Best 6X8 Speakers 2020: Top Full Review, Guide

Best 6X8 Speakers

If you are trying to new speaker out your vehicle or update the old into the brand new, then Fidlar’s post will inspire you as we are reviewing the ten Best 6X8 Speakers 2020. 6X8 is a standard automobile speaker size for oblong openings. Most cars can home this size with no modifications, and you can match them in a DIY way provided that you understand what you are doing.

Fidlar has selected a few of those best buy 6×8 speakers that you navigate. Each supplies a considerable update to your standard mill speakers.
Car audio speaker positioning can be prohibitive. As they efficiently turn your doorways dashboards into speaker cabinets, there is a lot to consider design-wise. Some companies engineer their electronics greater than many others, which means they can deal with all the problems that could occur.

6×8 Speakers Buying Guide

While you have probably noticed that a number of the arrays accessible do not differ significantly from one another in terms of their layout and performance, although some exceed others’ capacities.

Inside this guide, we plan to provide you a fantastic general overview of things to know about before you purchase.

What to search for in 6×8 speakers?

When buying ordered size, the space available is restricted between every product. Still, a few producers employ innovative design refinements to make sure their speakers will make the most of their room more efficient, work better, react more accurately, and therefore are better balanced at the concealed crossover.

This is sometimes understood from the PlusOne cone tech version and the Vertical Fold Audio Technique employed in a few of them introduced in the current reviews.

Bass Response

One aspect to consider is exactly how you like your bass guitar, which may be the most challenging thing to do justice in a more compact area. Should you hear bass-heavy genres, it’s probably more likely to choose a 2.1 set up in your vehicle with a speaker devoted to tackling the low-end frequencies and freeing your rights and left to take care of the mids and highs.

Collars usually work far better in an organized setup. Should you listen to especially low-frequency genres or you want to feel the air move and are not reluctant to growling distortion, you might even need to take this 1 step farther and invest from the subwoofer.

Amplification Prerequisites

Your speaker amplification powers mostly dictate your setup. You first have to learn how many channels you’ve got available and in what power and impedance each is effective at functioning. Some amplifiers have flexible channels that give the consumer a bit more wiggle room to play.

If you do not understand your amplifier’s specs, it may be wiser to seek a professional to update or replace your speakers. If you would like to proceed on your own, we propose replacing every speaker using a version that matches the specs of the one eliminated.


Replacing a speaker is not too hard a task. If you’re eager to do a little bit of digging, you can generally find an instructional video or two online with particulars. You might even see a movie specific to the version you’re searching for installing in your automobile itself. Even though it isn’t a massive job when you’ve got just a little know-how, it’s essential to keep in mind it is suggested to allow a professional to do the job.

If you do not have an excessive amount of expertise, you’re probably better off choosing a coaxial style auto speaker since they’re already paired to take care of the highs and lows together in unison. However, a few automobiles call for part speakers. Your initial setup determines it.

Component speakers allow greater control of your treble frequency positioning, frequently choosing different tweeters (high-frequency response speakers) on the dashboard closer to the motorist.

Nearly all tweeters nowadays can liquefy that makes the sound accurately directional, and permits you to control where the music produced is led. You may want to head on over to our best all-around 6×8 speakers post for inspiration and data in its comprehensive buyer’s guide.

The high frequencies generally hold the sound’s particulars, if they are not catered to well, then the sound loses a great deal of significance and definition, and it will become hard or muted to listen to.

This is particularly true for the spoken word; therefore, if you listen to radio programming or use Bluetooth for hands-free phoning in your car, it’s vital to have a fantastic mid-range and higher reaction to find the basic definition and prevent confusion.

For full-range noise, you require at least a 2-way classified place to cover the highs and lows. Generally, this will be a woofer-tweeter pairing with all the woofer, ideally carrying the mid-range at a 2.1 system.

Still, the audiophiles out there will probably be greater off seeking a 3-way classified pair to better appeal to their preferences. A 3-way course set supported with a dedicated subfloor covers a much broader spectrum and provides richer, spatial balanced sound.

The standard of construction and technology is the most significant in addition to the substances used inside the elements. Speaker cones will need to rigid enough to withstand the movement but flexible enough to pick up the signs processed and react sensitively.

Typically they’re a stiffened paper or pulp makeup; occasionally, this is more artificial using polypropylene, for instance, as you’ll have seen in a number of the top ten selections.

The magnets will need good quality, The voice coil component of a speaker is just an electromagnet, and oversize voice coils respond better over the magnetic fields. The tweeters ought to be silk dome tweeter design, and if you find pivot mounted, they’ll steer the noise better, providing a better definition.

Best 6X8 Speakers 2020

Best 6×8 Speakers On The Market

Bestseller No. 1
Blaupunkt 6 x 8-Inch 300W 4-Way Coaxial Car Audio Speaker, Set of 2
6 x 8-Inch 300W 4-Way Coaxial Car Audio Speaker, Set of 2; Made of the highest technical quality to ensure maximum reliability and durability
SaleBestseller No. 2
Rockford R168X2 Prime 6 x 8 Inches Full Range Coaxial Speaker, Set of 2
The 6" x 8” speakers have a mounting depth of 2.54"with mounting hardware included
SaleBestseller No. 3
Rockford Fosgate P1683 Punch 6"x8" 3-Way Full Range Speaker (Pair)
6-by-8-inch three-way speaker with 130 watts maximum power handling (65 watts RMS); Mineral-filled & polypropylene injection molded cone with butyl rubber surround
Bestseller No. 4
4) Kicker 43DSC6804 D-Series 6x8" 200 Watt 2-Way 4-Ohm Car Coaxial Speakers Four
4) Kicker 43DSC6804 D Series 6x8" 200 Watt 4 Ohm 2 Way Car Audio Coaxial Speakers; Power Handling:
Bestseller No. 5
JBL Stage 8602 360W Max (120W RMS) 6" x 8" 4 ohms Stage Series 2-Way Coaxial Car Audio Speakers
6" x 8" Stage Series 2-Way Car Speakers; Peak: 360 watts per pair / RMS: 120 watts per pair
SaleBestseller No. 6
4 Kicker 41DSC684 D-Series 6x8 400 Watt 2-Way 4-Ohm Car Audio Coaxial Speakers
4) Kicker 41DSC684 D-Series 6x8" 400 Watt 4-Ohm 2-Way Car Audio Coaxial Speakers; Peak: 200 watts (400W per 4-pack), RMS: 50 watts (100W per 4-pack)

1. Infinity REF8622CFX

6×8 car sound speakers complete are the Infinity REF8622CFX, which provides high-quality sound while being compatible with nearly all factory car stereos. They might not offer you the most resonant bass of these on our listing, but they do pack a punch with their Plus One+ polypropylene woofer cone together with some hi-roll rubber surrounds.

If you’re interested in finding a little more volume, you may also hook up these to an external amplifier if your vehicle’s factory electricity isn’t sufficient.

Even though they don’t arrive with a grille, they have a sleek black design that may fit in, or so the grilles from the prior factory speakers might also do the job. A soft dome tweeter helps reach the notes with those speakers, and you’ll have an easier time locating the sweet spot due to its 1″ size.

The fabric quality materials are utilized to aid with more excellent power handling and help soften noises and maintain a smooth and precise flow. Combine that with all the more giant cone on those speakers, and also, the thickness from the woofer will match perfectly with all the highs out of the tweeter. Though this version, particularly, is stopped, it is possible to get an updated version (8632cfx) together with all the same quality and a couple more improvements.


  • On the bigger end for cone dimensions
  • High-quality stuff for encircling
  • Textile tweeter to get a smoother sound
  • Fits many Distinct vehicles


  • No grille included
  • This version is discontinued.

2. Pioneer TS-A6880F

Pioneer’s TS-A6880F 6×8 car two tweeters in their carbon and mica reinforced cones to provide a wider variety of sounds highlighting the highs and lows in your favorite tunes.

Backing up the two tweeters is the bass and mid-range beams to cover most noises, which may be pumped through those speakers since they can get loud with their 350 watts peak. This makes this Pioneer set up the most effective four-way 6×8 speakers.

Pioneer’s unique Open & Smooth sound notion is their way of smoothing out alterations between the various drivers to produce the changes seem easy.

As automobile speakers are frequently not pointed straight at a listener’s ears, it’s essential to get smooth transitions, so everybody receives the entire selection of sounds. Even though there’s some compromise in reduced sensitivity, the frequency array will help compensate for some reduction in sound clarity.

Pioneer also attempts to simplify evaluation and installation by providing original equipment installation adapters for Ford and Mazda vehicles. They also offer their CarSoundFit program for Apple and Android to assist simulate through your telephone precisely what the various speaker systems may seem like in your car or truck.


  • The 4-way speaker handles a broader frequency range
  • High peak power handling allows more massive bursts
  • Services llc associates program to assist simulate system before buy


  • At the lower end of this sensitivity rating
  • Installation gear is focused on Ford/Mazda versions.
[Upgraded] 50W(70W Peak) Wireless Bluetooth Speakers Built-in 8000mAh Battery Power Bank, W-KING Outdoor Portable Waterproof TWS, DSP, NFC Speaker, Powerful Rich Bass Loud Stereo Sound
  • HIGH DEFINITION CRYSTAL CLEAR SOUND: With this speaker, you’ll feel as if you’re at a live concert, with clear high notes, deep bass and true HD sound. This advanced Bluetooth speaker has the latest state-of-the-art double 25 WATTS drivers and double passive bass radiators are located on the right and left side of the speaker producing deep, enhanced bass. Premium Bluetooth 5.0 technology effortlessly connects to all of your Bluetooth-enabled devices up to 66ft range.
  • CHARGE ALL YOUR PORTABLE DEVICES: Under the sleek yet rugged exterior, there is a massive 8000mAh built-in power bank that will charge your iPhone, Android smartphone, tablet, iPad or action camera.
  • CRISP & CRYSTAL CLEAR HD STEREO SOUND: Impeccable audio quality is our main priority. That is why the D8 speaker is equipped with 2 full-range speaker drivers, 2 passive subwoofers and 2 tweeters. It can connect to PC, TV and other non-Bluetooth devices with the included 3.5mm audio jacks. You can also use W-KING bluetooth speaker for hands-free calling.
  • DESIGNED TO ENDURE ANY ABUSE: Your loud portable speaker is not only sturdy and shockproof, but also waterproof, dustproof and sandproof. Take it with you on your next camping trip or beach party!
  • GET YOUR WIRELESS SPEAKER NOW 100% RISK-FREE: Please use a 5V 2.0A power adapter (not included) to charge your speaker. Your universally compatible portable Bluetooth mobile speaker comes with an exclusive 12-month warranty, so you can place your order with confidence.

3. Rockford Fosgate P1683

Though you shouldn’t make any conclusions off only the title, once you’re taking a look at car audio, Rockford Fosgate is an institution producing a few of the most outstanding speakers for more than 30 decades.

The P1683 Punch continues its tradition of excellence. It shows their customer-first mindset from the gate using a budget-friendly $80 price tag and a unique Flex Fit basket to make up as simple as possible in almost any car or truck.

The Flex-Fit basket would utilize slots rather than holes if the original factory setup weren’t set up. Having an integrated hidden crossover, you don’t need to be concerned about mounting anything out of the speaker system.

The P1683 might not be the loudest speakers available on the current market, but they hit a delicate balance between quantity, clarity, and scope for this entrance.

The speakers reach on the complete array packed in an injection-molded mineral-PP cone. It is vested that the polyetherimide dome tweeter is permitting a few dampening to maintain the audio degree.

A butyl midsize rubber surround finishes off the construct to maintain the enclosure protected and airtight to prevent noise reduction. Rockford Fosgate makes our finest rated 6×8 speaker place together with all the P1683, and it’s not surprising that they left another spot on the list.


  • Straightforward setup
  • Budget-friendly
  • Balanced Selection, quantity, and clarity


  • Perhaps not the one for individuals Searching for electricity

4. Rockford R168X2 Prime

If it feels like you’re reading about the way budget-friendly Rockford Fosgate speakers could be, then it’s not surprising that our very best sounding 6×8 car speakers extends to a different version, R168X2 Prime. Enrolling at a bit less electricity than the Punch lineup of speakers, they do possess their own in only under $50.

Those seeking to begin considering improving their car sound experience aren’t sure about how large investment can create ideal starting off stage. These can indeed be a step up from any mill speakers and, provided they are a fast and easy install, maybe the beginning of a life-long sound journey.

As these have a little lower power handling than other speakers, they can easily be powered with the factory radio in many vehicles. They may be utilized to their fullest with no outboard amplifier.

They have a more comprehensive array but can still pump out some profound bass and reach the high notes better than any inventory system. These are 2-way coaxial speakers, so the bass cone and silk ribbon flush mounted tweeter are all utilized to reach the complete range with no extra pieces.


  • Very budget and beginner-friendly
  • Beats out inventory systems
  • Doesn’t need any extra amplifier


  • Narrower frequency range
  • Not as strong as more costly systems
Rockford Fosgate P1683 Punch 6"x8" 3-Way Full Range Speaker (Pair)
  • The Punch P1683 is an impressive 3-way full-range speaker designed for fanatics who need a high quality factory replacement in an easy to install package
  • The P1683 6”x8” 4-Ohm black speakers come as a pair, have a power handling of 65 Watts RMS/130 Watts Max and include mounting hardware and OEM adapter plate
  • Featuring a PEI dome tweeter with built-in crossover and injection molded mineral filled polypropylene cone with butyl rubber surround that provides high output and accurate frequency reproduction
  • FlexFit basket design utilizes slots instead of single screw sized holes that allow for a slight adjustment of the speaker when aligning with OEM mounting holes for a better fit
  • Famous Rockford Fosgate build quality with a full 1-year warranty when purchased from an authorized Rockford Fosgate reseller

5. Infinity KAPPA 682.11cf

For people who need a system that will pump crystal clear sound quality, the Infinity Kappa 682.11cf packs a great deal in their 2-way tabbed entrance.

Without sacrificing sensitivity, the Kappa 682.11cfs can encourage the factory radio electricity and may take the full benefit of an outboard amplifier for individuals seeking to let loose. With the capability to manage higher electricity levels, there’s a far lower chance of harm to the speakers out of use.

The Kappa 682.11cf employs an exceptional carbon steel matrix framework to reach a balance between weight and strength when maintaining stiffness enough to withstand whatever the road throws at you.

Comparable to this Infinity REF8622CFX reviewed previously, the Kappa 682.11cf takes benefit of this Plus One woofer-cone technology to provide more speaker-cone and permit more air to flow.

The tweeter Is a silk dome fabric substance that helps to rip out any distortion at higher volumes, along with the tweeter that may even be pointed into a more successful direction due to Infinity’s UniPivot characteristic.

It makes installation somewhat easier by permitting the tweeter to be corrected in circumstances where the mounting region might not be the most perfect for audio quality.


  • Adjustable tweeter
  • Build quality
  • Can handle higher energy than other models
  • Plus-One woofer-cone permits for more airflow


  • Requires external amplifier to take Whole advantage of all features


If you’re trying to find a good all in 1 sound option, the Cerwin Vega V468 is our pick for the very best coaxial 6×8 speakers for a great reason. Having an impressive sensitivity evaluation, the V648 speakers are about providing sound quality using a punch.

Though the 75 watts RMS score isn’t likely to require an outboard amplifier, then you might find the most of these speakers in their peak electricity with you. These speakers will glow in the midbass to profound bass segments, but they could still pump out precise sound at the highs but maybe not quite as large as a number of the speakers examined.

Made from a mica fiber composite cone, these coaxial speakers stand out with their Vega Red rubber surround and will surely pop visually. The tweeter is a 1-inch titanium dome style tweeter that remains rigid to prevent any distortion.

As it isn’t a cloth material, there’s some reduction in alterations between highs and lows, but that shouldn’t be noticeable. The cones are equipped using a curvilinear contour to encourage off-axis functionality, which can be a significant element when updating a vehicle audio system based on the available places for speakers.


  • Sound quality Due to a Fantastic sensitivity Score
  • High peak power handling
  • Curvilinear shaped robes for off-axis functionality
  • Fantastic budget speakers


  • Red rubber might not match with the design aesthetic.
  • The narrower frequency range than many others
6” x 8” Car Sound Speaker (Pair) - Upgraded Blue Poly Injection Cone 3-Way 360 Watts w/ Non-fatiguing Butyl Rubber Surround 70 - 20Khz Frequency Response 4 Ohm & 1" ASV Voice Coil - Pyle PL683BL
  • 70Hz - 20Khz FREQUENCY RESPONSE: Pyle, 6” x 8” three way sound speaker system has a 40 oz magnet structure, 1'' neodymium film dome midrange and frequency response. This car speaker is pack with exceptional 91dB (1w/1m) decibel sensitivity
  • 4-OHM IMPEDANCE: This car speaker has 4-ohm impedance rating that compensates the undersized wire found in many of today’s cars. The blue poly injection cone also looks great and allows your music to resonate with full power
  • 1'' ASV VOICE COIL: Pyle car sound speaker system is capable of 1'' high-temperature ASV voice coil. It will increase performance and efficiency of heavy-duty play time through lower weight and higher operating temperatures
  • 180W RMS AND 360W PEAK: This 6” x 8” car speaker can provide up to 180 watts RMS or 360 watts peak power because it is 40 oz magnet structure. A pair of 6” x 8” 180 watt speakers - carrying both the high and low end for a fuller range sound
  • LOUD AND CLEAR: Pyle car speaker were carefully combined to reproduce sound clearly with outstanding responsiveness. The non-fatiguing butyl rubber surround keeps your speakers secure as well as extending the life of the product

7. Pyle PL683BL

The Pyle PL683BL is a three-way speaker. They have a sensitivity of 91dB and an RMS energy output of 180 watts with 360watts of peak electricity. The frequency response is comparatively narrow at 70-20,000 Hz. Even though the woofers are created from a Blue Polypropolene Injection Cone carbon, and MICA strengthened quality material.

The surroundings are created from Non-fatiguing Butyl Rubber. And there’s a 1″ neodymium silk dome midrange driver and a 3/4″ Piezo tweeter.

Grills, mounting wires, and hardware are included, which can be wonderful to see for what’s essentially a budget speaker. There are loads of much more expensive speakers that provided nothing in the way of accessories.

Pyle produces a wide selection of audio gear for practically any listening experience you can consider. Included in the grand sound line, they fabricate a variety of cheap auto speakers firmly targeted at the budget end of the market.

The Pyle PL683BL appears impressive enough; we enjoy the stunning blue of the woofer, and also, the grade of the components indeed matches up to a number of the costlier mid-range speakers.

The addition of a Piezo tweeter within the choices is a transparent cost-cutting exercise. The Piezo tweeter is a cheap alternative to the options; although sufficient, it often provides the worst sound excellent outcome.

The Pyle PL683BL is not severely placed together, and also the audio remains superior to lots of car speakers.


  • Affordable.
  • Grills, mounting, and pipes are all included.
  • Sound quality for the purchase price.
  • They seem cool.


  • The noise deteriorates at high volumes.
  • Bass is lean.

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8. Two Pair Kenwood KFC-C6895PS

The Kenwood KFC-C6895PS is a three-way car speaker. They have a sensitivity of 88dB and an RMS power output of 85 watts with 360 watts of peak electricity. The frequency response is 63-20,000 Hz.

Both the woofer and the 1 3/16″ motorists are created from water-resistant paper. This is a fascinating selection of quality material and has some benefits over other options, looking at in greater detail a bit later.

The 1/2″ coaxial mounted tweeter is ceramic, along with the car speaker surrounding are manufactured from urethane. No grills are provided, even though the wiring is contained.

The truth is that Kenwood, in common with a lot of speaker manufacturers we have discussed today, has a very long background in the production of automobile sound. Unlike some of those other producers, in-car amusement is their specialization.

Lately, Kenwood has chosen to create its woofer and 1 3/16″ drivers from water-resistant paper. Paper design and formulation of motorists are a notoriously tough element of loudspeaker production.

A lot of men and women associate paper drivers using low quality. We get that. Clear. Though many old layouts were a low-cost alternative, new paper sprayed drivers are often more costly and more complicated to make than many choices.

But when they are made well, the noise may be outstanding.

Together with the Kenwood KFC-C6895PS speakers, among the principal benefits is that areas are dampening and much more info contained on the top edge. There is also clearly less smoothing from audio and much more detail to be noticed from the bass and mids.


  • High-quality sound.
  • Thorough bass and mids.
  • 7BBrightnd clear highs.
  • It is constructed using high-quality parts.


  • Grills are not contained.
  • The durability of motorists.
​​​​​​​Sonos One SL - Microphone-Free Smart Speaker – White
  • Brilliant sound - get rich, room-filling sound with the all-new Sonos One SL, and control it with the Sonos app, Apple Airplay 2, and more.
  • For every room - The compact design fits just about any space. Put it on your kitchen countertop or tuck it away on your office bookshelf. It's humidity resistant so you can even put it in the bathroom.
  • Apple Airplay 2 - stream sound directly from your iPhone or iPad and ask Siri to play Apple Music.
  • Stereo sound with two - Pair with Sonos One or another One SL in the same room for stereo separation and more detailed sound. Use a pair as rear home theater surrounds with Playbar, Playbase, or Beam.
  • Build your system - easily connect Sonos speakers in different rooms over Wi-Fi to create a home sound system that brings every room and everyone together.

9. Kicker 40CSS684 Quick

The Kicker 40CSS684 is the very 6×8 speakers best buy were developed to deliver a new audio level to your car without draining your wallet. Constructed with a polypropylene woofer and polyester foam surround, these Kickers are an update to some OEM stereo.

The 40CSS684 comprises an external crossover using three distinct tweeter level settings to customize the sound to your taste, along with different 3/4″ titanium dome tweeters.


  • Fantastic mids and highs
  • Simple to mount after the given instructions
  • Cost Is Quite pocket-friendly
  • Exact and warp-free noise Shipping


  • They Might Not Be able to resist wear from constant use as many users have reported breakage problems with Time.

10. Polk Audio MM571 Quick R

A tremendous bang for the dollar, the Polk Audio MM571 6″ x 8″/5″ x 7″ automobile speakers, provide the best value of CarAudioNow’s finest 6″ x 8″ speakers. it is the very best high sensitivity speakers

The MM571 features honeycomb-textured woven glass fiber composite woofer cones, which are lightweight yet rigid for low distortion, 1″ silk ribbon tweeters highlighting large frequencies, and (like the majority of the speakers) a Waterproof layout to utilize for marine and ship functions.


  • They’re water-resistant hence perfect to be used on marine vessels and gear.
  • Excellent layout and unique features
  • The high acting car speaker system
  • Exceptional sound quality
  • Offers Lots of electricity


  • Perhaps not the best if you need powerful mid-bass

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