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Best Bass Distortion Pedal 2021: Top Brands Review

Best Bass Distortion Pedal 2020 Top Brands Review

Bass stimulation has a unique function on a bass guitar. While not typical in jazz, which asserts a cleaner tone, it’s omnipresent in stone and heavier genres such as metal.

In reality, if you’re seeking a bass tone such as mythical bands Black Sabbath, Motörhead, and tough rock and roll hall of Famers, you are pretty much guaranteed to want to put money into a fantastic distortion pedal.

If you have been searching for a bass pedal, or in case you’ve been exploring the result, you have come to the ideal location. In this guide, Fidlar will provide you all of the details you have to make an educated choice about which bass pedal is ideal for your requirements and give you the Best Bass Distortion Pedal review.

What’s A Bass Distortion Pedal?

A Distortion Pedal is an effects unit that manipulates and changes the waveform and noise of an input signal.

Guitarists initially used guitarists from the 1960s who turned up the profit in their tube amplifiers to accomplish an overdriven distortion. Many explain this effect as incorporating a growling, gritty, or fuzzy tone into a tool’s signal.

What's A Bass Distortion Pedal

Bass Distortion is commonly utilized in rock and indie music, with bands such as Muse, Metalica, and Individuals Who are famously employing the result.

A Bass Distortion Pedal is much more commonly utilized in both live performance surroundings and studio configurations.

An important thing to draw up is how this sort of pedal and saturates a sign; it is ideal to be strategic about where it’s put inside your pedal board’s signal series.

Therefore, it should be set in a place within the series where the noise floor isn’t very likely to be accentuated by pedals farther down the signal path.

Why Distorting A Bass Guitar?

There is not a set rule with this, but the bass has a couple of unique uses. By way of instance, Flea from the Red Hot Chili Peppers utilized distortion quite efficiently on Round the World (you may listen to it front and center during the first 25 minutes of the tune ). The result has also been applied on paths from Ben Folds Five, Black Sabbath, and Motörhead.

The simple idea behind bass is just like electric guitar distortion. It does not magically make you seem better (although the occasional error may be more difficult to discern if you employ plenty of distortion).

Still, it will alter the general character of your audio. Distorting your bass guitar can make your tone seem larger, meaner, or throatier.

It can help you cut for the occasional bass (as Flea frequently does), or you could fill in and take the whole song like Chris Wolstenholme does on the Muse tune Time Is Running Out.

Bass distortion isn’t only for hard metal or stone it is possible to play in genres that use a good deal of distortion without distorting your bass sound fantastic. Similarly, you can fit in a twisted bass riff in a vast array of genres.

The same as any other effect is all about your personal preference, which sort of noise you’re attempting to accomplish, and what seems to inspire you.

Buying Advice

Like I said, overdrive, distortion, and fuzz are distinct, but the outcomes tend to be so much like bass guitars, you can interchange them. After all, these follow the processes of incorporating clipping to the sound signal.

Should you use those in a controlled environment for a recording studio, the outcomes can be quite powerful. The reason being you’ve got the time and liberty to experiment, tweak, and customize the specific sound you desire.

However, in live scenarios, you may need to rely upon a single kind of noise you love in the pedal, depart the knobs at which they need to, and only turn the pedal on and off with your foot. That means finding one tone you want, or perhaps three or two, is overriding.

For me, a bass pedal ought to have the ability to offer you one glorious tone. Versatility, however, I don’t find that overly significant on bass pedals, as your audio relies more on your basslines and the authentic tone of your bass instead of distortions and impacts (such as an electric guitar).

Afterward, different pedals combined may produce a diverse range of sounds and tones. However, all you will need to do would be find out precisely what type of noise you’re looking for and proceed like that.

The sound ranges from mild distortions, like everything you would hear from literary and pop-rock tunes; translucent promotes; acidity tones such as a Queens of The Stone Age tune; or the Call of Cthulhu type of tones.

You’re able to understand somehow how the bass pedal seems by viewing a YouTube presentation or by understanding which bassist players utilize these pedals. But if your bass’s grade or bass is terrible, no-pedal can make you sound much better. Alternatively, you will seem worse.

Nevertheless, if your goals are constructing professional or semi-professional bass equipment, I recommend that you consider improving to some bass; if you are on a budget, then consider obtaining the very best bass you can.

Another thing to search for is distortion pedals, which still can maintain your audio free and clean from buzzes, sounds, and sand. This is a significant problem with cheaper versions.

One last suggestion. Since the bass is so critical, it is equally essential to obtain a pedal that maintains the initial sound. It is possible to determine these versions since they possess a mixture feature involving the arid (unaltered tone) and moist (the tone + the result ) signals.

Best Bass Distortion Pedals Brands 2021

Best Bass Distortion Pedals Brands 2021

1. Electro-Harmonix Bass Soul Food Bass Distortion Effects Pedal

No matter what could be referred to as a fuzz pedal for bass but much like a pure overdrive, this pedal really does a straightforward task and does it well.

There are choices to play the tones, but this takes your audio and pushes it on. It offers you the ability of this overdrive but also functions as a clean boost if necessary.

Four controllers dictate the audio levels and alternatives. The drive controller allows you an option between punchy, clean audio at the same end of its scale into a complete distorted overdrive in the opposite. In between, there are several nice colors of the overdriven output signal.

The mix control will blend your selection of fresh and distorted sound, which adds nice coloring to the audio choices. The treble control is indeed a tone controller, including or diminishing the higher frequencies. The quantity, of course, speaks for itself.

It’s a toggle switch to control devices with a higher output. It is a well-designed pedal, simple to operate, but provides you with many fantastic choices without going too much.

It will not produce an extremely heavy fuzz or distortion; therefore isn’t likely to match several gamers; it’s a little more gentle than this, offering noises rather than merely distortion.

Made with a tough shell, it will quickly deal with any point usage. This is an excellent sounding pedal. Realistically priced, it delivers an overdrive sound with no becoming out of control.

2. MXR M85 Bass Distortion

This can be a pedal with a strong sound and it over packing a punch. Well-designed, it integrates features that provide you a few fantastic audio choices.

When bass players got the impulse to rough up their sound a bit with a few overdrives, the base end was a problem and lost in the total sound. This was not a fantastic thing to get a bass player to shed.

The M85 includes four chief controls, tone, and distortion, but dry and moist. All these are a fascinating feature that creates an enormous contribution to the noise, controlling the high level of this overdrive signal.

The tone control only affects the twisted signal and will allow you to cut the upper end, thus enabling the underside to come through.

In the end, there’s a central switch to take you between 2 other ramifications SIL and LED. SIL provides a compressed competitive sound while leading a milder alternative with less assault.

All these are well thought out controls that provide a lot of alternatives. This pedal still stays in the aggressive category, but it will have some milder options.

It’s, however, to all intents, a horrible sounding pedal and sometimes somewhat challenging to keep in control of. The noises are loud and quite distorted, and it’s not difficult to take it too much.

The controls are susceptible and so require to handle attentively to keep up a fantastic sound. If you’re trying to find a pedal in the nasty’ finish, then that is well worth consideration. It’s priced at the mid-range and is fantastic value for money.

Rowin Plexion Distortion Pedal for Guitar & Bass with Bright and Normal Mode True Bypass
  • 【Classic Plexion Distortion】It is a modelling pedal which mirrors the original Plexi amps.Three knobs control the Gain,Tone and Volume.Toggle switch toggle between Bright and Normal sounds.

3. Way Huge WHE207 Green Rhino Mini MKIV

The Mark IV Green Rhino brings heavily on its respected forerunners and gets the same bite and texture as more energy.

The design is straightforward and easy to use together with all the volume, tone, and gain controls, providing you a simple platform for the invention of the noises. It’s as a pure sound, a somewhat gritty feel to it, and will cut.

One place in which it shines as a bicycle is together with the constraint of the EQ. The choices are diverse and robust and function in 100hz, as did the Mark II pedal, but now using a brand new 500hz controller letting you cut or increase the lows.

This permits you to go back and use the settings on the initial pedal that is so highly considered mixing the new with the old a wonderful touch.

It’s loud and robust and will send some shattering distortion, but it will have a softer side that you may access throughout the controllers.

The overdrive is competitive but not in an outrageous manner and may be made to seem very subtle. However, it will have the capability to force you to sit up and take note when used at the opposite end of the scale.

It’s well made and sturdy and smaller than its predecessors. Set from the mid-price range, it’s worth consideration, mainly if you have been a lover of the Mark II.

4. TC Electronic Dark Matter Distortion Effect Pedal

If you would like fun playing with your bass, then the Dark Issue distortion effect pedal ought to motivate you to play with it for long hours as you explore various sounds.

The distortion provides four controllers; in character, profit, amount, bass, and treble. In the center, there’s an expressing change. Its footswitch is a true bypass, meaning your signal path stays clear once you turn off the pedal.

Together with the four controllers readily available, you can subtract the audio to whatever you want. The gain controller provides an excess punch on the distortion, whereas the amount knob adds the quantity.

On the flip side, the bass provides a few reduced ends on your device, and also, the treble control makes sure your high strings seem brighter and achieve the quality you want.

The voice change provides modern audio for your participant. You might even use it to feel your tone with a retro type of vibe, which seems cool to many.

Even though the Dark Matter is excellent for guitarists, this pedal has been created for the bass. Once switched off, you’re sure you won’t be placing the instrument anytime soon. Both clinic sessions and performances will be brighter to the degree you want.

Apart from that, the pedal delivers contemporary tonal attributes to your playability and matches any playing style. Additionally, it works with almost any bass, such as six strings. This is an excellent start for beginners who wish to begin researching different distortion pedals using its cost.

Rowin Plexion Distortion Pedal for Guitar & Bass with Bright and Normal Mode True Bypass
  • 【Classic Plexion Distortion】It is a modelling pedal which mirrors the original Plexi amps.Three knobs control the Gain,Tone and Volume.Toggle switch toggle between Bright and Normal sounds.

5. MXR M85 Bass Distortion

The MXR M85 Bass Distortion pedal is a fantastic alternative for the bass player that needs more control and flexibility in their equipment. What is cool about the pedal is that it is a collaboration between MXR and Ryan Ratajski of all Fuzzrocious pedals (famous because of their dirt pedals).

The M85’s coolest feature is a change in the middle that enables you to pick between LED or silicon diodes, together with the LEDs offering a smooth and open sound. In contrast, silicon diodes provide more competitive and scratching tones.

Contrary to the Boss ODB-3, the WET and DRY controllers are different on the M85 for Extra versatility. Even the TONE control only affects the twisted bass sign, which means it is possible to dial in the right quantity of pinch or distortion without sacrificing your prized bottom-end.

The knobs are nice and big and easy to view and fix, and it is a plus if you are performing a series with harsh lighting requirements.

Though the Boss ODB-3 is more straightforward, the MXR M85 is a bit more customizable, and picking between Silicon and LED clipping diodes provides it two quite distinct characters. To sweeten the deal further, this pedal is created in the united states and can be True Bypass.

6. Tech 21 RIP Red Ripper Bass Distortion Pedal

The Tech 21 RIP Red Ripper Bass Distortion Pedal is a good match for any bassist who will not compromise his/her tone. The analog construction makes sure your device retains its trademark sound, and the solid metal casing makes sure that the pedal will not let you down when you want it the most.

Together with the r.i.p. knob all the way down along with the drive knob pops up, you can attain a reasonably simple, timeless, and hot stimulation tone.

Crank up the drive, and things get relatively a little more gnarly. Turning the r.i.p. knob upward acts as a type of compression, and you’ll be receiving a nearly synth-like sound. The 3-band EQ is the icing on the cake and enables you to sculpt your tone into perfection.

It is somewhat on the expensive side, but this is the price of build quality and all-analog circuitry. If you can afford it, then it is worth it.

COOLMUSIC C-DI01 Insane Distortion Guitar Bass Distortion Pedal
  • Distortion guitar effect pedal with full metal shell, durable and sturdy.

7. Source Audio Aftershock

If you can not determine what flavor of drive that you need on your bass guitar, then just how about a pedal that does it all? The origin Audio Aftershock is an insanely adjustable bass distortion pedal that is effective at anything out of warm, delicate tube overdrive, scooped-mid distortion, to the top fuzz and it seems fantastic doing it.

The center of the very appealing pedal is a 3-way toggle switch that enables you to pick between 3 drive motors – TUBE, HEAVY, or FUZZ, representing overdrive, distortion, and fuzz, respectively.

You can sew your tone in every mode utilizing the four knobs, DRIVE LEVEL CLEAN and TONE. All are relatively self-explanatory, with CLEAN being your dry/wet blender.

As though this degree of flexibility was not sufficient, it is possible to hook up the pedal through USB into the Neuro editor (on Mac, Windows, and also a program can be obtained for iOS( and Android).

From the editor, it is possible to tweak more parameters. Upload presets straight back into your pedal, pile multiple search engines in the string, or divide different ones to visit every output – did we say it’s stereo inputs and outputs?

There is not much the Supply Audio Aftershock can not do. Nevertheless, it is not merely attributed laden; this electronic pedal also seems fantastic.

The overdrive is transparent and hot, the distortion is loaded, and the fuzz seems enormous. On top of that, while it is not just inexpensive, considering all it could do and how great it seems, we are amazed it does not cost twice as much.

8. Electro-Harmonix Bass Big Muff Distortion Pedal

Electro-Harmonix has established the pedal’s sound on just two iconic noises that lots of bass players have rated highly.

Namely, They’re the Sovtek Big Muff Pi and the Bass Big Muff Pi. Both of these out of a bygone musical era but equally producing strong fuzz tones.

The pedal itself is relatively simple to operate using volume, tone, and maintenance controls. Each has a particular function to do and complies with all the additional controls.

The distortion output level is controlled with the quantity, but if the toggle switch is put to dry may have no impact on your fundamental bass audio. The design is self-explanatory, providing you a range in the sharp toppy seems to bass.

The grip controller is a welcome inclusion to some bass players utilizing this result. It will offer you an increased grip degree without tripping the distortion that’s a beautiful feature.

Looking just a tiny bit overshadowed at the middle of this pedal is a 3-way toggle change. This tiny supply provides so many choices that its look on the pedal is quite understated.

It will offer you a bass boost; at the central place, the Big Muff Pi’s noise and the reduced setting will blend your dry signal, and the degree of distortion is generated.

This is an essential characteristic because, at times, a lot of distortion will blur within the notes being played and only conceal them in a mess. This permits the clarity of their first notes to be the defining audio and distortion a bit extra to back this up.

BOSS Distortion Guitar Pedal, Single Mode (DS-1)
  • Tone, leveland distortion knobs on face

9. Behringer Bass Overdrive BOD400 Authentic Tube-Sound Overdrive Effects Pedal

And this is the last response in cost-effective but superior pedal producers, Behringer, using their Bass Overdrive.

They’ve gone to town with this and produced a bicycle which will compete with a lot of the finest of them but at a low cost.

The controls are easy to use and provide a vast selection of alternatives. Designed especially for bass, it lets you have complete control over the base end when it is being cranked up. It’s a two-band EQ, and also the average level, profit, and equilibrium.

It does not have much in the way of new or innovative features. This is funding, after all, but what it does, it does well. It provides a determined fuzz noise, and if pushed farther, it will shout at you.

If you’re trying to find a bass pedal with just a bit of variety along with good audio, then this is undoubtedly an alternative.

It’s an LED for on/off and battery-powered status and is constructed from plastic, albeit rather a heavyweight selection, but will dissuade some individuals. The cost makes it much more appealing, and you can’t fail.

While it’s a budget, Behringer is an excellent firm that produces good outcomes. They aren’t necessarily to everyone’s liking, but they’re always worth considering, mostly if your new effects do not need to devote a good deal.

10. Darkglass Electronics B3K CMOS Bass Overdrive

The Darkglass Electronics B3K CMOS Bass Overdrive is a tweaker’s fantasy. If you adore sculpting your audio, you’re going to enjoy this pedal. The pedal permits you to tweak each aspect of your instrument’s tone, which will ensure you can dial into your perfect distortion.

The knobs should be recognizable if you have been considering dirt boxes – LEVEL is that the amount of the pedal, DRIVE is the sum of overdrive, and BLEND is the combination of fresh tone and push. Additionally, there are two toggle buttons, ATTACK, and GRUNT, which allow you to add more bass and attack into your tone.

This is a boutique bike through and through, True Bypass, and is created in Finland. Be mindful that it doesn’t require batteries, and the power adapter plugs in on precisely the same side as the input, which is somewhat peculiar. It is the most expensive of the ideal bass pedals on our listing, but this is the price of getting such a build quality and tonal flexibility.


If you are a beginner bass player, opt for the pedal, which looks a lot easier for you. Complex features do not make it more comfortable; it only makes it more complicated and flexible. Even once you develop as a bass player, you may not ever have to use the full features of a versatile pedal.

In any event, I guarantee you that some of the ideal bass pedals you select from that our Best Bass Distortion Pedals review is an excellent alternative for you.

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