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Best Acoustic Guitar Brands 2021: Top Full Review, Guide

Best Acoustic Guitar Brands 2021: Top Full Review, Guide

The guitar is a prevalent instrument today; according to some statistics, the guitar is the world’s most sold instrument.
If you are a beginner at acoustic guitar, choosing the right guitar for you is not easy. Especially with so many products from many different brands, the more difficult it is.

So you already know how to choose for yourself the ideal guitar? If not, just a few minutes reading through our article will you know what to do? Here Fidlar has compiled the world’s Best Acoustic Guitar Brands 2021.


Best Acoustic Guitar In The World

1. Martin

C. F. Martin & Company, or just known as martin’ is among the largest names in the acoustic guitar market. This is only one of the hardly any brands which have succeeded in staying vital and relevant for nearly two centuries. Martin was set back in 1833 by Christian Frederick Martin, and it remains in control of his predecessor Christian F. Martin IV.

These men have attracted many inventions to the world of acoustic guitar playing and provide a number of the best acoustic guitar versions that money can purchase.

You will have the ability to pick from a vast catalog of classical guitars. However, if you’re searching for something a little more particular, be sure that you take a look at the Custom Shop.

The primary’ store features an assortment of string guitars for beginners to pick from, such as Custom signature acoustics, the famous 15, 16, and 17 Series, the Road collection for artists that are working, X string for novices and intermediate-level players, and tons of other genuinely cool guitars.

Even though their guitars are relatively costly, Martin is the best place to stop by if you’re searching for a quality starter guitar too. The Small Martins and Junior Martins are just two generations of the best guitars brands acoustic, which are outfitted with top-grade features and are made from very exquisite tonewoods.

What’s more, Martin additionally offers two backpackers’ guitars. They are exceptionally light and slender, which makes them ideal companions for travel guitarists.

Can it be as it may, neither the massive catalog of top-shelf guitars nor how they have been around since forever will be the reasons why Martin is indeed familiar? Notably, Martin is new that collectors appreciate the most.

They provide numerous priceless’ guitar versions, like the D-42 Custom, D-41K Purple Martin, or even the 42SC John Mayet signature. Every costing almost ten thousand dollars, John Mayer’s signature is even beyond that label.

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2. Taylor

Next on our list of the very best acoustic guitars manufacturers is another firm specializing in producing premium-quality acoustic stringed instruments Taylor Guitars.

Another American-based brand is renowned for utilizing exotic tonewoods while keeping the traditional craftsmanship that has afforded numerous classic designs, prototypes, and trademark versions.

Although they have existed for just five years, Taylor Guitars was one of the first businesses to start using oak timber for contemporary dreadnought acoustic guitars.

Though oak acoustic guitars have been produced decades and years earlier, it is pretty reasonable to say Taylor popularized such utilization of the remarkable tonewood.

Enough, these guitars were still to this day deemed as a number of the most lasting and acoustic guitars for beginners ever assembled. The so-called Pallet acoustics were mostly marketed to collectors; their price tags were somewhat higher due to their distinctive inlays each version featured.

The main reason Taylor guitars continue to be applicable nowadays is that there is something for everybody in the stock market. Ranging from the classics like 110e, 114ce, and 150e at the base bracket; above the 200 Series from the gold middle; above the exotic 500 show to the beautiful Koa collection, the options are nearly infinite. It is very easy to play at a grand auditorium

Each creation of Taylor acoustic guitars features specific unique elements. By way of instance, the 500 Series features guitars made from cedar and mahogany for the most part; the guitars which appeal to the 600 series are primarily made from maple, and people in the Koa series, of course, are created from certain Hawaiian koa wood.

Even the most expensive Taylor can not even compare with many mid-priced Martin guitars concerning cost. Even though the guitars above brands’ standard fabricate belongs to entirely distinct and different realms, it is only reasonable to state that Taylor acoustics are among the greatest that the marketplace has to offer you.

Taylor GS Mini-e Solid Koa Top ESB w/Gig Bag with case
111 Reviews

3. Guild

Guild Guitar Company has existed for approximately 68 decades, and it is the third US-based guitar maker in our critique. This firm is a subsidiary of the famed Cordoba Music Group. Also, if you’re searching for a top-shelf dreadnought, then you may want to look at GGC’s catalog.

What is intriguing about Guild is there was a time when this business worked beneath Fender. We will discuss more Fender and its significance in the growth of the guitar generally. Still, in summary, it is going to suffice to state GGC was part of one of their most significant guitar production chains for many great years.

If you have been exploring acoustic-electric guitars titles, you may have encounter Madeira, Burnside, or even DeArmond. All these are GGC’s powerful brands, chiefly for the Asian marketplace.

Some of the most recognized guitarists that have (or still are) with a Guild guitar are Eric Clapton, Brian Erickson, Billie Joe Armstrong, Tom Petty, Joe Walsh, Bruce Springsteen, Stevie Ray Vaughan, and Pete Townshend, among others.

Guild Guitars don’t only produce dreadnought guitars; their catalog also features sound build quality concert-sized acoustic guitars, Jumbo-fretted guitars, and guitar versions, which were specifically made to be utilized within an orchestra.

Anyhow, dreadnought-style guitars will be their specialty, which means you will have to select from over 30 distinct styles of guitars sprinkled throughout the purchase price point categories.

What is also very intriguing about Guild dreadnoughts is that nearly all versions are mid-priced or entry-level guitars. However, they do provide a variety of opportunities for individuals to design their guitars using their specs or even to select a particular edition or trademark guitars at a little steeper cost. This is probably the very best brand of acoustic guitar.

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4. Seagull

We are moving to Canada with Seagull Guitars. This brand was set relatively recently in 1982 by Robert Godin, and it is among the fastest rising stars in the guitar-making community.

Among the flagship versions of Seagull Guitars is unquestionably the timeless S6 guitar, which isn’t merely the prevalent version, but also the one with very flexible and powerful specs.

We must also mention this brand stone’s numerous guitars, like the Artists series, Maritime SWS series, Performer’s Flame Maple series, Coastline, Entourage, and straight Walnut.

What speaks volumes concerning Seagull’s versatile approach to the guitar, which is the simple fact that they provide eight different body shapes, such as Grand, Folk, Folk Cutaway, Dreadnaught, Dreadnaught Cutaway, Mini Jumbo, Mini Jumbo Cutaway, Concert Hall, and Concert Hall Cutaway.

Now, aside from boasting a massive catalog of guitars, mandolins, ukuleles, and assorted guitar accessories, this guitar firm also supplies a choice of special M4 instruments.

Each of the M4 is some type of hybrid’ that borrows in the conceptual styles of acoustic guitars, banjos, and ukuleles. They have a small body, four strings, and they’re available in the mahogany body and a Sitka spruce top.

Seagull gained their fame through premium-quality guitars and unique craftsmanship, but we should also mention that they have brought many innovations worldwide.

Among the most noteworthy and many unique creations of the brand was the beautiful headstock placement procedure. Significantly, Seagull guitars are provided with a particular headstock that places the system heads parallel using all the guitar’s nut, which subsequently substantially enhances the device’s rotational stability.

7. Takamine

The business started as a tiny family-run guitar store established in 1959 in the base of Mount Takamine in central Japan and has risen since then. In 1968, Master Luthier Mass Hirade joined Takamine along with his expertise and flair offered Takamine guitars a different border. They started globally in 1975.

Takamine developed the honored Palathetic under-saddle pickup in 1978 before introducing its initial acoustic-electric version, the PT-007S, in 1979. The newest also developed using laser inlay work in 1994, ensuring fretboards were not the same again.

In addition to ticking significant landmarks, Takamine has tons tens of thousands of gamers worldwide, such as professional artists like Jon Bon Jovi, Toby Keith, David Lee Murphy, and Garth Brooks.

Takamine’s Pro Series 7 is your brand’s premium set, created for professional guitarists, using an all-solid-wood construct, beautiful abalone detailing, plus a tone to die for. The P7D is your beautiful dreadnought edition of the high-end show.

Lots of Takamine’s artists have their very own signature versions, which might be worthy of notice, like the Garth Brooks Signature (introduced in 1995) and the Toby Keith Signature, which came on Takamine’s 50th anniversary in 2012.

8. Gibson

Gibson is one of the largest names in the realm of guitar, thanks mainly to its electrical guitar range, like the iconic Les Paul, the SG, and the Flying V. But, a few of the brand’s acoustic guitar offerings are only as mythical.

Gibson was producing acoustic devices in 1 form or another for at least 120 decades, beginning with all the archtop mandolin in 1894. It was only Orville Gibson working independently out of his workshop at Kalamazoo, Michigan. From 1898, Gibson employed precisely the same carved archtop design to develop the Design O Archtop Guitar.

To keep up with the need, Gibson became a recognized firm in 1902 by producing six distinct archtop acoustic guitar versions, three with oval soundholes and three with round soundholes.

The newest went on to create its original production flattop acoustic the L-1 in 1926. Gibson was finally endorsed by selecting celebrities (like Woody Guthrie, George Harrison, Pete Townshend, Elvis Presley, and Bob Dylan) and developing into the giant it’s today. It is seen as the very best Gibson acoustic guitar.

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Notable Models

It isn’t easy to single out different models from a brand that produces much fantastic acoustics, but among the very first must-have Gibson guitars was unquestionably the Super Jumbo (J-200), and oversize flattop acoustic which has been custom made for country star Ray Whitley at 1937. This massive guitar proved to be a status symbol in country music and remains popular in its contemporary form.

Launched in 1960, the Hummingbird is just another timeless Gibson acoustic having a fantastic design. This square-shouldered dreadnought features elaborate etchings on the pickguard, together with a distinct neck and headstock detailing to ensure it is a real one-of-a-kind.

9. Epiphone

Established in 1873, Epiphone remains among America’s earliest and best-loved musical tool producers. They started making acoustic guitars in 1928 to compete using their best rival,” Gibson. It is ironic, then, that Gibson finally obtained Epiphone from the late 1950s.

But this was excellent for guitarists, as Epiphone has managed to produce cheap replicas of several of Gibson’s most famous acoustic models (including the J-200 along with the Hummingbird) in addition to a number of its very own original acoustic guitars, including the renowned Masterbilt archtop collection. You may always find excellent value with an Epiphone. This is the very best brand of guitar.

10. Fender

Fender is just another iconic American brand that should require no introduction. While the organization is celebrated mainly because of its famous electric guitars, Fender additionally produces a fantastic assortment of acoustics and electro-acoustics acceptable for many budgets and players.

A number of the acoustic versions are rather traditional (watch the timeless Design Series). However, Fender impresses all the bold designs of this relaxed California Series, mixing trendy paint jobs, super-playable necks, and Stratocaster headstocks to get a unique acoustic adventure.

11. Jasmine Guitar Brand

Jasmine started as a Takamine brand that was afterward sold to KMC Music in 2005. That stays the owners now.

They produce a range of acoustic guitars such as steel-string dreadnoughts and orchestra versions in addition to nylon string guitars. Still, it’s their student versions that exude the manufacturer’s highest ratings.

You can locate their budget-friendly guitars in important national stores such as Guitar Center and the internet through Musicians Friend and Amazon websites.

Jasmine’s highest-rated version is your expansive cutaway orchestra bodied S-34C that you may purchase on the internet for under $100.

12. Ibanez Guitar Brand

The Ibanez brand includes an intriguing history beginning with Spanish luthier Salvador Ibáñez from the 1800s, who is original guitars are admired by the likes of Eric Clapton and the select few wealthy enough or fortunate enough to possess you.

But that is not the Ibanez we all know now, although both are related. Japanese company Hoshino Gakki started importing guitars produced by Salvador Ibáñez’s company to Japan in 1929.

This was so powerful for them they began producing similar pellets under this title in 1935. They began making modern guitars only using the title Ibanez in 1957 and then, not being ones to maintain a grudge since the US Army Air Force ruined their mill in 1945, started exporting them into the USA in 1971. As they say, the rest is the background.

Nowadays, they have a massive range of acoustic guitars, and they’re mighty in the entry-level marketplace together with the highly-rated Ibanez AW54 is an exceptional case.

What’s The Finest Acoustic Guitar Of Time?

The acoustic guitar background is so complicated that it is challenging to select only one guitar since the very best of all time. There are a couple of guitar versions, nevertheless, that have impacted players over others.

The Martin D28 initiated the dreadnought body contour with plenty of projection along with sleek, ample bass response. The blend of spruce and rosewood balances treble clarity with resonant bass and a good deal of harmonic overtones.

It is that rare blend of power and finesse which have created the D28 popular with gamers from Elvis Presley to John Lennon into Neil Young. It is a versatile tool that is both in charge of drummers and fingerstyle players equally.

While the D28 place the template for decades, the Taylor 814ce altered the acoustic guitar market. Such as the D28 unites spruce and rosewood for warmth and clarity.

It introduced Taylor’s signature “grand auditorium” body, mixing the ability of a battleship with an orchestra or concert guitar’s signature.

This exceptional body shape made the 814ce a hit with gamers in most genres. Even these days, it’s among the very versatile acoustic guitars available on the current market, together with versions from Martin and Fender.

The Gibson J45 is just another iconic acoustic guitar running for its biggest ever title. The shoulder makes it even more comfortable and focused compared to a typical dreadnought. Gibson also cut down to acoustic space, which provides the J45 a more direct, brash noise than conventional dreadnoughts.

This up-front sound produced the J45, a timeless instrument for studio records. Maybe that’s why it’s among the most recorded guitar versions ever. Thus, if you’re searching for the best acoustic time, this version is a powerful competitor.

What Are The Greatest Acoustic Guitar Brands For Beginners?

A number of the brands we’ve highlighted provide some exceptional models, primarily targeted at novices. By way of instance, Taylor’s Academy Series includes a range of comfortable and economic models that are great for beginner guitars. Nonetheless, these are not very wallet-friendly guitars. Therefore they will not suit all budgets.

Yet another two we’ve already emphasized, Yamaha and Seagull provide some fantastic affordable models for novices, as stressed in this comparison post about the Yamaha FG830 along with the Seagull S6.

Other manufacturers that impress the novices’ marketplace comprise Ibanez, the Japanese manufacturer famous for its electrical guitar output, and Luna, that craft a few superbly decorated and cheap acoustic guitars.

Be Aware of offerings out of Alvarez and Jasmine too. These brands do not enjoy the same celebrity that Martin, Yamaha, or even Gibson do, but they focus on supplying affordable acoustics that matches beginners well.


You have just taken a look at the best guitar brands globally, each of which is highly regarded by many players and music professionals. So you definitely can’t go wrong with any of our options.

If you plan to invest with a reasonable budget, Epiphone, Gibson, Yamaha, Seagull, Taylor are very familiar names; they will provide you with the ideal instruments.

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