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Best 8 Inch Subwoofer 2021: Top Brands Review

Best 8 Inch Subwoofer 2020 Top Brands Review

If you would like to improve your car’s stereo system. However, you do not have a great deal of room; the remedy is a hard-hitting 8-inch sub. They are not as large or as strong as larger subwoofers.

But, they function entirely well in smaller vehicles, like hatchbacks. The very best 8-inch subwoofers produce a more superior sound than your factory speakers. In this guide, Fidlar will show you the list of Best 8 Inch Subwoofer reviews.

Types Of Subwoofers


A powered subwoofer involves an amplifier within the enclosure, which makes it appropriate for smaller distances. These subwoofers have decent bass frequencies and total noise; nevertheless, their little enclosure prevents them from emitting hard-hitting, super heavy, and deeper bass tones. Their size and simplicity of installation are valuable, especially in tight areas.


A part subwoofer has many different components and can be geared towards audiophiles who wish to personalize their audio. You have the liberty to select which kind of enclosure, amplifier, along with other items that you need to include.

Although this kind of subwoofer is tailor-made to fit your requirements, it requires a little technical know-how. A non-component subwoofer contains all you need in 1 enclosure. This subwoofer is targeted towards individuals who do not need to bother too much with this setup.

Types Of Subwoofers


An enclosed subwoofer is pre-mounted within an enclosure that’s specially designed to include it. Enclosed subwoofers don’t contain amplifiers, so you’ll have to buy one separately. You will find fewer enclosed subwoofers in the marketplace than other possibilities, but they are a fantastic choice if you’d like an easy solution for updating your audio system.

Vehicle – Specific

Vehicle-specific subwoofers are tucked away from various locations in your auto, truck, or SUV, like the door. If you do not have a lot of space or would like to set the subwoofer in an out-of-the-way spot, this can be one means to do it. They generally fit your car’s inside and come pre-mounted within an enclosure. But, they do not produce a big booming bass noise in contrast to larger subwoofers.

Everything You Want To Know About Subwoofers


The best subwoofer for automobiles, trucks, and other vehicles vary in size from 8 to 15 inches. Ordinarily, larger subwoofers have louder bass, but that is not necessarily the situation.

Several different factors also impact performance, for example, sensitivity score, enclosure type, and power handling. An 8-inch subwoofer is generally better than the mill, mostly if it’s set up for optimum performance.

Enclosure Type

This can be an essential characteristic since it impacts the subwoofer’s quality of audio. The way the sub is included may also affect performance.

The very best 8-inch subwoofer to get a sealed box, as an instance, will create the most profound foundation, while a ported enclosure and bandpass enclosure will allow higher levels of quantity.

Everything You Want To Know About Subwoofers

Frequency Range

A subwoofer is restricted to the frequency range it could reach. A subwoofer using a smaller lower limitation will be producer heavier, lower frequencies.

If you’re searching for intense bass, then pick a sub with the lowest frequency limitation. A top power 8-inch subwoofer will generally have a lower frequency rating between 20 and 30 hertz.

Single Vs Dual Voice Coils

Personal voice recorders are helpful if you would like a fast and easy upgrade to your music system. Dual sound coils offer you flexibility in regards to adding extra sound power output. If you love customizing your stereo to discover the ideal audio, consider dual voice coils.


Each subwoofer includes a wattage evaluation that shows just how much electricity it can deal with. It must be said that this evaluation is for peak performance.

A subwoofer that works at its most significant rating for an extended period will eventually overheat and fail. Have a look at the root mean square (RMS) to determine just how much electricity the sub could consistently manage.

Sensitivity Rating

To ascertain how booming a subwoofer is, you also ought to examine the sensitivity value in addition to the energy score. A sub with greater sensitivity can produce precisely the same degree of noise with a smaller energy quantity compared to some sub with a decreased sensitivity.

Best 8 Inch Subwoofers Brands

Best 8 Inch Subwoofers Brands

1. Skar Audio VVX-8v3 D4 800 W Max

Years of tinkering and innovation have set Skar in a position to redefine the definition of a subwoofer. Which they have done together with the VVX-8v3 D4

The 8-inch VVX-8v3 D4 is mostly made to boost the low-end frequencies that see it supply the beats like the artist would like you to listen to them. With a competition-grade pressed paper cone that resists damage and two high-temperature copper coil ensures this system keeps the safe working temperature.

If your vehicle is low on space and you’re searching for a subwoofer that packs enough bass, audio quality, and at precisely the same time, bulky, then you need to consider opting for your Skar VVX-8v3 D4. You’ll also find out it is relatively affordable in comparison to others in precisely the same category.


  • Has an attractive design and style
  • Precise low frequencies
  • Shallow mount layout for Effortless setup
  • A Dependable engine
  • Can Deal with a minimal power of 400 Watts and 800 Watts Max
  • Unique cooling system
  • Reasonable Price


  • None found

2. Rockford Fosgate P3SD2-8

Specially created for the ones that adore their bass playing loud, the P3SD-8 is a point 3 subwoofer that can produce crystal clear highs but could also deliver a constant, distortion-free bass punch if you want it in only 150 watts. What I respect about this subwoofer is its built quality and general look. It is probably the very best 8 subwoofer.

The P3SD-8’s rigid anodized aluminum cone is intended to withstand deformation even if operating under maximum loading. It’s housed in a stable, vented framework that provides an adequate cooling system and protects the machine from shock and vibrations, so you don’t overlook any conquer while driving.

If your car or truck lacks a suitable spot to get a subwoofer along with other sound improving systems, then you can certainly benefit from your P3SD2-8’s shallow-mount arrangement that makes it a lot easier to install in little spaces. I was amazed that this system does not rattle much at maximum load.


  • The setup process is a Simple DIY
  • Rarely rattles
  • Handles low frequencies well
  • Great for small vehicles
  • Produces a Trusted bass with no distortion
  • Straightforward setup


  • Requires a Fantastic Excellent enclosure to get peak performance
  • It may require powerful beats for quality audio.

3. Kicker 40CWD84 8″ CompD Car Subwoofer

The Kicker is famous for design and engineering feats, which have seen it catch the CES award for mind-blowing audio quality. The Kicker 40CWD84 certainly lives up to this reputation.

Do not be tricked by this product’s compact dimensions; it’s a peak power handling of 400 Watts that is guaranteed to create small earthquakes within your motor vehicle. Having an 85.6 dB sensitivity, these subwoofers could only be the audio system to improve your car with.

Additionally, it features a flex-resistant polypropylene cone for producing crisp and tight highs with no distortion. In contrast, the cone has been kept on goal with the assistance of ribbed foam enclosing. I find that this subwoofer’s frequency response very impressive, moving as low as 30 Hz or up to a high of 500 Hz.

Kicker 40CWD84 kicks; it’s guaranteed to get you and your car vibration to every beat as you sail.


  • Suitable for free-air usage
  • Extensive venting guarantees lasting performance
  • Fantastic bass and clarity
  • Produced from quality components
  • Low-end frequencies seem unique.
  • Very Reasonably Priced


  • Works well with a sealed or ported enclosure

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4. Pioneer TS-SWX2002D2 8″ Shallow-Mount Pre-Loaded Enclosure

Pioneer is just another based brand operating hard to maintain the subwoofer top place with every product they release to the marketplace. Pioneer TS-SWX2002 is just another high-quality and dependable product with a peak frequency response of 20-200 Hz and, based on Pioneer, can manage up to 600 watts of electricity summit or 150 Watts RMS.

TS-SWX2002 is a well-constructed unit that features a dual-spider layout using a sizable mica-injected resin cone. This installation provides stability and a larger surface area to your cone and gasket, letting it displace more air leading to a more substantial, more profound, and more exact noise.

Blend a fashionable design, compact size, superior levels of sharpness, strong bass, and worth; everything you get is the Pioneer TS-SWX2002. If you would like to enjoy high-quality audio combined with those features, then this product may be the best choice to give your car’s audio system a boost.


  • Tight bass out of a shallow streamlined layout
  • Bass performance is top-notch if paired with a Good monoblock amp.
  • The sound is clean and deep.
  • Central volume emanates in the enlarged cone.
  • Fabricated with quality components
  • Fits into tight spaces well
  • Reasonable Price


  • May need separate mounting to the best possible outcomes.
  • Power capacity is Somewhat low.

5. Rockville SS8P Powered Under-Seat 8.”

The noise of this Rockville SS8P is the best value subwoofer: it is not likely to distort easily. However, you’ll not be receiving the lowest lows or most significant quantity. You’ll also be overlooking some fullness since the enclosure is shallow. That having been said, it is not for specific functions: it is made to be a terrific all-rounder.

It is cheap, runs off 100 watts RMS, also permits for the high-level input signal. You will not be selling a kidney to afford to run this particular unit. The drawback is that you are restricted to 100 watts. It is sufficient to complete a mill system but to not produce eye-watering bass.

It is not the smallest final installment on this listing (that honor belongs to the Recoil SL1708), but it is close. You won’t have any problem finding somewhere to put in it.

The Rockville is an all-in-one, and it is designed to be incredibly simple to install. That is cool. It means that anybody can get set up with a fantastic reach of bass.

They decide to concentrate on keeping it streamlined and effective, which can be cool. Regrettably, as a result of Hoffman, we all know that means that you will not be getting top of the line audio quality or quantity. If you’d like a bit more volume in a system that’s still relatively simple to install, have a look at this MTX sub on the list.


  • Incredibly convenient, you do not need an amp enclosure.
  • Cheap
  • Works with almost any system
  • The enclosure is durable and well constructed.


  • Low volume
  • Not much control over the audio profile

6. Boss Audio CXX8

The CXX8 is optimized for 49hz, which is virtually the bare minimum to get a subwoofer to become okay. The materials are inexpensive also, so it is more prone to distortion.

Using a 600-watt summit, you can push this tiny sub using just about every amp on the market. It is inexpensive and can run from cheap amps, such as those maker Boss is famed for.

This sub will fit into pretty much any medium-sized enclosure and flourish. It is 4″ profound. Therefore it is not as trivial as the others, such as the JBL, but it is also not a creature that needs a whole kitchen cupboard to operate.

Together with the CXX8, you sacrifice some quantity and caliber for a little sub that costs pennies. If you want the ultimate in quality in the 8″ subfloor, you can invest a grand simply to install a number of those powerhouses on this listing. Otherwise, wash your sofa and catch one of them. It’s the significant first step to the car audio world.


  • Cheap
  • High wattage rating for the Purchase Price
  • Very durable


  • The audio quality may be better.
  • Wire connection factors are feeble.

7. Skar Audio ZVX-8

Ultra low-frequency answer, high-quality substances, and dual noise coils to make the best sounding subwoofer on this listing. You’ll find a distortion at high volume once you fall below 30hz, but what is relative. To get a little 8″ sub, this small distortion is so unique.

You won’t find any efficacy. This sub is rated to 900 watts RMS. It requires more electricity than each powered sub with this listing hooked together, and there is nothing cheap about that.

The speaker sits almost 8″ deep. It is a significant unit for being so small in diameter. Still, due to the ultra-high-power, it is possible to get away using a relatively small enclosure.

Skar is a massive player in the bass world; they understand how to generate an audiophile grin. Unlike many 8″ subwoofers, the ZVX supposes your wallet rather than sound quality or quantity. The only real way to get louder and high quality by a sub will be to measure from the ″ world.

You’ll need an amp that’s sufficient power to push this sub, and you’ll have to construct a custom enclosure. If you do not require that caliber, save money, and look at this much more realistic Skar.


  • Can manage Huge quantities of electricity
  • Double voice Provides you a Lot of wiring Choices.
  • Punches way over its dimensions in clarity and volume


  • Expensive
  • Requires a serious amplifier

8. MTX Audio RT8PT

The MTX RT8PT is probably the best sound quality subwoofer on this listing. MTX focused on creating a product that’s straightforward to utilize, which does not sacrifice frequency response.

It is more costly and uses more energy compared to Rockville, but it is not bad. There is nothing to whine about to get a unit that comes with its amp, enclosure and could be driven by almost any headset.

It is squarely medium-sized. It will not fit under your chair, and you also won’t have the ability to conceal in a mill cut out. It is not too large, however, not such as the Skar enclosed speakers on the listing. There are only more streamlined choices.

The MTX is probably the closest you can get to some compromise on all Hoffman’s metrics. It is medium-sized, of moderate quality, and contains an adequate efficiency score.

Contrary to the Rockville or even the Recoil, it will not go all-in on conserving space. Unlike many of the more excellent energy options, such as the Boss, it does not go all-in to find the maximum volume from a little speaker. It merely attempts to remain right in the middle of everything.

Should you decide to proceed with all the MTX, get an 8″ grate for the front. They did a fantastic job creating a gorgeous carpeted enclosure. Unfortunately, they left the front of the speaker vulnerable to the components. Spend the few added bucks to protect it from loose items bouncing around your trunk.


  • Very easy to install
  • Provides excellent volume to your dimensions
  • The enclosure is carpeted, made well and sturdy.


  • Not as compact as other all in ones
  • The speaker is very exposed and can be damaged if not protected

9. JBL Stage810

With a selection of 38-200hz, there is not much to whine about. It is not likely to distort readily, and JBL is relatively well-known for creating great-sounding sound gear.

Do not allow the 800 watts on the box fool you; the JBL is rated to 200 watts RMS. That puts it well in the assortment of the majority of five-channel amps and signifies it is a fantastic compromise between spending a ton of money for a committed monoblock as well as the horrors of a factory sound system.

It is a little chunkier than the Boss, but you can still get fantastic results using a moderate enclosure or mill location. We believe it provides a fantastic return on quality and power against its size.

The JBL is a superb compromise between the reduced audio quality of the Boss and the devastating price of this Skar ZVX. It is very midst of the street, afraid to carry it in any direction.

It is not the cheapest item, it is not the most streamlined, and it is not the finest sounding, but it is difficult to go wrong for the purchase price. Should you take sound seriously but are merely getting into the custom made system world, this is a fantastic sub to develop with. This is one of the very best subwoofer speakers.


  • Fantastic frequency response for your dimensions
  • JBL Sound Quality is top-notch
  • Doesn’t need much space


  • More expensive than similarly built subs
  • Max wattage is deceiving.

10. Skar Audio IX-8 D2

Skar is at it again, using the lowest lows among the listing at 30hz. That is great for an 8″ sub. Regrettably, it is rated for so little electricity that it will distort much quicker than its larger brother, the ZVX.

This amp is virtually useful enough for use with a factory headset. It’s an RMS of 150 watts at 2-ohms, which means you won’t require much to find that ultra-clear bass you desire. Just do not expect any volume.

The speaker is modest. It is compact and short. However, you will need a larger enclosure to benefit from this frequency range and lack of quantity, and you are going to need to purchase or construct yourself.

The Skar IX-8 is about the audio quality at low electricity. You’ll need to engineer a great enclosure to benefit from the quality. The minimal electricity keeps everything in funding and provides a very approachable project, however. If you would like to know about cabinet construction and get the maximum from the project, this Skar is for you.

If you do not need to find out about cabinet construction, you can visit the area among the list and find out about Skar’s pre-built enclosures. There is no shame in needing to spare time and allow the engineers to figure it out for you.


  • Fantastic quality for the Purchase Price
  • Dual sound coils imply a Lot of wiring Choices.
  • Cheap


  • Power score is low
  • Requires a custom enclosure


With the Best 8 Inch Subwoofers in our guide, its own efficient and precise bass production is much more desirable.
Concerning power, this woofer will withstand high power programs for extended. Its power handling is also striking; 800 Watts RMS and 1600 Watts MAX are not a score you will readily find in several different versions of equivalent dimensions.

Substance and quality-wise, it’s a double 4 Ohm resistive noise coil, the very best magnet accessible, a 2.5-inch voice coil, dual stitched treated voice cone, durable mix foam, plus a sturdy and robust basket.

The device’s heat dissipation is exceptional so that you do not need to fret about it suffering a breakdown. And how much do you need to pay out for this particular top-notch woofer? The cost is quite reasonable for its features it packs. Blend all these, and you’ve got a sleek and robust unit, one which might produce the time spent cruising pleasurable.

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