-based rig. Traktor Pro 3 software is included for this mixer.

The Traktor Kontrol Z2 has built-in Macro FX controls that permit you to produce your mixture completely identical, give it a little additional sparkle, or anything in between with only one knob. 2 Remix Deck stations allow you to command and remix music on the fly, and also the color-coded trigger pads enable you to launch samples, loops, and clues at any given moment.

Linking into this Kontrol Z2 is simple thanks to lots of inputs and inputs (phono, line-in, and USB, to mention a couple ) for both analog and electronics, which means it’s possible to take advantage of this mixer using everything from analog turntables to electronic MIDI controls. Additionally included is a 3-band EQ for each station and committed filter knobs.


  • Has two standalone stations and two Remix Decks.
  • Plenty of creative blending.
  • Rugged enough for vacationing.


  • Firmware may be buggy sometimes.

6. Pioneer DJ DJM-450

Pioneer DJ is continually producing new hardware that’s an update to older versions. They take components of particular models and move them to other parts of equipment. The most recent instance of this is that the DJM-450. The DJM-450 is a 2-channel virtual DJ mixer that borrows some of the features you see on the 900NXS2, too, by Pioneer DJ.

This mixer is a perfect companion to turntables and multiplayer. It’s many of the very same features as the 900NXS2, like Conquer FX, Sound Color FX, and much more.

However, it’s in a far cheaper unit among the most excellent beginner versions using a mid-range cost tag; the one thing you are giving up is two other stations. A new and improved 64-bit audio processor will primarily depart from your sound sounding clear and warm if you are connected to digital or analog gear.

The DJM-450 can be used with Pioneer DJ’s record box DJ applications, which means that you may use that if you prefer it on Serato or Traktor.

Features around the DJM-450 comprise a 3-band EQ and an isolator for every track to empower smoother mixing, strong Magvel faders that may withstand countless performances, and a minimal latency DVS controller.


  • Analog sound with loads of detail and clarity.
  • High-quality faders and knobs for easy functioning.
  • The intuitive design of controllers to get a natural progression to additional equipment.


  • Line input mic instead of an XLR input.
  • Somewhat modest.

7. Pioneer DJM-900NXS2

Pioneer is among the market leaders in the DJ scene to get a fantastic reason. This DJM-900NXS2 is among the beautiful products available on the current market, offering the organization’s very first 64-bit mixing processor for more nuanced sound expertise.

The fader curves and EQ are fine-tuned for functionality, along the flexible system is accompanied by an unaffiliated send/return function.

With two USB ports and four phono inputs, you have a good deal of freedom to place up your device in a manner that is most appropriate for you. But some people today believe this gadget is not as powerful as it ought to be. Also, it is not compatible with Traktor DVS.


  • Excellent Dual USB ports
  • LED indicators for Beat FX and clip amounts
  • Improved crossfader and noise quality
  • Conquer FX with frequency array along with OLED screen
  • Sound color effects with color knobs


  • Expensive
  • Not as durable as other versions
  • Not compatible with Traktor DVS


8. Pioneer DJM-V10

Another superb choice from the Pioneer DJ mixer would be your DJM-V10. This solution is accompanied by a magnificent audio spec and a few of the very best controllability you’ll find in the marketplace.

One particularly compelling quality of this unit is that the per-channel compression, isolated, and a broad assortment of routing choices. This usually means that the mixer will appeal hugely to more innovative DJs.

The mixer can do with a much better display, and we would enjoy seeing a little more flexibility in regards to station filters. But, there is still a fantastic deal to offer in this beautiful device.


  • Great sound specs
  • Very easy to control
  • Fantastic per-channel compression
  • A fantastic Amount of routing comprised.
  • Isolator added


  • Restricted screen performance
  • Not a Great Deal of flexibility with station features

9. Rane Seventy-Two

The full-featured battle mixer from Rane is constructed to stand the test of time, together with die-cast aluminum FX paddles along with a 180-degree spinning performance. There is a 4.3-inch touchscreen for handling your wave screen and an X/Y controller and consumer customizations and tune choice.

Rane provided unrestricted functionality with double Flex FX engines and piled Serato FX. You may even get a whole on-board Serato DJ pro pad and transport management.

Sad to say, the on-screen occasions are a whole lot to take in occasionally, and it is well worth noting that this gadget is slightly bit more costly than its counterparts.


  • Fantastic build quality
  • Wonderful RANE mag-three elastic magnetic fader
  • Double USB ports for greater changeovers
  • Extensive pad and functionality functions
  • A lot of effects, such as fader FX, signature FX, inner flex FX, and much more


  • Quite Costly
  • Confusing to keep track of All of the effects Occasionally

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10. Pioneer DJM-250MK2

If you’re searching for something a bit more simple, then have a peek at this mixer dj. Without a doubt, that is a superb alternative if you’re searching for the DJ mixer best buy.

This incredible device includes a similar streamlined footprint to its first edition, but it has additional features, such as an upgraded Magvel crossfader and color FX filter knobs.

The built-in soundcard is DVS Rekordbox prepared, along with the mixer also includes all of the Rekordbox applications you want. Since you receive the license and the box, you can jump directly into your blending. But, there aren’t any midi controls or restrain vinyl options contained.


  • Affordable pricing
  • Good audio quality and build quality
  • Inner Rekordbox DVS soundcard
  • Rekordbox DJ and also DVS applications
  • Outstanding Magvel crossfader included


  • No midi controls
  • No controller vinyl
Pioneer DJ DJ Controller, Black, (DDJ-SB3)
2,020 Reviews


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