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Best 808 Samples 2021: Top Full Review, Guide

Best 808 Samples 2021: Top Full Review, Guide

Introduced in the 1980s and since then, the kick 808 is a prominent symbol of that sound and is widely used.
The loud noises used in hip hop music from the very beginning and then were replicated into other genres and still develops to this day as a unique sound indispensable of music.

If you are interested in finding a wide range of the best 808 kits, this is precisely where you need it; Fidlar has conducted a survey and compiled a list of the Best 808 Samples 2021 to find the package suitable for me in this list.

What Key Should My 808 Be In?

It would help if you matched the key the remainder of your tune is composed in. But If you are beginning the track having an 808 routine, you will often locate the keys F, E, and G to possess the maximum power. Keys such as C and D are typically somewhat low, and the sub starts to lose control.

All this is experimental; however, the very best thing would be to write a blueprint that you like, and then if it is completed, transpose it up and down till it seems nice and healthy.

Best 808 Sample Pack 2021

Best 808 Sample Pack 2021

1. Zenhiser – Universal 808 Kicks

We have written about Zenhiser products in years past, and they continue to launch excellent quality sample packs across a selection of genres.

Their “Universal 808 Kicks” sample package had to be included on this listing for a few reasons. First, the sound quality and sonic character of this 808 kick are sublime.

When surfing through the 808s within this sample package, it’s immediately apparent that much of maintenance and perfectionism has become every audio, and the job has repaid.

The next reason I needed to incorporate this component is the extraordinary assortment of 808 sounds. There are noises in this package that would be ideal for hip hop, snare, d&b, EDM, home, film FX, and numerous other genres.

This package includes a whopping 300 bass drum noises, many sampled straight in the Roland TR-808, and then edited to make fresh, unique sounds. This is seen as one of the very best 808 packs.

2. 808 Earthquake

If you’re searching for an enormous amount of 808 loops and a single shot for snare or hip hop music, “808 Earthquake” from Big Fish Audio is worth checking out.

The very first thing I’ll say about this package is it’s pricey. Despite the significant number of articles you get, it is still costly. Nonetheless, it’s a perfect pack when you’ve got the money to invest and want the best quality and amount of the best 808 drum kit on the market.

808 Earthquake is created from the fashions of Murda Beatz, Zaytovan, Araab Muzik, and a lot more of your current day snare producers.

3. Wave Alchemy: 808 Drums

“808 Drums” from Wave Alchemy is just another sample package that’s sampled and layered directly in the first Roland TR-808 hardware.

Nevertheless, this royalty-free 808 sample package does not just comprise 808 bass drums; it integrates various drums out of the TR-808 like clap, trap, Tom, and hi-hat samples.

The samples were recorded utilizing a distinctive, high-end sign series to capture the first machine’s thickness and character. Wave Alchemy subsequently added additional outboard processing, precision editing, and innovative sample layering to give the TR-808 samples a contemporary, unique spin.

Astonishingly, this sample pack is noticeably less expensive than the other groups within this listing, though the sound quality and diversity of these sounds are still top-notch. It is still one of the very best 808 bass samples.

4. Hard AF – Trap & Hip Hop Samples

The contemporary 808 bass drum’s noise is available in countless music sub-genres but remains most commonly seen in tap and hip hop. In these genres, especially snare, 808s are more competitive and rumbling than the first 808 sound.

This royalty-free sample package from “Origin Sound” includes this particular manner of 808s. They have a punchy, hard-hitting summit with a new, thundering bass, ideal for snare and hip hop producers.

This package only comprises 20 808 hits, mainly because it encompasses numerous percussive and useful samples in addition to the 808s, such as snares, chords, and SFX.

Therefore, if you’re trying to find a sample pack together with as many 808 bass guitars as you can, this may not be for youpersonally. It is probably one of the very best 808 sounds

5. Trap Ultra Pack

This sample pack is an enormous, all-encompassing pack that’s ideal for getting started with snare production. It comprises a large scale of 100 bass loops and 60 “808 design” sub kicks.

Much like “Difficult AF,” this royalty-free trial package comprises a whole lot more than merely 808 bass samples. This package includes pieces over the digital side of the trap and can be motivated by enormous artists like Diplo, DJ Snake, RL Grime, Bro Safari, Baauer, and Carnage. The kicks are punchy and chest-thumping, the snares are sharp and broad, and the hi-hats are quick and perfectly blended.

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6. Modern Samples – Trap Drums HQ

Trap Drums HQ 808 Sound PackFirst; This collection comprises over 300 different samples, recorded with analog drum machines and analog components.

Each sound was blended to perfection, together with all the analog signal path solidifying vibe and authenticity.

In addition to the 300+ person samples, also, there are 63 bonus samples contained. These bonus samples have a large kick expansion package, a new 808 drum kit, plus a sterile 909 drum kit.

Though this kit is sure to Trap compared to a particular 808 diversion, there’s an exceptional assortment of 808 samples inside Trap Drums HQ.

The care that’s gone into making this bunch is a huge thumbs up from us. Every sample sounds excellent! They are processed enough to permit you to drag and drop to your monitor, but also with sufficient headroom to tweak to your needs.

There is also a committed 808 drum package as part of the bundle. This permits you to program inside your DAW because you would like the hardware device!

The last massive love for this bunch is that the tuned 808 kicks. Possessing a kick tuned to your song’s key makes it possible for the shallow end of your paths to remain harmonic. Overall, another terrific package from Modern Samples.


7. Real Drum Samples Line of Legends

Line of Legends by Real Drum Samples boasts a group of all of the drum sounds you’ll ever want. This collection comprises over 380 samples, recorded with classic drum machines and an SSL G+ 4000 consoles. The SSL G4000 is into Hip-Hop exactly what a Gibson Les Paul would be to Rock n Roll.

Google photos of Dr. Dre from the studio, and you can bet he is likely to be more hunched over his SSL! This way of shooting Line of LeThe first Roland 808 drum machine was introduced in 1980. The 808 kick audio has become arguably among the most iconic and most broadly recognized audio production sounds.

Nowadays, the 808 drum kit is still used anywhere and mainly in contemporary hip hop. Even if it is not an immediate sample in the first 808 drum machine, most men and women refer to some sine wave at the sub frequency array because of an “808”.

In the last few decades, producers are extending the limitations of 808s and utilizing saturation, distortion, eq, and compression to form them into noises different from the first Roland 808 drum sample.

If you’re interested in finding a broad array of 808 samples, representing each one the different kinds of this 808, without going via exactly the identical recycled 808s that get renamed and place in various sample packs, below are a few recommendations on our preferred free 808 drum kits.

8. Gold Baby Super Analog 808

Gold Baby Super Analog 808 Drum SamplesSuper Analog 808 out of Gold Baby is another TR-808 emulation. All these 808 drum samples were listed at 96 kHz / 24 bit.

Sampling an analog drum system with this kind of high bandwidth ensures that this particular collection is much more representative of their analog signal. A total of 1168 WAV documents are recorded as part of the group, such as pitched bass and conga sounds.

The tool spots within Super Analog 808 are harmonious with Battery 3, 5, EXS24, Pro, Maschine two, and Kontakt 3, enabling the drum system emulation to be programmed MIDI.

No additional 808 sample package within this guide might boast as many bass samples as Super Analog 808! Each hit differs in tonal version and speed, allowing a realistic 808 blueprint to be programmed.

The most significant advantage for us is that the Instrument Patches. On account of the number of bass samples recorded with this package, the spots use extensive round-robin mapping to get a more analog texture.

This round-robin implies that two adjacent pieces will probably be equal, so your drum part’s programming will seem less tired; comparable samples tend to ship the ears to sleep after a time!

Another favorite feature of this package is that the tuned samples. According to preceding packs, a tuned bass is a vital asset! Using tuned congas as part of the group enables melodic percussion to be programmed, reminiscent of several ancient 80s classics.


What’s the spin 808?

The Spinz 808 remains among the most popular 808 bass samples utilized in creating trap beats. This bass sample was used by the best industry producers from the sport such as Southside, Jetsonmade, Sonny Digital, Jetsonmade, CashmoneyAP, Pyrex Whippa & much more!

Is 808 a bass or kick?

808s are about large, bass. To get a punchier, better sound, consider pairing your 808 along with bass drum samples for extra attack. The high-end snap of a kick drum can allow your ear to spot the low-end, helping to cut through the mix. Oct 14, 2019

Can I sidechain kick and 808?

A perfect combination is going to have the kick passing hit, and the 808 bass awakens in. But, mixing both ought to seem like a smooth bass noise. The kick must cut while still using a smooth mix. This way is usually better than using sidechain compression.

Can FL Studio have 808?

Using the kick drum using a fairly punchy bass noise, the contemporary 808 audio has taken over the music landscape. Check out this cool movie below on how to create your personal 808 sounds from FL studio. Use this as a quick guide to making something unique to your beats.

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