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Best 808 Vst 2023: Top Full Review, Guide

Best 808 Vst 2023: Top Full Review, Guide
  • Max Kuehn

Nowadays, Manufacturers focus on advancing and developing plugin systems to cater to the growing and more demanding use of music producers. The 808 VST is one of those systems the most sought after, a powerful plugin system for the hip hop genre; it delivers the sharp sound and very little noise.

If you have come here to find the ideal plugin system, you have come to the right place; here, Fidlar has compiled a list of Best 808 Vst 2023. Let us take a look at the recommendations that we think are Ideally.

History of 808

Roland TR-808 was born back in 1980. This was a drum system solution to Linn Drum and seemed very artificial. However, because it was not the mainstream audio, it was considered a loser with just 12.000 marketed components.

However, as it was relatively straightforward to use, hip hop artists like Run-DMC and Public Enemy made their signature sound about it and popularized it. It resembled a heartbeat. They found out that you can create a baseline by upping the decay in the bass drum noise.

History of 808

Best 808 VSTs 2023

1. Niche Audio Planet 808


Should you surf the internet for samples, then you have probably noticed about a thousand different 808 kits on the market. While that is all great for contemporary audio producers, lots of the kits lack the necessary processing for when they’re employed in the context of full-on productions.

Niche Audio Plant 808 combats this by providing numerous different vibe-driven 808 kits for practically any genre. Every one of those 808 kits was faked, edited, and processed with caution. When there are added patches for any range of soft samplers, the Niche Audio Planet 808 is the very best 808 plugin.

Niche Audio Planet 808

There are thirteen standard kits and two particular kits contained and a range of low-end subs and percussion to bring a little bit of flair to the gears. Every kit includes beginner patterns to get down some ideas right off the bat. Each also comes with unique pitches so that you can match the samples along with your songs in any manner.

In general, this 808 VST is popularly famous for its credibility. It’s meticulously sculpted for Ableton Live and Maschine to make it a workable 808 advantage for any contemporary music producer.


  • Versatile package of 808s
  • Meticulously sampled, edited, and coordinated.
  • Includes setup to Ableton Live and Maschine


  • You shed lots of ease of use features in other DAWs.

2. Wave Alchemy Revolution


Wave Alchemy states their Revolution plug is just one of the most precise digital drum machine plugins accessible at the moment. Contained from the VST are quite a few classic machines such as the OB-DX, 908, 606, 78, etc. although the 808s are what stand outside.

To be able to catch the first tone of every analog drum machine along with each small nuance, Wave Alchemy injected thousands upon tens of thousands of samples into the audio engine of the Revolution. The final result is that the subtle differences that make analogs so exceptional.

Wave Alchemy Revolution

Each sound was recorded via a balanced Radial JDI along with also a NEVE 1073 preamp, which led to sounds with a full frequency range reply believe warm, punchy, and lively! Another thing to notice here is that every sound was also summit matched to aid in the auditioning process.

A too-cool feature is that you may load the various drum sounds to the 14 drum modules, effectively providing you with a Frankenstein kit of all types. Utilize an 808 kick, a 909 hat, along also an OB-DX trap. It is seen as among the very best 808 plugins.


  • A lot of high-quality samples to play around with
  • Comes with FX such as reverb and saturation
  • The interface is Wonderful to Check at


  • Much less beginner-friendly than some of the other Alternatives

3. DopeSONIX Bass Engine 1


Should you create hip hop beats and you’re on the lookout for an enormous all-around bass plug, the Bas Engine 1 may be precisely what you have been missing.

DopeSONIX went into the problem of analyzing the previous 30 decades of hip hop to find a fantastic representation of each bass audio through every age. You will receive everything out of a classic 808 into a vinyl-style upright bass.

The plugin comes organized together with all the noises in the 1990s, 2000s, and 2010s. From the 90’s collection, you can expect to find samples from machines such as the MPC 60 MKII and SP-1200. These were the times when the bass was falsified from jazz, soul, and funk records.

From the time we hit the 2000’s, producers began getting their hands on hardware bass synths for stronger bass tones. Some of the very popular samplers contained the MPC 3000 and the ASR-10. Collected from the Bass Engine 1 are 100 presets to offer you that plump, filthy Y2K bass seems.

Last, you will find a selection of 808 and sub-bass sounds, which we are all tailored to the new snare, hip-hop, EDM, and dubstep. This is an awe-inspiring assortment of hip-hop bass that seems combined using MIDI basslines, ADSR controls, and low CPU to boot. It is seen as the very best 808 bass vst.


  • Quality bass seems arranged over the decades.
  • The interface is intuitive and Simple to Use.
  • External CPU use!


  • Not as many 808s because we had been expecting (just 20)

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4. DopeSonic Bass Engine 2


Bass Engine 2 includes 300 presets. One hundred fifty are devoted to 808 sounds, 75 are analog bass synths, 50 are dedicated to actual bass, and 25 are primarily intended for sub-bass sound. All sounds were processed via Drawmer 1961 Double Vacuum Tube Equaliser to get extra heat you’d expect to acquire from the best vst for 808 bass.

You will find standard options like editable ADSR and choice to perform with it polyphonic or legato besides normal monophonic mode, which may be performed with or without slide alternative.

This 808 VST is optimized well. Patches load extremely fast, and it requires minimal CPU usage, so it is possible to run it on any pc. And in addition to that, it doesn’t come short with whatever 808 bass-related.

It provides you what you’d expect to acquire from these applications, and DopeSONIX chose to get even farther so that they provided you with all analog and dwell bass noises. This way, you may have all in 1 bass solution under a single VST instrument.


  • Adaptive ADSR envelope controls
  • 150 presets of pure 808 bass sounds
  • It contains electric, and acoustic bass seems.
  • Comes with analog synth bass sounds, also
  • Can be performed at both mono and poly Choices


  • Mac version supports just 64-bit OS.
  • Live bass sounds are nothing specific.

5. First Sound 808 Studio 2


Every preset consist of two oscillators plus a sub-oscillator. There are two filters, one is devoted to the oscillators, and there’s yet another “master” one, which may be placed everywhere within the effects series. The same is employed to EQ, compressor, and distortion or overdrive outcomes stacked in any desired order.

The sidechain option permits you to layer the bass sound using the kick audio in a means that’s too typical in contemporary audio production. Simultaneously, mod Envelopes and LFO may also be connected to unique controls to make the form of a modular approach.

We approve the capability to store user presets in addition to the choice to load your audio samples. Once it excels in 808 seems, this VST is capable of generating more thanks for the motor. With the specified pre-made bass patterns, which come interior a built-in sequencer, you may produce a fantastic head start for your songs.

First, Audio was thinking ahead of new computers, so this VST includes a resizable user interface. This can come in very handy if you intend to utilize 4K monitors sooner or later. It can say that the very best vst for 808.


  • Built-in sequencer style
  • Sampler mode Permits You to load or alter samples.
  • Bass synth with two oscillators and Extra sub-oscillator
  • 80 presets of the 808 bass synths and the option to store your own presets
  • EQ, double filters and LFOs, and three impacts each preset, such as sidechain alternative


  • Works using 64-bit OS models only.
  • 4GB of RAM may be a bit too much for such a VST tool

6. Diginoiz Subdivine


Presets are divided into two distinct categories – digital and analog. These classes are based on the sampled source Subdivine is employing for producing specific sounds. The Drive result is created out of 7 different distortion types providing you a distinct sound taste.

Diginoiz wanted to create this VST as streamlined as possible. Therefore just two octaves of tools are faked. This is more than sufficient for many typical basslines; consequently, it requires only 10 gigabytes of storage area and is advocated eight or more RAM gigabytes.

This is the fantastic VST for the hip-hop, snare, R’n’B, or Neosoul project. It’s enough “beef” so that you may create good bass lines directly in the preset choosing, and each preset is intended to supply you with something entirely different.

However, the enormous difference between Subdivine along other 808 VSTs is that the driveway impact provides you with quite great distortion emulations.

This may provide you with many exciting sound mixes and permit you to make some quite aggressive patches that can not be achieved without even third-party VST effects. Additionally, it will come with a simple user interface that’s designed in a new eye-candy way.


  • Seven Kinds of distortion
  • Standard ADSR envelope accessible
  • Analog and digital Kind of bass sounds
  • Authentic Sample-based 808 bass VST
  • Perfect VST tool for contemporary music genres


  • Does not encourage 32-bit OS or even VST2
  • Requires a lot of space to get a bass VST

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7. Synsonic Instruments Synsonic BD-808


Should you hate sifting through heaps of different 808 seems to locate the perfect one, then the Synsonic BD-808 may be perfect for your simplicity at its very best 808 bass plugin! The BD-808 is remarkably helpful for producing dope 808 bass lines with hardly any work.

Contrary to other plugins on our listing, the BD-808 does not utilize any 808 samples, but rather it depends on a detailed evaluation of their older school bass circuits. What’s more, it uses a MIDI controller, letting you run the plugin, such as a bass synthesizer, something that you can not do using an 808 sample.

Included are a couple of parameters to tweak your sounds.

Accent highlights the assault.

The tone that controls the amount of click on the tone

Plus, some other regular controllers, such as Amount and Decay.

Apart from those controllers, there are a few additional noise manipulation options, including halftone tuning, fine-tuning, elongated decay, and MIDISync.

By our investigation, we believe the DB-808 is among the most accessible 808 VST plugins available for anybody searching for quality 808 sounds. Additionally, the ultra low cost means that you won’t burn a hole in your pocket.


  • Ultra-low Price
  • Easy to Operate
  • Added controls for shaping your Audio


  • Not as flexible as other people on the list
  • Some customers have commented It Can be somewhat buggy.

8. DopeSONIX Conquer Machine 2


The Beat Machine two by DopeSONIX is seen as the very best 808 vst 2020 on our list, even though it is much more of a drum system than the usual bass synthesizer. It was intended for producers who desire a vast array of hip-hop drums for various production styles from multiple eras.

There are 600 different kits onboard, which are ex’s and mixed beforehand so that they may be utilized on your productions right off the bat. The days of spending hours on end searching for the ideal kit bits have been long gone.

The neat thing about the DopeSONIX Beat Machine two is these kits have been organized by age. The initial 100 presets bring one of the dusty, chopped kit bits from the 90s hip-hop.

The next 100 presets are out of the 2000s, providing you the brand new Boombap noises of producers like Havoc and Alchemist along with the 808 driven fashions of Lil Jon, the clean-cut noises of Timbaland, along with the latest wave West Coast looks of Dr. Dre.

Last, you receive the 808 and 909 motivated sounds from hood snare producers like DJ Mustard and Lex Luger.

You will find 600 high-quality drum kits, 1200+ samples, 300 stereo kits, 300 multi-out kits, and 50 drum designs, all wrapped up in a flexible and non CPU plugin.


  • Countless amazing drum kits
  • Sounds organized by age
  • Low CPU usage


  • The absolute variety of apparel bits could be overpowering.

9. D16 Group Nepheton


D16 Group is famed because of its digital emulations of well-known, classic synths and drum machines. The Nepheton is a recreation of the famous 808 drum machine. Every noise that comes from this device is perfectly captured, allowing you to import the first 808 sounds directly into your DAW.

The Nepheton utilizes hybrid sequencing, which ought to please both contemporary producers and the acute drum machine fans. Built-in is a randomized feature letting you rapidly dial in some exceptional rhythms when the first 808 patterns begin to become dull.

D16 Group Nepheton

If you follow a pure 808 emulation, the D16 Nepheton might be the ideal option on the list.


  • Vintage 808 emulation
  • Hybrid sequencing
  • Randomizer attribute for exciting patterns


  • Modern producers may feel restricted.

10. Cartoon Alchemy Transistor Revolution MKII


For producers using Kontakt, the Transistor Revolution MKII is an ideal match. This plugin is a digital recreation of the iconic TR-808 and TR-909 drum machines in the 1980s.

Though this plugin’s existed for quite a while, it’s undergone some motive upgrades, including a complete re-script. Anticipate intuitive workflow along with a gorgeous interface.

The plugin comes outfitted with a 16-track step sequencer, a 10-track mixer for person drum processing, merged 808 and 909 tools, reverb and delay defend, tape saturation, and pan volume controls.

As a result of these advanced sampling technologies readily available in Kontakt, it is possible to anticipate 22,000 samples within this plugin for fat and thick sounds!

Carefully listed using a Radial JDI and NEVE 1073 preamp, it is possible to anticipate analog heat and dynamics top-notch analog audio at a comparatively low cost.


  • Premium quality analog seems.
  • Intuitive UI


  • CPU hog!


When Can I Use an 808 VST Plugin

Let’s mention to you some of the most typical situations Where You Can Benefit from a Good Deal if you utilize 808 VST plugins:

Layering Kick Sound

Every contemporary tune may gain from a robust low end. And occasionally, you do not require radical changes to attain that. It might occur that all you need to do would be to layer an extra 808 bass drum under your documented drum, and the entire picture will find a different vibe and seem complete.

Layering Bass Sound

As stated to your drum tracks, we can use the same for your bass. In the event your bass sounds weak or thin, it might lack frequencies in the sub-bass.

And simply to recall, the 808 audio that we are speaking about isn’t only about the visible part but also the “rumble” we can feel again.

Electronic Music Foundation

While the most apparent use of 808 influences is the snare signature bassline songs, the reality is that even 808 handclaps also received extensive reception in various digital music genres – house, hip hop, snare, like, as an instance, Usher”Yeah” song intro.


Fidlar hopes you have learned something new now from our post and that you can consider using an 808 VST even if you are not recording snare or hip-hop. There’s a (musical) reason 808 outlived all of the other drum machines, and you can bet it was not by coincidence.

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