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Best Baritone Guitar 2021: Top Full Review, Guide

Best Baritone Guitar 2021: Top Full Review, Guide

If you ask someone, what is the best guitar brand today? Then you will undoubtedly hear names like Gretsch, PRS, Squier and ESP or Taylor, and so on. And of course, if you were looking for a baritone guitar, that would be the best names available today.

They are the best brands but choosing the right guitar for you is another thing; choosing the right guitar for your favorite will bring a lot of fun to your practice and performance.

If you are looking for such a guitar, then this is precisely where you need it. Here Fidlar has compiled a list of the Best Baritone Guitar 2021. Let’s see what we have for you.

What’s a Baritone Guitar?

The baritone guitar is now a part of the guitar family whose range lies in the bass guitar and the regular guitar. To ease this reduced tuning, they generally include some features of bass guitars like a more extended scale length and thicker strings than a typical guitar.

Baritone guitars are frequently utilized as a specialty tool that may evoke rock and Italian American soundtracks of the 1960s. Nevertheless, when used creatively, there’s no limit to the ways you might integrate a baritone guitar in your music.

Features to Consider Before Purchasing The Best Budget Baritone Guitar

There are a few attributes that produce a baritone guitar greater than others and vice versa. Learning about them can provide you a clearer idea of opting for a better version for your wants, and no one needs a tool that does not match their style. So, let us see.

Scale Length

As you may have anticipated, baritone guitars are for guitarists looking to experiment with reduced tunings and with bassists looking to perform somewhat higher, so it’s the middle ground between these tools.

According to your standard guitar, the 6-string installment and the chord fingerings are the same, however. The scale length is the most massive thing that distinguishes baritones from other people.

While on a standard guitar, the scale length is approximately 25 inches give or take, on a baritone that ranges from 27 to 30.5-inches, which can be relatively near the bass scale length. You’re able to pick between ranging based on what intonation you require, texture, comfort, and how comfortable you’re with longer necks.


Furthermore, please make sure to look at the strings of the guitar that you would like to buy, it’s now the most significant thing as you may swap them out afterward, but it’s perfect to have the installation you desire.

There are various series sets out there that range from 10 to 46, and as I stated, baritone guitars use 12 gauge strings in the least and more significant.

Acoustic or Electric

Like ordinary guitars, these include and without electronic equipment. Acoustic guitar versions are relatively cheap in comparison with electrical versions.

I must also mention the top baritone versions out there have a few exceptional qualities and are mainly electric versions. You may already know which one you want by today, but if you do not, it’s far better to determine that ahead.

Body Type

There are three popular body types regarding baritone guitars, hollow body, semi-hollow, and solid body guitars. Following that, you will observe that the entire body comprises various materials or tonewoods like walnut, mahogany, spruce, rosewood, Sapele, plus even more.

Hollow body baritone guitars are all excellent acoustic choices and are mostly collector’s items and for fans. They provide some great noise and a lot of quantity, but all the smoothness and neutrality are perfect.

I must also mention that these guitars offer excellent warmth and thickness with all the rich tonality and attributes seems. One prominent player is John Lennon.

On the other hand, semi-Hollow baritones are famous in the 60s by rock and roll musicians and are famed for their incredible outcome and mellow tones that I am a lover of. Nowadays, semi-hollow baritone guitars are used by jazz musicians mainly and are the best baritones for live performances.

On the other hand, solid-body baritones have come much later than the other two but would be the most prominent nowadays. This is mainly because of their great reaction to control, power, and a fantastic assortment of pickups.

Tonewoods and Fretboards

Make sure you check out the rosewood of this baritone guitar that you would like to purchase. Nonetheless, be sure that you do not get anything with a top freq reaction never to contradict the decrease baritone pitch.

Woods such as walnut, cherry, walnut, and you are exceptional in this respect, but some excellent baritone guitar tones come in brighter tonewoods.

The fretboard on a baritone guitar is also quite significant. Check the fretboard out along with the frets individually too. Rosewood is among the most common substances utilized in guitar fretboards, which can be pretty smooth for superior playability. Examine the number of frets. Chiefly it ought to be about 24, but it might vary in various versions.


Like electric guitars, distinct baritone guitars utilize various pickups or pickup settings. Check them out before purchasing and see whether this works out for you, or if it’s possible to swap them with no extensive use of a pair that you enjoy.

Fender Squier Vintage Modified Baritone Jazzmaster

Best Baritone Guitars 2021

1. Fender Squier Vintage Modified Baritone Jazzmaster

Recent buyers provide favorable reviews of the baritone guitar. They notice that the very long scale span can take a while to become used to for gamers utilized to regular guitars and delight in the fundamental clean audio and overdriven tones when used along with a pedal and amplifier.

This baritone guitar stands out because of the scale length and it is intended tuning of this down a 5th into A. the majority of the guitars we analyzed are meant to execute the top just tuned down to B. If this whole extra measure is valuable to you, it is well worth taking a critical look at the Fender Squier.

This baritone guitar will appeal to gamers who need a versatile guitar using a timeless and elegant appearance, from among the most reliable electrical guitar and amplifier makers.

Bass players looking to put in a baritone guitar for their arsenal might discover you to feel a bit more recognizable because of the slightly lower pruning and more scale length.

This is the very best cheap baritone guitar. Fender has been producing Baritone and Bass VI design guitars for a long time, which is a fantastic addition to their catalog.


  • 30″ scale length
  • Timeless Jazzmaster Form
  • Dual cutaway for Simple access to high frets
  • Made to be tuned in regular tuning down a 5th Into A
  • Fender has a long tradition of Creating baritone-type guitars.


  • Limited color Choices
  • Long scale length may take getting used to for guitarists, not as much a problem for bassists.

2. ESP LTD Viper Baritone Electric Guitar

In general, recent purchasers are delighted with this guitar. They’re usually utilizing this guitar for various heavy metal fashions and finding it an excellent option for this context.

Using its metal-friendly electronic equipment, this guitar provides a contemporary spin on the 6-string baritone guitar idea. The body contour does a fantastic job communicating the doctrine at work supporting this particular instrument, pairing SG-like “devil horns” using a Fender counter design body, which harkens back into the iconic 1960s uses of a baritone guitar to browse rock and movie soundtracks.

This baritone guitar is one of the best baritone electric guitars for metalheads appearing to reach a lower overall pruning, with industry-standard metallic pickups, from a business known for creating instruments specially suited to heavy music. This is one of the very best baritone guitars for metal.


  • Two EMG pickups are Fantastic for heavy stone styles.
  • Standard pickup selector, with one knob for every single tone and volume
  • 24 frets and double-cutaway to get a usable two-octave range on each series
  • 27″ scale length will probably be familiar to gamers utilized to conventional electric guitars
  • Body contour references the Baritone guitars 60’s legacy and modern metal software Wisely and elegantly.


  • Visually strongly indicates a metal musical program that may not appeal to everyone.
  • Users who utilized passive pickups Will Need to Bear in Mind that active pickups require batteries.

3. Ibanez Iron Tag RG Baritone Series

Recent buyers are usually quite pleased with this tool, but notice that it might take time to become accustomed to the bigger size of their human body and neck if you’re coming out of typical guitar history. Players engaged with various hard rock and metal subgenres discover the noises they’re searching for from the guitar.

The addition of a kill button is a distinctive feature. This permits you to rhythmically change your device’s volume from zero to complete, as observed in the playing guitarists such as Tom Morello and Jonny Greenwood.

Oddly, this attribute appears to have come at the purchase price of a tone knob, but this might not be a problem for individual gamers.

This is a similar guitar to the ESP and shares many of its advantages. The vast differences to be aware of would be that this has a longer scale length, exchanges a tone knob to get a quantity killswitch, and contains a more competitive modern appearance. It is the very Best Baritone Guitars 2021.


  • The black color goes with everything.
  • Two EMG pickups are Fantastic for heavy stone styles.
  • Designed and setup for standardizing tuning down a 4th to B
  • A less retro and much more modern and edgy look compared to ESP.
  • Has a kill switch to Rage Against the Machine and Radiohead-style Consequences


  • No tone knob
  • 28″ scale length is shifting nearer to bass territory compared to ESP

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4. Alvarez Artist Series Baritone Shadowburst Acoustic-Electric Guitar

Recent buyers are delighted with this particular baritone guitar, particularly at its reasonable price point. They value their built-in electronic equipment’s flexibility, permitting this guitar for use readily in loud functionality circumstances.

This is a different sort of baritone guitar compared to others gathered here. The gap between this and others is comparable to the gap between conventional electric guitars and traditional acoustic steel-string guitars.

This will fit directly into scenarios involving acoustic steel-string (folk and country styles, acoustic and unplugged rock music) while allowing for a decrease in pruning, which sits now between bass and regular guitars.

There’s a long tradition going back to Maybelle Carter of tuning an acoustic guitar and with a capo when more significant keys are essential. This guitar will function well in that capacity, with the bonus of it’s supposed to be tuned down at the first location. It is seen as the very best acoustic baritone guitar.


  • Made to be tuned in regular down a 4th to B
  • The acoustic-electric layout is exceptional in this batch.
  • Loud enough acoustically not to need amplification in each set
  • Gives players a lower-tuned take on the legendary acoustic steel-string guitar
  • Onboard electronics include different EQ controls, a tuner, and a phase switch.


  • Acoustic guitars design Won’t recreate electrical baritone tones as quickly as the electrical models.
  • The electronic equipment may require a little learning curve for gamers new to This Type of hybrid guitar.

5. ESP LTD SCT-607 Baritone Signature Collection Stephen Carpenter Electric Guitar

Recent buyers are usually quite pleased with this guitar, along with the way it can attain many different sounds appropriate to several heavy metal genres.

Like other metal-focused baritones showcased here, the high-gain EMG design pickups imply this might not be the baritone guitar to you if you’re after a mostly vintage/classic/retro use of this tool.

This guitar stands out of the bunch in many respects. To begin with, it’s a signature version designed in cooperation with Stephen Carpenter of Deftones.

Likewise, it’s a 7-string/baritone hybrid vehicle, meaning both add a lesser 7th series to the simple 6-string guitar layout. The entire tool is subsequently designed to be tuned to sit down between the guitar and bass ranges.

Should you require a hybrid 7-string/baritone guitar for modern heavy music, this will be a fantastic alternative for you. The classic looks may fool some consumers into believing this will help get Glen Campbell “Fender Bass VI” type seems, but for all those, you might choose to keep looking. It is probably the very best baritone guitar for metal.


  • Intended for very low tunings
  • Pickup selector switch with one knob for every single tone and volume
  • Neck pickup replaced with a center pickup is just another Exceptional touch.
  • The two pickups have multiple configurations reachable by pulling or pushing the volume knob.
  • 7-string Baritone with Telecaster-style green and body glow finish make for an utterly Distinctive design Idea


  • No fret markers
  • Active pickups require batteries.

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6. Gretsch G5265 Electromatic Jet Baritone Electric Guitar

With this guitar, you’re going to find a baritone range but with a mellower tone. The mini-humbucker may provide you an extremely clean, crisp audio.

The human anatomy is a classic Gretsch shape, using a trendy sparkle finish. That means you will have a little “flash” but will not seem too flashy either.

A bolt-on walnut neck provides you choices for alteration and replacement if necessary. The rosewood fretboard mellows from the tone of this walnut and combines nicely with the mini-humbuckers.

You will love the retro Bigsby bridge, popular among Gretsch lovers. Though not remarkable for competitive tremolo dive or use bombs, you’re still able to get some rather subtle accents on this bridge.

Aside from the sparkle complete and Bigsby bridge, this can be a clean and comfortable guitar. Fundamental features, using a small amount of additional glimmer. It is seen as the very best baritone electric guitar.


  • Fantastic Value for the Cost
  • Vintage Gretsch Style
  • Pickups Have Excellent Clarity


  • Not the Greatest for High-Gain Music
  • Possible Quality Control Issues

7. Danelectro ’56 Baritone Electric Guitar

With their normal retro appearance, single-cutaway body, and chrome lipstick pickups, this baritone keeps accurate to the Danelectro style.

You will prefer the baritone guitar’s easy yet subtle styling, which sounds like a lot more of a guitar. Subsequently, the cost you paid for this.

The bridge will keep you in a song if you tune to a standard pitch or attempt alternative tunings.

The single-coil lipstick pickups have a subtle but glowing tone. You may prefer the fresh sound you get out of this guitar along with the glossy neck.

This budget-priced guitar could be a fantastic selection for you if you prefer simple yet slightly brassy, such as cleaner tones, and need something a bit “artsy” and distinctive.

When I had this guitar, then I’d use it for pure tones, possibly slightly filthy advantage. This could be great at a studio to boost different monitors, perform with the essential guitar track, or even use for live performances.


  • Fantastic Price
  • Great for sterile and sterile Tones
  • Versatile Sounds
  • Fantastic Tuning Stability


  • Single Coil Pickups Not Excellent for High Gain

8. ESP LTD Viper-201B Baritone Electric Guitar

In the beginning, you will observe that a Gibson SG kind of guitar. After a closer look, you will notice what makes this special.

The inlays are exceptionally nicely done, particularly on a guitar in this price range. You are going to find an excellent high-end appearance at a budget cost. Who does not want that?

Want to play with much different music? 2 humbuckers may deal with pretty much all of your toner requirements. Sterile and chimney, or filthy and uncontrollable, this guitar does it all.

Body timber can make a significant difference in some pellets. The mahogany body with this can provide one of the warmer tones of this SG kind of guitars. This fits in quite well with the double humbuckers.


  • Fantastic Value for the Purchase Price
  • Versatile for several Genres of Music
  • Fantastic Playability
  • Lightweight


  • Tuning Stability Problems
  • Deficiency of End Options

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Fidlar hopes that you enjoyed reading our Best Baritone Guitars review. Hopefully, you also have a clearer idea of the ideal baritone guitars in the marketplace and which ones match your tastes as a participant.

Bear in mind, when it comes to guitars, it is not “one size fits all.” Make sure to do your research and also consider visiting a local guitar store to check it out.

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