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Best Dj Controller 2021: Top Full Review, Guide

Best DJ Controller

DJ controls are pieces of hardware that enable hands-on constraint of music blending applications. The growth of robust DJ applications and the hardware to restrain it has been among the most crucial things to happen. As the marketplace keeps growing, we have found ourselves with a lot of great choices. However, how can you understand which is the perfect selection for you?

In this post, Fidlar helps you analyze the best DJ controllers so which you may feel assured before spending your hard-earned cash! It’s been continuously upgraded since 2021.

Things Consider Before The Best Buy DJ controller

Before selecting a DJ Controller, there are a couple of factors you want to consider. Your notebook functions as the processor with controls, while the control functions as a complicated peripheral apparatus, very similar to your mouse or keyboard.

Therefore, being your DJ Controllers’ main job is to restrain the DJ applications in your notebook or tablet computer. The first thing you want to consider is that your applications!


The DJ applications you use or wish to utilize your DJ control are critical. Therefore they need to play a massive role in selecting your next command. This is because the majority of DJ Controllers in the marketplace come tailor-made for particular applications.

And although most of the current controls are cross-compatible, particularly with applications like Serato. Broadly, every DJ Controller also includes a replica of a few DJ Software.

Therefore, if you are only getting started, choosing a controller that comes armed with tailor-made applications won’t merely produce the learning curve simpler but save money too!

Rekord box

Initially using Serato using their DJ controls, Pioneer DJ has expanded their native RekordBox applications. And since Pioneer DJ produces the most well-known authorities, RekordBox is currently industry-standard.

Packing all of the features you will want from DJ Software. Including time-stretching, fantastic effects, monitor proposal, full-customization, and integration with other equipment like the Pioneer CDJs.


Native Instrument’s first DJ software Traktor was designed mainly for NI hardware. Impressive features include the advanced remix deck attribute, turning a deck to some 64-slot remix deck to mashing samples and loops. Boasting a selection of external peripherals such as Traktor is commonly the most popular software by producers.


The most popular and widely used DJ applications, with support for more than 90 pieces of hardware in the business leaders. You will find Serato is usually supplied with many controllers not made by Native Instruments or Pioneer DJ.

Unlock your DJing possible with Serato’s advanced features like sampling, beat jump, cues, loops, and loop rolls. At the same time, you are smoothing off every mix using its high-quality FX.

You can even arrange your songs with their instinctive digital crates and utilize streaming services to get a vast selection of songs from underground sounds to classic hits!

I/O and Features

DJ Controllers vary using their added features, and it is your choice to choose which ones will be significant to your setup! Whether it’s the number of stations you’ll need; LCD Screens about the run wheels; LED performance Pads for triggering loops, hot cues, and FX; or only the number of knobs and faders accessible.

Also necessary to consider are the inputs and outputs in your DJ Controller. Inputs permit you to join other DJ decks into your control, basically letting your power to double up as a mixer too.

With extra inputs onboard, you may then connect your CDJs or vinyl decks. Outputs generally offer either 16-bit or even 24-bit. 24-bit baits are considered the pro-standard and provide high-quality audio when listening via large-scale audio systems.

Looks, Size, Build Quality, and Price

When picking your DJ Controller, I would highly suggest picking something which resonates with you upon the initial impression. If it seems incredible, it is also very likely to provide intuitive controls, inspiring one to select up your DJ Controller and continue to find out.

In addition to that, you will also have to consider the dimensions of this control. Whether you’ve got the space to adapt for a large-sized, pro-level controller device or you’re searching for something more mobile to carry for a cell DJ gigs. You will also find pocket-sized DJ Controllers to your best portability, ideal for bedroom DJs!

At length, budget and price tag are something you are going to need to consider also. If you are beginning, you will probably not wish to drop tens of thousands on professional control. While if you are an intermediate degree DJ and trying to update, that may be on the cards.

Best DJ Controller 2021

Best DJ Controllers For The Money

1. Numark Mixtrack Pro 3 USB DJ Controller

This is the best pioneer DJ controller. The Numark Mixtrack Pro 3 is an upgrade on the first Mixtrack Pro.

This model features a slick and more obviously feeling layout. The more comprehensive contour permits for spaced-out knobs and sliders and long-throw pitch controllers.

If you’re knowledgeable about this Mixtrack Pro 2, then you may adore the two-channel Controller Mixtrack Pro 3’s heftier run wheels, which can be more practical. Per-channel filters are also an improvement in the control’s predecessor.

This control works on Serato DJ Lite, which you may download free once you enroll online. You’ll need to pay extra to receive the complete version. but it is seen as the best budget dj controller.


  • Three single effects control for every deck simplifies the control’s interface,
  • The body Is Made of plastic, but the build quality is hardy,
  • The control sells at a fantastic price for its assortment of features.


  • The provided Serato DJ Intro program has limited features, which means that you’ll need to update before long, which adds to a financial plan.

2. Denon DJ MC4000 Premium 2

Not entirely from the big leagues, the Denon DJ MC4000 has only about enough electricity to be appropriate for electronic DJs breaking into the professional ranks.

With this control, the Denon brand succeeded in developing a new, ergonomically designed control panel. Using it the very first time, you can not help but believe everything, such as looping and sexy cue points segments is appropriate where it ought to be.

The designers did not go mad with all the jog wheel. It’s touch-activated, using a tactile, nearly organic texture.

Long-throw pitch faders provide you a CDJ-like texture, while the sample pads and sexy cues also feel exactly right under your palms.

The control works pretty much with any computer software. The provided Serato DJ Lite applications is all about adequate for novices. More sophisticated DJs may wish to update to the complete model to unlock the very best features and it is the best buy DJ controller.


  • Up it, the control’s steel chassis immediately points to reliable build quality,
  • The integrated 24-bit audio card ensures you don’t need to drag your music port to and from gigs,
  • Two non distortion mic inputs with dedicated band shelving EQ,
  • Compatibility with most important DJ applications means you can use the control with any applications of your choice,
  • Its portability makes it a Fantastic match for mobile DJs,


  • The Serato DJ Intro applications will begin to feel insufficient before long.

3. Native Instruments Traktor Kontrol S4 MK2 DJ Controller

This 4-channel Traktor Kontrol S4 MK2 is an upgrade of the older S4, using iOS compatibility being its most identifiable characteristic.

However, you believe an iPhone or even iPad docking station could have gone anyway in justifying the sound canceling Instruments made about the control’s brand new iOS support.

Because you might need a controller that puts you back with this much, the control includes the full version of this Traktor Pro 2 software that is effective from the box and can be offered free.

The control’s expression is true not much different from the older S4, but the aluminum jog wheel tops offer it a shiny, industrial appearance.


  • Makes it Simple to beat match by disengaging the keylock and also sync manually,
  • Control for Traktor DJ program is imminently handy, particularly for mobile DJs,
  • Adds the remix deck controller and stall output signal, which marks an update on earlier versions,
  • The fader reacts superbly fast with no lumps or distortions,
  • The knobs and buttons on the control are more tolerable, using a more natural feel over previous versions.


  • Even though it includes iOS support, a few features work great when a pc runs the program, and it will be a disappointment if you would like to dispense your notebook and lighten your equipment.

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4. PIONEER DDJSR Pro DJ Controller

This PIONEER DDJSR Pro DJ Controller is the best cheap dj controller for Professional DJ on Marketplace. It’s dependable, is complicated, just about enough to grow along with your abilities, and is an excellent debut to pro-level DJing.

Scratch DJs will appreciate the significant silver run wheels instantly stand out that the minute you pull on the somewhat weighty controller from the box.

The jog’s metal facade extends into the complete control panel, making for a durable unit, which will take heavy usage in its stride.

The 4-channel mixer (including two buttons empowered ) sits between both big, 6-inch diameter logs.

If you’re trying to find precisely the same degree of quality but with slightly more management and pro-entry level features, then the Pioneer DJ DDJ-SX2 Professional DJ Controller may be had for about $200 more.


  • Comes with the Entire version of Serato DJ applications, whose online registration is simple,
  • Can run with other applications, provided you obtain the mapping,
  • The jogs’ generous elevation off the faceplate provides ample room for accurate pitch bending,
  • The rubber knobs at the EQ section provides a firm grasp, and so also will the faders, that can be eloquent but sturdy,
  • Total size jog wheels which have an accurate and excellent reaction to scratch.


  • A couple of users have complained about platter latency and microphone input difficulties.

5. Numark NS6II | 4-Channel Premium DJ Controller

The Numark NS6 was going strong for more than five decades, with many faithful fans. However, it had an update, which the newest professionally qualified with.

To their credit, the business opted to keep the majority of the control’s more prominent features while adding a couple of new ones into the updated Numark NS6II.

New features added into the control comprise two USB interfaces for multiple pc links, capacitive touch jog wheels, knobs, and the full edition of and easy integration using Serato DJ applications.

The 4-channel mixer is well worth the cost of this controller. Although you simply have inputs for channels 3 and 4 might be a wrinkle for a few.

Looking at its feature set, there is not much between this control and also the more expensive NS7lll, whose important distinguishing feature are these direct push platters.

The only thing we wanted this control had is integration using iOS. For our recommendation are the Reloop Mixon 4 – a very competent controller in its own right.


  • Intelligent touch-capacitive platters self-correct and guarantee reliable performance,
  • Touch-sensitive knobs guarantee immediately responsive influence management,
  • The massive duty platters are built to withstand heavy use,
  • Rubber functionality pads are comfortable to the touch and Permit rapid access to guide loop sampler, slicer, hot cues, and Automobile looper,
  • Has a DVS prepared preamp, two stereo RCA inputs, and 1/4 inch microphone inputs with dedicated EQ, and balanced XLR outputs,
  • A tremendous cost is lower than the first’s and that of rival models such as the Pioneer DDJ-SX2 and Denon MC7000, which possess precisely the same features.


  • The design is quite dull and not much of an improvement on the first.

6. Pioneer DJ DDJ-1000

Pioneer DJ’s newest four-channel control for rekord box DJ advantages from taking numerous design cues from the organization’s CDJ and mixer array.

To begin with, the run wheels are full-sized and pressure-sensitive to get a pro mixing texture. Simultaneously, the entire mixer section is a slightly shrunken version of the brand’s popular DJM-900, complete with its consequences segment.

Rekord box DJ does not have the background and standing of the Serato DJ or Traktor but is paired with this particular control on the software side of things.

It is, nevertheless, an excellent mixing application. Its monitor collection is entirely compatible with Pioneer DJ’s industry-standard CDJs too.


  • Big jog wheels with HD displays
  • DJM-900 inspired mixer part
  • Upgraded Magvel crossfader


  • Substantial size/weight footprint

7. Pioneer DJ DDJ-SX3

Pioneer DJ’s DDJ-SX line came back in 2012 and contained arguably the crown of becoming the highest-quality and powerful Serato DJ controller accessible for under a grand.

Model 3 arrived earlier this season, further refining the winning formula. The DJ controller quite like its predecessors. Again, the control is small enough to transfer pretty readily.

Still, using its sturdy chassis and aluminum top is also a definite feeling, and you would expect it to tolerate routine club usage without any difficulty.

However, durable and responsive, the run wheels are small, with a sense not dissimilar to people around Pioneer’s CDJ line. The DDJ-SX3 is four-channel.

Each station of its principal mixer could be changed between electronic inputs from Serato DJ or analog RCA, along with the control decks that could be flipped to command up to four Serato decks simultaneously. Because of this, the SX3 can work as a hub/mixer for four electronic decks, four outside players, or any combo of those above.


  • Jog wheels feel good due to their size.
  • Serato Flip and Pitch N’ Time comprised.


  • Color FX can get old fast.

8. Roland DJ-505

Roland moved to the DJ control market for the very first time in the last couple of decades, releasing a variety of Aira branded controls to be used with Serato DJ Pro.

The actual selling point here is that the addition of this’TR-S’ drum system, and also the DJ-505 delivers nicely in this respect. The sounds are just like the ones from the initial gen TR-8, offering electronic recreations of Roland’s 909, 808, and 707 beatmakers a few of the finest emulations you’ll discover in modern hardware.

The 505 is not the very best of Roland’s control array, but we enjoy the version’s convenience and affordability. Though the 505 is somewhat visually appealing, provided its compact size and very affordable price, it would make a fantastic studio improvement for bedroom producers that are searching for a DJ scratch pad along with a hardware drum system.


  • Plug-and-play installation
  • Simple to Use
  • Quality built-in sounds


  • Sounds somewhat garish

9. Denon MCX8000

The MCX8000 out of Denon DJ is its flagship control, which it proudly says is “the first authentic DJ hardware/software control.” Quite simply, but the specs on the 8000 are relatively impressive.

Not only do these 4-deck apparatus be employed to restrain Serato DJ in your computer, but as a result of the addition of this Denon DJ Engine applications, also, it can function completely standalone.

Comparatively cheaper than other standalone controls from top producers, the MCX8000 also comprises a Phase LinQ network link to control video and lighting.


  • Standalone capacity
  • Dedicated filters
  • 2 HD screens


  • Not the biggest platters

10. Pioneer DJ DDJ-SB3

The DDJ-SB3 is a 2-channel DJ controller designed primarily for use with all the Serato DJ Lite software. Its design is very similar to that of the costlier DDJ-S apparatus and contains jog wheels, performance pads, play, cue buttons, and separate automobile loop switches.

Upgraded from the DDJ-SB2, the SB3 Provides a feature Named Pad Scratch, which Was Made in cooperation with DJ Jazzy Jeff. This allows you to start eight of his signature scrape techniques the scrape will be automatically matched to the track’s BPM that may be utilized in isolation or conjunction with your scratching.


  • Pad scratch function
  • Bundled with Serato DJ Lite


  • Small pitch faders

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