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Best Android Car Stereo 2021: Top Brands Review

Best Android Car Stereo 2020 Top Brands Review

There are loads of reasons to improve your car’s stereo headset, but the biggest one right now is smartphone integration. Android Auto adds voice controls, making it simpler to browse, take calls, send texts, and much more.

And you do not require a brand-new trip to encounter this, either. You are considering Android Auto’s introduction in 2015, aftermarket stereo manufacturers design venture head units with Google’s automotive OS to match many different vehicles.

Along with Android Auto, you will find head components in the likes of Sony, JVC, Pioneer, and many others, which have HD Radio, CD and DVD players, satellite radio, USB port input signal, pre-amps, built-in GPS navigation, and Bluetooth connectivity along with wireless Android automobile connectivity.

Updating to a new Android automobile head unit also unlocks the prospect of a larger display screen. Some brand Best Android Car Stereo might even add features that your factory stereo did not have before, such as indicators for motor functionality or the choice to put in a camera. Read on Fidlar’s article to see our very best list.

What’s A Dual-DIN Stereo?

If you are not a car person, terms such as dual din might sound somewhat confusing or intimidating for you. Before we dive into the review of their outstanding Android double din car stereos on the current market, let us take a moment to determine what exactly they’re. It is not as complicated as you may think.

What's a Dual-DIN Stereo

The expression DIN is your room in your car the receiver fits into. When automobile radios started to become standardized, DIN was the expression used to recognize the typical size.

It stands for Deutsch Industri Normen, meaning German business-standard. This is because the standardization of automobile radios started back in the 80s with German automobile makers.

The industry standard is 2″ by 8″. Dual-DIN describes a larger area as its name implies. A double-DIN distance is 4″ by 8″. The diameter stapes the same; however, the elevation is raised at a double-DIN.

If your auto has a double-DIN radio area, you have to make sure you’re searching for the ideal size. Within the following guide, you will learn about the ideal Android dual DIN stereos in the marketplace.

Android stereos are a few of the most well-known forms overall, hailed because of their simplicity of use and user-friendliness. These are a few reasons that you’re searching to learn more. Let us dive right into it.

Things To Look For In A Fresh Android Automobile Head Unit

Dual-DIN or single-DIN: The two most frequent head sizes are dual DIN and only DIN head units. Single DIN car stereo openings measure two by 8 inches, while dual DIN openings are 4 inches by 8 inches.

If you are replacing a double DIN unit, then you will have more choices to add smarts for your stereo. Just one DIN does not automatically mean that you won’t have the ability to set your Android phone to your car for Android Auto. However, you’ll have fewer options.

Kinds of recipients: A couple of distinct head device types offer a different feature set based upon what you require. Can not let go of disks? You are in luck since you can have physical and electronic in 1 bundle with a DVD player receiver. Digital multimedia recipients do not have an optical drive, but they can play audio and video, and several have touchscreens.

Features: Android telephone integration is not all you will get for your buck. If you would like to feel like you are using your telephone, start looking for a capacitive touchscreen instead of a resistive one.

Many models also incorporate pre-outs for including external amps and subwoofers, along with HD and satellite radio tuners. For the most advantage, start looking for a version with Bluetooth and wireless Android automobile app connectivity.

Bluetooth: To have free speaking or free car audio playback, you will need Bluetooth technology. Fortunately, this tech is found in many car stereos nowadays.

It only means you could connect your telephone to the stereo, and you’ll hear car audio output from the car speakers instead of your telephone speakers.

Speakers who have free phoning as a characteristic frequently incorporate an external microphone so that you can speak with the individual on the opposite line. For example, many programs, such as Spotify, Apple Music, Pandora, and iHeart Radio, will also be compatible with Bluetooth links to permit audio streaming in your vehicle and louder speakers.

CD/DVD Playback: Many people today rely on Bluetooth link, but many vehicles and car stereos still comprise CD and DVD slots. This is particularly beneficial to assess if you would like to see anything in your vehicle. Using a DVD player and CD compatibility in your car stereo will allow you to play videos and listen to your disks’ audio.

USB: Most electronic devices now use USB cables for the link, including phone chargers and aux cables. Possessing a USB gate in your vehicle stereo system is invaluable to make sure that you don’t have to buy different converters.

You might even have the ability to plug into an external hard disk with a USB gate, letting you get access to a whole lot more stuff, music, videos, and anything else you want. USB ports are helpful because you have a limited quantity of storage on your apparatus.

Mirror Linking: Mirror linking is the hottest in-car audio technology, and it’s a beneficial addition to get, mainly if you utilize your smartphone regularly. Mirror linking enables the display of your smartphone to be displayed on your car stereo screen.

This can be convenient, as you can view all your phone’s programs and exhibit anything directly on the more prominent display. Among the most significant reasons for this particular attribute is utilizing specific phone programs without being diverted by texts or other harmful and distracting alarms. Utilizing the connection, drivers may put their phones from sight and utilize the hands-free display for whatever they require.

Subwoofers and Amplifiers: Many people decide to install subwoofers or even amplifiers to take the car’s audio system to another level. Just what are they? A subwoofer is only a speaker that’s specially designed to set out low-frequency noises.

This usually means that it intensifies the bass noise on your audio. Amplifiers, on the other hand, produce the noise of your songs. It transmits the noise of your music and transmits the signal more ardently to your speakers.

This is precisely the identical technology that artists use to enhance their songs in concerts and other performances. With the combo of aftermarket subwoofers and amplifiers, you can distort the audio from your automobile stereo.

Many radios and car stereos already contain tone control alternatives, allowing you to modify the degrees of your audio’s bass and treble sounds.

Best Android Car Stereo 2021

Best Android Car Stereos Brands 2021

1. ATOTO S8 in-Dash Android Car Navigation

If you’re searching for the best android head unit, then this is a superb alternative. The combination of Intel’s 14nm process and X86 design Octa-Core processor creates this stereo an incredibly efficient layout for android users.

It includes some somewhat unique features that set it apart from other android stereos.

The outside of the stereo is built-in with a complete HD 7inch and 5-Touch Touchscreen screen. The screen can also be outfitted with a QLED display, which raises the color impact, and provides high image quality. There’s also the provision of a full-view angle of 178°, so which you could enjoy viewing at a larger angle.

It’s also included using a built-in GPS and an installed version of the Google Maps and EasyConnect program for superior navigation facilities and mobile linkage. You can join your smartphone (iPhone & Android) through USB and make phone calls, browse instructions, and access audio.

Additional features include a built-in Digital Signal Processor, Dual Bluetooth system (BT1 5.0 & BT2 4.1), plus a high-sensitivity FM/AM radio recorder. DSP feature ensures placing an exact equalization and bass filter.

In any case, there are useful features like a built-in pre-amplifier and 6-touch gestures. The pre-amplifier includes a top RMS power output signal, and also the 6-touch gestures help handle multi-tasking menus, track display brightness and ensure safe driving manners.


  • Easy to operate and manage
  • Multi-tasking options available
  • High efficiency due to Intel process
  • Excellent performance by Octa-core processor
  • Supports car speakers from 2-8 Ω


  • Front camera not included
  • Offline navigation system doesn’t work properly

2. ATOTO A6 Dual Din Android Car Navigation Stereo

This version has been available on the market for some time now and has astonished enough people to convince other people that it’s well worth the trouble.

It’s been developed using an inventory system predicated on Android Marshmallow, and also, the producer focused its focus on optimizing it properly.

The Double Bluetooth chips have a vast array of functionalities since BT tethering for net access, send or receive documents. Also, it functions as a free call Bluetooth device and provides a built-in Google Maps tracker.

Through the inspection, we understood that it supports additional programs like Waze, TomTom, and HERE WeGo.


  • Compared to older models, the microphone sounds louder and clearer.
  • The existence of physical buttons makes it even easier to use as we can guide easily without taking the eyes off the road.
  • The sub-woofer sounds more powerful which makes the sound feel better.


  • The gestures on the screen are sometimes inaccurate and make it harder to use the keyboard.

3. Pioneer AVIC-8200NEX Navigation Receiver using Carplay/Android Auto

His navigation receiver is the best android auto head unit for anybody that looks for a reasonable unit that provides a vast array of features.

Pioneer has always been a dependable brand from the sounds industry, and also their navigations require this attribute to another level since it’s a strong and dependable one.

This version is a DVD/CD receiver, which has a 6.2″ touchscreen accessible. It matches 4-inches (tall) dash openings, and it can be used with Apple car play.

At Precisely the Same time, the maps include navigation to the USA, Canada, and Puerto Rico.

Compatible with the sound controls on the steering wheel like volume up, volume down, previous and next.

It is readily linked to the steering wheel controls through Metra or even iDatalink, but it depends on the motor vehicle.

The maker made this product available to everybody that needs an optimized device.

Thus, this system works flawlessly fine with all kind of telephones and guarantee reliability on street trips.

Additionally, we’ve recorded several PROs and CONs to make you understand what people believe after analyzing it.


  • The sound is excellent and it connects to Apple Car Play easier so it will spare everyone from a headache.
  • Most people figured that it is very easy to install no matter what vehicle they have got.
  • It comes with updated maps for the US, Canada, and Puerto Rico.


  • The Apple Car Play works only plugged in USB 1 as the USB 2 port can be used only for charging.

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4. Eonon 10.1″ Double Din Car GPS Navigation Head Unit

The Eonon Car Stereo is an Android 8.1 established unit that guarantees a much better experience, particularly to people searching to get a larger screen car stereo. This one has a 10.1 inches HD screen comprising a 1024×600 resolution ideal for people who are looking to feel comfortable when driving.

Through the study, we’ve discovered this Eonon version includes an adjustable viewing angle accessible through its innovative layout.

Simultaneously, it is the best Double din android head unit readily linked to both iOS and Android, either wirelessly or via a USB cable.

The device comes with all the Bluetooth wireless technology assisting people in playing music on their mobile and making free calls.

It includes 2GB RAM along with a storage of 16GB.

The CPU is MTK 1.2GHz ARM A7 Quad-Core making it run quicker than many head units.

This version also features an external mic ideal for hands-free phoning.

We Also Have shared some PROs and CONs we accumulated throughout our study, and they can be located right under:


  • The unit feels more like a plug and play device as it is very easy to install.
  • The Android version makes it compatible with Waze or Google Maps while it allows Spotify and other apps to play in the background as well.
  • The sound is amazing and the navigation doesn’t glitch that easily.


  • The manual lacks plenty of important details so you need to find the proper resources online.


We’ve got expensive taste since this high-quality Alpine unit sits towards the upper end of the budget scale. However, it’s a beautiful bit of kit. Its unbelievably crisp HD display is a pleasure to check at and hugely out-performs some of those less expensive versions in the marketplace.

It boots up fast and provides easy Android automobile integration after a telephone is wired. There are inputs for inverse cameras and a lot of presses for subwoofers and additional speakers.

Granted, it does not sit flush to the dashboard like some displays, but that is as it’s intended to fit a single DIN slot machine so that it can be used with a massive selection of vehicles, irrespective of age.

Oh, and the tiny strip of white ambient LED lighting in the unit’s base is lovely to touch Pure class.


  • Crisp display
  • Fits in small spaces
  • Very responsive


  • Doesn’t sit flush to dash


The smart modular construction of the thoroughly new unit means clients receive all the advantages of a giant touchscreen display suitable for inside the tiniest only DIN car stereo spaces. Especially great for older automobiles, the Pioneer boasts nearly what you could want in an infotainment system.

The clear 6.8-inch display is quick and reactive to touch. In contrast, the listing of features is impressive, boasting DAB+ Digital Radio, equally Android Vehicle, and Apple CarPlay, in addition to entertainment features like Spotify, Bluetooth streaming, WebLink, FLAC file playback, and a whole lot more.

Better yet, it plays well with reversing cameras and easily pops up with voice control functionality, which means that you can make and get free calls and take advantage of your favored voice helper to command a lot of the performance.

People with large apertures to get a present stereo or infotainment system may discover how it floats’ in the front of the dash somewhat problematic, particularly those with a little in-car OCD.

However, it’s a significant bit of kit in the purchase price and one which provides so many contemporary features for a massive collection of older vehicles.


  • Android Auto and Apple CarPlay
  • Best single din head unit
  • Bright and responsive screen


  • Floating design is awkward
  • Start-up time is slow


Though lacking the ins of many of the mind components previously mentioned, this Sony amount deserves high praise for its stylish looks and bodily volume dial. Some others resort to different and without keys or perpetrate volume performance to the camera, which can be extremely annoying.

The dial on this can be a pleasure to use, as is the remainder of the system, which proves rapid and responsive, providing seamless navigation, Spotify along with other Android encounters.

A built-in 4 x 55 watts Dynamic Truth Amplifier allows for songs to be pumped at exceptional degrees, and it plays well with many other after-market sub-woofers and speakers. This is probably the very best car stereo brand.


  • Sleek design
  • Great functionality
  • Clean look


  • Requires large aperture


Simple to set up and to boast a thin 75-millimeter installation thickness, this double DIN unit from JVC is the best Double din stereo for all those with a cramped dash place. Granted, you will still require a big aperture to smart home this. However, the lack of heft means it could sit where other existing wires also live.

Once set up, it’s fast and slick to function, with a great deal of control over menu capabilities, audio quality, and a whole lot more. But, there is just one USB input in the back, which means you will need to run a cable to the glove box or from the dashboard to plug-in.

This is relatively standard, but other head models mentioned here comprise a secondary USB slot in the front, making charging different devices a bit simpler.


  • Nice graphics
  • Ultra-thin fascia
  • Crisp design


  • Fiddly buttons
  • One USB port at the rear

9. Pyle Stereo Receiver

The Pyle Stereo Receiver is the best budget double din head unit car stereo. This receiver’s essential features would be the audio streaming options and the hands-free calling alternatives. For many individuals, these are the essential things they search for when looking for an automobile stereo.

Fortunately, the Pyle Stereo Receiver delivers on both of these points. To make the most of its security rating and prevent producing distracted drivers, the simplicity of use from the Pyle Stereo Receiver is at an all-time high.

The screen is simple to join any smartphone use radio and receive streaming high-quality sound or movie straight away. The Pyle Stereo Receiver is compatible with many distinct kinds of audio and video files. Wherever you get your songs or the way you need to get amused for long drives- that the Pyle Stereo Receiver is right there with you.

The dual DIN size makes it simple to set up, regardless of what vehicle you have or any time you are planning to change vehicles.

Audio and video connectivity makes it effortless to listen to or see from any origin. Among the most unusual items that clients notice is how light and glossy the Pyle Stereo Receiver is.

The radio isn’t heavy or hard to set up. The moment you get your Pyle Stereo Receiver, you can easily install it yourself and receive driving immediately.


  • Sleek, professional look to add to your vehicle’s style rather than take away from it.
  • The clear interface that avoids any confusion, ease of use is beneficial for this best car stereo.
  • The light stereo is easy to install and not bulky-looking.


  • Difficult to connect to smartphone Bluetooth. The phone must stay on the Bluetooth screen while connected, and some customers experience random losses of signal.
  • Difficult to make use of the AUX function, as it is programmed for video.
  • The phone must be used as a control board, rather than the display screen itself.

10. Kenwood DDX25BT Bluetooth Receiver

Advanced wireless technologies make the Kenwood Bluetooth Receiver among the safest and finest free versions available in the industry today. The Kenwood makes it simple to flow both audio and videos directly from the smartphone.

Regardless of what you would like to see or listen to, it’s easy to connect your telephone and access to streaming. The Bluetooth link can be used with most smartphones, which means you don’t need to be concerned about whether the Kenwood Bluetooth Receiver will utilize yours.

And of course, the smartphone link retains your mobile always charged using high-speed Android charging. You do not need to think about your phone expiring or draining the battery using a continuous Bluetooth connection. The charging cable retains your mobile easily accessible as you stay connected.

The lightweight design makes it incredibly simple to install and move from car to car should you want to. Since the Kenwood is Dual-DIN, you may be sure that the stereo will fit in regardless of what car you are driving. This is probably the best Bluetooth car stereo.


  • Impressive and easy-to-use tuner for radio connection
  • Easily compatible with all smartphones, effortless user interface that makes it easy to keep your phone close by


  • The USB port on the back, making it difficult to access
  • Intermittent issues with Bluetooth connectivity, due to auto connection setting
  • Difficult to install. Some customers report that the model requires a lot of effort to get set up and properly installed in their vehicles


There are numerous fantastic Android dual DIN stereos out on the market nowadays. As you have learned, every one of the Best Android Car Stereos its insecurities, advantages, and pitfalls. Essentially, it is all dependent on your requirements and needs for your motor vehicle. Every version of stereo within this review is well known for using a straightforward interface, Bluetooth connectivity, and many different audio/video connection formats.

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