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Best Bass Compressor 2021: Top Full Review, Guide

Best Bass Compressor 2021: Top Full Review, Guide

Although less friendly, like an envelope filter or a synth pedal in originality, the compressor is one of the great bass effect pedals in almost any bassist setup.

And you are also looking for a bass compressor; this is precisely where you need to go; here, Fidlar has compiled the Best Bass Compressors 2021. You will be provided with full details of each one. You will find one of them after this post.

What’s A Bass Compressor Pedals?

Bass breaker pedals impact processors that decrease the dynamic range array of the input signal, which means the natural energetic inconsistencies evident in almost virtually any bassist’s enjoying are low.

A bass compression pedal is helpful for both live performances and inside a recording studio environment.

Analog vs digital bass compression pedals

Best bass compression pedals have traditionally utilized analog circuitry. However, most still do, since it provides an incredibly natural-sounding compression, the improvements in digital sound emulation are exemplary.

Some pedals like the Boss BC-1X use digital circuitry as it is proven to lessen static sound resulting from the analog circuitry. But for a few, this sound makes a thickness to the audio and adds personality.

What Exactly Does A Bass Compressor Pedal Do?

As we have previously mentioned, a best bass guitar compressor can help restrict the input’s dynamic assortment, outputting a more restricted sign.

Several configurations set the outputted sign on the port, which the consumer may adjust accordingly.

Their preferences usually define the upper and lower dB assortment of input signs. If that is surpassed, the character will be promoted (if it is lower than a specific dB degree ) or restricted (if it is louder than a particular degree of DB).

The kind of music played may also play a significant element in setting the degree of compression employed, together with fashions like Pop/Rock being famous for over-compressing.

These bass processors are ordinarily used along with other bass pedals, i.e., bass octave pedals and bass preamp pedals. Still, they are put further along the signal path to compress the general sign after the other effects pedals are introduced.

What Exactly Does A Bass Compressor Pedal Do

Best Bass Compressors Pedal

1. Seymour Duncan Studio Bass Compressor Pedals

Another high-tier VCA bass with studio internals that produces a clean and potent punch.

Seymour Duncan’s layout is much like the Keeley Bassist compressor in simplicity but with a few modifications to the interface controllers.

The mix knob enables more control over just how much impact is added to a raw signal. The frequency toggle may be adjusted to concentrate compression highs, mids, or lows for distinct dynamic outcomes. It is probably the very best studio compressor for bass.


  • Well constructed VCA noiseless internals with lots of headroom on advantage volumes
  • Easy control interface with Additional frequency selector and mix knob to get much more dynamic range control.


  • Should you want more user-changeable controllers, this Might Not Be the greatest bass effect pedal for you.

2. MXR M87 Bass Compressor

Many bass players favor having more control over the more nuanced facets of compression; the more M87 was created for this in mind to add release, assault, and compression ratios through control knobs.

Even though the layout is based on FET, the M87 acts like a VCA using a clean, hiss-free output level due to their CHT design.

The setup is more complex, which will take more time to grasp the controls. However, it will mean you have much more fine-tuning alternatives to play.


  • The LED gain-reduction status bar helps to perfect every setting.
  • More massive Choice of interface controllers aimed at providing bass players more dynamic Selection and flexibility


  • Not the Simplest bass for beginners That Are Looking for a straight forward configuration
MXR M87 Bass Compressor
154 Reviews

3. TC Electronic SpectraComp Bass Compressor Pedals

So far as simple interfaces proceed, the SpectraComp has one knob to be worried about. Nevertheless, it will have a number of the most innovative pedal technologies onboard, for example, their MD3 search engine.

The minimum design is backed with a much more complicated back end. You will find far more controls to take charge of by using their applications-based TonePrint program.

As you’re not at a disadvantage of changing many settings, it is not possible to do this while standing before the audience. This is the very best compressor pedal for electric guitar.


  • Takes up very little space in your pedalboard (ultra modest in dimension )
  • Made for minimalist interface lovers while having a lot of via the TonePrint program


  • It is challenging to change configurations on the fly, but they’re a Great Deal of custom artist presets that workout the box.

4. Darkglass Hyper-Luminal Bass

A distinctive 3-in-1 impacts pedal where you can select between BUS (solid condition compression), SYM (a dark glass designed compressor), and FET (depending on the classic 1176) compression kinds.

The controller interface looks like something you would pick from the Apple Store with controls for mix, time, compression, and output and signature pads to select compression ratios and compression types.

In general, a very robust and exceptional competition worth checking out. It is probably the very best budget bass compressor pedal.


  • Delivers a solid set of features and controls for the ultimate versatility
  • The multiple compressor kinds are a clear advantage over rigorously VCA/FET technology.


  • Among the more expensive bass on the Marketplace, but practical considering everything you get

5. Electro-Harmonix Compressor For Bass

Another legendary pedal manufacturer who has eliminated the customary controller sophistication in favor of a much more straightforward layout involves a volume and maintain knob, together with an assault toggle switch.

The volume control could be adjusted against the entire compression (sustain knob), which means it is possible to select just how much compression you need and equilibrium the sign volume ratio.

The assault toggle may be corrected to slow, moderate, or fast settings, suggesting when compression will probably kick. For instance, placing a slow attack release should you desire to have more fingers or pick a definition at the mixture?


  • The Total bass sound quality is rich, hot, and filled with significance.
  • The more straightforward control port makes this among the greatest bass for novices to Begin on.


  • It would be versatile with a more critical control port, but it has damn good audio.

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6. Boss BC-1X Bass Compressor

Although the boss has retained its signature outer layout, their bass has a great deal going on indoors.

The port isn’t overly complicated with a degree, release, ratio, and threshold pair of controllers. Still, even if you blast everything to max, the output signal is nearly impossible to tarnish.

The mechanisms of turning every knob mechanically change multiple compression configurations concealed from view but do not distort or change your tone’s color. This is probably the very best cheap bass compressor.


  • Gain index Helpful for dialing in compression amounts Instead of relying upon your ear
  • The Control port is easy to work, and multiband circuitry is fantastic for keeping the tone.


  • It could be better to have a right skip Instead of buffering. However, you can not argue with the BOSS.
MXR M87 Bass Compressor
154 Reviews

7. MTC Spectracomp

We believe the MTC is among the best compressor for bass guitar. In case you haven’t spent much time analyzing frequencies, tone, mixing, then this might be the pedal blower for you.

It’s a simple layout. As it stands, the Spectracomp is a multiband compressor that comes pre-calibrated for every bass player’s needs. Once triggered, the compressor applies a mild compression that many novices would discover helpful.

But, though it appears simple, the Spectracomp has TonePrint technology. It permits you to utilize a telephone app to load different prints or waveforms that use several kinds of compression. In a feeling, it does everything for you, provided that you do not mind using a program for this.

The beauty of this is you don’t need to know much about compression because each free print is well-explained. Overall, the little frame and tonal clarity will also be significant highlights, but I would say the TonePrint technology gets the most critical effect.


  • TonePrint technology
  • Sturdy build
  • Requires small knowledge to utilize


  • No high-end decrease when off
  • Challenging to make adjustments on the fly

8. Aguilar TLC

Many respect the Aguilar TLC since the maximum bass. It’s high-end circuitry and also an extended low-frequency response capable of managing even the smallest of notes. Additionally, it is an automatic compressor pedal.

The ratio has virtually unlimited adjustability, and the threshold can be corrected between -30 to -10dB. You might even get between 10ms to 100ms attacks in addition to a more quantity controller than you probably desire. I would recommend this pedal for its many demanding bass players in addition to complete amateurs.

The Aguilar TLC is one of those few compressor pedals which may help save you from on-stage humiliation in just about any circumstance. And, the sturdiness of the steel casing along with the high-end TLC circuitry adds much more value.

Nevertheless, the pedal does not feature a discharge control. It is not the worst thing on the planet rather than a dealbreaker. However, some gamers may require this controller. If that specific knob is critical to you, then maybe the Aguilar TLC isn’t your jam.


  • Extended adjustability
  • High-end TLC circuitry
  • Very rocky construct
  • Enormous threshold and compression ratio array


  • No discharge control knob

9. Empress Effects Pedals

Some recent consumers who have included this unit for their musical gear feel there is simply a little improvement; however, all in all, most adore the soundscapes which may be crafted with this great pedal.

This version delivers a great deal of control when tied in with a string of pedals to maximize the efficacy and soundscape of every. That’s What impressed us that pedal’s ability to operate well with others while still holding its very own

This pedal is excellent for the studio artist. Its size makes it not as easy to transfer; however, if assembled to a pedalboard into your home or professional studio, you will find an improvement in your audio quality and versatility.


  • Sturdy durability
  • Easy to read LED meter
  • Constructed with a sidechain input
  • Enhanced levels of noise crafting controllers
  • No squashed tones together with all the mixture control capacity


  • Challenging to read restrain labels
  • Too busy around the left side of this pedal

10. Diamond Pedals Bass Comp Compressor

Recent buyers love how much they amp up the compression; the general sound still is warm and natural. This version delivers a lot of great features and controls. Therefore it’s not surprising that it’s such fantastic reviews.

The thing that drove me to the top of the list is that it’s a minimum coloration of noise. These versions boast impressive audio quality generally, and that’s why we picked it among the best choices available now.

This is an excellent selection for virtually any amount of knowledge but will glow the most used on the street. The unbelievable soundscape, along with the durability connected with the 5-year guarantee, means that regardless of what you put it through, you’ll have a very long connection with it.


  • Flexibility of use
  • Variable headroom
  • Improved EQ control
  • Reduced color of audio
  • Easy to read LED indicator


  • The cost is a little high.
  • Lacks a mix controller


Is Bass compression required?

It may be an essential tool in creating your signature bass audio. Using compression in your bass would be the musical equivalent of placing salt.

If you have never tried it, then you probably think that your audio is acceptable with no. A little taste may create your dull bass seem bolder.

Could you use bass for guitar?

Compressor padels are, for the most part, not instrument-specific. A few compressors with added tweaks match bass or guitar sounds, but it is otherwise quite universal.

How can I put my bass?

To start:

  • Place your ratio between 3:1 – 4:1.
  • Place your attack quite gradually (100ms) along with your launch quickly (25ms).
  • At length, reduce the threshold till you’re receiving 5-10dB of compression.

Can bassists use pedals?

While fundamental advances in bass effects have emerged over the years, the overwhelming bulk of stompboxes appear to be more guitar-centric. So, as any bass might (reasonably) ask, can I use pedals made to get a guitar along with my bass guitar? The fantastic news is obviously, yes! Absolutely!

Do bass players use reverb?

Bass guitar players may utilize reverb, but you have to be smart with the way you use it. If you are playing live, a lot of reverb can turn your bass tone right into a wreck. But if you are playing in your home, reverb on the bass can seem fantastic.

What exactly does a Boss compression sustainer do?

The CS-3 Compression Sustainer pedal compresses louder signals while boosting lower signals, providing smooth sustain without degrading the original sound quality. This is the best pedal for guitarists and bassists who wish to sound their very best.


Well, that you’ve scanned our best list, you’ve probably found a compressor for you. Each compressor has different outstanding features corresponding to different price points, and you won’t go wrong with any of the options on our list. TC SpectraComp Bass Compressor Pedal is one of the most popular recommendations on amazon today. Fidlar hopes that our best compressor pedal for bass reviews can help you know which you should choose.

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