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Best Bass Pickups 2021: Top Full Review

Best Bass Pickups 2020 Top Full Review

As professional guitarists and especially bass guitarists, we know you always want a change in the sound that a guitar makes. And if you are looking to refresh your guitar, the pickup truck is the first thing you can think of. Changing the pickup can make a dramatic change in the sound of a keyboard.

So what is your criterion for having the ideal pickup truck? If you still feel uncertain, this is precisely the place to visit.

Here Fidlar has compiled and analyzed the outstanding features of the Best Bass Pickups 2021, and don’t forget to read through the notes we covered in this post; it can’t help you find the best. But it will help you find the best match.

What’s A Pickup On Bass Guitar?

As we demonstrated, a pickup is among the chief determinants of the noises that your bass leaves, so if you’re still looking for the ideal tone, then here’s what you want to understand. A guitar pickup is a system that selects (thus the title ) the vibrations produced by your guitar and transforms them into electric bass signals.

These electrical signals are then amplified to produce the sounds you may listen to when playing with your bass. There Are Various Sorts of pickups,

Three Basic Kinds Of Pickups Are As Follows:

Magnetic Pickup

This is the most usual kind of pickup among the three kinds of pickups. These work by catching the magnetic field and turning them to voltage.

Optical Pickup 

This sort of pickup is among the most recent inventions nowadays. It is served using infrared lights. These pickups aren’t too popular and used by artists. They have a more comprehensive range together with resistance to noise. The principal distinction is that it seems that the string’s vibration instead of sense. When the vibration is observed, it transforms light into an electrical current.

Piezo Bridge

These kinds of pickups have a higher sound effect, which could change or improve sound standards. They don’t feel the vibration instead of feeling the changes that are produced by the strings.

Two Typical Design Kinds Of Pickups For Example

Split Coil 

This is the frequent design kind that’s found on virtually every Precision bass pickup. They’re called “HUMBUCKER.” Their noise is notable, which provides the impact of the existence of audio. The sound could be bouncy occasionally.

Two Typical Design Kinds Of Pickups For Example

Single Coils

Nearly all the new basses ordinarily employ this sort of pickup layout. This is only one of those favored coils from artists nowadays. This results from the noise produced considerably thinner, smoother, and appropriate in line compared to the single coils.

This pickup is also utilized for high pitch sound results. A dual coil could occasionally be paired together using a split-coil to research a brand new pattern and provide new, intriguing sound effects. This sort of pickup is chiefly employed from the Jazz bass, whereas this split-coil is mostly employed by Precision bass.

How To Opt For The Best Bass Guitar Pickups

Listed below are 3 Chief features you Want to Remember When You’re choosing your bass pickup:


The standard of a guitar pickup has become the most indispensable feature that you want to concentrate on. Optimal features comprise hum cancellation plus also a higher clarity of tone.

Based on your requirements, some have greater frequencies and greater output. However, hum cancellation properties and clarity of these tones are critical to some high-quality pickup.


Consider your financial plan carefully. Nevertheless, keep in mind that the majority of our best choices are pocket-friendly. If you can spend a higher-end pickup and you’re a professional, it may be sensible to go for this alternative. Otherwise, you can opt for a low-budget alternate. Our choices have high-end features at reasonable price ranges.


Last, bear in mind the pickups specify the noise coming from your guitar. What are your favorite genres and playing with styles? If you aren’t sure, it is possible to ask different people playing the same music as possible and discover a number of their recommendations. For example, a brief outline of how every pickup sounds can also be contained in the testimonials below.

Nordstrand Big Split Soapbar Bass

Best Bass Pickup Brands 2021

1. Nordstrand Big Split Soapbar Bass

The best pick on this particular list of the best pickups for bass is your Nordstrand Big Split. It provides you the same big, full tone that you get together with all the Nordstrand Big Single, but at a split-coil variation.

One of the big differences is that the significant Split has hum-canceling features. There’s precisely the same sort of magnet design as the large Single.

Additionally, the single coil pickups at the huge Split is very similar to any dual coil pickups available on the market. If you’re a jazz bass traditionalist, this is the perfect pick for you.

This is the best pickups for bass guitar such as Dean Bernardini, Andy Cichon, and Owen Biddle. Professional bass guitarists have utilized these pickups to attain their tone, covering a vast spectrum of genres.

The large Split may be utilized on five, four, and six-string bass. And should you want to twist your bass into the limitation, this is the perfect pickup to acquire this jazz bass tone.

It’s offered in the EMG or Bartolini layouts. Furthermore, they provide your bass tone an awesomely powerful punch. The Nordstrand Big Split Soapbar Bass Pickup can be obtained in the mid-$200 range.


  • Has a rich, full tone that is round and complex
  • Delivers a punchy sound


  • On the expensive side

2. Seymour Duncan SMB4A Bass

The Seymour Duncan SMB4A Bass pickup is among the best pickups for bass guitars since it features Alnico magnets using exceptional coil windings; therefore, the consequence of raising the frequency spectrum on the two ends go out beyond the porcelain magnet variety.

Additionally, the Alnico edition of pickup provides you a warmer underside and a more comprehensive top. Plus, it includes a four-conductor hookup cable plus a symbol cover. It deserves a place on this list of the best pickups for bass guitars for all these reasons.

On the other hand, the Seymour Duncan SMB4A is a little more special than other pickups that may work with a vast array of instruments. However, Seymour Duncan made the SMB4A decide on the inventory Music Man pre-amp and the selector change they made to get a three-coil system.

They’ve wired the Alnico magnets with each other to offer you a different setup that raises the frequency spectrum. In reality, it’s a lot bigger than what you’d find with the pickup if it had been the ceramic magnet variation. You receive a more sophisticated and articulate high end and a warmer low end.

If you’re into blues, funk, rock, or audio, which requires a bit more grit, you may take pleasure in the midrange that’s more of a sting. This causes a warmer low end and a more articulate, comprehensive high end. The Seymour Duncan SMB4A can be obtained for approximately $100.


  • Great lows, mids, and highs
  • Excellent tone, making your guitar come alive
  • Clear, crisp sound


  • A little on the large side

3. Lace USAB Ultra Slim Acoustic Bass

Lace made the USAB Ultra Slim Acoustic Bass Pickup Black, especially for your bass guitar. This is only one of the best pickups for bass guitars since it’s a thinner profile with a height of 5/16th of an inch.

That allows you to have nearly limitless applications for the bass or the solid bass. The Lace USAB single layout functions for four or five-string bass guitars, also. Additionally, you can mount the USAB Sensor on the surface and mar-resistant 3M adhesive tape.

You might even utilize the wood screws, which include the pickup. It’s possible to mount it permanently if you select. The pickup isn’t hard to install by slipping the pickup beneath the strings.

Contained with all the USAB is a high-quality cable along with a feminine endpin jack. The USAB is a humbucker layout that provides no sound performance.

Their new layout also includes two Lace Sensor Micro Matrix Comb bobbins, also eight triple ceramic magnets. And although it has a passive design, it is still possible to use it with the best active bass pickups.

The Lace Sensor USAB Ultra jazz bass humbucker pickup is flexible since it functions with a good body and an acoustic foundation. It’s also flexible and easy to install with no cutting or routing required.

The pickup has a sensitive character that ensures that the significant increases. Last, bass guitars using a Lace Sensor USAB are going to have a clear, clean tone and a punchy midrange. The Lace Sensor USAB can be obtained for approximately $100.


  • Easy to install and works well
  • Powerful and a nice addition to any acoustic guitar
  • Great output and a lot of variation


  • Produces a buzzing or feedback sound

4. DiMarzio Will Power DP145 Bass

Another product that got a place with this listing of the top pickups for bass is your DiMarzio Will Power DP145 Bass Pickup. Billy Sheehan employed it extensively when with Mr. Big. Due to Billy’s requirements on his guitar, DiMarzio made several alterations to their present models.

The DP145 is that the pickup Billy utilizes with his trademark Yamaha basses. It provides a profound sound with an outstanding, low-end definition.

Other musicians Using this DP145 are David Lee Roth and Steve Vai. The DP145 has the Very Same measurements as the Model One. However, the pole pieces bit spacing is slightly larger for easier chain orientation for all those long-scale basses. The DP145 is a humbucker that has four-conductor wiring.

You can telephone the tone you get from the DP145 bigger and beefier. The low end is thick and unkind; the mids are astoundingly intensified. Additionally, the high end has a pumped upward frequency range. The DP145 can be found at the $100 price point.


  • Allows for several tone variations
  • Excellent adjustment capabilities
  • It is an improvement over the factory unit in sound quality


  • Requires a slight enlargement of the original pickup opening
Fender Precision Bass Pickups - Original Vintage Design
236 Reviews

5. EMG JVX Bass Pickup Set Black

You believe you would like to replace the pickups in your Jazz but are a little cautious of shedding that sound. EMG using its JVX pickups might relieve your worries.

It’s a new version with inbuilt new technologies, but they’ve been determined to guarantee the first sounds are still there.

EMG produces quality active pickups and certainly is a fantastic example. They’re a classically designed single-coil pickups, however, the hum, so typical in the past, was removed.

They produce a terrific percussive feel that’ll interest Jazz bass lovers, and they lose none of the ability of their originals.

The bass and treble settings are ideal, so there’s minimal need for any alterations. The lows are intense, along the highs could be corrected to be rather sharp. However, the signature mids are still there, making sure the Jazz sound still jumps out at you.

Of course, the busy condition of the pickups adds to this since there is less signal loss than there could be for passive pickups.

Deciding to change pickups is one thing, fitting them occasionally quite another. If you’re planning to make the change yourself, then EMG has made it quite simple for you.

EMG provides their solder-less setup system making life somewhat more straightforward. It comprises all that is essential for a quick and easy shift.


  • The design gives you some of the retro Jazz sounds.
  • Easy Installation.
  • Powerful at the top and bottom but with the mids still prevalent.


  • They are quite expensive when compared with other similar pickups.

6. Lindy Fralin 4 String Jazz Bass Pickup Set

Lindy Fralin has come up with what could only be called a direct replacement for your original Fender pickups on your Jazz bass.

They, like the originals, are clear and crisp with plenty of. The base end is exact and doesn’t flourish a lot; the best end sparkles with life.

If you’re interested in finding a specific replica, however, you won’t locate it. The pickups are great, excellent, but recreating that first audio is a tall order; however, they do come near. The audio is quite balanced and clean, and they have that percussive Fender texture to them.

It’s in the critical midsection these pickups score. They may be smooth and elegant but induce them somewhat, and they’ll growl at you.

For those fortunate enough to recall or have an early 60’s Jazz bass, they can growl at you also. Whether Leo ‘s’ deluxe bass was made to do so is another thing. However, it might do.

This opened a new marketplace for its Jazz, and a great deal of today’s rock musicians possess or perform this guitar because of its collection and bold sound. This pickup has caught that noise well.

These pickups are for all those Jazz proprietors that need a similar noise to what they’ve. That’s what you may get. The passive nature of these pickups lets like-for-like noises be generated, and while they’re not a carbon copy of the real thing, they are incredibly near.


  • Creating that original Jazz sound.
  • The rough edge to the midrange sound.


  • Quite expensive.

7. Fender Custom Shop ’60s Jazz Bass Pickups

We have to find out what Fender has on offer as pickups because of their Jazz bass.

While they’re recognized in the eyes of some as being the most critical influential guitar maker through time, they’ve experienced some ups and downs.

They’ve experienced periods where their guitars and accessories, such as pickups, happen to be, how shall we say it, under the criteria they’ve set. It’s interesting to take a peek at what they’ve produced for their Jazz.

The custom store 60s will be the same pickups employed in Fender’s Vintage reissue Jazz bass collection.

If you’re not familiar with that bass, then take some time to have a listen. The audio is simply magnificent, complete, and punchy with all the trade-mark lots of mids.

They’ve taken the simple pickup and overwound them marginally for a maximum output that provides just a tiny bit more assault, particularly in that mid-range location. Using quality materials such as Alnico magnets and the magnetic cord by Formvar might have improved the iconic bass’s noise.

The classic noise is still there, but it provides one or two different sound choices for this small bit extra added. But let us remember that is the Fender Jazz we’re speaking about, so fluctuations in audio?


  • Kept the vintage sound and added just a little bit.
  • Easy fit.
  • Realistic price.


  • Some may want more changes to the sound for more options.

8. EMG Geezer Butler Signature PJ Bass Guitar Pickups

This pair of passive pickups are quite simple to install in just 5 minutes. They have a superb frequency response, particularly when plucking difficult or slapping and provide premium quality for a reasonable price. This product is a Geezer Butler classic in the 1970s.

Our runner-up is that this exceptional EMG Geezer collection enriches the quality and the clarity of bass-line antique tones. It’s a solderless installation system, which makes it effortless to install and use very quickly. This superb pickup set provides quality and gets rid of the hum frequently connected with poor-quality stock choices.

If you’re trying to find a speedy and straightforward installation pickup collection, this is the one for you. It provides quality and expectations, all of the elements are well crafted, and the noises are purely imperial, loyally replicating traditional 1970s basses. The solderless platform is just one of the most significant resources of the product.

This pickup is on our list due to its sounds’ top caliber, replicating the’70s bass seems. Simple to install, it’s a superb option for anybody seeking to upgrade the standard of their functionality. They’re powerful enough to attract some grind in your bass tones, ideal for heavy metallic basses and other genres.


  • Deep and tight lows
  • High output passive pickups
  • Easy to install and solderless
  • Alnico V pole pieces and custom wound coils
  • More power and volume than a dual coil


  • The volume knob could be improved
  • Might not fit squire vintage custom
  • Faulty instructions (replace the black wire with a white one)

9. Seymour Duncan Quarter Pound P-Bass Pickup

What makes this product stand out is the beautiful ratio between quality and cost. Despite the lower price range, these are excellent for many genres and play with styles, such as blues and funk. They are compatible and possess high accuracy, with remarkable engineering plus a well-crafted layout.

This is our finest for your money choice concerning bass pickups brands. With more significant benefit, these pickups are fantastic for musicians searching for the most output and a broader frequency range.

They include lower ends, and there’s a specified punch, coming with a modern sound. They’re fantastic for funk, blues, and jazz songs.

Suppose you’re interested in finding an extended frequency range and maximum output signal, this the option for you. They’ve rod pieces that raise their magnetic field size, leading to a broader frequency from low to high. There’s also a high-end punch, and each of the sounds and tones is incredibly clear and possesses a maximum output.

In general, this product is excellent for reduced budgets. It’s harmonious, provides these punchy endings, is simple to set up, and contains all the features you may want at a high-quality pickup collection. It doesn’t compromise on quality!


  • Affordable price range
  • Clear and powerful tones
  • Great quality passive P pickups
  • User-friendly and easy to install
  • Fat and full sounds with present mids


  • Quality control

10. Seymour Duncan SJB3 Quarter Pound Jazz Bass Bridge Pickup

Seymour Duncan has produced a brand new pickup solely for the bridge neck position in your Jazz. It’s a vast output single-coil pickup made to provide you a considerable noise with a few additional grip.

This pickup will provide you an accession to electricity, which will produce the sound punchy. It’s been created for the bass guitarist who desires that big sound with a great deal of attack.

In designing such a pickup, though it’s a single-coil, the classic Jazz sound is buried.

This pickup was not likely to be a backup or an update of their original sound. It’s its monster and goes its way.

It is going to add another sound to your Jazz bass indeed.

This is just another pick moving from the traditional sounds of this specific guitar and its customs and carrying it into new locations. Times and audio change, and as the fashions change, so do the requirements to produce fresh thoughts.

This pickup is designed to provide the Jazz bass a fresh set of alternatives. If you’re interested in finding a brand new bridge pickup that will keep this tool’s classic feel, then this product is probably not for you.

But if you feel as though you’d love to provide your guitar something fresh, then this could be worth studying.

The cost is set sensibly and will not break your bank.

To get 4-string basses only.


  • Brings a new sound to the Jazz bass.
  • Powerful pickup delivering a big sound.
  • Realistic price.


  • Moves away from the traditional sound of the Jazz bass.

Why Should You Alter Out A Bass Pickup?

Lots of people new to stringed instruments do not know a lot about pickups. This was my situation, and it required a long time to comprehend the wonders of altering the inventory units in my bass.

My very first bass was an Epiphone SG Special. It had been an entry-level tool with a subpar sound. I am speaking about 12 years back or so when funding tools weren’t as fantastic as they’re now seeing the sound quality and constructed materials.

I purchased it for a reason; although it seemed incredible, it felt fantastic, and it was straightforward to perform. These are essential things to get a beginner bass.

But, I discovered fire for my tool and immediately grew on prowess, expertise, and ability. Newer and better studios and situations called for more significant audio. And since its pickups were sub-par, I could not earn that bass stick out from the combination, and that I was unable to make it seem fat and robust throughout my gigs.

Finally, I replaced it to get a Schecter bass selling for 3-times the cost. The noise was ten times greater, and the quality was far beyond its price point, mainly coming through.

My older Epiphone SG, though I had been fond of it, was completed. Its pickups and electronics obtained old and dropped all its sounds. And as it was not able to breathe, I left it in a darkened corner, never to be seen again such a pity, it looked as fresh and felt great in my palms.


It’s clear that pickups are amazingly diverse, and they mostly depend on your preference too. This may be a substantial choice for you, considering the significant contributor to your audio is your pickup itself, then the strings, then the remainder of the guitar parts. If possible, ensure you test a couple of our recommendations, even since they make for Best Bass Pickup, and you may not know which choice is ideal for you before you try it all out.

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