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Best Baritone Ukulele 2021: Top Brands Review

Best Baritone Ukulele 2020 Top Brands Review

Inside this guide, Fidlar is exploring a number of the Best Baritone Ukuleles on the market. This is the biggest of those mainstream dimensions of uke. They are 29 inches long and have a little more focus on the lower frequencies than a few of the alternatives available on the marketplace, like concert or soprano ukuleles.

They are tuned differently, making them the perfect transitional instrument for people who are enjoying the guitar already. Baritone ukes may also be perfect for those with more giant hands who may struggle with a few smaller ukuleles.

What Is A Baritone Ukulele? Different Types Of Ukulele Based On Size

There are four distinct types of ukuleles based on their own dimensions Soprano, Concert, Tenor, and Baritone.

The Soprano is the tiniest ukulele after the conventional dimensions in 20 Inches. It’s also the most frequent sort of ukulele and produces the classical ukulele noise you were used to while growing up.

What Is A Baritone Ukulele

The Concert ukulele is a strip larger at 23 inches. It’s a slightly larger body having a more extended throat creating more space for your frets.

It produces precisely the identical signature ukulele seem as Sopranos but is somewhat louder. Additionally, the excess space makes it simpler to take care of.

The Tenor ukulele is getting popular because of late and will be more in length at 26 inches. The noise is somewhat more profound than what you expect from a classical ukulele and seems a little like a classical guitar. But it’s worth noting that many famous ukulele players, such as James Hill, choose to play with using a Tenor ukulele.

And lastly, we’ve got the top Baritone ukuleles that are approximately 29 inches. But some producers are making them two inches shorter or longer. Regardless, it’s the most prolonged and most significant of the various ukuleles.

The larger size means it produces a more profound sound that’s more akin to some classical nylon-stringed guitar, a.k.a. guitar. Therefore, when an individual is considering a ukulele, the noise produced by a Baritone is not precisely what they need in mind.

This is only one reason why it is not quite as popular as the other three kinds of ukuleles. However, with that being said, it’s also the latest form of ukulele made as early as the 1940s. And it’s gradually gaining an increasing number of popularity and a wider fanbase every moment.

Considerations When Purchasing A Baritone Ukulele

Player’s Level of Expertise

Just like other varieties of ukuleles, baritone versions come in an assortment of price points and using an assortment of distinct features. Know that you are very likely to get precisely what you pay for, and it isn’t easy to discover an inexpensive baritone ukulele, which also seems great.

Those with little experience are inclined to be happy with mid-range devices, while people who have lots of musical know-how tend to favor higher-quality instruments.

Still not convinced? The Kohala KP-B Kanikapila baritone uke gets excellent reviews from a vast array of individuals and is very likely to please.

Considerations When Purchasing A Baritone Ukulele

Audio: Construction and Materials Matter

If good noise is a priority, you will want to decide on a baritone ukulele created with attention to detail. Each of the ukuleles we have reviewed here meets this eligibility, though some are superior to other people.

Generally, the further you cover your ukulele, the greater the substances are very likely to be. When you compare the expensive Oscar Schmidt OU57 Spalted Mango using all the ultra-affordable Kmise MI0639-KUS, you will see that there’s a huge gap between both. The majority of the models we have reviewed fall someplace in the center.

Previous Experience with Other Instruments

If you are a ukulele player, you may be puzzled at how the Baritone uke is educated! However, its D G B E setup can be altered, which means you don’t need to learn a completely different set of chords if you do not need to. If you have got guitar expertise, you might realize you could grab a baritone ukulele and play with it.

Bottom line? This is an enjoyable tool that provides widespread appeal. Decide on a baritone uke that fulfills your requirements concerning budget, looks, and installation, and you will probably be delighted with your selection.


It’s possible to find a good baritone ukulele for approximately $100, and if you are lucky, you will find one available for less. Expect to pay just a bit more for extras such as acoustic-electric ability, superior finishes, exotic forests, and much more.

There are several rather pleasant ukuleles at the 100 $250 price range; several of them are appropriate for taking onstage and are constructed well enough to provide you with several years of pleasurable enjoying.

Intended Use

Where are you going to perform with your ukulele? Are you going to take classes, or are you likely to learn some preferred tunes and visit the beach with your buddies? Are you currently outside the learning stage and prepared to play before an audience?

Any excellent ukulele is going to do for lessons and learning, and a less costly model that seems fairly significant can help you keep your friends entertained.

Suppose you are likely to perform on stage. In that case, you might choose to acquire an acoustic-electric version unless you are sure you’ll be enjoying small intimate places that don’t involve amplification.

Best Baritone Ukulele Brands 2021

Best Baritone Ukulele Brands 2021

1. Kmise KMU30B

Does this baritone ukulele possess a fantastic low cost that fits into even the tightest budget, but it features many extras that you would ordinarily buy separately with different versions.

Including the convenient gig bag, a ring, a few selections, a tuner, plus a few substitute strings, which means you’ve got all you want to perform with your new device right from the box.

The gig bag has a tight match, but this will make sure it will not be rattling around in the bag as you take it. The bag also comes with an outer pocket for keeping other included accessories for extra convenience.

This ukulele’s body is mahogany, with a satin finish, which brings out the natural grain of this timber. The fretboard is eloquent walnut using a neat freeware layout for extra comfort and reduced activity, which will help decrease fret buzzing when you perform.

The KMU30B includes 18:1 caliber tuners that maintain their song while you play with them, so you don’t have to stop and adjust the pressure of these strings continually.

The strings are also of higher quality, with the two superior nylon and metal strings used at precisely the same time to get an excellent hot sound. There’s an adjustable truss rod built into the ukulele, which means it’s possible to fix the activity as you see fit with the Allen key, which includes the Kmise baritone ukulele.


  • Low cost
  • Good audio quality
  • Accessories included


  • Gigbag is unpadded and a bit small

2. Kala KA-BG

There are many reasons why the Kala KA-BG is among the most refined sounding baritone ukulele versions around. First, it’s constructed with mahogany for nearly all of the entire body, which makes it that hot, balanced noise any baritone ukulele player is trying to find.

The spruce top adds a bright tone with a little bit of warmth, in addition to a small volume into the mixture. When you are playing in a bunch, your baritone ukulele will stand out somewhat, so you will always be noticed.

Over each of these wood, bits is a high gloss finish, which brings out the natural wood color and adds some style to the tool. Additionally, there are white bindings across the ukulele’s borders to get a much more appealing look.

A great-looking ukulele must also play nicely, as well as the Kala KA-BG matches those criteria. It’s low actions, which guitar gamers will be amazed by.

This tool is also simple to play for novices and pros alike. The die-cast tuners hold the song for months, so you don’t have to continually correct the string tension each time you pick this up.

Other features worth noting with this gloss timber baritone ukulele would be the walnut fingerboard, GraphTech NuBone nut and saddle bits, the conventional headstock, as well as the Aquila Super Nylgut strings.

The tool’s total length is 30.5 inches, and it can be a little larger than a few other versions, but comfortable and straightforward to play. The entire piece is well constructed and long-lasting for many years of pleasure.


  • Beautiful sound
  • Holds its tune
  • Gloss finish adds to the stylish appearance


  • Not solid wood
Baritone Ukulele 30 inch Professional Mahogany Ukulele with DGBE String Strap Ukelele Picks from Kmise
  • Gorgeous Looks: KMU30B baritone ukulele is part of Kmise's mahogany series, providing you with stunning looks.One look at its beautiful figured mahogany top,back and sides,it really a special uke.

3. Caramel CB103

An acoustic-electric baritone version gives the warm tones of an acoustic ukulele and the projection capabilities of an electrical device. The Caramel CB103 baritone ukulele provides you a fantastic sound plugged in or unplugged. Therefore it may be used for just about any event.

This tool has a zebrawood body that has been clinically tested polished by hand to offer you a smooth, shiny finish. The fretboard and the bridge are made of walnut, which is durable and provides excellent color contrast with the ukulele’s entire body.

The nut and the saddle are bone, with chrome tuners added for a little bit of style. This ukulele looks classic with a few contemporary twists thrown in.

The human body is the conventional 30 inches, using a 20-inch fingerboard that retains 18 frets. This version includes Aquila strings, but these are somewhat delicate, so make sure to stretch them a little before pruning the ukulele for the very first time, or you could be replacing some broken ones.

Other useful features are the closed targeted tuners and the truss rod inserted into the neck. This makes it much easier to tear it out if it’s bowed down or up.

For that electronic equipment, on the face of the guitar are just 3 Band EQ controls, giving you the capacity to adjust the bass, middle, and treble, in addition to the quantity when you are plugged. Contained with all the ukulele is a chromatic tuner, which utilizes an LCD color screen to generate pruning it simpler.


  • Low price
  • Built-in tuner
  • Truss rod included


  • Delicate strings

4. Kala MK-B

The very best cheap baritone ukulele for your cash ought to type in your pocket without forfeiting the instrument’s standard. The Kala MK-B baritone ukulele includes a friendly cost but remains built to last.

The neck and body are made from durable mahogany, using a smooth satin finish that perfectly matches the grain of this timber, providing the tool an eye-catching glow.

The other substances are well-built also, with walnut utilized on the fingerboard and the bridge, plastic to your nut and saddle, in addition to for brass frets.

The strings are Aquila Super Nylgat, which can be fantastic for novices, but professional ukulele players may require an updated set to be sure the device holds its song as they perform.

Although the timeless appearance may stick out in the audience, a baritone ukulele should sound good also. Otherwise, you won’t need to play with it.

This Kala tool provides you a balanced tone that’s warm and soft. It’s also an excellent entry-level ukulele as it’s straightforward to play, even for anyone choosing up it for the very first time.

This version is 30.5 inches, with a scale length of 20.25 inches and 18 frets. It weighs less than 3 lbs; therefore, using it for traveling will be simple, even if you want to take it by hand.

There aren’t any strap buttons on this particular model, but these may be readily attached at any given moment when a strap is necessary.


  • Well built
  • Good price
  • Easy to play
  • Sounds great


  • Some areas may need sanding or adjustments
  • Strings need replacement rather soon
Baritone Ukulele 30 inch Profession Okoume Ukulele Instrument Kit with Gig Bag Strap Uke Picks
  • Gorgeous Looks: Kmise baritone ukulele is part of Kmise's Okoume series, providing you with stunning looks. One look at its special tiger flame Okoume top, back and sides, it really a special ukulele.

5. Kala KA-BE

The Kala KA-BE is a portion of this Satin Mahogany lineup, Kala’s flagship collection. This version has a conventional layout, with a few contemporary twists thrown in from the UK-300TR electronic equipment with EQ plus a built-in mic, so you don’t have to take an excess recorder around with you.

The highest excellent baritone ukulele has to be made from decent stuff that will endure for decades, and that’s why Kala utilizes quilting on the very top back, sides, and neck of the tool. There’s a satin finish, which can help to bring out the natural color of the timber.

The fretboard is walnut, with 18 frets and dot fingerboard inlays. You will find chrome die-cast tuners, which enable you to correct the string tension and hold them in position because you perform so the ukulele will remain in tune for quite some time.

Other features will be the GraphTech NuBone substance on the nut and nut, the more 20.25-inch scale span, and the lotion bindings on top and rear that accent the coloring absolutely and add a classic look precisely the same moment.

The strings that include this tool are GHS black nylon, which may bring the ukulele’s natural sounds, even though they’re not exactly the maximum quality and might require replacement to offer you which full-bodied sound baritone ukulele is well known for.


  • Warm sound
  • Built-in pickup and tuner
  • Satin finish
  • Built well


  • Fret edges may need sanding
  • GHS strings may need replacement soon

6. Oscar Schmidt OU52-A-U Baritone Ukulele

The Oscar Schmidt OU52-A-U is the lightest tool on the list at just 1 pound. This makes it a fantastic model for carrying with you to gigs, camping, barbecues, or any place else you intend to travel where audio a part of this atmosphere.

This ukulele also costs less than just $100, making it among the very best value baritone ukulele versions available on the current market, particularly once you consider how well it’s made.

The ukulele’s top, back, and sides are made from mahogany, with a satin finish, which gives it a slick, smooth texture. This conclusion helps to bring out the wood’s natural color too, so it seems like it seems. Mahogany also has the extra plus of providing you rich, complete audio, with warm lows and crisp highs.

The fingerboard and bridge are made of engineered technician wood, which will be durable and robust, and allows the device to be sent to regions where the usage of certain woods might be prohibited. The rosette and the bindings are equally abalones; that’s the best accent to the ukulele’s color.

The chrome tuners are lasting, but they might fit a little loose for many individuals, so updating them is an alternative. The same holds for the strings. Oscar Schmidt utilizes Aquila strings that can be quality strings but might require to change if they have been around the guitar for some time before you purchase it.


  • Nice sound
  • Easy to tune
  • Decent price
  • Made well


  • No truss rod
  • Tuners may need an upgrade
Makala Baritone Mahogany Ukulele by Kala (MK-B)
  • The Makala Classic line by Kala is simply the best entry-level ukulele on the market

7. Luna UKE VMB

Luna is just another ukulele new with a great deal to enjoy, and while this may not be the least expensive baritone ukulele, we have termed it as the very best concerning value. You get an awful lot for the money, which makes this the ideal baritone ukulele under $200.

The Luna uses an all-mahogany construction, which provides a great degree of projection for the colorful ukulele tone. Additionally, it has a walnut bridge, which the manufacturer asserts helps with all the tone because it enriches the vibration of their noise.

The neck is just another reason we are so pleased to urge the Luna, it’s a C-shaped neck, and this, together with the fact it’s a larger ukulele, means it is excellent for those who have more giant hands or who locate a few ukes uncomfortable.


  • Excellent projection.
  • The C-shaped neck makes it really comfortable to play with.
  • Great price for the quality and sound.


  • This is not ideal for playing higher up the neck. The high frets are hard to reach.

8. Lanikai FM-CEB

Another acoustic-electric alternative, this time in the Lanikai brand. We wanted to incorporate a choice on the list that’s excellent for those that like to solo and perform closer to the body of the ukulele, and also the FM-CEB allows you to get higher up the fretboard for some intriguing melodies, on account of the simple fact that it’s a smart cutaway design much like that you may find on acoustic guitars.

The FM-CEB acoustic-electric ukulele layout comprises a Fishman Kula preamp that does a superb job of bettering your ukulele design. The noise you wind up with might have a kind of acoustic guitar tone into it, but this isn’t always a negative thing.

It’s comfortable playability. The neck was also made to be thicker than most and permits you to love playing chords or to go farther up to jam with a few melodies or intricate solos. The Nubone nut and saddle assist the vibrational response, along with the pine body, provides a bright tone.


  • Brighter tone than many of the baritone ukuleles out there.
  • Impressive design.
  • Comes with electronics including a Fishman Kula preamp.
  • Cutaway design for easy soloing.


  • Quite expensive.
  • Doesn’t project as well as some mahogany ukes.
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This might be a product you’d no idea you wanted… until today! A Bari-Bass is a baritone ukulele with thicker strings to produce a bass noise. It usually means you could play with the instrument as though it had been a bass guitar. This sounds fantastic when played along with other ukulele players.

A Bari-Bass has its pros and cons. It is not a solo instrument, which means you will want to play with it with other people around, but this is a unique yet very brilliant product. A few baritone ukulele reviews require slightly different judging standards, and it is undoubtedly one of these.

It’s a koa layout, preferably a conventional wood to work with on a ukulele, and it frequently gives a glowing tone. Still, the more significant design together with the wound strings provides a more in-depth, bass tone.

It’s possible to mimic the tone because it’s an inbuilt EQ, in addition to a tuner. Fishman creates electronics, and the grade is usually extremely significant. It even has a free gig bag.


  • Includes Fishman electronics.
  • Excellent bass tone.
  • Comes with a gig bag.


  • Not really suitable for chords.
  • Not a solo instrument.

10. Caramel CB500

The Caramel CB500 has an exceptional appearance that is not found on most ukuleles on the market. It does not have a standard soundhole positioned in the middle, right under the strings.

On the contrary, it includes a leaf pattern over the strings and a massive gap along with a couple of smaller ones adjacent to it. This grabs the eye long until you pick this up and begin playing.

For those materials, this version employs rosewood for nearly all the pieces, for example, the entire body, neck, fretboard, and bridge. The saddle and nut utilize buffalo bone, which fits perfectly with the remainder of the instrument. There’s no lace or shiny finish, so all you see is that the bare wood grain gets a more accurate, traditional appearance.

It’s 30 inches long in total, with a scale length of 20 inches. On the headpiece are shut geared tuners. There’s also a truss rod inserted into the throat to make it much easier to straighten out a bowed neck if necessary.

For that electronic equipment, Caramel has additional three 3-band controllers, which means that you can quickly place the bass, middle, and treble when you are plugged in, in addition to the quantity.

There’s a built-in mic, which means that you may create your adjustments wherever you’re, without taking another tuner together with you wherever you move. The electronics utilize watch batteries rather than the standard ones, so you might choose to keep extras in stock.


  • Built-in EQ and tuner
  • Warm sound
  • Easy to use
  • Looks great


  • EQ doesn’t use standard batteries
  • Low-quality strings
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Our Best Baritone Ukuleles reviews reveal exactly how many distinct options you will find on the market based on what you’re searching for. We have provided many very popular and highly-rated ukuleles such as 4-string and 6-string possibilities, along with the intriguing’Bari-Bass’ layout. There’s also the option of searching for an acoustic version or needing something with a pickup and inbuilt electronics.

A baritone ukulele may be an excellent solution for people who have marginally larger hands. They’re fantastic for individuals transitioning from playing with the guitar, but make sure you consider each of the different variants and decide what’s going to be most appropriate for you, in addition to placing your budget until you take the plunge and purchase one of the greatest baritone ukes.


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