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Best Chorus Pedal 2021: Top Full Review, Guide

Best Chorus Pedal

Given their immense popularity, you would be forgiven for assuming the task of finding the best chorus would be an easy one. Yet it’s precisely this prevalence that leads to problems for would-be buyers just like you.

Chorus is a controlled effect that provides a warm, layered thickness using a slightly delayed signal providing you a multi-instrumental output signal.

From the ’80s and ’90s, they had been an essential part of virtually every guitar player’s equipment, and they appeared on a few of the most iconic paths of this age.

Songs like Nirvana’s Come As You Are Walking On The Moon by The Police are exceptional illustrations. In this guide, Fidlar will show you the Best Chorus Pedals 2021 keep reading if you are looking for one of them.

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Deciding on the best guitar chorus pedal for you is mainly down to finding one at which the timbre and alternatives gel with what you are creatively attempting to realize.

Chorused sounds frequently sound larger or milder, and different twists on it are employed in studio scenarios for changing the timbre of guitars, making the belief of double-tracking or sound-staging.

Chorus uses a delay time to divide the guitar signal into a dry plus a replicate wet’ sign; then, an LFO subtly defines the moist area. This is then combined back with the dry signal. By boosting the mix of this effect thoroughly wet, a chorus usually strikes the line to vibrato, using a much more pronounced detuned pitch impact.

There is a complicating wrinkle. Nevertheless, the digital chorus is very similar to flanging, but without a comments control and a more delayed line.

Flangers often top out at roughly 25ms, and that’s where the chorus happens over. But this does mean there is some overlap. The rich chorus tones around the Police’s 1979 hit Walking On The Moon are not a chorus, however, an Electro Harmonix Small Clone (Best Chorus Pedals Under $100)

As a chorus is also, in your mind, a delayed impact, lots of the ancient chorus ensembles were located on analog bucket-brigade delay processors, which provided a more prosperous, warmer chorus tone.

But as tape machines enabled planning in which an operator only conducted two servers in parallel and placed a finger on you to slow it down, they also permitted for chorus consequences, albeit unintentionally.

As a result of minor oscillations in engine tape or speed transmission, usually because of maintenance, the era of the video, or the era of the cassette system, the pitch of sounds played back could alter slightly, producing chorus. It is mainly because of this called wow and flutters, which cassette echoes are so desirable.

Nowadays, many choruses are electronic, which carries with it the standard tradeoff of greater flexibility at the cost of frequently more clinical variations.

Nonetheless, this is not a given; not merely are a few electronic effects warm and rich, but others imitate classic units for a particular tone, such as the Strymon Deco’s tape system modeling.

Best Chorus Pedal 2021

The Best Cheap Chorus Pedal

1. Boss CE-2W Waza Craft

The Boss CE-2 Chorus, and its significant brother predecessor, the CE-1 (and the same effect built in the Roland Jazz Chorus amp), described the chorus’s sound through the late’70s and’80s.

The CE-2W Waza Craft unites two Boss consequences in a single the CE-2 along with the mother of chorus effects, the CE-1, complete with its chorus and vibrato segments.

With the exclusion of this mini-three-way toggle switch for choosing the CE-2, CE-1 chorus, or CE-1 vibrato manners, a 2nd 1/4-inch output jack (direct-only) that provides stereo chorus/vibrato results as well as the Waza Craft emblem embedded in the rubber on/off switch pad, the more CE-2W appears like the initial CE-2.

Sound-wise, it is the perfect match we have ever experienced between a first product and its reissue, which unmistakable thick, lush, glistening Boss chorus that we have heard about a million classic records from the likes of Rush, the Pretenders, and even Metallica.

The CE-2W may have marginally improved treble; however, the stripes, colors, and personality are otherwise indistinguishable. The CE-2W’s CE-1 chorus setting produces a much more profound chorus impact with marginally more conspicuous modulation and much more feeling of depth switch and space. The CE-1 vibrato setting is exceptionally relaxed and helpful, producing a hot warble with no seasick unwanted effects.


  • Mini toggle provides a Choice of CE-2 and CE-1 effects.
  • Analog Bucket Brigade technologies
  • Mono and stereo outputs


  • Not much!

2. Way Huge Smalls Blue Hippo Analog Chorus

This Chorus pedal is a miniaturized counterpart of the first, maintaining precisely the same features and sweet tones in a compact pedal footprint.

Even though it is not sized like a normal mini-pedal, it is still small enough to fit in the palm of the hands and can be much less boxy than its counterpart, making it super-pedalboard-friendly.

Design-wise, the Smalls Blue Hippo controls Speed and Depth using a Vibe/Chorus change to toggle between the two settings. The circuit sets a thicker and gooier chorus with much less warmth than obviously eschews other, cleaner-sounding chorus components that generally go for dimensional innocence.

It is reminiscent of ancient Andy Summers and Permanent Waves-era Alex Lifeson using its compressed chorus tones (believe Freewill).

If swirl is something, placing the switch into Vibe provides some severe pulsating textures which could become downright rickety and liquid. In general, this Smalls lays a large, thick chorus and swirling vibrato, which are unbelievably vintage-sounding.


  • Chorus and vibrato effects
  • All-analog circuitry
  • Mini footprint


  • Less “shimmery” chorus than some other pedals

3. Boss DC-2W Dimension C

Among the most-requested reissues in Boss’s history, the DC-2W recreates the DC-2 Dimension C, which strikes a balance between a chorus and a 3D sound expander.

The DC-2W provides a comparatively subtle impact via its own four push-buttons but might create any sign to sound larger and wealthier, particularly in stereo. This reissue also adds a version of Roland’s SDD-320 Dimension D stand impact, which adds its widening spatial flavor.

If you have enjoyed the sonic impact and tonal thickening, although maybe not the warble of standard chorus pedals, then the DC-2W could be the very best analog chorus pedal.


  • There is no additional impact quite like it.
  • Simple to Use


  • Does not do the traditional chorus

4. TC Electronic Corona Chorus

If you’d like a straight-up, easy-to-operate, and, first and foremost, great-sounding chorus pedals, look no farther than TC Electronic’s Corona.

A pared-down (at least in its appearances ) take about the firm’s legendary and considerably more costly and demanded Stereo Chorus Flanger device; the Corona is a streamlined electronic pedal boasting only four knobs Rate, Depth, FX Level rate depth
, and Tone, in addition to stereo and mono ins/outs.

A three-way toggle allows the user to pick between three chorus forms, such as TriChorus (which utilizes three stereo choruses with numerous offsets to produce what TC describes as a distinctive, quite full, and lush chorus) and, yes, Stereo Chorus -style effects.

The third choice uses TC’s TonePrint technologies through a USB link; users may import “habit pedal-tweaks created by top-performing guitarists” to the pedal or design their very own personalized chorus consequences from scratch using all the free TonePrint Editor.

Other features include an optional buffered true bypass manner, which prevents high-frequency reduction from lengthy cable runs, Analog-Dry-Through for keeping the integrity of this analog dry signal route even when the chorus effect is participated along with a Kill-Dry characteristic that eliminates the dry sound route to be used with a parallel effects loop.


  • Multiple chorus effects
  • TonePrint technology
  • Small footprint


  • Not much!

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5. Electro-Harmonix Neo Clone

Best known for its shimmery warble that unlocks Nirvana’s Come As You’re the small Clone is a lot more than merely the elite chorus unit of Kurt Cobain. It is currently accessible EHX’s more streamlined Nano enclosure.

Its rich, spacey, and analog tones provide plenty of a fantastic vibe and a simple, easy-to-use layout. What is more, it has got an easy-on-the-wallet cost too.

Even the Neo Clone’s tools are simple to master: a single speed dial along with a thickness switch. Like many EHX consequences, it will require you far away from the impact’s comfort zone. Nonetheless, it’s capable of some tremendous subtle warbles and modulations also. Explore away.


  • Nails Cobain-like warble
  • Easy, intuitive layout.
  • Affordably priced


  • Much less feature-packed as modern pedals

6. Walrus Audio Julia Analog Chorus Vibrato Pedal

Walrus music is easily among the hottest outfits in the business. They are well-known for producing pedals, which doesn’t only sound excellent but seem magnificent. Their pedals have a few seriously “out-there” layouts, which are going to be the talking point of your board.

They’re certainly not a very well-known brand. However, an almost infinite collection of guitar players out of several fantastic bands utilize their effects such as Bon Jovi, 1 Republic, Boyce Avenue, The Yeah Yeah Yeahs, The Shins, The Raconteurs, Cold War Kids, Manchester Orchestra, and much, much more. it is seen as the best guitar chorus pedal.

Their chorus offering is known as Julia,’ and she’s in rich blue or crimson. The output signal is top of the lineup with classic completely analog electronics; that’s the best way to decide on the chorus.

can also be vibrant; speed, Depth, and Lag knobs provide you a vast assortment of manipulation and control. The former two are comparatively standard features of chorus pedals; nevertheless, Lag is a specialization. So what exactly does it do?

Lag permits you to change the delay pedals period the result modulates from for ultra fine-tuning. There’s also a 4th knob that is D-C-V. This is a Dry-Chorus-Vibrato Blend controller.

Whereas additional boxes would only have a toggle switch with this, Julia lets you precisely combine these three components collectively, making her a perfect alternative for those looking to replicate the thickness of vintage 80’s chorus minus the cheese-factor’.


  • Vintage fully analog electronics
  • Dry-Chorus-Vibrato Blend for Maximum manipulation
  • Cost, Depth, and Lag controller knobs – Lag is a specialization of Walrus Audio
  • One of the best vibrato pedal


  • Price
BOSS Stereo Super Chorus Guitar Pedal (CH-1)
389 Reviews

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7. Strymon Deco

The Deco is not a chorus pedal; instead of a tape emulation, it could be installed to create tape chorus sounds using a few creative settings.

By keeping the mix around noon and then dialing from the lag and twist controls, you can efficiently push the waiting line to chorus land then use the wobble controller as an LFO.

These noises are a far cry from the 80s chorus you may immediately think about, and that is going to be a fantastic thing or a bad thing, depending upon your viewpoint.

Because its delay line extends all of the ways around 500ms, it gives playback delay, also, under 25ms, a few superb tape flanging sounds too.


  • Fantastic sounds
  • Unique tape-style chorus
  • Versatile additional Choices


  • Cost
  • Size

8. Ibanez Chorus Mini

Where many miniature pedals wind up moving down the new Boss CE-2 course, the Chorus Mini takes the sexier route of Ibanez’s CS9. It is a sweet, musky chorus that is quite’80s (think Prince, Metallica).

However, the degree control a brand new addition with this miniature version affords additional flexibility, together with near-vibrato wobbles at greater levels and rates, even though it is possible to capture an adequate, more considerable approximation down the opposite end of the rate knob. Overall, making it among the most incredible miniature chorus pedals in the marketplace.


  • Vintage BBD tones
  • Mini-pedal format


  • Slightly noisy when combined with profit
Rowin Analog Chorus Guitar Effect Pedal
1,685 Reviews

9. MXR M234 Analog Chorus

Somewhere between the minimalist Micro Chorus and the more oversized format Stereo Chorus, MXR’s product unites pedalboard-friendly compactness using the controller provided by five knobs.

With authentic analog bucket brigade technology onboard, the juxtaposition of these speed and depth controls gives a vast assortment of familiar, elegant chorus.

Nonetheless, it’s another few knobs that sweeten the deal, together with both EQ knobs placing the tone at the zone and also the amount knob including as little or as much influence as you need, by a subtle change in your style into some full-on ensemble sound.


  • Useful tone controls
  • Fantastic BBD tones


  • Four-screw battery accessibility

10. Boss MD-500

With 12 distinct modes, studio-quality sound, and endless spot customization choices, the MD-500 is an endgame modeling chorus.

Inside the chorus mode, there is a massive assortment of alternatives across four chorus manners; not all of that is strictly chorus. There is a contemporary chorus, prime, a CE-1 emulation, a secondary vibrato style, and a tri-chorus containing three detuning LFOs. One of the choices is EQ for every kind, and perhaps most excitingly, pre-delay and waveform selections for additional tweaking.

Apart from its chorus lender, it’s a committed Dimension manner, which attempts to emulate the Roland SDD-320 Dimension D stand chorus. Having an emulation, it is not likely to be ideal, but in contrast to this SDD-320 style on the DC-2W reissue, it is not half bad.


  • Strong sounds
  • Versatile modulation Choices
  • More modes than the only chorus


  • Size
  • You might not want all of the modes.

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1. Where should I place my chorus pedals?

Gain-based impacts, for example, and overdrive/distortion pedals come. Modulation effects like chorus, flangers, phasers naturally come in the series. Time-based effects like delays and reverbs work better at the end of the signal chain.

2. What exactly does the super chorus pedals do?

The CH-1 Super Chorus pedal provides a fresh classic chorus sound with crystal-clear highs and a unique stereo effect, varying between right and left speakers. Impact Level, EQ, Rate, and Depth knobs allow for precise design of audio.

3. Can Be Boss Super Chorus analog?

The CH-1 extends its chorus noise to the high-frequency region. Along with the CE-5, the CH-1 underwent significant layout modifications in October 2001. The CH-1s made following this time uses digital circuitry and surface-mounted parts, while the old version employs an analog MN3007 BBD.

4. What’s the boss size C?

The Boss Dimension C is the stuff of legend its swirling 3D quality carries the chorus result to uncharted depths. Produced and marketed between 1985 and 1989, the first Boss Dimension C was comparatively short-lived. However, in its four decades of production, it created a considerable impression on the area of guitar effects.

5. What exactly does the delay pedals do?

These are a stompbox impact that displays and plays any audio into it. With lengthy extended playback occasions, this product cascading noise walls excellent for creating atmospheric landscapes.

6. What exactly does a compressor pedal do?

A compressor pedal is a stompbox pedal that sits on your signal chain and degrees that your guitar functionality’s dynamics. When you hit a series too harshly, the compressor will dull your choice strike’s noise to get a smoother overall noise.

7. Do I need a delay pedal?

Why do you need the best chorus pedals? It can help your chorus, phaser, and own sounds become clean. A delay can make a bland part enjoyable, make a solo sound huge, add depth to rhythm parts that wouldn’t be there otherwise, and make everything brilliant. They can make a simple part sound more complicated.


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