Best 7 String Guitar 2021: Top Full Review, Guide

Best 7 String Guitar

Purchasing one of the very best 7 string guitars is vital for anybody intent on playing with progressive metal, djent, death metal, or nu-metal.

the seven-string electric guitars allow you to cover a number of the bass array without learning a new tool in a bass guitar. In reality, for many guitarists, it only requires a couple of hours to familiarize yourself with the broader neck and additional string.

Although seven-string acoustic guitars date as far back as the early 19th century, the first mass-produced electrical version came from 1990 courtesy of Japanese producers Ibanez.

Produced with Steve Vai, who’d been utilizing its prototypes, the newest Universe version could go on to inspire fresh tones and sounds. Provided that bands such as Dream Theater, Meshuggah, and Korn popularised the heaviness of all earth-shaking, down-tuned riffs. Keep reading Fidlar’s post to know more information about these guitars.

What Purpose Can A 7-String Guitar Serve?

This hot question pops instantly whenever someone recommends you change into some 7-string guitar. Listed below are the main applications:

Take Your Heavy Metal Songs to Another Grade

The significant advantage of 7-string cries through particularly for metal and heavy metal gamers, but for jazz, rock, progressive rock, and classical. For metal players, you’ll have the ability to drop song it into fall A but staying the E string, which may be convenient in many pieces.

Diversify the Tonal Range:

A 7-string guitar is a lot more than a normal 6-string one. The other series improves the selection of the guitar reduced. Therefore it provides some more voice into the tool.

Furthermore, some less ordinary 7-string guitars expand the high note variety; they’re ubiquitous with jazz, classical, and rock, aside from progressive rock and heavy metal.

Experiment with a Versatile Instrument:

You might even utilize a 7-string as a standard 6-string, only by eliminating it, include a broad A, or ignore the other chain and play the E series below.

This can enhance your music because it’s possible to play with two’ tools in a single and include tonal depth to your songs only once you would like to.

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How To Decide On A 7-String Guitar:

Here are some aspects you Will Need to consider when choosing the Perfect 7-string guitar:

Neck Size

This is an essential facet of a 7-string because the extra series will end in a larger neck size. Consequently, when you’ve got small hands, be sure to go to your thinnest neck accessible, which means that you won’t fight to get to the tones.

If you have larger hands, you may enjoy the back neck dimensions of 7-strings, which generally is wider than 6-string to adapt the additional string.


Tone-wood may produce a binding effect on how your guitar acts and continues through the years, which means you ought to be aware of unique kinds of tone-woods and their tonal skills.

Alder is the most balanced one, with transparent tones, someplace between dark and bright, and an emphasis on upper-mids.

Swamp ash is lightweight, highly resonant, and produces bright, sweet noises; this tone-wood is exceptionally tweakable.

Basswood leans towards heat, while mahogany is beautiful with mellow tones, exceptional low frequencies, and strong lower mids. Last, walnut has a rugged, bright attack and maintenance.


Comfort is critical, particularly when you’re transitioning from 6-string into 7-string guitars. You will need a comfy, balanced, lightweight, highly mobile guitar, and that is precisely what you may discover in another section!

Diversify the Tonal Range

A 7-string guitar is much more than a normal 6-string one. The other series improves the assortment of the guitar reduced. Therefore it provides some more voice into the tool.

Furthermore, some less ordinary 7-string guitars expand the high note variety; they’re ubiquitous with jazz, classical, and rock, aside from progressive rock and heavy metal.

Best 7 String Guitar 2021

Best 7 String Guitars 2021

Bestseller No. 1
JS Series Dinky Arch Top JS22-7 HT AH Satin Black
Body: Poplar; Neck Material: 1-Piece Maple; Fingerboard: Amaranth; Bridge: Jackson HT7 String-Through-Body Hardtail
Bestseller No. 2
Ibanez GRG 7 String Solid-Body Electric Guitar, Right, Metallic Light Blue, Full (GRG7221MMLB)
GRG-7 Maple neck; 24 frets; High output Infinity R pickups
Bestseller No. 3
Ernie Ball 7-String Regular Slinky Nickel Wound Set, .010 - .056
Made in California, U.S.A. Featuring the finest and freshest materials.; Recipes and Popular gauges created by industry icon Ernie Ball
Bestseller No. 4
DIY Electric Guitar Kit - 7 string Build Your Own Guitar
DIY Guitar - Create your dream guitar; Unfinished, predrilled body; Pre-fretted neck; Includes all hardware and electronics

1. Cort KX500MS 7-string guitar

If you’re searching for a good version of one of our guide to the most effective 7-string guitars, which boasts impeccable intonation using a conventional Fender-style scale length for the more significant guitar strings and tight thickness to the lower end, try out this Cort.

The busy EMG-707s would be the seven-string variant of this 85, among the most commonly used places and lacks small concerning firepower. Last, the Star Spray Green end gives it that the futuristic border it deserves. A high-precision functioning machine isn’t much cash in any way, in the grand scheme of all things.


  • Fantastic price for the spec
  • Perfect intonation


  • Fanned frets are not for Everybody.

2. Ibanez Gio GRG7221QA 7-string guitar

If you are searching for a seven-string on a budget or maybe need something cheap to begin on, this Ibanez Gio will be challenging to beat. It is built well, retains its pruning due to the F107 hardtail bridge, and includes a solid walnut veneer onto a poplar body.

The Infinity R humbuckers are, in fact, better than most other options in its budget, but probably the principal compromise to produce this tool so very affordable.

There aren’t any split-coil alternatives; alas, however, the 5-way blade pickup selector may go a very long way, particularly at this price.


  • Very Reasonably Priced (best 7 string guitar for the money)
  • Decent build quality


  • Perhaps not the best sounding pickups
VIBE Strings Acoustic Guitar Strings Medium (.012-.052), Phosphor Bronze, 1 Set
  • Phosphor Bronze Acoustic Guitar Strings
  • Highest quality and performance with VIBE Strings durable, long-lasting acoustic guitar strings – warm tone and playability suitable for lead and accompaniment; balanced and consistent long-lasting tone with a rich, full-bodied sound
  • Hexagonally shaped, high-carbon steel core with corrosion-resistant phosphor bronze wire wrap
  • Each acoustic guitar string is individually labelled for easier restringing, anti-corrosion vacuum packed for protection and long string life;  1 set for 6-string acoustic guitar with 3 picks
  • 1 set of acoustic strings medium gauge: .012 .016 .024 .032 .042 .052

3. ESP E-II M-II 7 NT 7-string guitar

Founded in ESP’s Tokyo mill, this E-II puts forward an excellent case for being one of those best-looking seven-strings ever produced. But on closer inspection, there is far more going on here than just great looks.

It comes powered by a set of direct-mounted Bare Knuckle Warpig 7th pickups that, despite being exceptionally large in the output signal, manage to seem brilliantly musical and well-defined, as Bare Knuckles proved again and again.

The hardtail hipshot bridge and string-thru-body layout will help for optimum resonance and make sure that your guitar will remain punchy where others start to sand up. Additionally, it will come with Schaller strap locks, Gotoh locking tuners, and an ESP challenging situation.


  • A stunning instrument
  • Incredible build quality
  • Bare Knuckle Pickups


  • Expensive

4. Schecter C-7 FR S 7-string guitar

This Schecter certainly packs a good deal into a compact tool. The swamp ash body and flamed maple top feels comfy and lightweight, while the carbon fiber reinforcement robs imply that this neck will probably come as level as it receives and stays that manner.

It’s a neck-thru construction, so most significant resonance and ultra accessibility through to the maximum fret. Possibly the major draw here is that it comes equipped with a Sustainiac pickup for boundless you guessed it, sustain.

There is also a Floyd Rose 1500 Series bridge that only increases the total amount of expression that this tool can. A versatile and contemporary weapon of mass destruction for fans of the low-end guitar.


  • Unusual design
  • Highly playable


  • Floyd Rose will not be for everybody.
D’Addario NYXL1164 Nickel Plated Electric Guitar Strings, Medium,7-String,11-64 – High Carbon Steel Alloy for Unprecedented Strength – Ideal Combination of Playability and Electric Tone
  • PLAY FEARLESSLY –D’Addario’s NYXL Nickel Plated Electric Guitar Strings feature a newly engineered, break-resistant, high-carbon steel core and plain steel alloy that gives you a whole new level of freedom, confidence and power in your playing. These strings can keep up with your whammy bar dives and bends.
  • STAY IN TUNE – With NYXL’s improved tuning stability compared to traditional nickel wound strings, you can get in tune faster and stay in tune better. The corrosion resistant packaging keeps your extra string sets fresh.
  • CUT THROUGH THE MIX – NYXL nickel plated wound strings feature an enhanced mid-range frequency response in the 1 - 3.5 kHz range which gives you more presence and crunch to cut through the mix.
  • STRING GAUGES – NYXL1164 offers an ideal combination of comfortable playability and ideal electric tone: Plain Steel .011, .014, .018, Nickel Wound .028, .038, .049, .064.
  • MADE IN THE USA – D’Addario leverages centuries of string-making experience and advanced computer-controlled winding technology to bring you the most durable, consistent and long-lasting guitar strings. Made in the USA for the highest quality and performance, only D’Addario strings are sealed inside and out.

5. Schecter C-7 FR S 7-string guitar

This Schecter certainly packs a good deal into a compact tool. The swamp ash body and flamed maple top feels comfy and lightweight, while the carbon fiber reinforcement robs imply that this neck will probably come as level as it receives and stays at way.

It’s a neck-thru coconstruction,o maximum resonance and ultra accessibility through to the greatest frfretPerhaps the major draw here is that it comes equipped with a Sustainiac pickup for unlimited you guessed it, keep.

There is also a Floyd Rose 1500 Series bridge, which merely increases the total amount of saying this tool can. A versatile and contemporary weapon of mass destruction for fans of the low-end guitar.


  • Unusual design
  • Highly playable


  • Floyd Rose will not be for everybody.

6. Ernie Ball Music Man John Petrucci Majesty

Ironically this is not something many people can manage with no significant preparation, but considering John Petrucci has been among the first users of seven-string pellets, it attracts an unlimited quantity of consideration to its craft.

From crystal cleans to crying metallic abrasiveness, the DiMarzio Rainmaker humbuckers complement virtually anything you can throw at them. There is also a byzaByzantinetching system built-in flexible boost to offer you that drive wherever required.

Then you will find the Piezo sounds, which seem frighteningly wooden and percussive, delving into acoustic tones that are every bit as persuasive as you would be expecting. The legitimate connoisseur since in regards to everything 7-string guitar.


  • A dream to perform
  • Petrucci tones galore


  • Among the most expensive Choices
Ernie Ball Skinny Top Heavy Bottom Slinky Paradigm 7-String Electric Guitar Strings - 10-62 Gauge
  • Ernie Ball's new state-of-the-art wire drawing process combined with patented RPS (reinforced plain string) technology dramatically increases tensile strength
  • Plasma cleaning provides improved corrosion resistance
  • Ernie Ball's patented Everlast Nano treatment repels sweat and build up
  • No flaking or difference in feel than traditional strings
  • Legendary Slinky Tone

7. Schecter Banshee Elite-7FR

This guitar provides an insane selection of tonal abilities. Not just the construction from swamp ash makes it very secure and exceptionally resonating, but also the Sustainiac Pickups along with also the Schecter USA Supercharger MachMacher bountiful flexibility. Along with this, too, it packs in an excellent tremolo system for the very best results!

Why it Stands Out to Us

The Schecter Banshee Elite has the ideal feel for this. It packs in all of the premium features you would expect from a professional tool: solidly constructed, high-quality substances, beautiful fit, and complete and endless focus on particulars. All you have to do is pick it up and watch for yourself!

If you opt to get a professional quality 7-string guitar, this product is exceptionally crafted for your requirements. For almost any guitarist with a preference for quality, affordability, and unlimited tonal flexibility, the selection takes shape as the Schecter guitars are all you want!


  • High-quality hardware
  • Outstanding tuning stability
  • Sturdy build and a lovely end
  • Professional grade with infinite sustain
  • Strong tone-woods for exceptional tonal ranges
  • Maple walnut neck with black chrome hardware


  • Packaging could be improved.
  • Quite thick and bulky because of the healthy wood body

8. Jackson HT7 Misha Mansoor Pro Series Juggernaut

This guitar is worth its place, one of your favorite tunes! The neck is incredibly thin for a 7-string, which enhances ease of drama, while the fretboard’s Luminlays is very good for people who play on dim phases. This guitar has all it takes to become your leading brand new guitar!

The Juggernaut may look to be a bet initially with its high budget, but it’s all worthwhile. The humbuckers are crystal clear and nicely balanced, with all the perfect mixture of punch and fluidity. Stock tuners are comfortable, and controlling stability is striking.

This excellent tool is incredibly lightweight for its dimensions, the tones and components are exceptional, and all elements are of superior quality. These features highly suggest it for stage actors, beginners, and it’s worth every dollar! It’s a strong, rock-solid 7-string electric guitars.


  • Extra slender, comfortable neck Form
  • The beautiful dark blue color looks amazing
  • Highly secure can manage competitive choosing styles.
  • Highly versatile for any genre, from alt-rock to specialized metal
  • Luminlays Underline the fretboard’s harmful for visibility in low light settings.


  • High Budget

9. Jackson JS Series Dinky JS22-7

This working-level priced guitar is a beautiful 7-string, perpetuating the renowned Jackson appearance strat-like’ but with a few alterations. It functions nicely right from the box, though you may want to alter the stock guitar strings using a heavier gauge for much better functionality. It packs in most of the fantastic Jackson features at a reasonable price!

This is a high-quality guitar using carefully chosen elements. The option of tone-woods matches the design and fit of this guitar using a polyurethane finish. For its budget, it’s simple to see why it’s everything it takes to maintain our list simplicity, quality, and fantastic value for the money!

Who’d Use This Most? If you’re an entry-level guitarist seeking to experiment with all the wonders of 7-string guitars, then this Jackson is your best starting point you are ever going to get.

Purchase this and anticipate quality tones, relaxation, ease of play, and enjoyable experimentation all of the way around! This Jackson can be incredibly light in your pocket, so there is no chance you will regret it!


  • Improved tuning stability
  • Outstanding tones with improved playability
  • Affordable Budget and Higher value for money
  • Simple yet stylish design with a lace finish
  • Lightweight body with a comfortable neck to get rapid, accurate activity.


  • Stock strings feel a little bit too mild.
  • Professional gamers may find it a bit too simple, but suitable for novices

10. Sterling From MusicMan JP70

This guitar requires your abilities to a whole new level. The depths and the highs of the instrument are infinite. The delicate cutaways, exceptional layout, and lightweight construction are required to take you a step back in time, all in the comfort and pleasure. This is undoubtedly among the comfiest 7-string guitars on the market!

This guitar is well-thought-out, has remarkable sounds and speedy action. The habit humbuckers, along with the mahogany body, possess good resonance, with precise intonation and intriguing tonal skills. It’s among the comfiest 7-string guitars available on the current market and includes a padded gig bag!

Who’d Use This Most? This touch guitar from John Petrucci is a fantastic tool with a short neck, accessible features, and comfortable framework. All lovers of Dream Theater and John Petrucci need to give it a go, and you’ll shortly be astonished at the superior features, playability, and flexibility of the fantastic instrument.


  • Impressive tuning stability
  • Highly comfortable because of the contoured forearm spade
  • The ideal spacing between cords and fret-board for Effortless action
  • Hardware is dependable and improves playability and tonal qualities.
  • Quick neck, outstanding tuning stability, and highly accurate intonation
  • Twist guitar using high-quality parts and padded gig bag included


  • Quality control problems with the bridge pickup
  • Tonal range quite restricted for much more experienced players
GHS Strings GB7L 7-String Guitar Boomers, Nickel-Plated Electric Guitar Strings, Extra Light (.009-.058)
  • Model: GB7L
  • Featuring NitroPack singles, guaranteed fresh from the factory!
  • 7-String Set featuring Roundwound Nickel-Plated Steel on a Hex Core
  • Offers a brilliant tone and powerful attack, THE POWER STRING.
  • Extra Light Gauge: 009-011-016-024-032-042-058


In general, obtaining a 7-string guitar seems somewhat exciting and just somewhat exotic, particularly for metal gamers and jazz, country, rock, and many others. What’s good about our 7-string guitars is they are comfy, high-quality, and some other participants would adore these versions.

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