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Best Beginner Ukulele 2021: Top Brands Review

In case you’ve ever hunted for a brand new ukulele, you will probably have seen the massive number of brands offering this specific instrument. The ukulele is a relatively reasonably priced instrument, and lots of instrument manufacturers have a go at creating their version of the very best.

You will find relatively new brands, brands that need to be avoided, as well as brands with countless years of history that you check out. In this guide, Fidlar will show you our Best Beginner Ukulele Reviews.

Ukulele Shapes And Types

The form of this ukulele might impact the tone of this instrument and the gamer’s relaxation level. Hopefully, the next listing of ukulele contours and forms can allow you to decide what tool will likely be best suited to you and your requirements.

Figure 8: Many ukuleles have the conventional figure 8 figure contour with two inward curves adapted from the standard guitar design. Since this model is the most typical, a consumer will have the ability to come across a vast array of ukuleles to select from.

Ukulele Shapes And Types

Cutaway: Some ukuleles using the conventional figure 8 body contour have a little, C-Shaped part cut from the body around the bottom of their throat. This can be referred to as a cutaway. A cutaway enables the participant to access the fretboard’s top region, and this attribute is usually suited to the intermediate/advanced player trying to perform higher on the throat.

Pickups/Electric: Some ukuleles are outfitted with pickups that catch the sound of this tool, allowing the participant to be amplified and be plugged into an amp or mixer.

Pineapple: Ukuleles with no curves of a body eight are known as”pineapple” ukuleles since they resemble the body of a lemon.

Novelty/Hybrid: By LED-lit bodies into flying V-shaped ukuleles, yes, flying V, many novelty ukuleles will fit anyone’s preference. You’ll also find hybrid devices like the banjolele.

A banjolele joins the ukulele’s neck and the entire body of a banjo, allowing the participant to perform the banjo-like tunes without learning a new device.

A guita ukulele is a combo of a guitar neck and a body that offers a noise that resembles a ukulele that resembles a miniature guitar. Even though the guitar and ukulele reveal similar chord shapes, they disagree with tuning.

I suggest sticking with a typical uke; however, novelty/hybrid ukuleles may be a good deal of fun if you’re searching for something different from the standard.

Best Beginner Ukulele Buying Guide

Following a comprehensive summary of our seven finest ukuleles for novices, it is still vital to learn the tool’s principles whose strings you are going to be plucking. Moreover, I will provide you quick hints on identifying craftsmanship flaws prevalent among several ukuleles for novices.


Ukuleles fall into four distinct categories that attract each musician. You’ll end up in the front of 4 dimensions: soprano, concert, tenor, and baritone.

Best Beginner Ukulele Buying Guide


Soprano ukes are exactly what pops in people’s heads when they envision standard ukuleles. Having a cap of 15 frets, it is evident that sopranos have a streamlined design and skinnier fingerboards, which makes them great for children and beginners with smaller hands. A drawback to the size is the shaky tuning machines, however. The strings’ pitch can have changed after playing.


The concert dimension marks the sweet spot from the domain of ukuleles. All these ukes have more giant soundboards that enable strings to glow virtually to get a richer sound. You get around 17 frets, providing you excellent entry to the higher register. Contrary to a soprano’s strings, concert strings will not fall out of tune with bending or unceasing strumming.


Tenor ukuleles are where the fingerboard begins to get considerably broad, allowing freedom to perform more advanced tunes later on, such as 7th chords, string skipping, and innovative patterns. Because of the weightier form variable, tenor ukes’ soundboards excel in highlighting the songs’ dynamics, especially with timber or spruce tonewoods.


The baritone size stands along with this ukulele hierarchy together with all the roomy fret spacing, enormous soundboard, and the longer scale length allows for more extended frets to be carved. Even though soprano, tenor, and concert ukes are tuned to GCEA, baritones embrace a standard guitar tuning of GDBE to get a darker, darker tone profile.


Intonation describes the way the tool retains the pitch caliber as you proceed down the fingerboard. For example, if your E series is just grounded, then the 1st fret on that string (F) must be corrected in the song.

When you receive your ukulele, catch a barbell and examine the truth of every fretted notice into the 12th fret. In low-quality ukes, notes tend to seem flat as you return to the higher register on a single series, which might destroy your playing experience if not detected beforehand.


In ukuleles, the activity is that the height of strings about the fingerboard. The more complicated the task, the harder it’s to irritate the notes, and the longer you will be prone to accidentally mute strings.

To prevent this, you ought to have a look at the neck in the bridge’s degree to find out whether the gap is considerable. If proven, then the bridge might require additional sanding, or so the throat might be twisted. In cases like this, you should request a refund.

Best Beginner Ukeleles Brands

Best Beginner Ukuleles Brands

1. Cordoba 15CM

There’s a great reason the Cordoba 15CM ukulele is just one of the best picks from several ukulele customer’s guides, sites, and content. The Cordoba 15CM is a handmade ukulele made from quartersawn mahogany. Quartersawn timber has a straight grain pattern, which lends itself to style.

This ukulele is the best balance of tone for somebody searching for something not too bright yet not overly bulky with its fantastic tone and fantastic projection. Decorating the soundhole is a hand placed abalone rosette providing the tool a general polished appearance.

Cordoba has gone the excess mile to knock the sides along with the fretboard using ABS binding, and I’ve discovered that bound fretboards tend to maintain frets from sprouting whenever the weather turns dry and cold.

The only disadvantages for this tool are the absence of accessories with purchase (ex. No gig bag or tuner) and the fact that not everybody has $100 to spend on an entry-level tool. But this is the very best ukulele under 200.


  • Great, classic design
  • Great sound
  • Solid construction


  • No accessories with the purchase
  • Higher price point

2. Flight TUS-35

The very affordable Flight TUS-35 Travel Ukulele wins my selection for the best soprano ukulele for novices. The revolutionary design of this TUS-35 is lasting yet enjoyable for anybody at any level to perform.

Made with a human body and neck from durable ABS plastic and a linden wood shirt, the ukulele’s projection is surprisingly big and full.

Since the whole fretboard, frets, neck, and nut are molded from plastic, this means everything will remain in place using a 0 percent chance that the frets will sprout. Also, it comes in several bright colors in addition to layouts. The downsides for this tool are the neck profile along with the gigbag.

The neck profile is somewhat much more of an oval shape and less curved than many ukuleles with a more standard construct, which may prove problematic when attempting to grip onto the tool if the participant prefers a neck using a “U” shape.

The gig bag is constructed from skinny nylon, offering no protection, and will enable you to take the tool from place to put and keep it from becoming dusty. In general, this ukulele is one of the best ukulele brands.


  • Affordable
  • Durable
  • Innovative design


  • Thin neck profile
  • Only available size – soprano
  • Thin gig bag
Soprano Ukulele Beginner Pack-21 Inch w/Rainbow String Gig Bag Fast Learn Songbook Digital Tuner All in One Kit
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3. Kala KA-T

The Kala KA-T is the best ukulele for beginners that is easy on the pocketbook and easy on the eyes with its original layout, dark end, and contrasting ABS binding. This ukulele is part of this Satin Mahogany show, which produces a full, hot, and mellow sound.

The neck profile isn’t overly thin yet not overly thick, in which it may fit a broad selection of hand sizes. Even though the sides are bound using ABS binding, then the fretboard stays intact.

I mentioned previously that somebody who resides in a sterile environment might get this problem because of its fretting sprout’s susceptibility.

Just note that failing the tool could bring about fret sprout, thus creating the tool uncomfortable to perform. Fret sprout can be easily tricked by tracking the device’s moisture and conditioning the fretboard.


  • Classic design
  • Great tone


  • Unbound fretboard
  • No accessories with the purchase

4. Cordoba

Some very best ukuleles belong to the Cordoba brand, like the 15CM-E. The brand has only existed since 1997. Luthier and artist Pepe Romero helped produce the brand, and their attention on nylon-stringed instruments excels through (they also create classical guitars).

The ukuleles inside their scope are usually of relatively superior quality. They have a massive selection and appeal to individuals wanting all different dimensions. Their array even has many products using pickups contained, so that amplification is a cinch. They are fantastic for studio and live usage.

Cordoba tools tend to get made from unique materials, and mahogany is widely utilized within their ukes, even though they also have quite a few spruce choices.

Ambassadors of this Cordoba brand comprise Jose Gonzalez. It is a little surprise; all these tools have a professional sense and an incredibly authentic tone regardless of being fabricated in Hawaii. Concerning cost, they are mid to upper selection, particularly when compared to funding ukulele makers.


  • Good build quality with all of their models.
  • Mahogany material is generally used.
  • Some of their products come with electronics for amplification.


  • Not as many models as some of the other brands.
  • Not many budget offerings in their range.
Soprano Ukulele Enya 21" Blue Solid Mahogany Top Ukulele Beginner Kit with Online Lesson, Case, Tuner, Strap, Strings, Pick (EUS-25D BU)
  • ♫Well Made Craftsmanship: This soprano size ukeleles features a solid mahogany top, laminated mahogany back and sides and is distinguished by a stunning blue coloration with dark undertones. As a tonewood, Mahogany is distinguished by the bright and warm sound it emits.

5. Kmise Ukulele

Some artists are unsatisfied with soprano ukuleles’ tight fret spacing, and novices deem that as a hurdle, particularly those with big hands. Luckily, my search for a tenor-sized ukulele package that is priced equally to the Official Kala to Perform has yielded results using Kmise!

At first glance, you will be taking a look at a ukulele soundboard created entirely out of AAA mahogany. These three Refer to just how new the mahogany is, and it is second-to-last about the standard scale.

Blend this with the more significant tenor shape variable, and you’re going to notice a much more resonating sound coming from this hole with each notice your finger.

Speaking of notes, the fretboard is constructed out of walnut, including a more elevated surface to slip through than challenging rosewood. In general, I enjoyed how this tool does not throw a shadow over low-end notes at the cost of high-end ones. This tenor ukulele highlights the mid-range more excellent than concert ukuleles.

Astonishingly, for a ukulele for novices, this tool uses 18:1 copper pruning machines. Aside from corrosion-resistance, the machines’ gears maintain the strings in song for ages. Remember leaving it for three days and coming back to discover the brutal E series had dropped the pruning just a half-step down!

Contained in the ukulele bundle are a ring (with hooks now ), a gig bag, a clip-on tuner, D’Addario carbon nylon strings, plus a Quick Start Booklet, which teaches the fundamentals. As an alternative, you can enroll your ukulele on Kmise’s site, to begin with, step-by-step classes! this is probably the very best cheap ukulele.


  • Affordable
  • Resonant soundboard
  • High-quality mahogany
  • Steady tuners
  • Accessories included
  • Free lessons


  • Some fret wires aren’t well-sanded

6. Makala MK-B

Beginners transitioning from playing with guitars to ukuleles might have their hands baffled about the fretboard of concert and tenor ukuleles. I have been there and found refuge in a baritone ukulele for novices such as the Makala MK-B!

Should you have a peek of the ukulele, then you will notice it looks like a downsized 1/4 guitar using regular spacing to your 18 frets. Fingering chord shapes at the higher register is a lot more straightforward on this baritone ukulele!

I can easily guess that Makala is a Kala sub-brand in the weighty, all-mahogany body along with the gentle walnut fingerboard. You can implement slides, hammer-ons, and pull-offs just like a cinch because this ukulele’s fret cords are somewhat recessed. The pre-installed nylon strings also provide a thicker estimate that assists the soundboard in creating a warmer tone quality.

One more thing that makes this particular ukulele well-suited for novices knowledgeable about the guitar is that the tuning. The MK-B includes its own four strings as people of a guitar or even an acoustic guitar.

You will also feel a series of tension, much like guitars, which aids with the techniques which add color to your dynamics, such as bending and vibrato.

Unlike ukuleles that fall beneath the concert dimensions, this baritone ukulele has heavier milling machines for series retention. But, I believed it would not remain in an exact tuning for extended.

Consequently, if you were searching for something that will help you turn into a competitive summer, you would want to spin these machines after every practice session.

Since baritone ukuleles are more extensive and need more stuff to be fabricated, it is a bummer we don’t have any accessories for such a ukulele for novices. This is the very best starter ukulele.


  • Affordable
  • Warm tone profile
  • Spacious frets
  • Easier to master techniques on


  • Subpar tuning machines
  • No accessories
Ranch Concert Ukulele 23 inch Professional Wooden Ukelele Kit with Free Online Lessons, Gig Bag, Tuner, Strap, Aquila Strings Set, Small Starter Hawaiian Guitar Instrument Bundle, Ukalalee
  • ★ Clean Amazing Sound - The acoustic Concert ukulele Arched Back to give longer sustain, fuller, warmer and a bit deeper woody tones sound that are a pleasure to listen to! Having soft and smooth to touch Aquila strings definitely helps to make the sound that comes out of it resonate pretty clear and sweet which also holds tune through multiple plays very nicely

7. Kmise UK-24

Sooner or later, I believed that it is time to crank the amp up to find great tone tastes from my ukulele. Nonetheless, nearly all ukuleles are still acoustic. That is where the Kmise UK-24 comes in with its piezo system, which picks up the string frequency to your playback to reverberate from an amplifier!

Yes, I would grab this ukulele for your soundboard’s tricky paint job. However, there is more lying supporting this ukulele’s superb craftsmanship. Just have a peek at this Spruce shirt Spruce is a more bright tonewood than mahogany, giving away a treble-heavy sound. But, it can allow you to derive various timbres because you subtly alter your playing dynamics.

Sapele is also an excellent decision to mold the UK-24’s sides and back; this tonewood is more complicated than mahogany and increases the sturdiness of both of these delicate segments of the ukulele soundboard. It is considerate of Kmise to fortify this ukulele with an arched back to improve the concert dimensions’ unworthy noise amplification.

The pre-amp is relatively minimalistic, using 3 EQ works for treble, mid, and bass for tone mixing and a built-in electronic tuner. I had been overhyped to see chrome-sealed pruning machines with this ukulele, meaning that the gears have a chrome-plated cover to maintain their lifespans intonation problems with this particular tool at all!

I am aware this ukulele includes an onboard amplifier. However, we do not have the luxury of accessories that are included. Additionally, I noticed that the noise is entirely glowing, even when I switched the treble knob away. This must be due to this Spruce top.


  • Built-in EQ and tuner
  • Excellent tonewoods with an arched back
  • Stylish visual on the soundboard
  • Covered tuning machines
  • Accurate intonation


  • Tone can become treble-heavy
  • No accessories

8. Makala MK-SD

Are you attempting to receive your little one to venture into the area of music? Luckily, you can find ukuleles for novices in music and life, and also, the Makala MK-SD is a great-sounding tool that solves this equation.

Average for a ukulele for novices, this kid-oriented tool comes in 4 distinct finishes: black, blue, pink burst, and blue burst. This soprano ukulele includes a streamlined, 11-fret fingerboard that children find simple to maneuver through the very first phases of learning triads and easy melodies.

Crafted from Agathis, the ukulele’s very top produces a highlighted warm tone very similar to what tiling tops create. I am somewhat disappointed with the way Makala decided to craft the sides and back out of wood-plastic composite as it will impact the noise amplification of the tool.

The dolphin-shaped bridge also signals in a mention that kids adore Makala cares about the aesthetics. In any case, that ukulele ships using a tote bag to match its mobile form element.

A fantastic thing about this one is how Makala crafted the fretboard out of rosewood, ideal for toughening your child’s palms in the long term. But a problem with your small one may encounter this ukulele is your super pruning machines; mainly, the bridge is constructed from plastic, not wood.


  • Affordable
  • Comfortable to hold for kids
  • Agathis top to enhance dark tones
  • Rosewood fingerboard
  • Bag included


  • Tuning drops frequently
Mahogany Soprano Ukulele Starter Kit - Professional 21 inch w/Case Strap Digital Tuner Aquila Strings
  • ✅ SELECTED MATERIAL: Traditional soprano ukulele with selected mahogany body and neck, rosewood fingerboard and bridge, four Aquila Strings Installed (Best Ukulele Strings, Made in Italy)

9. Martin T1K Tenor Ukulele

Though we have chosen the tenor variation here due to the rich, full selection, Martin also creates a superb ukulele design concert variant. There is no soprano variant.

However, Martin does produce the S1, which comes with an all-mahogany construction perhaps better suited to the more fantastic range of this tool.

Well-known due to their fantastic selection of high-end acoustic guitars, so it is not surprising that a Martin must be the surface of the heap when there is far more expensive key from the Martin and other producers round, for the majority of people that the T1K will probably be more than generous enough and should last a lifetime.


  • Great sound
  • Well-known brand


  • Price
  • No soprano version

10. Fender Venice ukulele

With a stylish finish such as the Grace VanderWaal signature, the Fender Venice is a smashing alternative if you’re trying to find a plunk of a soprano uke but do not mind paying a bit more compared to the entry-level bracket.

The green alternative brings to mind legendary Fender solid-body electric guitars and is very likely to be a talking point if it’s only hanging on the wall. In terms of how it functions, it gains from a slender’C’ neck to help relaxation, even if it is not quite in precisely the same league as the Taylors and Martins of the world.


  • Cool Fender headstock
  • Cool range of colors


  • Voicing
  • Cheap construction
Donner Concert Ukulele Mahogany 23 Inch Ukelele Starter Bundle Kit with Free Online Lesson Gig Bag Strap Nylon String Tuner Picks Cloth DUC-1 Professional Ukalalee Yukalalee
  • ♫Well Made Mahogany Craftsmanship: Smooth Mahogany body produces a crisp and pleasant sound. Highly polished smooth Aquila ukulele strings with elevated resistance to wear under tension. Well polished smooth rosewood fingerboard and bridge provides a comfortable playability. Sami-Open finish with 9-cycle grinding and polishing process


As you can see from our Best Beginner Ukuleles reviews, ukulele brands change from those that have versions under $100 to people that cost tens of thousands of dollars for an easy and little acoustic instrument. It boils down to what you need as a musician.

If you’re searching for the very best ukulele brands for novices, then something such as the Luna or even the Lohanu range might be perfect. Martin fabricates many of the absolute best models on the market for more advanced players needing exceptional craftsmanship and a tool constructed to survive the ages.

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