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Best DJ Controller For Beginners 2021: Top Full Review, Guide

Best DJ Controller For Beginners 2021: Top Full Review, Guide

Before becoming a professional DJ or starting to practice becoming a DJ, you should understand it as a DJ controller. Under direct DJ control, the controller mixes or produces high-quality sound; not only that, more professional DJs use it to create novel sounds.

It will take quite a lot of time and money to invest yourself in a DJ controller, and that can go along with you. For that reason, Fidlar has compiled a list of the Best DJ Controller For Beginners 2021, Make sure you’ve invested your money in the right place, and Fidlar is confident with his recommendations below.

Factors To Consider While Purchasing The Best DJ Controllers For Beginners

Lightweight and Durable

Beginners usually often possess slick palms, which may prove to be deadly if the DJ controls are thicker to use. Lightweight devices are simpler to carry and come in the entire grip of your hands, which makes you take them attentively and never let them get ruined in a free fall.

Durability and strength are the chief variables of a DJ controller. If the DJ control is powerful enough, then it will help sustain any free fall from a height. Also, it retains its right against concrete and rough surfaces readily.

Durability means the higher depth of this substance used, which enhances this apparatus’s strength. It assists in standing against several different problems like corrosion and water-proof, which helps protect your DJ control in nighttime parties when folks spill their drinks in your device because of excitement.

DJ controls also need to be lightweight, considering celebrations don’t occur at one place each moment. You’ll need to take your DJ control to another location each time, and it is going to be a blessing if your DJ control is transported from 1 area to another easily.

Producing Quality Mixes and Scratchy Outcomes

A vital factor of this DJ controller is that it produces quality combinations and scratchy effects that increase the music’s caliber. Thus, all features need to be taken under consideration, by way of instance, if the DJ can be used with premium applications, which makes the task easier for novices, or if the run wheels enclosed from the control are of high-quality and can move against rough surfaces too.

The caliber of the knobs set up, together with attractive features like the tripping of this hot cue, needs to be considered. The performance pads included from the control need to be verified thoroughly since these are the chief components that help in getting high-quality music in the level DJ controller readily and flawlessly.

The number of inputs and outputs available using all the control needs to be assessed. It needs to be noticed that if the controller has a USB connection, as novices tend to play music tracks directly by their smartphones or notebooks.

In case Bluetooth streaming is within the control, then with no idea, you need to purchase it since it will be one of the most OK DJ controllers for novices offered on the marketplace.

Backlit Control Buttons

As a newcomer, it’s quite hard to memorize the controller buttons as you’re mixing your music tracks. A backlit controller button will help quickly recognize your buttons and mobbing your run wheels very quickly and rapidly.

The most nuanced DJ control for novices ought to have a backlit controller button chiefly for a single reason- because parties usually occur in the nighttime that the buttons will be readily observable if they’re backlit, or it could be challenging not merely for the newcomer, but for a professional, to make high profile audio.

Best DJ Controller For Beginner 2021

Best DJ Controller For Beginner 2021

1. Pioneer DDJ-200

Pioneer’s CDJs are efficiently the market norm, and their enormous assortment of mid and pro-level DJ controls are consistently up using all the best DJ controllers in the marketplace.

Their Pioneer DDJ-200 supplies a stripped-back spin on these higher-end apparatus with wheels that are run, an easy mixer, and functionality pads that feel and look that the component without overloading beginners DJs with elegance.

On the software front, the Pioneer DDJ-200 may be employed with Algoriddim Djay, Mix, or Pioneer’s very own record box and WeDJ software.

The latter of them is an iOS/Android program with some fantastic tutorial features directed toward getting beginners up to speed with the basics of DJing. The capacity to measure up to the pro-featured Record box applications supplies a beautiful path into innovative mixing.

The DDJ-200 is Bluetooth-equipped to link to cellular devices or laptops, and its power requirements are low enough to allow this to run from a mobile USB charger.

The WeDJ program enables users to combine with SoundCloud downloader + or Beatport LINK paths even though different subscriptions to those services are demanded.


  • Well priced
  • WeDJ program can help you Learn How to mix.
  • Also works with a record box.
  • User friendly


  • No sound interface

2. Native Instruments Traktor Kontrol S2

Currently, in its third generation, NI’s entry-level Traktor control is among the very stylish-looking apparatus you’ll discover at the end of the marketplace. It is sturdily constructed too and feels more ‘pro’ compared to its cost point indicates.

The S2 is a control especially meant for Native Instrument’s very own Traktor ecosystem. It is designed to utilize the cross-platform beginner-friendly Traktor DJ program.

Also, the more fully-featured Traktor Pro 3 and also the simple fact that it ships with a complete permit for the latter of them is a significant selling point.

Though the S2 lacks the complex effect and sampling controllers of larger Traktor controllers, there is still a lot here for novices and seasoned DJs alike to get their teeth in to.

It is far from the least expensive beginner DJ controller on the market; however, the S2 is very likely to meet improving DJs even as their wants and aspirations grow. This is the very best pioneer DJ controller for beginners.


  • Stylish and well-built
  • Contains a complete Traktor Pro permit
  • Can work on a desktop or mobile


  • Two-deck only

3. Numark Mixtrack Platinum FX

Numark’s Mixtrack scope is among the more longstanding titles in entry-level DJing and has consistently brought an outstanding balance of features for a minimal price. Its most recent addition, the Platinum Card FX, maybe the very best dj console for beginners.

The Platinum FX is your best end Mixtrack controller, which makes that it boasts pro features like 4-deck mixing, large run wheels with hi-res screens, plus a mic input.

The FX portion of this title suggests adding a Variety of trendy performance/remix tools like Sexy Cues, Car Loop, Sampling, and Fader Cuts. There is also a set of awesome paddle buttons made for fast obtaining Serato’s built-in consequences. All of it adds up to lots of potential pleasure, making advanced DJ tricks simple to attain.

Though the top-end Platinum FX is probably the best value, if it’s possible to live without 4-deck mixing along with the jog wheel screens, the Numark Mixtrack pro FX packs lots of the very same features for approximately $/50 cheaper than the PlatinumCard.


  • Packs in a lot of features for a Fantastic price
  • Fantastic effects controls
  • Control for four decks


  • Perhaps not the cheapest

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4. Numark DJ2GO2

Concerning balancing dimensions and features, Numark’s upgraded DJ2GO is among the most jam-packed DJ controls in the marketplace.

Its slender form factor may, just about, officially be known as pocket-sized, but the device still finds room for two jog wheels, a crossfader, a built-in interface along with four performance pads for every deck.

Numark asserts the DJ2GO2’s touch-capacitive jog wheels can tackle scratching responsibilities, which can be technically accurate. Still, their compact size means they are too fiddly for motions together with almost any real finesse. Nonetheless, there’s a lot of fun to be had here.

The control is intended for use right out the box using the free Serato DJ Lite, but it is mapped and ready to be used together with the full paid version and other applications when and if you are prepared to update. It is also seen as the best controller for beginner DJ.


  • Compact but well-equipped
  • Crams in jog brakes, pads, and much more


  • No channel controller faders
  • Fiddly to use
1,227 Reviews

5. Roland DJ-202

Roland is a comparative newcomer to the DJ equipment kingdom. Still, its assortment of controls has fantastic USP packaging emulations of their brand’s iconic 808, 909, and 707 drum machines to the power itself.

There are fewer controllers than the higher-end DJ-505 and DJ-808 controls, meaning sequencing these drum sounds will be a bit more fiddly. Nevertheless, the well-sized functionality pads are still more than sufficient, allowing consumers to jam-out drum patterns on the fly, mid-mix.

The DJ-202 also comprises a mic input and several side effects, such as a gate, filters, reverb, and echo.

Software-wise, the DJ-202 is created for use with Serato Lite (included), but if you have or buy a Serato Pro permit, the 202 is completely mapped to use the program’s more pro-level features.

You are paying for all those quality drum sounds and unwanted outcomes here, so when this appeals, then this is a good value bundle. Otherwise, you will get more for the money elsewhere. It can be said that the very best beginner DJ controller.


  • Contains great drum system emulations
  • Mic input with side Results
  • Comprehensive Serato controller


  • The drum and vocal effects make it more costly than other controllers.

6. Pioneer DJ DDJ-SB3

A step up in cost from the DDJ-200, however, still very much in the realms of significance, the SB3 is a classy-looking and well-equipped Serato controller.

The fascinating feature is the addition of something named Pad Scratch, developed together with DJ Jazzy Jeff.

This effectively lets users recreate the timeless document scratching effect at the touch of a button. It is cheating and is responsible for you hounded out of town by an angry mob of 90s turntablists, but it is undeniably enjoyable.

That aside, there is a lot of robust features here for your price tags, such as filter and EQ control, sound port and mic input, hands-on impact controller, along with per function.

It is plug-and-play for Serato DJ Lite, but with an update to a full Serato license, it is completely geared up to take charge of the program’s effects, sampler, and much more. It is probably the very best cheap DJ controller.


  • lots ofontrolPad
  • Scratch is entertaining, if gimmicky.
  • Smart appearing


  • Requires an update to Serato Pro to get the maximum from it

7. Hercules DJControl Inpulse 200

Hercules’ Inpulse range is directed directly at newcomer DJs. Not only are they cheap and easy-to-use, but they are mostly set up to educate you on how you can mix.

The controls come with Hercules’ DJUCED applications, using integrated video tutorials and a mild guide on the power itself to show what-does-what.

These tools are combined with visual ‘defeat align’ principles to help visualize the sync of both decks, together with a smart Music Assistant’ instrument, which will suggest another path to maintain your mixture moving.

The control hardware itself is modest toy-like. Unlike many controllers in this roundup, there is no real integration with any leading DJ programs (Serato, Traktor, record box). However, the cost is relatively cheap, and for younger budding DJDJs, his might be just the ticket. This is the very best DJ equipment for beginners.


  • Light guide and movie tutorials will teach you to combine.
  • Beat align and monitor assistant help newcomer DJs


  • Looks a Bit toy-like
  • No integration using big-name DJ applications

8. Numark Party Mix

Somewhat gimmicky and toy-ish, but pleasingly inexpensive and enjoyable yet, the USP of Numark’s Party Mix is located at the trio of LEDs and its front edge.

All these provide what Numark calls a built-in lighting display. That can be perhaps overselling it somewhat; it has three colored lights flashing in sync with the pace of your paths; a fantastic little impact but with a minimal variation and not enough presence to create a difference in almost any setting bigger than a bit of house party.

However, cynicism aside, the Party Mix boasts a good harvest of features for its prices, such as two-run wheels, faders, EQ controls, and functionality pads for every deck. It is possible to turn off the lights when wanted also and can be said that it is the very best DJ mixer for beginners available now.


  • Affordable and Simple to Use
  • LEDs are a fun gimmick.


  • The light display lacks variety.
  • Plastic, toy-like texture

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9. Denon DJ MC4000

Denon DJ is a big seller among individuals who like DJing and is still a favorite selection for DJs even with larger rivals like Pioneer DJ.

The MC4000 is an excellent newcomer DJ controller. It’s a 2-deck DJ controller that’s compatible with Serato DJ applications. This newcomer DJ controller is an all-in-one controller, which haha everything you want to control samples, so make edits on the fly and perform live with their comprised sample pads.

Getting to the features, the MC4000 involves a replica of Serato DJ Lite to utilize your personal computer, and it is easy to upgrade to the complete version for a little cost. The MC4000 has signature triggered jog wheels that enable you to cue points scratch and track more correctly.

Sample activate pads are provided for performance functions and offer you light screen responses. Pitch faders are just another attribute for manipulating sound.

You also get balanced outputs for local speakers if you want to have a DJ session using studio screens instead of hooking up to an entire sound system.


  • It contains Serato DJ applications so that you can begin DJing immediately.
  • The layout of controllers is optimized to get a much better workflow.
  • Incredibly durable steel chassis which makes it suitable for traveling with.


  • It can be overpowering when you first begin learning how to utilize it.
  • Light feedback ought to be used with care and isn’t perfect for anyone who has epilepsy.

10. Native Instruments Traktor Kontrol S2 Mk3

Native Instruments has been among the most innovative founders regarding some of the most OK DJ controllers for novices. Traktor Kontrol S2 is the 2-channel Traktor version.

It’s a plugin and play, an all-in-one controller, which makes getting started with DJing relatively easy when staying at a fantastic cost under $500.

The Traktor Kontrol S2 includes all you require to get useful DJ functionality and has built-in Traktor Pro applications on your PC. Because this is a 2-deck controller, it is fantastic for crafting large sets and lets you get very creative due to its beginner-friendly looping and conquer syncing tools.

The Traktor Kontrol S2 also features club tier effects such as reverb, EQ, delay, filters, and much more, all featured at the Mixer FX controls.

There are loads of jog wheels should you prefer to be hands-on, and you may use them to perform things such as beat-fitting tracks. Nudging tracks back or forward, scratching, and scrolling is made easy with these run wheels. it is the very best starter DJ controller.


  • Comes with Traktor Pro applications.
  • Plug and play functionality lets you make music anywhere so long as you own a computer.
  • Includes significant mixing effects along with other helpful tools for alterations and beat matching.


  • Low quantity output.
  • It just has RCA outputs, which is somewhat outdated.
Pioneer DJ DJ Controller, Black, (DDJ-SB3)
2,128 Reviews



Are DJ controls excellent for beginners?

A DJ controller ought to have a couple of essential functionalities to help novices: Acceptable jog wheels: lots of primary techniques in DJing need a set of run wheels. If you would like to turn into a scratch DJ someday, they are entirely crucial.

Just how much should a newcomer DJ Charge?

$100-$200 is the norm for a complete novice. Utilize those gigs to construct your experience. Do not expect to leap into club djing straight away.

Is Serato or RekordBox better?

In my view, the Serato DJ is excellent if you are trying to mix solely on notebooks and controls. But if you’re trying to find a more old-school fashion using Pioneer CDJs, subsequently RekordBox will be your go-to option. It is excellent as training applications for CDJ playlists.

Are DJ controls worthwhile?

A fundamental DJ controller is sufficient for novices because it provides all the features you want to learn the basics of DJing. Since your level of ability progresses, you will find out more about innovative tactics and feel that they need to update to be able to have the ability to use these techniques on your Djing.

Why are CDJs better than controls?

A CDJ DJ would inform you that CDJs are more elastic (having the ability to perform all audio formats and function as Midi controls for DJ applications ). They will say that since CDJs are at the clubs, that is precisely what you ought to know.


Our best DJ controllers for beginners review has aimed to offer you honest testimonials of a few of the most significant best beginner DJ equipment provided in 2021 for complete beginners, and it accomplishes this. Make sure you check out Fidlar’s other posts on DJ controls and DJ headphones for many more details to help you create the best buys on your rig.

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