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Best Bass Guitar Strap: Everything You Need To Know 2023

Best Bass Guitar Strap Everything You Need To Know 2023
  • Max Kuehn

There are a lot of different factors to consider when choosing the best bass guitar strap for your needs. Material, length, width, and adjustability are all important considerations. In this article, we’ll help you sort through the options and choose the best one for you.

The Advantages of a Good Bass Guitar Strap

A good bass guitar strap is crucial, especially for those who play for long periods because it reduces back problems. Even though a sore back is all too frequent these days, it’s an issue you should attempt to avoid. Back problems tend to be recurrent once you start having them, making it difficult to enjoy your musical activity.

It is critical to be comfortable when playing not just for the benefit of your back but also for your performance. A hurting back or shoulder will quickly divert your attention away from your game, which is the last thing you want! Feeling terrific, both mentally and physically, is essential for outstanding performance.

Another advantage of investing in quality is that it will last a long time. If you buy the cheapest strap you see without understanding its quality; you may need to replace it quickly because it will break easily. Investing now will almost certainly save you money later. As a result, it’s worthwhile to do some study before making a purchase!

The Advantages of a Good Bass Guitar Strap

Top-Rated Cool Bass Guitar Straps

Top-Rated Cool Bass Guitar Straps

Preview Product Rating Price
Wonder Woman [Blu-ray] Wonder Woman [Blu-ray] 47,811 Reviews $14.97 $7.31
Baby Driver [Blu-ray] Baby Driver [Blu-ray] 27,068 Reviews $14.99 $8.99
Spider-Man: Homecoming... Spider-Man: Homecoming... 108,874 Reviews $19.99 $9.99
Transformers: The Last Knight Transformers: The Last Knight 26,457 Reviews $22.99 $9.99

Fender Broken-In Leather Strap

Hands down, the best guitar strap — an understated luxury that lasts.

While a guitar strap might be another method to express yourself, for others, it is simply a tool that allows you to focus on performing. That isn’t to suggest that a strap can’t have a subtle elegance to it. The Fender Broken-In Leather guitar strap is perfect for this.

This beautiful strap comes in four tasteful finishes: green, brown, black, and tan, assuring you that it will last the distance. The oiled finish adds softness to the cowhide leather, and the widely adjustable length makes it suitable for guitarists of all heights. The greatest guitar strap on the market right now.


  • Ultra-durable
  • With age, it will only get better.
  • Comfortable and traditional


  • Not exactly vegan-friendly.
Preview Product Rating Price
Fender Broken-In Leather... Fender Broken-In Leather... 574 Reviews $39.99

Ernie Ball Neoprene Polylock

When comfort takes precedence over everything else, this is the guitar strap.

For many of us, it’s a sad fact of life that the body gives up far before the mind. So, while our minds may want to play for hours every night of the week, our necks and shoulders have different ideas. Fortunately, the nice people at Ernie Ball have developed a solution.

The Ernie Ball Neoprene Polylock guitar strap is made with comfort in mind first and foremost. This strap comes in two widths: 2″ and 3″. It’s like playing with a pillow tucked beneath the strap. Furthermore, Ernie Ball’s unique Polylock technology secures your strap buttons for a solid connection without alteration.


  • Ultra-comfy
  • Excellent value for money
  • Strap locks are built-in.


  • It’s not a show-stopper.
Preview Product Rating Price
Ernie Ball Neoprene Polylock... Ernie Ball Neoprene Polylock... 433 Reviews $59.99 $39.99

Levy’s PM32 Garment Leather

For all-around comfort and aesthetics, this is the ultimate guitar strap.

Levy’s is a Canadian firm with a 40-year history of making guitar straps, and this one checks all the boxes for a price that starts at around $50 online. For comfort, high-quality leather is utilized on the outside and interior, and a 2.5″ width spreads the weight of heavier wood guitars more evenly.

There are five color variations, including basic black and white and brown, dark brown, tan, and white with black edging and backing. For bassists or others who require extra weight relief for their guitars, 3″ and 3.5″ width versions are available.


  • Leather strap of excellent quality
  • Built to last
  • Stylish


  • There is no “option 2” available.
Preview Product Rating Price
Levy's Leathers PM32-WHT... Levy's Leathers PM32-WHT... 66 Reviews $67.17

Dunlop Jimi Hendrix Woodstock

The most excellent guitar strap for admirers of Jimi Hendrix

Dunlop recognizes that the greatest guitar player deserves credit for popularizing woven jacquard straps, so they’ve dedicated an entire line to him. It’s a fantastic combination of elegance and devotion with a series that recreates his historic strap designs – the Fillmore, Shreveport, ITG Studios, Monterey, and this Woodstock design.

The latter is our favorite since the design has a long history, having been worn on stage by Elvis Presley (see the 1968 NBC TV “Comeback” Special) and Johnny Cash (Folsom Prison). Ace’s originals, unsurprisingly, are highly sought after on the vintage market.


  • Hendrix, Elvis, and Johnny Cash all used this design!
  • 2.5″ wider for added weight relief


  • Retro fashion is not for everyone.
Preview Product Rating Price
Dunlop Jimi Hendrix Festival... Dunlop Jimi Hendrix Festival... 422 Reviews $33.98 $19.99

KLIQ AirCell Strap

When form and function collide, comfort reigns supreme.

To be sure, nobody would associate KLIQ with the notable names in the guitar world. It may, however, have carved out a lovely little niche in the accessories market with its AirCell guitar strap.

The AirCell features a unique technique that packs a slew of air-filled cells (thus the name) onto its bottom, making it, in our opinion, one of the greatest guitar straps for comfort. These distribute weight more evenly, thanks to the 3″ strap width, while also providing a cushion to protect the player’s neck and shoulders from the effects of heavier instruments.

The cells give comfort, but they also remove moisture from the skin or clothing, allowing your shoulder to breathe during long playing sessions.


  • Comfortable
  • It allows your skin to breathe.
  • Excellent value


  • It’s a little heavy.
Preview Product Rating Price
KLIQ AirCell Guitar Strap for... KLIQ AirCell Guitar Strap for... 3,291 Reviews $39.99

Coffin Case ‘The Count’ Velvet

When all other guitar straps appear to be… uninteresting

Coffin Case’s velvet guitar straps are hard to match when making a statement. Inspired by the interior of a reasonably opulent casket, this strap makes up for its lack of subtlety with a gloomy, gothic feeling.

While we don’t want to stereotype, we can see how this strap appeals to a specific player type. It could be the color scheme, the name, or the fact that it can be adjusted to a whopping 70″, making it ideal for players with low, sluggish, and frightening riffs.


  • Dracula vibes are strong.
  • You’re going to make a statement.
  • It’s ideal for your gothic project.


  • It’s possible that the width will make you uncomfortable.
Preview Product Rating Price
Coffin Case The Count Velvet... Coffin Case The Count Velvet... 34 Reviews

DiMarzio ClipLock guitar strap

This is the greatest quick-release guitar strap on the market.

The ClipLock series is a well-established rapid release strap system, used by Steve Vai and John Petrucci. It was the first firm to use a heavy-duty plastic clip to allow you to interchange the strap between guitars swiftly. Your other guitars require the installation of a pair of Cliplock fasteners to replace the strap buttons.

The idea is that these ClipLock fasteners (which can also be purchased individually) stay on your instruments even when the strap is removed. The straps are composed of 2″ wide automobile seatbelt material for comfort and strength and come in various colors and patterns ranging from basic black to Vai’s characteristic colorful series.


  • Excellent system for speedy release.
  • Flexible and comfortable


  • It’s better for several guitars.
Preview Product Rating Price
DiMarzio DD2200BK Shoulder... DiMarzio DD2200BK Shoulder... 447 Reviews $30.89

D’Addario Auto Lock Strap

With built-in strap locking, this is the greatest strap.

If the prospect of your strap snapping and your cherished object crashing to the ground keeps you awake at night, you should consider strap locks. Of course, you could buy these parts individually, but D’Addario thought of combining a spring-loaded lock with a comfy nylon strap.

The automated locking system was developed in partnership with Ned Steinberger, the godfather of the headless guitar, and is compatible with most guitars and basses. It’s also available in various colors, so you’ll be able to select one that matches your guitar.

The D’Addario Auto Lock strap is an excellent alternative if you want to ensure your guitar is completely fastened.


  • Built-in strap locks are convenient.
  • Material that is pleasant to the touch


  • Strap buttons on the heel of the guitar aren’t suitable.
Preview Product Rating Price
D'Addario Auto Lock Guitar... D'Addario Auto Lock Guitar... 3,126 Reviews $20.99

Fender Road Worn strap

The most authentically relic’d guitar strap

Relic’d guitars can be divisive. That’s understandable, but how about a subtly worn leather guitar strap? Fender’s results are pretty impressive here, and they maintain the high standards of the Road Worn line, which has been a massive hit with its guitars.

The soft, broken-in leather outperforms its price, with internet costs much lower than the RRP, and it’s also available in black and the brown pictured here.


  • Leather of superior quality
  • In terms of feel and appearance, it’s worn out.


  • The suede backing does not glide easily over garments.
Preview Product Rating Price
Fender Road Worn Leather... Fender Road Worn Leather... 424 Reviews $59.99 $41.56

Best Sounds Guitar Strap

Most Attractive

The Best Sounds woven strap is smooth and soft, 100 percent cotton. It is gentle to the touch and light in weight, ensuring a pain-free encounter. Genuine leather is used on the ends of these straps and a guitar strap lock, and a button headstock adaptor.

The strap is adjustable in length from 41 to 66.5 inches and has a 2 inch width. Acoustic, electric, and bass guitars are compatible with the BestSounds guitar strap. It’s available in two colors: coffee and black.


  • For ultimate comfort, 100% weaved cotton is used.
  • length can be adjusted
  • Ends are made of genuine leather for added durability.
  • Locks on the safety strap
  • Adaptor for button headstock


  • It’s possible that the top and back spans will tangle with each other.
  • It is possible that the leather is not genuine.
Preview Product Rating Price
Guitar Strap for Acoustic,... Guitar Strap for Acoustic,... 2,311 Reviews $15.99 $9.99

P Perri’s Leathers Ltd Bass Guitar Strap

The Best Anti-Slip

The P Perri’s Leathers Ltd bass guitar straps have a 2.5-inch width and are available in two lengths: a standard size (38-53in) and an extra-long size (41-56in). The suede back on the shoulder part of these straps is comfy and provides even weight distribution on your shoulders.

The keyhole and adjustment slots on the vintage-looking straps are reinforced. There are seven distinct hues to pick from.


  • Soft suede with a sheepskin backing for added comfort.
  • Non-slip
  • Weight distribution is even.
  • Length can be adjusted


  • Sheepskin may get overly hot after a while.
  • It’s possible that the fit will be an issue.
Preview Product Rating Price
P Perri's Leathers Ltd.-... P Perri's Leathers Ltd.-... 2,005 Reviews $29.99

LM Products Odin Viking Series Leather strap

The mightiest of Asgard reach out into guitar straps.

At Guitar World, we’re great admirers of LM Products. Each strap that leaves the Anderson, Indiana factory is handcrafted, and the degree of dedication that goes into each one is immediately apparent. The leather is reassuringly hefty, and the metal accents perfectly suit the modest design.

LM Products are a line of products manufactured by LM. The Odin guitar strap is part of a larger collection of Norse-themed straps, each with subtle design details that make them worthy of the names they hold. It’s not difficult to imagine the All-father strapping one of these to his axe.


  • Work deserving of a Norse god
  • It’s a real head-turner.
  • Strong and long-lasting


  • Not everyone will be able to do it.

Gibson Vintage Original Collection Strap

For fans of all things retro, this is the ultimate guitar strap.

The straps that came with Gibson guitars and basses in the 1960s inspired these vivid, multicolored guitar straps. There are a variety of designs to select from, many of which harken back to the golden age of music – Hendrix, The Beatles, The Stones, and so on – so you can proudly wear your influences on your shoulder.

Metal buckles, a 34.75″ – 60.5″ adjustability range, and leather ends and backing make the 2″ wide straps sturdy and long-lasting. They’re even handcrafted in the United States, which is a great bonus at this pricing point.


  • Excellent designs
  • Reasonably priced
  • Durable


  • For some, it’s too old.

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Buying Advice For The Best Bass Guitar Straps

Buying Advice For The Best Bass Guitar Straps


The material of the strap is the first thing to consider. If your guitar wants to slide around while playing, consider investing in a high-quality leather strap. These are more likely to stick to your shoulder and prevent the instrument from wandering around.

Perhaps you’re a performer who likes the guitar to move with you on stage, or maybe you simply prefer a softer-feeling strap. A webbing or nylon-style strap would be a preferable choice in this scenario.


The strap’s breadth comes next. As a general rule, the wider the strap, the more support it provides. If you have a huge Les Paul or a heavy bass, using a strap that is as wide as feasible can assist disperse the weight evenly over your shoulder. Memory foam and heavily padded straps are also available if weight is still a concern.


Finally, we must consider the strap’s length. Naturally, there are no guidelines for how long a guitar strap should be or how low it should be. Whether under your chin like Tom Morello or at your knees like Johnny Ramone, whatever is most comfortable for you is acceptable – keep that in mind when choosing a strap.

You shouldn’t have any problems because most webbing and nylon straps are highly adaptable. On the other hand, leather straps have pre-drilled holes and can only be adjusted to a certain extent. To find out the actual length of each strap, go to the manufacturer’s website.


The finest bass guitar strap allows you to comfortably hold the weight of your bass guitar for extended periods. More cushioning means you’ll be more comfortable because the strap won’t dig into your skin.


FAQs About Best Bass Strap

Is It Possible To Use A Guitar Strap On A Bass?

Straps for acoustic, bass, and electric guitars are all the same. Guitar straps are ubiquitous and can be used on a variety of guitars. The only variation is in how the strap is attached to your instrument.

Do Bass Guitars Require Special Straps?

Electric and acoustic guitars are often lighter than bass guitars. The weight of your bass is distributed more evenly across your shoulder with a larger strap. A broader strap will also aid in maintaining the balance of your bass while playing in your chosen position.

Is It True That All Guitar Straps Are The Same?

Because an acoustic guitar and an electric guitar have different appearances, many novices may believe that the straps are different. There is, however, nothing that distinguishes one from the other. Electric and acoustic guitars, as well as bass guitars, can all benefit from a guitar strap.

Not Sure What Size Bass Strap I’ll Need?

The Dimensions

The normal guitar strap adjusts from 40 to 60 inches, long enough for most guitarists. An extra-long strap is used by tall players, bass musicians, and those who enjoy their guitars hanging low. Extra-long straps can reach up to 70 inches in length.


Hopefully, Fidlar has persuaded you that you’ll need a robust, dependable strap and that you now know where to go for one. You’re aware of the criteria and characteristics to search for, and you may already have a strap in mind that you’d like to acquire. If you’re still unsure, the FAQs below may be able to answer your questions.

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