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Best 8 String Guitars 2021: Top Brands Review

Best 8 String Guitars 2021 Top Brands Review

If you are a guitarist, you probably know the guitar has many strings, from 4,7,8, to 12 strings; each guitar will produce different tones and resonances.

Today, many famous brands such as Ibanez, Jackson, ESP provide high-quality 8-wire guitar. And so hundreds or even thousands of eight-string guitars came into being, making it even more challenging to choose the ideal guitar.

Before you decide to buy an audio device, consider some information about the specifications and related factors. If you are also planning to invest in an 8-string guitar, this is precisely where you need to go; here, Fidlar has compiled a list of the Best 8 String Guitars 2021. Wait and see what we have for you in this paragraph.

Things To Consider To Find The Ideal 8-string Guitars

8 String Design

Much like the 6-string Guitar, such 8-string guitars possess a similar appearance. The Guitar includes pickups, a scaffold, a headstock, a human body, and everything possible to find on a guitar using lesser strings readily available on the marketplace.

On the other hand, the difference is that there are just two strings. Makers usually include two strings in the end. Subsequently, you’ve got just two extra-thick strings to provide that extra bass guitars.

When buying an eight-string guitar, we advise you to get a challenging and highly effective plan. Incidentally, we must notify you that 8-string guitars could be marginally thicker than the six-string.

Scale Length

Numerous eight-string new gamers become baffled concerning the scale length. Therefore we wish to explain how important this is to your Guitar. These pellets are available in various sizes to quickly decide on the smaller scale span or the broader one. But the problem you will encounter with many 8-string guitars acoustic is becoming predictable noise and tuning difficulties.

Along these lines, even once you’re buying, a lot of specialists urge players to go to get a multi-scale span eight-string Guitar. It tackles that problem in a minute. In case the Guitar’s neck appears bowed, at the point, that’s a multi-scale period guitar.

Tunings Adaptability

The principal’s preferred position of using guitars with eight strings is that it provides that all-inclusive range a guitar using fewer strings demands. You do not need to keep to meander around the fretboard while soloing because possible it within just a small selection.

You need to select a guitar that has the choice to adjust to several tunings. A guitar that could adjust to provides the proper chain tension paying little heed to the pruning you’re using.

Finest 8-String Guitar

In conjunction with this, the tuning heads also ought to adapt to several tunings. If they can not, you need to transform them drill the openings to the strings’ pressure to stay dependable. Specialists also prescribe guitarists to acquire dolls with locking tuners.

String Gauge

If you go for an 8-string guitar, you should be aware that the series gauge must do with all the strings’ thickness. Commonly, the very low F-string, that’s the string for this particular circumstance, is that the thickest contrasted with other strings out there.

Producers give a distinctive series of thicknesses to offer various apparent and pruning types. It will help if you redesigned the strings if the manufacturer fails to adapt to the tuning you desire.

Quality Control

There’s not any real value that may be placed on quality. The gear and sections of your 8-string Guitar ought to be created to the top expectations. You ought to examine where the components originate from. Numerous countries have varied excellent management principles.

Likewise, it would help if you were sure to hunt for a warranty on your Guitar. Whatever can not provide you at any given rate for a one-year guarantee is probably not likely to meet your drawn-out guitar requirements.

Ibanez RG8 Electric Guitar

Best 8 String Guitars Brands 2021

1. Ibanez RG8 Electric Guitar

There’s a whole lot to say concerning this eight-string Guitar since it includes excellent attributes for all kinds of players.

When you begin playing with the eight-string guitar, then you need to understand how to elongate. The situation is precisely the same for this one. On the other hand, the producer guaranteed they made the walnut neck somewhat thinner to create stretching simpler.

The body includes several colors and consists of a mahogany body and two neck and bridge pickups. Meaning, you’ve got one humbucking pickup near the bridge, and the other one is near the neck.

The RG8 includes the capacity to tune in various tuning standards. Its mill pruning is D, A, F, C, G, D, A, and F. However, should you think it will match your playing style, then it is possible to tune it to your taste.

Another element that facilitates this capability is your string gauge. The RG8 employs the series estimate of 9-65. Therefore, the strings produce a suitable tension without sacrificing tonality.

Most reviewers critic that this eighth Guitar since it resembles an inexpensive guitar. But everything added to it’s lasting and has a goal. Aside from that, the sound that this guitar produces, whether on distortion or clean, is distinctive and straightforward. It doesn’t fail, and you’ll happily use this Guitar with your amplifier or rig.

Whether you’re a beginner or a Schecter banshee elite participant, you will surely enjoy the noises coming from this particular guitar.

Additionally, the strings are near different, but that shouldn’t be a problem. The tonality is exceptional, and with all the series judge, you can make sure it provides exceptional low frequencies over the lower strings. This is probably the very best 8 string pickups.


  • Durable construction
  • Bridge and neck humbucking pickups for picking up all the tones
  • The scale length is 27 inches
  • Features a wizard neck


  • Users complained of the buzz, but that should not be a problem if you have a fret wrap

2. Schecter C-8 DELUXE Electric Guitar

Eight-string guitarists wish to seem significant. However, you can’t attain this unless you’ve got a guitar that could provide that. The Schecter omen C-8 isn’t a disappointment in this circumstance. It presents an electric eight-string guitar together with the capacity to convert your amplifier and rig into a monster.

The total construction of the Guitar may bring a great deal of stick from various eight-string fans. But, everything contained within this tool has a goal.

It includes a basswood body, which features a hardtail bridge, Diamond Plus- pickups, tone, and volume controls, along with a switch.

The 28-inch neck is a flamed maple top and can be friendly to your palms. Additionally, it features a 24- fret, dot inlays, and a rosewood fretboard for optimum tonality.

The Schecter is an excellent tool for musicians who’d like to employ an assortment of techniques within their songwriting. As an example, if you prefer to slap the lower strings, then this is possible. Additionally, the neck is thin to make sure you could achieve the last wager.

Moreover, the string-thru-body is also a superb complement to this Guitar. It aids in sustaining the noise; therefore, your strings possess a much better vibration when you perform.

The song is exceptional, and because you’ve got the Diamond plus-8 pickups, you can make sure you will hear all of the frequencies articulately.


  • Guitar for everyone
  • Excellent tonality
  • Thin neck
  • Extra space between the neck and the body so that the player can reach the further end of the fretboard
  • Comes with chrome hardware


  • We are yet to know how long the guitar stays in tune

3. ESP LTD EC-258 Electric Guitar

For guitar players seeking an affordable eight-string guitar to add to their rig, that is precisely what you ought to buy.

Some producers typically compromise on the construct to compensate for the purchase price. However, for this one, this isn’t the situation. It includes special body features, and I am sure that this rig will impress you all of the ways.

Mostly the body consists of mahogany. It’s also a string-thru-body with neck and bridge ESP pickups and also three tonal control knobs.

The neck includes a three-piece maple mahogany neck with a lace fish. It’s also slender so that individuals with smaller hands may get to the whole fretboard quickly. Be aware that the fretboard has 22 jumbo frets. Thus, you won’t encounter the wrong strings or notes while playing.

The ESP LTD EC-258 merely sounds professional. It’s passive digital pickups that catch-all tones flawlessly. Some users notice that the strings have a buzz. But that shouldn’t worry you as you may deal with this having a worry wrapping.

In our view, the ESP LTD EC-258 is ideal for moving into an eight-string guitar. Furthermore, seasoned players are going to have a simple time playing with this guitar. It’s essential to be aware that the reduced series is a 74-string gauge. Thus, you’re confident you will achieve excellent sounds. This is the very best affordable 8 string guitar.


  • Adapts to all styles
  • Robust mahogany shape with a matte finish adds to its appeal
  • Dot inlays on the fret for smooth movement
  • Passive electronics do not need a battery
  • Provides modern sounds


  • Buzzing on the frets but not as noticeable

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4. ESP LTD SC-608 Baritone Signature Collection Stephen Carpenter Electric Guitar

The ESP LTD SC-608 is a high-end guitar for metal guitarists. It attracts the artist with uncompromised body architecture and audio attributes.

The ESP LTD SC-608 includes a mahogany shape with a red sparkle. We think that the red gleam makes it attractive and great to check at through performances. Its neck consists of a 3-piece walnut, a Macassar Ebony fingerboard, which can be 350 mm.

Additionally, the neck has a scale length of 27 inches. It provides the baritone sound attributes you will notice while playing with this guitar.

On the entire body, you’ll also discover a string-thru bridge, whose first goal would be to make sure your strings have the proper strain throughout performances.

The mahogany shape features two active pickups using a glow-in-the-dark stripe on the pickup. You may love this attribute, mainly when playing in a room with dim light. The pickup’s excellent design ensures it chooses each note with extreme accuracy and quality.

With a superb arrangement and audio quality, players can make sure this guitar is easy to play with. The guitar stays in tune, as it includes LTD locking tuners. Such tuners are relatively simple to tune and helpful when restringing your guitar as you don’t need to keep wrap the series over the tuning peg.

The S-608 is an eight-string tool for beginners and experienced players alike.


  • Easy to tune
  • String tension is excellent
  • Red sparkle makes the guitar attractive
  • Thin neck
  • Lightweight
  • Comes with a case


  • No dot inlays; beginners may have a difficult time playing this guitar

5. Jackson X Collection 8-String Electric Guitar

The Jackson X string isn’t created for its faint-hearted. It’s a double-cutaway mahogany body with an arched top and a one-piece good wood design, making it quite hefty, weighing 17 lbs. It’s been awarded a too straight brown gloss finish.

The neck is prominent in diameter and is a walnut one-piece bolt-on. It’s a multi-scale length using a truss rod with two-scale spans of 26-28 inches. A Jackson x series silhouette, it’s likewise awarded a gloss finish. The fretboard is Laurelwood with 24 jumbo sizes. It’s a 2.16-inch nut width and dot markers located towards the upper end of the fretboard.

Sound-wise it’s not built to take any offenders with both passive Jackson blade humbuckers. One in the neck and you in the bridge position. They push quite a distinctive sound that’s intended for a session that is shredding. Relatively easy controls have a tone and volume control plus a three-way pickup toggle switch.

This guitar’s air proceeds with its black hardware, eight die-cast tuners, along a fixed bridge. The bridge includes individual saddles. All these have a design to permit decent intonation across both scale lengths. All of the hardware is completed in a Matt black that’s virtually threatening.

This guitar is made in Indonesia, and it’s tough to confuse the artistry. It’s well-designed but additionally well-put-together. Plus, it obviously has one usage in your mind, and that’s to earn a great deal of sound, and it indeed does this.

It’s a guitar constructed for metal, and that is about what it will. It’s an attractive appearance for this, it has to be mentioned, and in the purchase price point is a great purchase. If you’d like a no-nonsense eight series electric guitars with primary metallic audio, then this is well worth considering.


  • Well made with good materials and attractive design.
  • Powerful humbucker sound.


  • It really only has one style of use, so it isn’t what you might call versatile.

6. Jackson DKA8 Pro Series Dinky

Back, into Jackson for another within their range. This is the best budget 8 string guitar, look at me. Preferably a specific color but one which is not gruesome.

The human anatomy is a standard form to get a guitar made out of alloy in your mind. A profoundly diminished cutaway makes the entire fingerboard accessible.

The archtop body is created of one-piece of Alder wood and awarded a high gloss finish in crimson. Being Alder wood, it’s also relatively lightweight at only 9 lbs.

The neck is Maple with a bolt-on layout. The scale length is 26,5 inches. It’s fitted with a truss rod and a shark fin theme at the 12th fret. It’s 24 jumbo sizes.

2 Di Marzio humbucker pickups provide the noise. You will find easy controls, as is usual, only a tone and volume. Nonetheless, it’s fitted using a five-way toggle shifting system, which provides you with just about every choice for sound shaping.

An intriguing sound extra is the addition of a kill switch controller. This will provide you with a few intriguing stutter effects. When connected with a delay pedal, the result can be very stunning.

Up in the headstock, You will find Earth Wave locking machine heads. The nut and bridge are also shameful. The bridge provides through body stringing with individual saddles for exact intonation and control.

It’s loud and very apparent, to say the very least, and if you’re likely to shred a bit, this will look and sound the part. It’s produced in Mexico and is well-constructed. An affordable price point makes it worth considering as among the very best 8-string guitars.


  • Great looking like a guitar at an affordable price.
  • Powerful sound with some good features.


  • No bag or case.

7. ESP Artist Collection LJR608QMFBSB 8-String Electric Guitar

ESP is a Japanese guitar maker based in1975. They produce a variety of guitars in the funding, entry-level versions for their signature series tools. Due to its large rivals Ibanez RG series rg8, ESP was known for producing excellent copies of Telecasters and Strats. Though, their top-level guitars are no duplicates and possess some well-known players such as Ronnie Wood, who appreciates them.

This guitar is among the Artist series. This device includes an Ash body along with a Walnut and Maple neck. The neck includes a slender ‘U’ shape. It’s surprisingly lightweight at only ten pounds., The Ebony fingerboard has 24 jumbo sizes.

It’s been awarded some superb hardware using a Graphtech nut and 2 DiMarzio humbuckers. The bridge is a high-quality Schaller. As is the standard, controls are easy a tone and volume control using a slider pickup selector.

There is not much about this guitar that’s been left to chance. The woods and hardware used are of maximum quality. The humbuckers kick up a big sound.

Whether you’re a beginner or a Schecter banshee elite participant, you will surely enjoy the noises coming from this particular guitar.

This is a pro-level tool, which explains why it’s a component of this Artist show from ESP. A quality construct, it is going to be considered one of the very best 8-string guitars. It’s relatively costly, but then you’d probably expect it to be.


  • Good build with high-quality materials.
  • A nice simple design.


  • Quite expensive.

8. Washburn PXM18EB Parallaxe PMX Series 8-String

The first Washburn guitar business was set up back in 1883 and has been successful for several decades. Nonetheless, in the 20s and 30s, however, they started to fight and so were bankrupted. And from 1940, they had all disappeared.

And it’s possessed by Washburn International, who was somewhat reinvented with some aid from the Roland Corporation. They fabricate under Washburn’s title; however, in actuality, they have nothing whatsoever to do with the first business.

They currently produce budget array guitars, which are adequate tools and offered at a low price. The PMX is among these versions.

It’s a solid Alder body with deep cutaways and a bolt-on neck created from 5-ply walnut and mahogany. The fingerboard is ebony and contains 24 super jumbo frets. It’s the typical fashion of dot inlays.

It’s been awarded some very excellent hardware fittings, such as a Graphite nut and locking Grover machine heads. There is additionally a fixed bridge with individual saddles along with a through the entire body stringing system.

The audio comes from two EMG humbuckers, one in the neck and you in the bridge. Controls would be the average Volume and Tone using a toggle pickup selector.

This can be an appealing-looking guitar with its black gloss finish. It’s somewhat different in style in the hardware isn’t chrome. A wonderful touch merely to be somewhat different.

As an 8-string electrical guitar Washburn International has done an excellent job of producing a fantastic guitar. It seems the part and gets the noise, and although not being as eloquent and rocky as a few, it’s still a rewarding investment.

If you’re seeking a budget degree 8-string that nonetheless produces the merchandise, then this is well worth a look. And at the purchase price point, it’s reasonably the best cheap 8 string guitar.


  • A well-made, attractive-looking instrument at an affordable cost.
  • Good materials and fittings.


  • Some will want a hotter sound.

9. Ibanez RGMS8 Electric Guitar

The Ibanez RGMS8 is the best 8 string with a gap. First, it comes out of a recommendable new, and 2, you’re likely to encounter a difference in relaxation and the quality of audio.

Most consumers complain that many multiscale guitars are heavyweights. However, for this guitar, matters appear to differ. You, therefore, practice for extended and play with it on stage while standing.

Factors that facilitate this include a mahogany body with two humbucking pickups, tone and volume controls, and a three toggle switch. The body also includes a monorail bridge, which implies that there’s sufficient space between each series.

Additionally, it features a five-piece walnut neck and a jatoba fretboard.

Musicians who like to shred on any eight-string guitar will love this tool. It provides hot sound attributes, with the ideal sort of punch you want when playing different fashions.

As it includes a multiscale neck, then you can make sure the intonation is ideal. Additionally, the strain and keep on the strings are excellent.

The Ibanez RGMS8 must operate perfectly together with all the pedals, whether analog or digital. Whether you’re a beginner or a Schecter banshee elite participant, you will surely enjoy the noises coming from this particular guitar.


  • It is a good multiscale eight-string guitar
  • Provides rich and bright tones for different styles
  • Comfortable and lightweight


  • The bridge is not grounded

10. Dean Rusty Cooley 8-String Electric Guitar

The objective of Dean Guitars is the production of excellent guitars for many ages and stages. It considers that everybody has to be able to have a guitar of fantastic quality irrespective of their degree of proficiency. In keeping with this vision and mission, Dean Guitars now provides the Rusty Cooley 8-String Solid-Body Electric Guitars.

The guitar’s real character is that the reproduction of the specific specs required by Rusty Cooley himself. The guitar has a solid alder top and body and a walnut bolt-on neck made to Cooley’s exact specifications. The ebony fretboard enriches play while the pearl dot inlays include an elementary but cool aesthetic worth.

Its tone includes dual EMG 808 active humbucking pickups, just one to the neck and the other for its bridge. These could be controlled with the 3-way button, while the sole knob is purely for the volume controller.

For its hardware, it includes Grover tuners, which are famous for holding song well, along with a Floyd Rose bridge that provides excellent stability with this high guitar.


  • Its black finish and black hardware look great.
  • It comes with good quality hardware.
  • It comes with a case.


  • It does not offer extensive tonal control.


Each of the eight-string choices provided in this article is appropriate in various contexts. Bear in mind, although two guitars come in precisely the same brand, they’ll operate otherwise. They’ll also come in handy, depending upon your situation and desire.

Because of this, it’s ideal for testing out a guitar until you purchase it. Get to understand what attributes you may get and when it is going to match your playing style. Some guitar stores make it possible for buyers to join their rig and all the guitar at the store. It gives them a sense of what to expect from the tool when they buy it. Fidlar hopes that our Best 8 String Guitar guide will help you find the best one.

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