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Best Beginner Keyboard 2021: Top Full Review, Guide

Best Beginner Keyboard (1)

I feel that every musician should learn how to play the piano. For novices, purchasing a keyboard to find out on is a fantastic alternative because keyboards mimic an acoustic piano noise and feel with no size and cost.

The ideal beginner keyboards for studying piano should be playable and mobile and have helpful features like metronomes and built-in speakers. If you would like to begin learning the piano, Fidlar conveys many Best Beginner Keyboard.

What To Search For When Purchasing Best Beginner Keyboards To Learn Piano

It’s excellent to decide on before you purchase a keyboard is a way many keys you want. This mostly depends upon the abilities of the participant.

To provide an example, you do not require many octaves of keys to perform ‘Twinkle, Twinkle Little Star’. The amount of secrets you need depends a little bit on the genre you’ll play also.

If you’re likely not just to play rock and pop, but wish to play classical piano music too, it is probably a fantastic idea to locate a keyboard with as many secrets as you can.

A standard piano contains 88 keys, but most pianists seldom use the maximum and the smallest keys. You also need to bear in mind that many keyboards have smaller keys, which aren’t weighted, which may be annoying once you play classical music.

You must also consider just how many sounds you will need; many best keyboards on our list have a couple hundred. This is probably more than you will ever use, but it is lovely to have the ability to discover the specific sound you desire.

We’d urge you not to fret too much about which keyboard gets the most acceptable built-in classes, lighted keys, etc. Even though these features are subtle and will help your child or yourself progress.

It is a very restricted learning method, and odds are it is just fun the very first week. If you would like to understand how to perform but can not afford classes, it is far better to see YouTube videos and find out like that.

Best Beginner Keyboard 2021 (1)

Best Beginner Keyboard 2021

1. Casio LK-S250

The LK-S250 is about making audio fun, which is the very best way to find out. It does not have the same sound quality as the Yamaha YPT-260 and may not age. However, Casio’s LK-S250 will have you enjoying and having fun quicker than many, and that is worth a great deal. The key-lighting alone makes it one of their best keyboard piano for beginners.

Casio is unquestionably among the most significant manufacturers around when it comes to digital piano keyboards for novices. The LK-S250 was created with students in mind.

It’s 61 velocity-sensitive keys together with just two degrees of signature response. The tickets are not only velocity-sensitive; they also showcase Casio’s Key Lighting system.

If you press a key, it will appear red, which can be very handy when utilizing the Chordana Play program. The maximum polyphony is 48 notes; it is low but adequate for novices since we often say it is soft.

The LK-S250 includes 400 voices, which range from acoustic piano to organs and orchestral sounds. It has some vocal samples and samples that can trigger through the keys to present composition/songwriting to novices. There are 77 different rhythm styles and 60 onboard tunes that you can learn. The dance music style will add a further 50 rhythm styles.

The onboard effects comprise ten reverb forms. Everything is easy to reach; the best panel is quite minimalist. Giant buttons activate the principal purposes such as pace, start/stop, and so forth. A fundamental wheel/knob near the LCD is the way you make additional choices.


  • A lot of voices.
  • Key-lighting.
  • USB.
  • Built-in handle for carrying.


  • Audio quality is not consistent across the board.
Alesis Recital – 88 Key Digital Electric Piano / Keyboard with Semi Weighted Keys, Power Supply, Built-In Speakers and 5 Premium Voices (Amazon Exclusive)
  • A Digital Piano That’s Tailored to You - Feature-packed electric keyboard with 88 premium full-sized semi weighted keys with adjustable touch response to suit your preferred playing style

2. Yamaha P-45/P71

The P-45 or P71 (Amazon Exclusive) is the best introduction to the digital piano world. It’s a real sense, and among the very best grand piano tones you may hear under $500. The optional wooden stand generates an upright piano encounter without sacrificing the ease of a mobile keyboard. It is arguably the best digital piano for a newcomer.

We’re beginning our digital piano selections off using a tool that provides you the very best of the two worlds. The Yamaha P-45 is a digital piano keyboard that includes an optional vertical wooden stand. Together with the air, it feels and looks every bit like a proper upright, electronic piano.

The P-45 includes 88 graded-hammer-action keys, which feel exceptionally realistic and are incredibly expressive with 64-note maximum polyphony.

Among the most incredible things about this piano is its simplicity, ten voices, ten tunes, simple to browse, and it seems excellent. Its flagship piano sound is remarkably lavish, which is ultimately the most significant thing about a digital piano. The audio is so great, thanks to Yamaha’s Advanced Wave Memory (AWM) sampling. Four reverb types to add thickness to your audio.

The P-45 includes a feature that many other Yamaha models possess, the double split, providing you with two indistinguishable ranges that are fantastic for student/teacher enjoying. USB connectivity gives you access to a plethora of interactive articles such as lessons and tutorials from Yamaha.


  • Realistic feel.
  • Luxurious piano audio.
  • USB connectivity.
  • Simple design.
  • Mobile, if needed.


  • Wooden stand costs additional.

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3. Alesis Virtue

The Alesis Virtue is an astonishing case of value for the money. It requires the best things about a beginner keyboard, such as heaps of voices, rhythms, acts, and wraps them up in an electronic piano body.

The non-weighted keys are going to be a substantial drawback for several players. However, if you would like the light touch of a keyboard while feeling as if you’re sat at a real piano, the Alesis Virtue is for you.

The Alesis Virtue is your electronic piano for beginners that aren’t quite prepared for the burden of piano keys. The cost and ease of use make it one of the most excellent starter pianos around.

It’s 88 velocity-sensitive, non-weighted keys together with 128-note maximum polyphony and the conventional three-pedal setup. The easy-build wooden stand feels like a console/cabinet using a lid and audio stand.

The Alesis Virtue includes 360 listeners, together with all the great piano tones being incredibly wonderful. Voices could be layered or split to make fresh sounds (2-voice max). There are 160 accompaniment designs and 80 demonstration tunes to find out.

As you find new songs, you can record your progress together with the built-in recorder. If you get beyond the onboard demo tunes, it is possible to play with your own five songs through the USB thumb drive interface. Additionally, it includes three months of complimentary Skoove premium piano classes.


  • A lot of voices.
  • Fantastic piano sound.
  • Adjustable chair.
  • Onboard recorder.
  • Skoove lessons.


  • Non-weighted keys.
Hamzer 61-Key Electronic Piano Electric Organ Music Keyboard with Stand, Microphone, & Sticker Sheet - Black
  • Flawless, authentic range of sound: Built-in speakers offer tremendous sound, complete with 255 Timbres, 255 rhythms, 61 keyboard percussions, and 24 demonstration songs.

4. Yamaha PSR-E373

The only potential pitfall using the PSR-E373 is that it has so many noises that it can become a diversion for younger children. However, if appropriately used, this keyboard is exceptional and a surprise at below $200.

Yamaha’s choice to incorporate a grand piano voice out of their higher-spec arrangers is brilliant. The PSR-E373 will be a significant hit; it is already among the piano for beginners.

The PSR-E373 is a brand new arranger keyboard from Yamaha that delivers some excellent budget cost features. It’s 61 touch-sensitive keys along with a maximum polyphony of all 48 notes. The touch/velocity could be corrected between soft, medium, chewy, and mended, based upon your playing style.

Like many arranger keyboards, the PSR-E373 includes a vast library of noises, 622 in this circumstance. What sets it apart from the competition is that Yamaha has obtained the live grand piano sound in their more expensive versions and put it in the PSR-E373. So, today for under $200, you receive a piano sound that would formerly have cost $400-600.

There are also 154 preset tunes, which you may learn how to play at your own pace. You receive several built-in effects, together with 12 reverb types and five chorus kinds. Your favorite sounds and tunes can be kept for quicker recall.


  • Massive variety of noises.
  • Great piano.
  • Fantastic beginner features.
  • Built-in recorder.


  • Less diverse effects than anticipated.

5. Roland Go: Keys

It is a superb keyboard for beginners that aren’t just interested in learning how to play but also considering songwriting and production. The cost is higher than many others on our listing, but it is mirrored in a step up in sound quality and more professional features.

It is available in a bright red color that somehow makes it even more enjoyable. Finished off with all the ivory texture keys, this can be a high keyboard for novices if you do not mind the purchase price.

The Roland Go: Keys is close to the top of the price range for a novice keyboard. However, it does warrant the excess cash with a few excellent features. The 61 velocity-sensitive keys possess an ivory texture complete that only provides a more professional touch than many musical keyboards.

Roland has comprised a whopping 500 voices at the Go: Keys version, but furthermore, they’re incredibly high-quality sounds. The Go: Keys has Bluetooth connectivity, which means that you may utilize smartphones to stream audio right to the keyboard’s built-in speakers.

This attribute is not just helpful for listening to audio; it is possible to jam to your favorite tracks and utilize Roland’s interactive online content such as tutorials and play-along classes.


  • Ivory feels secrets.
  • 500 high-quality voices.
  • Loop Mix function.
  • Bluetooth connectivity.
  • Very mobile.
  • Interactive lessons out there.


  • The cost is higher than many others on our listing.
Souidmy Electric Keyboard 61 Full-size Keys with Bluetooth, Built-in Speakers, Dual Power Supply, Portable Music Keyboard Piano for Beginners (Kids & Adults)
  • 【Beginner's Choice】- A true full size 61 keys keyboard piano, it’ll help you learn the correct finger spacing and scale of the instrument. Using a full-size keyboard will also enable you to adjust to other pianos and keyboards in the future. Put your music score or mobile device on the music stand (Included) and start your musical journey.

6. Korg EK-50

Let us begin with the keyboard’s most significant drawback; it does not possess the same degree of hand-holding regarding learning. It does not have key-lighting or onboard tutorials, but the EK-50 will permit you to go so much farther when followed by a tutor or internet lessons. It is a little expensive, but the quality of the effects and sounds makes it a rewarding long-term investment.

Korg’s EK-50 has become the priciest keyboard quickly on the listing, but the additional cost is justified once you enter the features. That is why we think that it’s the very best Korg keyboard for novices.

It has got 61 velocity-sensitive keys with a flexible touch controller: light, regular, heavy, as well as mended. You will notice a pitch/modulation stick you won’t find on many best keyboards on the other side of this keyboard.

Korg has contained within 700 voices and 41 drum kits. More astounding than the variety of noises is that the amazingly large quality. There are more than 280 fashions, all of which provide multiple intros, outros, and other variants.

Since the EK-50 is an arranger keyboard, it includes some beautiful songwriting and functionality features. It is beginning with the built-in sound player and onboard sequencer.

Additionally, it has a more complicated effect motor than many beginner keyboards. You will find just four stereo multi-effects processors, offering 34 effect forms along with an extended 148 versions.


  • Over 700 high-quality voices.
  • Simple design to suit novices.
  • Sound participant and sequencer.
  • Great consequences.
  • Establish List style.


  • The maximum cost on the list.
  • No onboard tutorials.

7. Casio PX-770

You may think you do not have to shell out nearly $800 on a rookie piano, and also, you do not. The argument for purchasing the PX-770 is that it will last you for several years without even outgrowing it.

There is nothing better than studying on a sensible piano; you should commit to making this financial commitment. Any Trivia will continually be among the most incredible digital pianos to find out on.

The Casio PX-770 is in the high-end of tools that we would propose for a newbie. It is a more substantial investment than our other selections, but if you’re sure about learning the piano, it will serve you nicely.

It includes 88 scaled hammer-action keys with simulated ebony and ivory stripes. The PX-770 has a maximum polyphony of 128 notes. Casio’s AiR processing produces some magnificent looks (19 in total), using a stunning emulation of a 9ft theater grand. There are 11 built-in impacts, such as multiple reverb, chorus, and genius types.

As a newcomer, it is fantastic to get some demo tunes to find out; the PX-770 includes 60 of these. Additionally, it will come with a 2-track MIDI recorder to playback and capture your progress. If you’re using the piano to get personal classes, Duet mode generates two equal divide zones for student/teacher enjoying.


  • Unbelievably expressive piano tone.
  • 19 high-quality voices.
  • Realistic feel.
  • Stylish design.


  • The high end of the budget.
RockJam 61 Key Keyboard Piano With LCD Display Kit, Keyboard Stand, Piano Bench, Headphones, Simply Piano App & Keynote Stickers
  • The RockJam 561 keyboard piano super kit includes a digital keyboard with 61 full-size keys giving you that traditional piano feel whilst maintaining a portable and compact design that can be powered by either mains power (power supply included) or batteries

8. RockJam 54-Key

So what is unique about this one then? Well, not much to be fair, but one good thing is you will receive 30 free songs on the Piano Maestro iPad program; also, being a piano instructor, I will highly recommend this program.

It teaches you how you can read music by making it more like a sport than a chore, so the tunes are great, and it provides you helpful hints now and then, and it’s simple to keep track of your progress.

The keyboard has 54 keys, and it can be somewhat on the low end but is sufficient for small kids that only want to play for pleasure. A rack is not included, which means you’ll need to purchase one separately or keep it on a desk.


  • 54 keys
  • Compact and mobile
  • 100 seems
  • 100 rhythms
  • Multiple instructing modes


  • No pedal or stand included
  • Few secrets that are not always a problem, but may become one as you get better

9. Casio Inc. CTK4400

We think that it’s about time we all have a peek at a keyboard that feels just a tiny bit modern and leads with something more distinctive to our listing. The Casio CTK440 fits right in; it’s 600 (! ) ) Sounds and 180 rhythms and 152 tunes, and we begin to observe that it is not exactly like any other keyboard.

One smart thing about this keyboard is that you can sample a sound from your telephone, for instance. Quite some of those other keyboards for beginners have a sampling quality that lets you capture your audio (or different audio for that matter) using a built-in mic. Still, it’s also very significant to have the ability to connect your cellphone if you like a sound in a specific tune or movie.


  • 61 keys
  • 600 seems
  • 180 rhythms
  • 152 tunes
  • 48-note polyphony
  • Step-up learning method


  • No sustain pedal included
RockJam 54-Key Portable Electronic Keyboard with Interactive LCD Screen & Includes Piano Maestro Teaching App with 30 Songs
  • This RockJam keyboard piano features 54 full size keys that gives this keyboard a traditional piano feel

10. Hamzer 61-Key

This keyboard from Hamzer is your keyboard for many musicians out there that wish to invest as little as you can and are ready to manage the consequences.

It’s by no means good, but when the one thing you want is to have the ability to play with the keys and have the audio come out, it will get the job done. This may sound awful, but there are, in fact, plenty of instances where a musician ought to have a working piano in your home that does not necessarily need fantastic sound.

One example is if you sing in a choir and need to practice your components and play the piano to ensure you’re singing correctly. Another example is if you would instead tune another device to a piano rather than working with a mic, or if you sometimes would like to have the ability to play with your principal tool with keyboard accompaniment if a friend or a teacher comes around to your home. Additionally, it is great to have a piano once you study music theory, such as when you understand chords and practice your listening abilities.


  • 61key keyboard
  • Inexpensive (such as affordable!)
  • 255 rhythms & sounds
  • Integrated learning method


  • Keys are slightly smaller than standard keys
  • Poor audio quality and loudly

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