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Best Acoustic Electric Guitar Under 500 In 2021: Top Brands Review

Best Acoustic Electric Guitar Under 500 In 2020 Top Brands Review

Finding a guitar is tough. It’s simple to go out and splurge on an expensive one because guitars are about the highest quality, but it does not mean that you can’t locate well-made guitars to get an excellent price. Choosing a less expensive guitar does not necessarily mean you will be receiving a tool that will provide you a lousy performance.

You may save yourself money and buy high quality, constructed to continue guitar that will manage any participant. Following is a listing of the Best Acoustic Electric Guitar Under 500$ Review; keep reading Fidlar’s post to see our best list here.

What You Ought To Be Searching For In A Guitar?

So you have read our testimonials, or you are considering other guitars, but you are not sure what you’re looking for in an electro-acoustic.

That is something a lot of buyers will fight with, which means you are not alone. Let us go through a couple of those huge things you need to consider when you’re choosing involving the choice.

What You Ought To Be Searching For In A Guitar

The most obvious one to examine will be the form and dimensions of the body. Many acoustics, and so most electrified models, are of that dreadnought style.

This is the 2nd most immense size (beneath the rare jumbo), created for full-bodied tone and quantity. It works particularly well-electrified, which means you will get that the great majority of these are this contour.

The disadvantage to this dreadnought is, clearly, its dimensions and thickness, which are awkward to perform for a few and is not the easiest to transfer.

To fight this, while keeping that striking traditional silhouette, a lot of manufacturers have introduced thinner versions, frequently called slimline or lean line guitars. You’ll discover a few of them on our listing.

That means you will want to determine whether you would like the complete tone and quantity of a dreadnought or a little more ergonomic form.

While we are still referring to the entire body, we ought to also cover something you’ve probably noticed mentioned a couple of times a strong shirt.

This is where the shirt (face) of this guitar is made of solid pieces of wood instead of laminate. It’ll improve resonance, sustain, and more, but it is also more costly. A few of the guitars on our listing are strong top, and a few aren’t, so take note.

The kind of wood will also alter the tone, but that is not such a significant consideration on lower-end guitars such as those in our listing.

Leading on from that is your neck. There’s quite a great deal of variance involving necks, which explains why it’s a good idea to understand what form you prefer when buying on the web.

The most usual are C and D contours, but they will come in many different thicknesses and depths. If you understand what style you would like, select this, as it will be more comfortable performing.

Another factor to consider here is that a few necks will be painted, and a few won’t. Again, it is all about taste, but some people today prefer the sense of a bare neck.

Access to the throat may be necessary also. If you believe the music you are likely to be playing will probably call for a good deal of access to the top frets, then you probably need a guitar with a cutaway, which lets you receive your hand directly to the past few frets.

The above information pertains to acoustic guitars; however, if it comes to acoustic electrics, there is also the electronic equipment to consider.

As we discussed in the pickup segment, this is not something that you want to be worried about too much to ensure you’ve got great excellent equipment.

Everything you may have to search for yet is EQ adjustment along with other choices on the preamp. Some guitarists will need full control over their tone, and others will want to allow their guitar to shine alone. Again, it is all down to taste.

Best Acoustic Electric Guitars Under 500 Brands

Best Acoustic Electric Guitar Under 500 Brands

1. Epiphone EJ-200SCE

Each one of the conventional calling cards of this traditional Gibson J-200’s legacy is present and correct in Epiphone’s most up-to-date version. There is the mustache bridge, cosmetic tortoiseshell design pickguard, Pearloid crown inlays, along with the deep but balanced bottom end that you generally only get from a jumbo.

Nonetheless, it’s the electronic equipment that has raised this beauty into our best acoustic guitar under 500 USD guide. The Shadow iconic-2 preamp utilizes two pickups: a conventional undersaddle’NanoFlex’ piezo and a fingerboard positioned NanoMag letting you dial in heat or assault – whatever is your pleasure.

Insert in different eq controls, mix function, and an onboard tuner, and Epiphone’s E200-SCE punches way above its tonal weight when plugged. Among the best acoustic guitar for the money that you can purchase under $500.


  • The impressive stereo pickup system
  • Big jumbo tones
  • Classic styling


  • Nothing at this price

2. Great build quality

Alright, we admit it, the 559 RRP is the best cheap acoustic guitar. However, you can frequently find it for $500 or less. Constructed from mostly artificial substances, the LX1E may sense utilitarian.

But, offering up classic Martin tones using a crisp-edged if authoritative voice, its vivid, modern tones will cut through a mixture and be noticed over larger guitars. Small by title but not so modest by character – sonically anyway.

The Ed Sheeran-favored small LX1E is a fantastic travel guitar that features Fishman’s Sonitone preamp too. Though only outfitted with a pre-set tone control, the shape function cleans up the mid-range, eliminating just a tiny business. Fantastic for singer-songwriters.


  • Decent plugged in performance
  • Compact and travel-ready


  • Conventional plugged in sound

3. Washburn Woodline 10 Series WLO12SE

Depending on the classic Martin OM body contour, the orchestra design WLO12SE features sub-dreadnought measurements with generally dazzling highs and a tight, controlled underside. All-mahogany construction further enriches the Washburn’s bold, forthright tone – ideal for fingerstyle guitarists.

The Fishman Presys II preamp delivers a faithful portrayal of the guitar’s acoustic attributes when plugged in, and the machine comprises bass and treble controls for tonal tweaking.

Coupled with relatively low actions, the lace finished slender C profile neck is a cinch to perform. Perfect for electric guitarists looking for a hassle-free acoustic adventure.

This is an excellent tool that feels fantastic to play. It is a genuine choice to many more costly tools, and merely one reason it features with this best budget acoustic guitar.


  • Great for fingerstyle players
  • Sparkling highs and tight, defined lows
  • The slim neck and low action
  • Great build quality; nicely finished


  • A three-piece neck isn’t the most attractive

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4. Fender CD-60S All-Mahogany

The expression newcomer tool does not fit with the current standards, as producers derive higher functionality from tonewoods at less cost to people. Fender’s CD-60S proves the point, offering a guitar that sounds fantastic and is comfortable to play – all delivered at a low, low cost.

Audio is where this dreadnought guitar provides the goods, with a chiming mid-range brightness that is part and parcel of a mahogany construction. Fender’s big-bodied dreadnought additionally extends well into the bass, in the event you would like to explore drop tunings. Intonation, tuning, and string action is excellent on the CD-60S too.

Look on the internet for package deals with tuners, straps, straps, gig bags, etc. There is an electro-acoustic version full with a body cutaway accessible also. This is probably the very best affordable acoustic guitar.


  • Value for money
  • Great intonation
  • Mid-range brightness


  • Plain looks

5. Art & Lutherie Roadhouse Tennessee Red

If it comes to the best cheap acoustic electric guitar, then you will need to go some way to overcome this tiny parlor out of Art & Lutherie (a sub-brand of Godin).

It’s a stripped-back small acoustic that’s designed to play hard. While it will welcome many fashions, the Roadhouse Tennessee Red will genuinely break out the fantastic things for gamers with a solid understanding of cowboy chords or even merely enough mojo to work that Robert Johnson-style blues design.

The appearance of this Tennessee Red may put off some people using its retro pawn shop vibe, but occasionally acoustic guitar layout can be a tiny well-mannered.

In any case, that is offered in a vintage-style Bourbon Burst or Faded Cream, in the event you need something a bit more mannered. No matter, this is a superb guitar however you look at it, a design machine using a rebel spirit.


  • Exceptional tones, especially for blues and country
  • Exceptional playability
  • There’s a gig-bag included


  • You’re left-handed

6. Alvarez Artist Series AD60

With a rather handsome solid Sitka spruce top and a persuasive and robust performance, it is not surprising that Alvarez’s AD60 ought to be a best-seller. To acquire a solid-wood shirt on a guitar at this price point isn’t a mean accomplishment, but that is precisely the type of worth Alvarez can provide.

The AD60 includes a mahogany laminate construct on the trunk and sides, which offer a tasteful book-matched finish. Its tone is clear, nicely balanced, with all the hand-sanded scalloped bracing just the thing to find that strong top resonating.

The AD60 includes a loud authoritative voice, together with special hardware along with a real bone bridge. However, the newly designed neck provides a thinner profile to get an available acoustic concerning cost and playability.


  • Great build with beautiful solid-spruce top
  • Excellent hardware
  • The well-balanced, clear, and musical tone


  • No gig-bag included

7. Martin LX1E Little Martin

The Ed Sheeran-favoured Small Martin will feel like a small industry, but by the very first strum, its conventional spruce-top voice gets us mesmerized.

If you are a timeless Martin enthusiast, this is only miniaturized using a beautiful crisp-edged voice. Its conventional sound possibly leads us to conventional American’ fingerstyle, and its pushy voice could be heard above larger guitars, either in an outfit or a recording. Intense pleasure.

The substance might be human-made, but the fingerboard and bridge seem like thick ebony. The dark-hued HPL back and sides are a bit dark, rich mahogany together with all the rear’s fundamental core substance giving a faint binding line, which elicits an elegant feel.

Our Martin has just pre-set EQ, and with no participation, things are a small middle and boxy: it sounds more traditional with all the shape change, which frees up the mids a little and provides a few crispness.

Like its acoustic, the Martin sounds traditional plugged, and that is no bad thing. It is quite simple to dial up: we scooped a bit lower midrange, which was about it. Open-mic prepared, we would say!


  • Solid build and neat finish
  • Impressive electro performance
  • Open mic-ready


  • Not as wide-sounding as rivals

8. Yamaha FSX830C

Having a solid Sitka spruce top and mahogany sides and back, the FSX830C is the best acoustic electric guitars that will age nicely, deepening both in color and in tonal sophistication. New, I believe its tone lacks personality, even though a lover of mahogany, I take pleasure in the warmth from the midrange.

I enjoy the concert-style together with the single-cutaway body design. When you get started playing acoustic, you’ll want to research the greater ranges, and also, the FSX830C gives simple access to the highest frets.

When I plug, I love to have as much control over my tone as you can, so I genuinely enjoy the flexible System-66 preamp controls. Paired with the meticulously constructed Yamaha SRT piezo pickup, I believe that the guitar’s professional plugged-in capacities compensate for the uninspiring unplugged voice.

The Yamaha FSX830C acoustic is a terrific mid-range guitar. Its concert body stays quite quickly, and its slim rosewood neck feels quick and fun to play.

I wish there were overtones from this box, but I would not mind enjoying this guitar during its light years to a day love the beauty. It will grow in its adulthood. The FSX830C is a competition for the top spot, but its price tag is a little too high to compete with the upcoming guitars on the listing.


  • Professional-grade electronics
  • Comfortable concert body shape
  • Articulate and loud


  • Could be more affordable
  • Best tone comes with age

9. Epiphone Hummingbird PRO

The Epiphone Hummingbird PRO acoustic guitar is a movie of Gibson’s 1960’s Hummingbird model but disagrees with its laminate backsplash and contemporary electronics.

It seems like the FSX830C because their forests are far the same but are louder using its square-shoulder dreadnought body. I have always been a lover of Epiphone’s SlimTaper”D” neck profile and get the Hummingbird PRO, a versatile guitar for different genres.

I believe that the Shadow electronics communicate a little too much of this solid spruce top’s high end, but this is sometimes overlooked with the ideal EQ configurations on a great amp.

I am not excited about the sizeable flashy pickguard, and onto an acoustic, I highly prefer a cutaway so that I can shred the large end. However, suppose you’re searching for a quality, affordable acoustic and are okay with the classic appearance. In that case, the Hummingbird PRO is still a fantastic guitar for a beginner to semi-pro gamers.

The Hummingbird PRO clocks in about $150 less than the Taylor Baby Mahogany-e, nevertheless provides decibels more of quantity.

Unless you’re searching for a more compact guitar, it is overall a much better purchase than the BT2-e or even the FSX830C. I am not impressed with the Shadow pickup but would not be afraid to play with a more prominent display with this guitar.


  • The loud, well-rounded acoustic tone
  • An affordable remake of famous vintage guitar
  • SlimTaper “D” neck profile for faster playing


  • No cutaway limits upper fret access
  • Unremarkable electronics

10. Ibanez AW54CE

I will top off this review with the cheapest price guitar using the maximum worth, the Ibanez AW54CE. The tone of this all-mahogany cutaway dreadnought body is about its worth more than the cost. With this Sonicore pickup and Ibanez preamp’s dependability, I would be comfortable with this guitar on stage as practicing independently.

It is loud, it is hot and woody, and it seems like a dream. Do not be turned off by the unconventional use of ovangkol for your fretboard; its smooth-playing texture and reactive tone are much like rosewood. You will not detect any difference.

Ibanez saved on cost and time by producing the AW54CE having an open-pore finish to deliver this premium quality mid-range acoustic-electric.

It is a regular-sized dreadnought, so if you are on the smaller side or searching for your child, it may be somewhat too large for you.

However, suppose you would like a guitar using a potent punch, timeless texture, and a fast-playing fretboard with open and straightforward access to the highest frets. In that case, the AW54CE is cheap, professional, and ready to rock. It’ll age nicely, and using a pickup upgrade could be an extremely professional tool.


  • Solid mahogany construction creates beautiful full-bodied warmth
  • Amazingly affordable high-quality guitar
  • Fingerboard made of sustainable wood


  • Open-pore finish unattractive to some players
  • Unavailable in the left-hand version.


Every single guitar in this guide is a winner in its own right; however, Our winner, the all-mahogany Ibanez AW54CE, is your Best Acoustic Electric Guitars Under 500 For Use, considering just how much tone and build quality that you get for the money.

Whether you are trying to purchase your kid’s first guitar or even a celebrity acoustic to satisfy your gigging aims, an acoustic guitar is a flexible choice for decades of genre quest and musical entertainment.

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