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Best Boost Pedal 2021: Top Full Review, Guide

Best Boost Pedal

Boost pedals are available in many distinct forms. They vary from blank to preamp into EQ and a lot more. There is a boost for every event, whether it’s pushing a glorious amp overdrive, cleaning a muddy result, or perhaps brightening a boring pickup.

Nevertheless, hundreds of great boost pedals have hit the market over time, so picking one can prove complex. To aid you, Fidlar has compiled a listing of the Best Boost Pedal available now. Whatever you require, you will have the ability to come across a boost pedal which best matches it.

What’s A Boost Pedal?

Boost pedals are probably among the most underrated parts of guitar gear available, together with the Wah Pedal (click here for the entire review). Many guitarists are inclined to think about their flashier, more evident pedals like the ones that include distortion and other effects as being the real showstoppers.

After all, they seem more intriguing on the surface of it, and in case you are trying to discover that one you genuinely enjoy, then definitely searching for the ideal pedal to modify your tone would be the thing to do?

That is simply not necessarily true, and that’s why these items are seen on many guitarists’ boards, and the absolute best guitarists use them (and why you need to consider using one too).

Simply speaking, a boost pedal was made to improve the amount of the signal moving out of your guitar to the amp, but without creating your tone any muddier, overriding it whatsoever, or changing the center tone whatsoever in any way.

Sometimes this is known as being a ‘transparent boost.’ However, as with many things regarding tonal language, different users may call it something else. There are tons of other possible advantages to this capability to improve cleanly, which we will look at in greater detail in another section.

Still, finally, it lets you temporarily boost your quantity to cut through the noise when you are playing in a ring. Also, it enables you to find a more powerful signal in your pedals or amp, which may mean superior attributes from them.

It is essential to be aware that increased pedals frequently get called different items, such as ‘clean increase,’ ‘linear increase,’ or distortion-free increase. They all imply the identical thing, but it does not make them equal, and not all of them are restricted to wash boost alone.

Some pedals will probably be more significant than others in fostering that sign. Several have additional effects that will change your tone, even when they are branded as a clean booster.

They may provide EQ adjustment also, or even another preset tone shaping. They are sometimes called hybrids or bass and best treble booster pedals should they have a particular function.

Moreover, occasionally, the sterile increase can be achieved by effects units that aren’t promoted or labeled as clean boost pedals.

Should you turn off all of the amounts and impacts on several overdrive pedals, you can decrease the role of just giving a clean increase. In most such instances, there’s nevertheless some tonal shift, which is not what most users desire.

In their heart afterward, the greatest boost pedals are intended to find that sign across as quickly as possible to a high degree. All great players understand that extra metal involving their amp and guitar may cause tonal modifications, whether bad or good, and that’s why a great deal of work goes into making sure that does not occur with a new boost pedal.

How To Pick The Best Clean Boost Pedal

Selecting among those units is undoubtedly not simple. In the next segment, we will consider what makes a bicycle terrible or right, but what do you need to consider when you are picking between these?

‘Authentic skip’ is something you’ll see a great deal when looking at different alternatives facing you. This signifies that if your footswitch is in the off position, and you do not need any increase, there should be no hindrance at all it ought to be as if the pedal is not there, the signal flows as it should.

This is usually considered a huge positive, and you’re going to find that many pedals on the market do include all the attributes.

This means you can get the unit prepared to improve, but it actually won’t do anything at the same time you do not need it to. That is extremely important whether you genuinely wish to keep your tone as steady and reliable as you can.

The pedal does so by switching the circuit, so the output and input jacks are attached with no in-between.

But, true bypass is not always entirely desired. On individual premium increase pedals, you might discover that true bypass is not a characteristic indeed, that is an error if many boutique-made pedals perform? Not very. The true bypass has two problems: acute disadvantages to a rather than a problem for others.

The first is the shifting of this circuit, together with all the footswitch, almost always creates an audible pop or click. Frequently this is not too much of a problem if you are not hitting the increase often since it is swift and will get dropped in the remainder of the noise if it is life.

From the studio, nevertheless, this may be a preeminent problem. Additionally, it is a potentially major problem if the pedal stays before any consequences. If that clicking sound occurs before a delayed result, it will take place numerous times until it disappears.

Another problem with true bypass is that if you depress the footswitch to earn the increased kick, the change occurs immediately. Often, that is perfectly fine, but frequently this will be unpleasant and jarring.

Again this is very true with impacts. Imagine when you have any delay or reverb happening, and it is suddenly killed outright once you change the pedal off or on not perfect.

That is why many pedals may possess vocal processors or buffer rather than a true bypass, which will smooth the transition. When considering which pedal to get, you have to think about if you would like a real skip or not. If you do, then attempt to find one who gets the very best, quietest switchover.

The next thing you will need to consider is whether you need or need any extra performance from the pedal. Many include EQ choices, which may be helpful if you need more from the pedal than increase, and also like the concept of getting some flexibility.

They could vary a whole lot, which is likely to make your decision-making process a good deal more, but if you are smart, you can find a whole lot of features in 1 pedal to get an excellent price.

You might also need to consider the dimensions and shape of the box. There are usually two sizes available on the market – miniature and standard.

The typical ones pack the most technician, but the miniature ones are good if the distance is a problem, and both ought to be equally as durable as another.

Additionally, it is worth bearing in mind when comparing boxes in which some are higher than many others also – and you want to maintain all your pedals in a relative elevation for ease of use.

Walrus Audio Emissary Parallel Boost Pedal
Best Boost Pedal 2021

1. Walrus Audio Emissary Parallel Boost Pedal

The Emissary is an intriguing concept a parallel increase that combines a JFET circuit that the glowing circuit having an op-amp increase circuit that the mids course.

Both these circuits have separate controls, along the mids circuit includes a switchable EQ for where its increased bulge is. You can change between 800Hz and 1kHz that naturally, the mid hump of a Tubescreamer is.

We are suckers for a JFET increase or push, along with the ability to combine the unique JFET circuit to include more top-end content is, in fact, a killer feature. It is one of the very best guitar boost pedals


  • Unique tones
  • Wide Array of profit
  • Cool images


  • Cost when compared with the SS/BS Mini

2. TC Electronic Spark Mini

The most important strength of this Spark Mini is probably its principal drawback it is easy to blame. One gain knob, 20dB of gain, and that is it.

Concerning voicing, it is relatively open, becoming more compacted as you increase the profit. With no tonnes of its personality, it functions best hammering a tube amp instead of coloring a guitar sign, to our taste. However, we do understand players who utilize it as always on’ pedal to do precisely that.


  • Sounds decent
  • Low-cost tag


  • Not hugely versatile

3. Chase Bliss Audio Condor

The Condor does so much. It is probably best boost pedals for metal. Not very, but suffice it to say it’s a highly effective tone-shaping instrument and preamp, which also packs a punch at the increased department.

Like most Chase Bliss pedals, it is MIDI-controllable and contains an array of different choices in the kind of DIP switches on the enclosure cover.

If those drive and EQ choices were not sufficient, its ramp performance also suggests it may be utilized as a tremolo too. Too smart by half.


  • Unbelievably versatile
  • Can take the place of a driveway


  • Very Pricey

4. Ibanez Tubescreamer Mini Boost Pedal

For not much more money than the usual single-knob increase, you can find this, a full-fat overdrive, as well as the contemporary, miniature incarnation of this venerable Ibanez Tubescreamer.

It stacks up nicely, and its EQ profile brings it to intriguing pairings, for instance, using a Big Muff, which as a top-notch around precisely the same frequency range the Tubescreamer includes a boost.

Because of this, a frequent trick is to use the large Muff since the rhythm noise, then stack it with a Tubescreamer for prospects, as the scooped mids abruptly jump from the mixture.

It is ironic that maybe the most notable increase in time is an overdrive, but no issue. Turn down the drive, turn up the level, and see what all the fuss is all about.


  • Timeless 1kHz mid boost
  • Versatile
  • Best cheap boost pedal


  • None at this cost

5. Xotic EP Booster Mini EQ Effect Pedal

This pedal uses the already recognized dream of Xotic’s EP-3 replicate processor. It will provide you with a maximum of 20dB increase into the first signal, so it packs a significant punch.

Onboard controls give you the choice of making some alterations to the audio of the boosted signal along with your EQ settings.

A few of the world’s best-known guitar players have utilized this unique echo processor for a preamp to produce their sounds and tones. Therefore, it is not a surprise that this is a favorite boost pedal and be seen as the top clean boost for guitar.

It’s a FET (Field effect transistor) and very low impedance output.

It’s two DIP switches, one for fostering the bass sign another for additional profit on the top end. All these are essential controls, and their usage may provide you some fascinating sound choices.

When inserted as a fresh boost, the sign is clear and bright also becomes more prosperous and thinner. From this place, adjustments to flavor could be made. Please consider when making alterations that employ 20dB of gain to the noise you’re generating at a lower quantity.

This pedal doesn’t add distortion to the simple sign but puts behind effects as a clean increase. It will raise the benefit of those noises produced by other products in the series because it is a highly effective boost pedal, which should be considered if you determine where on your pedal string to put it. It is a top boost pedal


  • Simple to Use.
  • Fantastic preamp processor provides you 20dB of gain.
  • Competitive price for an excellent pedal.
  • High quality


  • Being a little unit can make it awkward to function.

6. Rockett Audio Designs Tour Collection Archer Overdrive and Boost Guitar Effects Pedal

This pedal is intended to meet a few choices. It will operate only as one of the best metal boost pedals, but it offers you an overdrive alternative through its controls. It might be called a mirror image of a Klon pedal.

The volume control is quite busy and won’t take much pushing to push the pedal difficult. The power is somewhat confusing at first, but once you enjoy this, control also behaves as a mixer between the clean and distorted sounds, so you’ll have the ability to create some intriguing choices.

The control management also requires just a tiny bit of description in this controller operates similarly to an EQ and provides you many different alternatives, particularly at the very best.

It’s a well-made firm pedal using a metallic casing constructed for stage performance and will take its share of use.

The overdrive audio appears to be the consequence that stands outside, and it indeed does. Employing the gain control to push the pedal generates some fantastic overdrive sounds.

It’s thus considered by some to become of a unit. Nevertheless, it produces a remarkable increase, and when the advantage isn’t implemented, and the pedal is used to make a clean increase only. Also, it is seen as the very best clean boost.


  • Rugged metallic construction.
  • Extra tonal and audio features.


  • Some might desire to buy a boost pedal with no additional consequences.
  • It will take just a little understanding to get the best out of it.
  • Quite costly.

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7. ZVEX Effects Super Hard About Vexter Series Ultra High-Impedance Preamp

The plan is straightforward; only a volume control they’ve called crackle okay’ plus a heavy-duty virtual switch. The crackle okay is a reference to the inputs on ancient recording consoles that would crackle.

That is it, and should you consider the task that the pedal was created for, that is enough.

Simple, practical design, but what about the operation?

Stunning is one word you can use to explain it. The advantage reaches degrees other pedals hope to, so be ready. It functions beautifully when pushed hard and produces fantastic overdrive audio-only from the volume.

Used clean, it provides a punchy sound that enriches the upper end.

This pedal comes into the category of being termed translucent. This implies it isn’t quite as rough-edged as a pure distortion unit, but with much more new volume growth, that’ll push your amp to your limit.

It’s well made and a challenging little pedal and works off a 9v battery or an adapter.

If you’re interested in a boost pedal that provides a stunning growth in quantity, which also produces a great tone since you wing it up, this pedal is well worth considering.


  • Quite strong.
  • It creates excellent sounds when pushed hard.
  • Simple layout, easy to use.
  • High quality


  • Not affordable.

8. MXR M133 Micro Amp

MXR is an essential name in the realm of consequences, and here they have produced a pedal that does exactly what it was intended for and does it well.

Utilizing this pedal could not be much more comfortable. You set the quantity of profit you need, and then once you require it, hit the button, and there you go.

The obvious use for such a simple surgery is to grow the guitar quantity for solos or technical components. Still, it may also function as a boost for your sign if you’re employing a high number of effects in which reduction of the signal may be a problem.

Among the great points about this pedal is not placing the gain too large permits you to have an extremely clean growth in quantity, but putting it somewhat higher and you also get an excellent broken sound.

One aspect about the pedal we enjoy is that it’s what you could call a no-frills pedal. It does not offer you a series of consequences, it’s a boost pedal, and that’s what it will, pure and simple.

As it’s merely a quantity gain, it will also work nicely with a bass guitar and keyboards, even however you might need to make some external EQ adjustments to deal with reduced frequencies.


  • Rugged construction.
  • Produces a fantastic sound.


  • Some might believe that it is too fundamental.

9. Electro-Harmonix LPB-1 Linear Power Booster Preamp Pedal

From the late 1960s, Electro-Harmonix introduced us to the very first time overdrive. We sat up and took note. This pedal includes a replica of the first circuit against this iconic ancient impact. The noise you get from that small pedal is large and robust.

This is just another pedal that whispers in your ear, so simple is excellent. And, simple to use and handle, it indeed is. Only one increase, gain control, and also an abysmal button is all you receive. It can not get much easier than that.

The sounds it produces because you’d expect from Electro-Harmonix pedals are both clear and crisp, and if used as a clean boost, it provides a solid that cuts through. Just a little bit farther with your increased control, and it’ll offer you a bit overdrive.

This pedal isn’t meant to change the tones of the amp or guitar. It’s there only to boost the advantage to allow your instrument cut for solo’s or other occasions when it should. Being so easy to operate using its one switch and your gift, it does its job nicely. It provides a natural-sounding advantage in quantity.

Being of this kind of small size attracts its problems occasionally. Also, the off/on button is located very near the gain control, which implies you may need to be a bit careful not to change any high setting you might have a place when turning off the pedal and on.


  • Simple to Use
  • Significant sounding increase That’s clean.


  • Care is required in performance on stage.

10. TC Electronic Spark Mini Booster Guitar Pedal

TC has provided us an easy but quite right pedal, which will produce around 20dB of increase. It’s an intriguing design which makes it rather appealing and marginally different from the standard.

It may be used only as a clean boost or as an alternative. You can push it a bit tougher and make it into overdrive. The clean growth it provides is outstanding, this is the very best guitar boost pedals to buy in 2021.

It’s a smart design, so you can use the footswitch to turn it, alternatively, depress the switch gently, and it’ll provide you a temporary increase until you remove your foot.

The shifting is well-designed, feels soft, and can be seamless. No audible clicks’ you can occasionally get using a button change.

It’s an easy one controller, one switch impact that packs a punch and can be purely and simply a boost pedal. Compact in size, it’s well made and capable of carrying the rigors of stage performances.

If you’re using multi-effects pedals, you will want to experiment a bit to get the series’s perfect location. This is because the increase in the clean sound is indeed lovely and crisp. You would not need to shed it. It’s but one of the extensive features of this pedal.


  • Great clean boost audio.
  • They are appropriately designed.
  • Very competitive cost.
  • Simple to Use.


  • A fundamental pedal that may not suit somebody searching for longer.


You have just come across our list of the best boost pedals. Hopefully, you have chosen the right pedal? All of our recommendations have been tested by experts in audio equipment, and they also received a lot of positive feedback from users and music professionals. You definitely cannot go wrong with any of the products on our list.

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