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Best Audio Technica Headphones 2021: Top Brands Review

If you’re searching to get Audio-Technica headphones, the greatest challenge is not to find out whether the manufacturer is worth purchasing; it is to determine which one of the organization’s massive selection would be the ideal choice for you.

That is where this manual will help. Fidlar has carefully combed through Audio-Technica’s wide variety and narrowed it down to the Best Audio Technica Headphones reviews you can purchase at this time. Keep reading to see our best list here

What To Look For When Buying Audio Technica Headphones?

Things to search for before you buy a set of Audio Technica headphones boils down to two essential facets, provided the quality of the products is on the very top of its relative retailing levels.

Primarily is the planned use, as some versions have more bells and whistles than others, more lavish catering for particular needs. We’ve done our very best to emphasize the exceptional selling points that provide them idyllic performance for specific tasks within our testimonials.

What To Look For When Buying Audio Technica Headphones

To determine just what you want, you have to analyze exactly what you wish to locate a pair with the proper abilities. Then, sadly, you’ve corrected and cancel this from what you can manage. Several Audio Technica’s best headset sets can be somewhat expensive because of their premium character and high performance.

If you do not have many requirements or are tight on money, then their entry-level versions provide a balance of excellent sound in an affordable package.

The substances used are less expensive to the producer, and on occasion, the luxury is slashed a little, which way they may not be comfortable, such as a high-end set. Those we’ve looked at now are essentially fabricated with the very same substances so much as exteriors are involved, and each is comfy.

One thing which Audio Technica goes out of the way to prevent is forfeiting the inner component quality, so the buyer receives the very best sound reproduction potential from the variety itself.

The most considerable difference as you leap out of the boutique’s funding would be the methods set up for signal fidelity, the circuitry refinements, and the truth of processing technology itself. Only a true audiophile will observe the minimal differences between the sound of their m50x and m70x versions, to be fair.

The versions in the base of the ladder benefit from the boutique collections’ trickle-down technologies and outperform the vast majority of similarly priced options.

They feature matching material options for the elements and operate precisely the same fashion, even though each is a bit more finely tuned than the past.

Suppose you’re going to use your headphones for regular use, and you frequently hear your music while you walk into work. In that case, you may wish to consider a setup pair, they charge a bit more but provide the product the all-important additional portability.

Overhead cans are notoriously better concerning the sound produced, but they’re usually considered a lot more awkward to wear and are not as easy to carry on your journeys.

An earbud place, in comparison, will slide within a pocket. Audio Technica does create some notable earbud models worth looking at; however, the sound in their over-ear collections is incomparable.

The collapsible sets inside the range we’ve looked at are created and constructed well; they’ve held up through rigorous stress testing through developmental phases and are exceptionally durable as an outcome. This implies that they can outlast many aggressive folding headset sets.

Best Audio Technica Headphone Brands

Best Audio Technica Headphone Brands

1. Audio Technica ATH-M50xBT

This pair of cans quickly became a fan favorite (and my personal favorite) because of its launch in late 2018. The ATH-M50xBT headphones are a staple of good equilibrium for films, audio, gaming, recording, and you name it.

Considerable advantage over the first ATH-M50 version is the wireless connectivity. The freedom of movement is a significant advantage element. In a sense, you can argue that it is right up there with a remarkable bass-heavy noise that many men and women search for nowadays.

The ATH-M50xBT comes with Bluetooth 5 technologies. The connectivity is all but flawless, making the sound quality far better than many other Bluetooth cans, such as some superior versions from different manufacturers.

You may use the buttons on the rear of the left earcup to command the cans. But when you are like me, you will probably immediately fiddle with all the voice helper functions and experience an actual hands-free performance.

The cans aren’t precisely top-tier by audiophile standards. There is not a great deal of definition at the high frequencies. This will make it tough to hear particular vocal consequences in pop songs. Fortunately, this will not impact conversation or vocal clarity in movies and games.

The mids and lows are completed justice. Bassheads should love the minor increase. Everyone else who does not like bass-heavy music will not feel overwhelmed and may appreciate the total heat and equilibrium offered below and over the C register.

High-pitched tools (cymbals, snares, etc.) will also be somewhat boosted because of this exceptional configuration of this ATH-M50xBT. The excellent noise isolation can also be suitable for both indoor and some outdoor settings.

Are there some problems with the cans? Sometimes, yes. However, all critical issues can be tracked right back into codec compatibility. The majority of these problems have simple fixes like upgrading the codecs onto your mobile apparatus.


  • Bluetooth 5.0
  • Enhanced instrument clarity
  • Great battery life
  • Enhanced microphone clarity
  • Touch controls
  • Virtual assistant support


  • Average durability

2. Audio-Technica ATH-R70x

The ATH-R70x is somewhat expensive for the consumer-grade headset. That is just as these headphones are not designed for the average consumer. They’re premium headphones meant for professional studio work.

The headphones provide a neutral noise. This permits you to listen to any imperfections in records and tell mixes and instruments apart. The high impedance of 470 ohms makes the cans somewhat tough to drive with a smartphone or tablet computer with no dedicated amp.

Though, your mixing notebook would probably be more than sufficient to push it. The general design is easy, but that is not a problem as you are not likely to wow an audience using all the ATH-R70x.

The cans are comfy and have a lengthy cable that provides you lots of range. The earcups are on the smaller side but provide adequate isolation yet. I also love how hard the cans feel.

As straightforward as they seem, they’re deceivingly lasting and ready to be put to work for extended hours daily. In case you’ve got a studio and are looking for your most neutral sound with only a hint of additional bass definition, then the ATH-R70x is probably one of the very best over ear headphones.


  • Rugged construction
  • Neutral clean tone
  • Designed for studio work
  • Freedom of movement
  • Comfortable
  • Good noise cancellation
  • Fantastic Sound cancellation


  • Expensive

3. Audio Technica ATH-MSR7NC

These busy noise-canceling cans are rather versatile. To start with, you’d be hard-pressed to locate more comfy headphones from Audio Technica, which may be used for recording, mixing, gambling, as well as binge-watching your favorite shows. I am a huge fan of memory foam cushioning, and the ATH-MSR7NC has it around the earbuds and about the headband.

Speaking of flexibility, a lot of individuals want to find headphones with removable wires. This version features two wires, a typical one and another 3.5mm compatible with tablets and smartphones. What is even cooler is that the portability element. The cans come with their very own pouch along with an airline adapter.

The noise is nearly as noticeable as it gets. There is no need for conversation improvement applications or equalization. The calibration is spot-on. The mids are marginally enhanced, which fleshes out the noise and makes everything seem warmer.

Also wonderful to have is the lengthy battery life. You need to get around 30 hours of playtime off a single fee. The active sound cancellation, or ANC, is one of the best-wired headphones when used inside and in low-traffic places.


  • Decent active noise cancellation
  • Good power management
  • Detachable cables
  • Carry case and cables included
  • Ideal for music, gaming, and recording work


  • Not high-end ANC (but the price isn’t either)

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4. Audio Technica ATH-AD700X

The ATH-AD700X first attracted my attention with all the inexpensive pricing. Afterward, it was the sound quality that was offered to me. Partly responsible for the strain on the midrange and higher enroll are the 43mm drivers.

The open-air design has its allure for many people; I added in specific scenarios. It allows for a more natural sound projection and that which seems less highlighted at the low end. There is nothing that overpowers high-pitched tools, vocals, or series instruments.

The headphone is the very best headphones for music, although they do not have what you will call high-end cushioning. It is the flexibility of this substance and degree of adjustability, making it simple to utilize the headphones for extended hours. The 3D wing support design also improves relaxation.

The honeycomb casing seems cool to me. Also, it occurs to improve the acoustics on any set of the open-air headset. If there’s something which can be improved in those cans, it is the non-detachable cable.


  • Rugged design
  • Rubber spine
  • IPX7 waterproofing
  • Long battery life
  • 360-degree projection


  • No built-in microphone

5. Audio-Technica ATH-SR30BT

The thought you may control the Audio-Technica ATH-SR30BTs after and receive a month listen from these is a game-changer for Bluetooth headphones and a single that is guaranteed to attract customers to the brand new.

While they will come for the powerful battery, they will not be disappointed with all the relaxation or the noise. Yes, there is not much in the manner of different frills, but who needs them if your battery is such a headline grabber?

We just analyzed these cans temporarily at IFA 2018, but what we discovered was impressive.


  • Incredible battery life
  • Light and comfortable
  • Great price


  • Lacks the premium feel
  • No smart on-board controls
  • No 3.5mm jack

6. Audio-Technica ATH-SR50BT

Among the first things that you see about the SR50s is the best audiophile headphones. You will find far more radically made headphones around the matter and more stylish, but when it comes to the complete course, you can not conquer the SR50s aesthetic.

Looks, of course, is not the reason to purchase cans. However, the SR50BT (which’ stands for Bluetooth’) works well on the rest of the counts to the sound quality, features, and build quality.

Let us begin by discussing the sound quality. Unlike lots of other Bluetooth headphones on the current market, the SR50s possess an impartial sound. The outcome is that you get to listen to tracks since they were supposed to be heard.

The sound quality is crystal clear and crisp. We would say it is somewhere between the M40x along with the M50x, almost audiophile-grade, particularly when plugged (Bluetooth, by being wireless, so can not provide as superior quality).

In terms of features, the SR50BT packs at a Good Deal. Of specific note are the signature controls. Rather than buttons, you can socialize with the cans by touching the earcups. Though they occasionally malfunction, utilizing them is always enjoyable, like palming the speaker to change between modes.

Talking of manners, the SR50s service three modes Hear Through (to allow you to hear what is about you), Away (standard headset style ), and Noise Cancellation.

The build quality is excellent. The earcups are big but airy, and the whole unit is amazingly lightweight. The headband’s compression power is relatively low, which makes it a fantastic selection for long-term use.

Overall, these are excellent Bluetooth speakers for somebody who would like to market sound quality over everything. The sound cancellation may be less than perfect, but the fantastic audio quality more than makes up for this.


  • Great sound quality, especially on wired mode
  • Comfortable, lightweight, and good looking
  • Feature-rich


  • Some setup issues on Windows 10
  • Earcups tend to run a little hot
  • Expensive

7. Audio-Technica ATH-M70x

The way we have raved about the M50x, you may be led to feel that that’s the very best sounding headphones money can purchase.

The flagship version of Audio-Technica’s M-series, the M70x is an audiophile may ask for and then a little more. Boasting excellent audio quality, extreme precision, and top-notch substances, this is a”bucket listing” grade headset. In case you’ve got enough money, buy it pronto. Should you don’t begin saving straight away.

Let us begin with the audio quality. The M70x are benchmark cans. In other words, they are supposed to be utilized by producers in their studios and audiophiles who wish to capture the tiniest of information in their preferred tracks. They aren’t intended for casual listeners. Should you listen only to Drake away YouTube movies and swear by audio by Dre, you’ll be let down by the utter flatness of those headphones.

But if you’re the type of person who a,) possibly makes audio, or b) care about listening to music seriously, you may fall in love instantly with the M70x. The cans are tuned exceptionally flat. Nothing peaks, nothing troughs. Everything sounds exactly how it was intended to be. Unexpectedly, hardly visible components on your favorite instruments begin to popup. Therefore, the mids, frequently muted out by more affordable cans, eventually become thicker and much more nuanced.

The difference in fidelity is shocking compared to more affordable headphones. For music fans, the M70x will begin a lasting love affair ensured.

In terms of the build quality, the M70x are lighter and more comfortable compared to the M50x. You may audibly sigh the very first time you place them and notice just how mild they sit on your mind and just how visionary they sense.

Low weight does not signify that Audio-Technica has forfeited on the build quality, nevertheless. Everything in the headband and the earcups into the swivel mechanism yells”built to last.” Detachable wires and replaceable earcups imply that you can change these afterward even if you harm these essential pieces.

Oh, as a bonus, the M70x includes a great travel case to protect your headphones when you are on the move.

In general, these headphones are not for everybody, but if you are an audiophile/producer, they’re among the very best Audio-Technica headphones you can purchase. The audio quality is excellent; the build quality is strong, and also how they sense physically and aurally is entirely worth the hefty cost.


  • Exceptionally accurate sound reproduction
  • Lightweight and comfortable
  • Wide soundstage makes you feel that you’re in a room


  • Doesn’t collapse; difficult to carry around
  • Too much plastic
  • Low volume

8. Audio-Technica ATH-M20x

When we used the M20x, we could not think they had been priced so low. The accuracy and sound quality are readily from one or two higher sections. It’s a testament to Audio-Technica’s technology, which they might pack so much into such a cheap package.

Audio quality: The first thing you will notice concerning the M20x is that the bass is not quite as punchy as a number of the other consumer-grade headphones on the market. Chalk this up into Audio-Technica’s conservative sensibilities. Still, the firm has not jumped onto the”drown everything in bass till you can not hear anything” doctrine (looking at you, Beats).

The result of the bass-less focus is that you appreciate much more o the mid and higher frequencies. If you have never used a nice set of headphones before, you will be amazed by the things you’ll be able to hear. We urge tracks highlighting the mids and highs. Kind of Blue by Miles Davis is a perennial favorite.

One more thing you’ll notice is that the headphones seem somewhat softer when you plug them in. That is because those have a number of the maximum impedance of any cans at the Audio-Technica stable. This makes them excellent if combined with preamps. However, when plugged in, you’ll need to turn the volume up to find a fantastic punch.

The build quality is excellent. The earcups are oversized and lined with soft rubbery fabric. The headband is well padded, although the faux leather is more prone to giving out.

Overall, if you are a budget buyer and also require a set of cans for combined use casual listening, hobby degree production, gambling, and films -that the ATH-M20x is the best sound quality headphones; the audio quality is fantastic for the price that you pay, the build quality is more muscular, and you obtain a brand that’s respected by audiophiles all over the world.


  • Good all-around sound quality
  • Robust build quality
  • Excellent value


  • Bass is a little muted; not great for hip-hop fans
  • No detachable cord and limited earcup swivel
  • Uncomfortable over long hours
Audio-Technica ATH-M20X Professional Studio Monitor Headphones, Black
7,509 Reviews

9. Audio Technica ATH-ADG1X

This is a version that is very dear to me personally. It is among the very few authentic gaming headphones from Audio Technica. The open-air design is comfortable to wear and perfect in multiplayer gaming sessions in which external sound isolation isn’t advised.

The big 53mm drivers may move a fantastic quantity of atmosphere and are effective at loud and precise sound reproduction. The cans are calibrated for surround sound and producing an immersive all-natural sound experience.

The mic is an essential feature in online gaming. The built-in mic on the ATH-ADG1X headphones comes with a fast response time and near no distortion when used in the maximum setting. There is very little demand for voice improvement or noise-cleaning applications to get your message across loud and clear.

A slight drawback is the absence of a removable cable operates. There is still enough scope to use this headset using a gaming console, however. That is because a 6.6′ extension cable accompanies the 3.9′ cable.


  • Designed for gamers
  • Extension cable included
  • Large drivers
  • Crisp natural sound
  • High-end microphone


  • Don’t resemble gaming headsets in style or connectivity

10. Audio Technica ATH-A550Z

If you’re trying to find a more budget-friendly set of cans, the ATH-A550Z warrants your consideration. The headphones have a balanced frequency response on the low end. The mids are impartial as well as the highs are somewhat highlighted.

This produces the cans somewhat perfect for gaming and listening to anything but club audio. The high and mid frequencies highlight the two instruments and vocals.

The construction isn’t the most durable, but it’s flexible and dependable enough for this budget. The cans are also comfy, and that I will always love having little to no head pressure to be worried about.

The cable isn’t detachable, but it’s quite long at 9.8 ft. If you are not concerned about the clutter afterward, you’ll love the range it provides to console users.

The 3D wing method service is a staple of Audio Technica cans, and in such a situation, it does a fantastic job at relieving the mental pressure and ear pressure. Additionally, it will help encourage a number of the burden of this extra-long cable.

Considering the low cost and total sound quality, the 53mm significant angled drivers do a great job at bettering the cans’ performance and balancing out some of the cons.


  • Budget choice
  • Calibrated for gaming and music
  • Flexible
  • Emphasized highs
  • Comfortable fit


  • Limited portability
  • Non-detachable extra-long cable


Audio-Technica’s headphones are ranked among the finest in their respective classes for a reason: the organization has a storied history of focusing on the essentials and picking sound quality over gimmicks and fashionable designs. It is possible to decide on any of those cans safely in our Best Audio Technica Headphone for use above and never be let down.

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