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Best Audio Mixer 2021: Top Brands Review

Best Audio Mixer 2021 Top Brands Review

For those who make music and regularly perform live, especially genres such as rock, EDM, the Audio Mixer is indispensable and very important. It is the soul of parties to create exciting and attractive sounds.

So what is an ideal audio mixer? If you are also planning to invest in this equipment, this is precisely where you need it. Here Fidlar has compiled a list of the Best Audio Mixer 2021 and notes required when purchasing this audio equipment. Join us to see which mixer brands are being used the most.

What’s The Audio Mixer?

A sound recorder is any board that you may plug in your mics or tools intend to send into an outside speaker or recording origin. They are sometimes utilized to live electricity displays or studios to manually tweak the sound to perfection, which works out properly in your MP3 player.

It’s the instrument you use to make sure that each of the volumes, tones, and impacts operates in a balanced manner when in unison. With no audio mixer, the noise would be practically off-balance, and no one could stick around to the end of the set.

Audio mixers may be small and compact, but they could also be enormous. Huge ones such as those you’d see in a Kiss concert aren’t likely to be the ideal mixer for your home studio unless you have got a vast basement.

Audio mixers are essential in various places, such as nightclubs, concerts, public dresses, media conferences and restaurants, weddings, etc. If you would like to project an individual’s voice or any form of instrument, there’ll be a sound mixer someplace in the area.

Audio Mixer Buyers Guide

Should you want a bit more advice about what to search for in the very best budget audio mixer, then this segment is right for you. We will break down the very crucial factors when searching for your board.

Which Are You Currently Using Your Mixer For?

Based on your requirements, one mixer is going to be better compared to another. By way of instance, if you’ve got a home recording studio, you will want something that fits in your budget, does not occupy a whole lot of space, but could still take care of the input and output abilities you want.

More significant places like collecting halls of churches and similarly sized areas can take care of a somewhat bigger mixer, especially considering the majority of the time there’ll be a complete ring plugged.

Audio Mixer Buyers Guide

The ideal mixer for the purpose will have just slightly more capabilities a that which you consistently require. This way, you may cover your fundamental functions most of the time. Also, you’ll be able to add more lines or musicians if needed.

Which are Inputs?

Among the most critical questions, you’ll have to ask is the number of inputs you are likely to require. Input is just any port at which you’ll be plugging in a tool or a mic to ship it via the mixer. Nobody size fits all with the input signal; you need to ascertain how many you’ll need to your consistent mixing demands.

An input may also be called a station. A station isn’t any line where you’re likely to be running sound, whether with mics or tools.

You will need to be sure you have a couple of XLR inputs. An XLR will provide the most vital mic link. Consequently, if you are going to be operating a vocal line via your mixer, you will want an XLR input.

As a rule of thumb, the further inputs and features you will get at a mixer, the longer it will cost. But, there’s an adequate quantity of variance when considering things such as high quality.


Each of the ideal audio mixers is going to get an EQ section. Typically, an easy, 3-band EQ process is excellent. But once you’re working together with professional gigs at which there are many artists and nuances to combine, having more thorough EQ choices can be helpful.

This would come in the shape of a Graphic EQ with a broader range of frequencies it is possible to tweak to acquire the ideal tone throughout the board.


Additionally, the very best compact mixer must have some consequences contained in the features. When you begin adding more effects to the mixture, you will likely have a system that will cost just a bit longer. But having electronic effects at your disposal can spice up a mixture.

Most vocalists prefer to utilize some reverb in their voices. Keyboardists may choose to get a chorus impact running in their station; the more choices you need to sed to various stations, the more remarkable.

If you’re trying to save a bit of cash, then the best thing to do is begin cutting out a few of these added features. Outcomes might be the very first thing to go from the search for a less costly mixer.


Should you require a mixer, you may take it with you; you will want a portable one. The very best portable mixers aren’t necessarily the tiniest ones.

Massive mixers are developed to be roadworthy too. Some mixers will need to be carted from the venue to place between big displays. But if you are out there for a big, mobile mixer, then you are probably already sure of what you require.

Typically, the bigger a mixer is, the more mobile and simple to move it’s going to be. Ordinarily, you will need a mixer using less than 16 stations if portability is vital for you. Sixteen stations aren’t a rough guideline, but it’s the middle floor where pellets go from streamlined to beastly.

Regardless of which kind of mixer you are getting, make sure it’s made with protection along with a sturdy chassis to keep it secure. The top pellets have slightly delicate faders and knobs. Just bear this in mind.


The dimensions of your mixer will probably perform a massive role in the warmth of it. In case you’ve got a little space where you are working, then remember that the dimensions of the mixer you are taking a look at.

It could look to be a bit of a no-brainer, but the very last thing you want is for your mixer to appear and have it not fit in the space to which you require it.

Bigger does not necessarily mean better. It merely means you are going to have the ability to fit more channels and impacts onto it.


The most complex mixer isn’t necessarily the ideal. If you don’t know what you are doing and understand just what kinds of features you wish to utilize, you will want to decide on something relatively simple to use.

A number of the top boxers will have a simple interface to take care of. Simplicity is critical if you are not a gear head, and you merely need a mixer to control essential audio functions.

The simpler it is to use, the faster you will have the ability to comprehend what’s going on about the board and how to control it to your significant advantage.

On the flip side, if you’re searching for a mixer that will turn you into another Dr. Dre, then dive right into a complicated interface and find out as you move. It is going to be a challenge.


You certainly will need to be sure your mixer will probably be compatible with almost any software program you are using. If the software does not line up, then once you are recording or seeking to conduct a live show, you will encounter a variety of problems.

The top mixers will typically be compatible with much more critical DAW’s for electronic mixing, but it’s an essential factor to assess during your hunt.

You will want to get a USB interface port at which you can plug into your PC. With no USB port, you might not have the ability to hook in your DAW. Not a likely scenario; however, it’s far better to be sure than to run into that problem after you purchase your mixer house.


Any mixer which you’re searching for must have some fantastic mic preamps included. It’s one of those vital features when you attempt to control your vocal sound level.

If a station has a preamp, it may filter the audio better so that you do not need to conduct your voice via a particular box to provide the tone you would like.

When you capture, you will need the very best possible preamps on your controller board, and therefore you don’t need to buy any extra recording program.

Mackie Profx8v2 8-Channel Compact Mixer

Best Audio Mixers 2021

1. Mackie Profx8v2 8-Channel Compact Mixer

Mackie is well-known for producing quality but sensibly priced recording and house studio equipment. They are the best mixers at creating multi-functioning parts of apparel that arise to utilize. This is probably the best 8 channel mixer.

Mackie has united lots of the features you’ll discover on bigger consoles to this desk to provide you a great deal of control over the noise produced.

You receive four Mackie Vita preamps to raise the noise to get a mic, guitar, keyboard, and whatever else you fancy setting through it. Preamps are specially designed to accommodate your life series.

All the eight stations have a 100Hz low cut filter and their very own 3-band EQ. An additional 7-band graphic EQ may be used for the primary output or the auxiliary.

Also, with these audio possibilities, Mackie has additional on some intriguing outcomes. These provide you an abundance of control within the general sound. And include types of reverb, delay, and chorus.

And, to make sure, a fantastic equilibrium 48-volt Phantom power is additional for your condenser microphones.

There are inputs to your mp3 or notebook, such as a USB jack in the event you’re using externally recorded audio. Other facilities also have been added, such as the footswitch FX mute. And, there’s a single headphone socket using its volume control.

You will find many features contained within this desk so that it is not possible to go through them here. It does require a closer look to test out all the choices.

As soon as it works in a live environment, it will also be a terrific studio mixer, and may even be comfy for conventions and other sound duties.

Mackie has contained a lot of features within this desk. These make it among the most excellent digital mixing for live audio. There’s an excellent solution for people searching for an eight-channel mixer.


  • EQ on each channel.
  • Great effects.
  • Easily transportable.


  • Only has eight channels, some may need more.

2. Allen & Heath Zed-12fx 12-Channel Mixer

Where electronic mixing desks are involved, Allen Heath has set the bar relatively high concerning functionality and value.

This bit of kit packs a great deal of technology into a little frame and is acceptable for working or concerts from the studio. Weighing just 22 lbs and using a size of 22 inches by 18, it’s not hard to transport around.

It’s a 12 channel mixer with six mic or line inputs and features four different sends. Six of those stations have preamps letting you join line inputs or direct input boxes. The preamps boast a substantial +69dB of gain.

There’s a three-band EQ over both chief stations, and added to this are three stereo channels with a volume controller and two-band EQ for each. There’s a USB for sending sound directly to your computer if needed.

The faders are smooth action in 100mm and two headphone sockets, one with 1⁄4″ plus one with 1⁄8″.

Even though this is first and foremost a mixing desk, it’s an impressive variety of 24-bit consequences. Delays, reverbs, chorus, and flanger all include allowing choices for getting the sound just perfect.

Allen and Heath have a reputation for producing actual high quality, and included within this system are all you need to operate at the amount it permits. One immediately obvious thing is that the grade of the preamps. They’re unique and produce new audio.

The effects include a lot of alternatives and let a few tone production if needed.

Even though this is a mid-range mixer, it will require a while to get to grips with the onboard facilities. So, be ready for some tough online time since the guide isn’t too hot. This is the very best studio mixer.


  • 12 channel mixer with preamps on 6.
  • Masses of excellent features.
  • Good effects.


  • Will take some time to get to know its operation.

3. Yamaha Emx5014c 14-Input Powered Mixer

This can be a Yamaha digital mixers packed with exceptional facilities and alternatives. Within this surgery area, the business has grown to shine, and this mixing desk is a great example.

Fourteen stations are accessible, ten mono and four stereos using single-knob compressors on six input signals. You will find high pass filters in 80Hz to get rid of any undesirable bottom-end sound, and Pre-Fader listener switches to allow you to monitor individual stations.

You will find comments indicators in LED format to track and fix any overload problems, and all stations have signs to track signal peaks.

Additional sound evaluation and management centers exist with Aux 1 and 2 and reunite screen buttons. Eight mic preamps are onboard in XLR inputs. Two in eight and stereo stations have Phantom.

The EQ is a 3-band mid-channel, sweepable EQ and stereo bands, and a nine-band graphic. Yamaha has a favorite selection of effects processors, the SPX show, and sixteen of these effects are contained.

It boasts two 500 watt power amplifiers using YSP, which will be Yamaha Signal Processing. All these are switchable to make various sound choices. And more than sufficient to manage mains and monitors.

This Yamaha is the best sound mixing of performing some travel being included in a steel chassis. It’s also supposed to be mounted if you opt to do so.

All this and a lot more make this a powerful mixing console. And, more than acceptable for live work or in a little studio. Excellent clear sound, fantastic results, and a lot of alternatives.

It’s sturdy, well-built, and reasonably priced, given the quantity of activity that’s included. This makes it an outstanding value for cash from a business that produces quality equipment. This is probably the very best powered mixer.


  • Rugged steel construction.
  • Rack-Mountable.
  • Excellent SPX effects onboard.


  • Might be expensive for some.

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4. Yamaha Ag03 3-Channel Mixer

Sometimes you encounter something fresh and innovative. A product that has grasped the needs of the modern universe of broadcasting and music and creates a difference. This is one of these products, a little Yamaha mixer using USB.

It extends far beyond pure audio production and may consist of gaming and webcasting in addition to being an option for musicians on the move.

It functions primarily as a 24bit three-channel mixer along with a two-track recording and sound port. It includes studio-type effects with EQ, Reverb as well as compression. And, each is flexible to match the surroundings where you’re functioning and function.

Not a problem using a loopback function that will combine all of your monitors for recording to your streaming program. It will also plug into your iPad ( (second creation and afterward) and can be class-compliant.

It is possible to plug into a vocal, keyboard, or guitar, and if you use a condenser mic, there’s an onboard preamp.

As a part of the kit, it’s relatively astonishing how much was put into this small machine. The audio is clear and crisp, and the consequences are excellent.

If you’re trying to find a little mixer/interface, that is well worth a trip.

We were searching for something it did not do, and the only thing we discovered was that it did not create the tea. This is probably the very best music mixing.


  • Excellent recording and loopback options.
  • Multi-usage.
  • Built-in audio interface.


  • Not particularly cheap for its size.
TC-Helicon DJ Mixer (Go XLR Mini)
2,239 Reviews

5. Mackie PROFX12V2

The Mackie PROFX12V2 supplies a whole raft of features designed to optimize quality and make sure you have the best sound from the mixer. Among the very eye-catching features is that the Vita Preamp, designed with live displays in your mind.

There are six stations with Vita Preamp capacity, helping you to add thickness to the audio. This desk also boasts 16 impacts and a 7-band picture EQ for fine-tuning, and a 3-band low-cut filter.

The Mackie PROFX12V2 is the best analog mixer and remarkable version, not merely due to its dazzling Selection of built-in features but also for its flexibility.

There is scope to do this much with this particular machine, along with a range of input choices to allow you to utilize your mixer with assorted gadgets and instruments.

If you are trying to find a high-tech sound mixer that’s suited to small-scale live shows or studio or home use, and you also would like to enjoy excellent value for money, this may be a perfect selection for you.


  • Compact, easy to transport, and versatile
  • Huge range of features for the price
  • Excellent value for money
  • Best mixer for home studio


  • Some buyers may be looking for a larger, more complex desk

6. Behringer Xenyx 502

If you’re seeking the opposite end of the spectrum in the Soundcraft BG8, then the Behringer Xenyx is the epitome of simplicity. It features one XLR input that has the Behringer Xenyx built-in preamp. It will not have some faders. Instead, all your controller is completed with the knobs.

It’s three input channels, two stereo channel input signals, and a single mono. It features a 2-band EQ, which will provide you minimal control over the blending. It’s acceptable for almost any little gigging musicians to construct dependable live audio with a streamlined setup.

Using CD/Tape inputs, in addition to RCA connectors, it is possible to hook up external sound to play together or to send music audio to your area. It delivers a clean, crisp, dependable sound. Whether you are a guitarist, vocalist, or you only require a straightforward sound mixer, then the Behringer Xenyx might be the very best budget mixer.


  • Stereo inputs
  • Built-in mic preamps
  • Simple navigation features
  • 3 channelFantastic audio


  • Not Much

7. Midas PRO1-TP

The Midas PRO1-TP is a live electronic mixer with loads of abilities in a safe and sturdy case. It’s a full-color 15″ screen that’s easy to view in almost any situation.

It is effortless to set up and get to work. It is just one of the most comfortable and most enjoyable boosters to control, given its layout and performance.

The PRO1-TP carries on the heritage of over 40 decades of sound quality from Midas. It gives exceptional audio quality with 96kHz 40-bit floating-point processing.

It’s 27 mix busses, which are all stage coherent and time-aligned. It’s a self-contained electronic mixer, and also you do not require any external hardware or software to have it functioning.

It’s 24 line/mic inputs with preamps built-in and 48 simultaneous input channels. Additionally, it has a 24 analog output capacity for every device you can muster.

Also, it contains 12 multi-channel impacts motors, 4-band EQ, graphic EQ, MIDI in/out, and a slew of additional features, which make it among the very high-powered, reliable mixers.

However, it’s not an inexpensive mixer, so if you’ve got the funds and you are trying to produce some of their very best quality combinations for your period or the studio, then the Midas PRO1-TP is among the best music mixer.


  • 24 XLR and line output
  • Full-color display
  • Digital Mixers
  • 12 effects processor
  • 4-band EQ


  • None

8. Roland Go Mixer Pro

The pro’ version of Roland’s smartphone-friendly mixer can manage up to 3 mono and three stereo inputs and comprises one XLR combi input with switchable phantom, 1 HiZ 1/4″ tool jack, plus one miniature jack microphone input for lapel mics.

Further inputs are just two stereo line inputs onto a set of mini-jacks and two mono line inputs on 1/4″ jacks. There are five-degree knobs (four input and one output) and the real output on a single mini-jack.

The four enter knobs combine the nine inputs to a single stereo mix. Proceed Mixer Pro can also be a 2 in two out USB port (iOS, Android, Windows, and OS X compatible) and maybe battery or bus-powered.

You may also prop up your tablet computer or phone at the groove. Overall it provides a fantastic mini alternative for the mobile producer. It is seen as the very best digital mixer for recording studios.


  • Compact
  • Battery power option
  • A fantastic amount of relations


  • 48kHz only

9. Art Pro Audio Tube Mix

Art’s five 5-channeling mixers comprise two mics, two lines, and 1 Hi-Z tool input optional amp simulator impact. The mixer’s tube credentials are through an assignable 12AX7 tube platform, which may serve as either the microphone input signal or the only instrument input. You will find four-component strips (3 mono and one stereo), and all contain three-band EQ, two auxiliary sends, and a pan.

USB connectivity is just 2 in / two-out using a dedicated USB Yield degree. Meanwhile, the USB output or primary mix can be changed to relatively great VU meters.

Finishing off this very retro-styled mixer are all wooden panels. Each of to told t’s a fashionable desk and a perfect all-in-one alternative for small studio setups. This is probably the very best sound mixer.


  • Selectable valve stage
  • Stylish design
  • VU meters


  • Not much

10. Soundcraft EPM6 6-channel

A more significant or a mid-range alternative for anybody on the best small audio mixer and contains fewer demands sonically, the Soundcraft EPM6 mixer is among the very best cheap mixer. It features 48V phantom power that will assist you in getting the most from your condenser mics.

It’s six mono inputs and two stereo channels for you to pick from. Each line has its faders, profit, 4-band EQ, two auxiliary sends, and grasp switches across the plank. It’s a super intuitive mixer that’s not difficult to work out and a great deal of pleasure to use.

Using ten segments of LED metering, you’ll have the ability to see your peaks and valleys right on your board. This will provide you with a bit more advice on putting in a small or take some off on individual devices.

It provides superb sound quality and fits right into a reasonably compact area. It’s among the best choices you may find for simplicity and price-point.


  • Compact case
  • Easy-to-navigate controls
  • Studio or live use
  • Excellent sound quality simply features


  • None


You have just seen our list of the best analog mixer, and now You have all the information you need to choose the ideal mixer. We can’t specify which audio mixer best suits you, but you can rest assured and trust the list we recommend above; all product offerings that’s been thoroughly tested by our experts.

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