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Best Bass Multi Effects Pedal 2021: Top Brands Review

Best Bass Multi Effects Pedal 2021 Top Brands Review

If you are a professional bass player and often perform live performances, then a dedicated bass effect pedal is indispensable. Even as a bass player, choosing for yourself an effect pedal is not always easy.
Especially with hundreds of thousands of products on the market today, the selection becomes more difficult. Did you have an ideal effect pedals? If not, please stop for a few minutes to check out our article.

Here, Fidlar has compiled and analyzed the Best Bass Multi Effects Pedal 2021, and do not ignore the essential notes that we have given to help you choose the right product.

Features To Consider While Purchasing The Best Multi Effects Pedal For Bass

Detailed below are a few particular aspects you need to consider before buying the ideal bass guitar multi-effects pedal to fit your requirements.


As mentioned before, the vast majority of multi-effects pedals to the bottom will have preset effects tuned to the device that you get.

The presets are typically really simple to get and are made utilizing an entire setup with several distinct consequences applied and manipulated to create an overall impact.

Features To Consider While Purchasing The Best Bass Multi-effects Pedal

When utilizing a factory preset, you might encounter that a few components will let you create and save your effects readily via the touch of a button.

EQ Outcomes

Equalization effect pedals function through cutting or enhancing specific frequency bands together with the noise signal.

EQ effects don’t have any direct effect on the pitch. However, they do have essential influences on the audio quality, called timbre. These effects may operate equally well with bass and high-end notes and may, hence, be very helpful for bass guitarists.

Based on the multi-effects pedal, working the EQ may be straightforward to operate or quite exact.

EQ effects may also be managed by the springs on most guitars and basses. These knobs can control the treble frequencies to offer to identify EQ sound. A fantastic point of comparison to multi-effects pedals is that the point to which EQ is exact or user-friendly.

Mounting type

Multi-effects pedals are all available to buy in three unique formats, either component that’s floor-based with switches and pedals which are controlled by foot, tabletop units together with buttons, and knobs or rack-mounted units.

Floor-based pedals are famous for being useful when playing live because the noise effects can be altered easily at the pedal’s push with your toes when you’re playing. Nearly all tabletop and rackmount units come with foot pedal alternatives, perfect for supplying you with many different choices when playing live.

Digital connectivity

One of the digital multi-effects pedals, you will find many different kinds of electronic links. Some electronic links provide adequate management levels through outside connections, whereas others may document audio interfaces into your computer without having any other hardware.


USB may be used for upgrading stains on the pedal via editing software in your computer in addition to using it to list the device the inner workings.

The most important benefit of the USB is the rate when you’re creating your noises. Though the foot pedal controllers may supply you with lots of variety, using a USB provides access to computer applications, which in most cases is faster when from the editing process.

The USB also can easily connect to your pc utilizing the ramifications system as a sound port, which can be significant since they may empower high-quality converters.


On the costlier multi-effects units, you may find MIDI interfaces. These vents are incredibly beneficial for controlling impacts and emulations in the amplifier. This may be controlled from a different computer or even a MIDI controller.

The best benefit of MIDI is that you’re able to control it generously provided you own a pc or rackmount unit in the rear of the stage. When playing live, this may be great as an audio producer may control the noise if needed, but it could also be operated manually on point.


Though S/PDIF is well-known, it isn’t commonly used with multi-effects pedals. The S/PDIF enables audio signals to be transmitted to your music port or mixing desk.

This can be beneficial for people using premium sound ports to create the most of the sound. But for novices or people with less expensive gear, S/PDIF will probably be out of reach and not worth considering.


Size is essential in regards to multi-effects units. Among the chief functions of a multi-effects unit would bring numerous springs and pedals into a single unit.

But if this device and wires far exceed the dimensions of many pedal-boards, you’d be left wondering exactly what the purpose is.

Luckily, nearly all multi-effects units are small and straightforward to transport, particularly versions like the Zoom MS-60B. It’s well worth checking out the hardness of specific bass multi-effects pedal components, particularly if you’re likely to travel a whole lot with it. You have to comprehend your travel needs before considering this multi-effects unit’s dimensions most acceptable for you.


Phasers can also be commonly known as phase shifters. The impacts of phasers would be duplicating the first waveform in the output of this guitar, which then changes out a wave of phase with another. Then they combine these altered stages collectively through an oscillating circuit to make a whooshing effect.

A famed usage of lasers was Brian May, the lead guitarist of Queen, that generally employed the impact from the 1970s and 80s.


In comparison to some phasers, the chorus effect manipulates the replicated waveform more subtly. The chorus’s impact seems like numerous voices are playing the very same notes, and sounds, as well as a result, are generally applied by using two different amps with a small delay between them.

If you’re playing at a three-piece ring including bass guitar, rhythm, and solo guitar, the chorus result is a fantastic way to bulk out the noise.


Delay is one of the earliest studio effects understood in electric guitars. The result duplicates the first sound input and reproduces it after the first noise was played. If performed, this noise can produce an echo effect that may be quite distinctive for bass guitars.

The time between repetitions can be too brief or extended out to get a dramatic impact. The duration of delay can typically be operated in the control panel of this pedal.


In comparison to delaying, reverb is considerably subtler. Instead of a pure replica of this noise, the input signal will replicate sound based upon the pure impact of the distance where it’s being played.

The noise will, consequently, be changed based upon how ample space and surroundings. Even though the vast majority of amps may have reverb configurations, many bass guitarists prefer using a pedal alternative for the reverb to make the most of their audio possible.

Reverb adds a whole lot of colors to wash-sounding notes. However, it needs to be employed with caution as the noise quickly becomes greatly distorted if not used properly.


Looping was made famous in the past few years by Ed Sheeran. A proper record of the passing of music that then plays it back. You’re able to capture loops then layer them on top of one another. Watch Ed Sheeran plays live to find a good illustration of how this may be carried out.

More sophisticated multi-effects pedals using looping controls include inputs for vocals, built-in rhythms, custom effects, and electronic recording processes. Looping controls empower a one-person ring setup and maybe mightily impressive to observe live.

For bass guitarists, looping can include a great deal of variety into some monitors when done live. A layering bass can be quite potent noise in a song that wishes a solid bass and drive bounce.

Accomplished players may best use looping. However, novices shouldn’t be deterred entirely since they may be a good deal of fun to have fun with.


The tremolo effect changes the sign volume within a preset selection. The result can also be referred to as vibrato and is frequently obtainable in amplifiers. The tremolo effect seems like turning the volume dial-up and down quickly after hitting a notice.

Besides rapid quantity modification, tremolo effects generally have a controller for speed and one for thickness. The rate changes how fast the volume change occurs, whereas the thickness changes the sound’s quantity assortment. Fixing these effects lets you manually change the noise from loud to soft tones.

A tune that uses tremolo to significant effect is “Born on the Bayou” by Creedence Clearwater Revival and Gimme Shelter by The Rolling Stones. Take a listen to those tunes to determine how you can potentially use tremolo results on your bass.

Best Bass Multi-Effects Pedals Brands 2021

Best Bass Multi-Effects Pedals Brands 2021

1. Zoom MS-60B Multi-Stomp Bass Pedal

Bass multi-effects within an individual-sized saddle bundle? That is precisely what you get with the Zoom MS-60B. It is a remarkably elastic device, particularly once you consider how little it is.

The MS-60B features 52 unique effects, using a straightforward audio interface that unites a little screen with three knobs, double as push buttons. You can tweak your heart content as possible with one pedal.

An onboard chromatic tuner, a tap tempo feature for time-based consequences and the capacity to alter the preset purchase make this a huge winner in a tiny box.

For the ones that want multi impacts capacity but do not need to have the size and bulk, the MS-60B might be your solution.

Off it is the USB service for firmware upgrades, and it can become a direct recording apparatus. It is one of the very best bass pedals.


  • Multi-effects capability in a mini-sized package, with over 50 effects in a box the size of an individual effects pedal
  • A simple user interface that combines an easy to read LCD screen with knobs that have push-button capacity
  • USB support and direct recording ability make it great for uses other than just live show


  • The setup process may not be the most intuitive, and the manual could be more cohesive

2. Fender Downtown Express Bass Multi-Effects Pedal

Not all bass effects pedals are the best bass effects pedals. Some are supposed to do a couple of things but do them well.

The Fender Downtown Express is the perfect example of this approach, as it’s just’ three chief effects to utilize compression, overdrive, plus a 3-band EQ section.

In cases like this, Downtown is a menu-free zone, even as the controller’s setup is done with different knobs (with LED backlights), very similar to the majority of human effects pedals. Every effect has its foot change, together with a Mute switch, which will enable silent tuning.

Digital technologies are nowhere available Downtown since the Express relies on a 100% analog layout providing you those hot tones that a few electronic units may discover challenging to reproduce.


  • The simplified feature set with three main effects – compression, distortion, and EQ
  • No menus – all parameters can be changed with a twist of a knob
  • No digital – the circuit is completely analog for organic effects tone


  • While it was designed for durability, the build quality may be lacking
VOX StompLab 2B Multi-Effects Modeling Pedal with Expression for Bass Guitar
  • A total of 100 preset programs are categorized into styles such as rock, blues, metal, and pop.

3. Boss GT-1B Bass Multi-Effects Processor

Boss has got another place in my listing together with the GT-1B. It looks more of a conventional’ multi-effects unit than the ME-50B, and it packs a punch.

Audio quality is provided by the newest edition of Boss’ audio engine (frequency tweaked solely for the bass), which alone can make it the ideal tool for your task. The menu-driven interface might take a little time to work through, but the results will be worth the attempt.

A significant feature is the capacity to interface with the Boss Tone Studio, which will allow you to download pre-defined spots together with additional editing applications too.

Overall it is a whole lot to be put in its comparatively modest package size, despite all the onboard expression pedal. However, little remains strong, and that is a huge deal if you’re planning on using the GT-1B as the best multi effects pedal for live performance.


  • Impressive high-quality quality thanks to Boss’ most up-to-date audio motor, altered only and tuned specifically for the bass
  • Boss Tone Studio-compatible to enlarge options beyond what’s pre-loaded; whole patches could be downloaded Together with stand-alone editing applications.
  • Small package size – using a large variety of features – direct it for a Fantastic Selection for the gigging bassist.


  • No Real bypass capability, making use of your dry signal hard to achieve

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4. Zoom B3n Multi-Effects Bass Guitar Processor

One thing which some pedal junkies whine about using multi-effects units is your interface. There is a simplicity of twisting several knobs to lock the tone because it is sort of hard to overcome compared to unlimited menu scrolling. The Zoom B3n might be the bridge between both.

There are three-person banks built into the B3n. Each bank may be considered as an individual pedal in its own right, using its foot change, place of knobs, and a tiny LCD.

With a brand new pedal? It is as straightforward as loading a fresh pair of effects using the lender up/down pedals located directly below the three banks.

Added features include a looper with 80 minutes of recording time, a chromatic tuner, and more than 60 rhythm patterns in the onboard drum system. It is seen as the very best guitar multi effects pedal.


  • A unique user interface that melds old-school pedal knobs with new-school technology
  • It’s much more than a stompbox modeler, with an additional tuner, looper, and drum machine


  • The sound quality on some of the individual effects could be better

5. ModTone MT-BX

The ModTone MT-BX is a cheap multi-effects pedal ideal for novice bass guitarists seeking to explore fresh tones and musical thoughts. Coming in a small size of 4.8 x 3.5 x 1.8″, the MT-BX is quite simple to transfer and intuitive to operate. The pedal is controlled through the rotation of the nine different working knobs to the desired degree.

By being made for novices in mind, the sophistication and wide range of ramifications offer by the MT-BX are confined to what you might find on a regular amplifier, such as treble, profit, comp, frequency, and mix.

Nevertheless, these various effects also incorporate a true bypass, a more significant effect change, and metallic chassis to provide newbies with more than sufficient numbers to experiment with.

Since the MT-BX is dial-operated instead of foot pedal operated, it might not be best suited to people who would like to play easy accessibility to many different unique effects throughout a tune.

Additionally, there aren’t any recording or looping features, which are crucial features of contemporary bass guitar multi-effects pedals and may limit players in what they can experiment with.

A bonus is the MT-BX includes a 5-year limited guarantee arrangement that provides buyers a fantastic flexibility level when buying.

The worth aspect should also not be underestimated. The MT-BX should very much be viewed as the entrance point into multi-effects pedals for bass guitars.

Don’t expect all of the great features of competing products but anticipate the MT-BX to provide beginner players a fantastic grounding in the capacity of bass impacts.


  • Affordable
  • Intuitive dial operation
  • Small portable size


  • Limited in range of effects
  • Not ideal for live playing
  • No recording or looping features

6. Boss ME-50B

The Boss ME-50B is a superior bass multi-effects pedal that delivers bass guitarists a vast array of audio choices. Designed with two knobs and foot pedals, the ME-50B provides a perfect installation for individuals wanting to experiment at a studio or play live.

The ME-50B goes beyond supplying standard guitar effects like treble bass and profit to have the ability to provide players a massive array of effects.

These include Killer COSM Compressor/Limiter, Slow Gear, and T-Wah. An incredibly innovative effect that’s available together with the ME-50B is your Innovative Sound Hold function, which produces a continuing low note while it gamers within a sound-on-sound recording.

This, along with Easy Tone effects that use preset EQ templates. They are fantastic for rapid tone editing when using the pedal onto a recording or through a live show.

Where the ME-50B could endure is in sophistication. To utilize the pedal effectively, you need to get fantastic prior knowledge or significant playing experience.

The intricate installation and equilibrium of effects that have to produce a noticeable and efficient sound will probably be too overpowering for the vast majority of beginners.

In a period of 15″ and also weight of 7lbs, the ME-50B might also be somewhat awkward to transfer if you don’t have the perfect transport system. In case you’ve got a complete band setup, then this is not going to be any problem in any way.

The ME-50B is geared towards experimental and experienced bass guitarists. If you fit in among these categories, you’ll also be reassured by the 5-year guarantee arrangement to protect the substantial investment the ME-50B needs.


  • Variety of effects
  • Switches and foot pedals
  • Versatile for studio and live show


  • Large size
  • Requires good prior knowledge to operate effectively

7. Source Audio Soundblox two SA223

The small but highly effective Soundblox two SA223 provides bass guitarists multiple impacts for the best multi effects pedal under 200.

They add 12 different filter effects like the low-high band-pass, solitary summit, multi-peak, and top-notch; the SA223 packs a powerful punch allowing players to receive punchy and legendary synth sounds.

Even though the SA223 doesn’t arrive with foot pedals, you will find just two switches that are foot-operated that can be used while playing. More various foot pedals can also be bought individually.

The aluminum casing also provides a fantastic amount of protection and durability to the SA223, particularly in tiny dimensions of 4.4 x 4.4 x 2.2″. The pedal is perfect for transport.

Featuring 20 incomplete consequences, including eight incorporated distortions, the SA223 also comprises two users’ presets to provide added choices to bass players.

Beyond those 20 effects, but the SA223 can also be MIDI-compatible, ensuring that the device can be handled remotely, and may consume up to 128 sounds listed.

Despite being MIDI harmonious, more seasoned players will appear more restricted than the other more expensive bass multi-effects pedals. Compared to other affordable choices, the SA223 indeed gives the best value in bass influence variety in contrast to equal models.

Though giving some buying protection, the two-year guarantee arrangement isn’t quite as long as other bass multi-effects pedals. The SA223 is much more targeted to intermediate bass guitarists who wish to go beyond straightforward electric results but might not have the elongated understanding of more complicated pedals.


  • Affordable
  • Decent sound variety
  • MIDI compatible
  • Small size


  • Small warranty period
  • A limited number of effects

8. Zoom B1Xon

The Zoom B1Xon is the best bass guitar multi-effects pedal to get a gigging musician. Designed with a backlit dot matrix LCD screen display, the B1Xon provides over 105 distinct effects with foot brakes for sale because it’s normal, which may be controlled through a live show.

Additionally, the pedal permits five impacts for use simultaneously, which provides a whole lot of chance for noise experimentation for gamers seeking to split audio boundaries.

The B1Xon is battery operated, requiring 4 AA batteries, and may last up to 20 hours of continuous playing time. In conjunction with its lightweight design, weighing just 640g, it ensures the B1Xon is ideal for a bass guitarist who’s frequently traveling.

Since the USB jack fitted to the B1Xon doesn’t function as an audio port, the B1Xon is restricted in its capacity to deliver a received sound.

The B1Xon should be regarded as a pedal that can shape and model the tones of distinct but seems but cannot be relied upon as a preamp and might require more powerful amplification before hauling the noise to recording gear.

For this kind of inexpensive device, you’d be wrong to discount the B1Xon as a possible option even when you’re a more seasoned bass guitarist.

The assortment of noises out of Jazz, rock, blues, and country that is readily controlled by foot pedals is a winner for any live acting bass guitarist.


  • 105 different effects
  • Affordable
  • Foot pedal operated


  • Limited warranty
  • Not great for recording

9. Way Huge WHE214

How Huge WHE214 unites two well-known bass impacts into a singular unit. Though the WHE214 is severely restricted compared to equal bass multi-effects pedals concerning amounts of impacts on offer, it delivers on quality by focusing on the Pork Loin OD, which provides a hot overdrive, and the Russian-Pickle fuzz that are a milder, more compact noise.

The WHE214 is mostly operated with switches and knobs on the board and includes a skip foot change, which enables players to switch between different effects through a live show.

The WHE214 is relatively lightweight at just 350g and can be readily transported for all those often traveling. The robust metallic casing also helps with this portability because possible rest easy the unit is durable and powerful to manage frequent transport.

The WHE214 is targeted at bass guitarists who love utilizing the Pork Loin OD and Russian-Pickle effects. Merely focusing on both of these effects has assured that the audio quality produced via the analog circuit is over a substantial-quality, very similar to what’s due to a singular bass influence apparatus.

If you need to broaden the horizon of consequences, you need to try out another bass because the WHE214 won’t fulfill your requirements.

The WHE214 is not tricky to use and might appear an attractive device for novice bass guitarists who don’t have the depth of understanding of bass effects. The cost makes this more attractive who needs a promise of a significant, crisp-sounding bass effect.


  • High-quality sound
  • Easy to operate
  • Cheap


  • Limited to two effects
  • Focused on bass guitarists with specific musical interests

10. VOX StompLab 2B Bass Multi-Effects Pedal

The StompLab 2B is not the biggest (or smallest) model on my list. It is kind of in the midpoint between a single pedal and a number of the bigger multi-effects units available in the industry.

Size does not matter, as it supplies a good deal considering its footprint dimensions.

It features near 100 effects, together with the exceptional approach of combining them to genres (for instance, Pop, Rock, Heavy, Funk, and Dance).

There are many alternatives; however, getting to where you need to proceed is super easy due to this menu-less, knob-centric user interface.

Added features include an integrated expression pedal, the capability to get around 20 user-defined stains, along with audio quality, which is derived from precisely the very same motors used on the Vox VT+ amps and Tone Lab pedals. This is the very best guitar effects processor.


  • Small package size keeps the clutter down on stage while offering a large amount of flexibility
  • Easy to use interface with three simple knobs and no menus to scroll through
  • Expanded functionality with an onboard expression pedal and genre-based effects patches


  • Programmability for user-defined settings can be difficult to understand
BOSS Guitar Effects Processor, Black (GT-1)
  • Premium BOSS sound engine squeezed into a light and compact floor unit


As with all our Best Bass Multi-Effects Pedals review recommendations, we like to make sure that we represent all of our readers, making appropriate recommendations considering budget, features, and performance.

For the professional musician looking for a bass multi-effects unit to play shows & record with, we suggest looking at the BOSS GT-1B Bass Effects Processor.

For the bassist who’s after a device to jam with that will provide a quality sound, an extensive range of effects, and plenty of rhythmic tracks to play alongside, we suggest looking at the Zoom B1xon Bass Multi-Effects Pedal.

For the lower budget, but for the bassist who wants to purchase a compact pedal that will last, we suggest looking at the Zoom MS-60B Multi-Stomp Bass Pedal.

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