Best 5 Channel Amp 2021: Top Brands Review

Best 5 Channel Amp 2020 Top Brands Review

You are confused if a five-channel amp is an ideal selection for your car sound system? If the solution is yes, then this guide is precisely what you want.

To facilitate your stroll down this street, we not just take you deeper to all things surrounding them, but we have also compiled a record of some of the Best 5 Channel Amp reviews to your vehicle on the marketplace now. So, keep reading Fidlar’s post to find out precisely what are a few of the best buy 5 channel amp.

Types Of 5 Channel Amplifier

Most new car amps fall into one of 2 categories. They are mainly designed to induce signals to drive speakers. Both of these kinds of amps are somewhat different in regards to the way they function internally.

Types Of 5 Channel Amplifier

Class A/B

A course A/B amplifier is quite typical and has been around the industry for several decades. An A/B amp provides good audio quality and efficacy using the very best characteristics from class A and class B amps. Automobile amps have depended on this kind of technology for decades.

Some products still utilize only category A or class B technologies instead of a blend of both. Cheaper models usually are class A/Bnonetheless; it isn’t unusual on more expensive amps.

Course D

Course D is a newer technology that requires an input sound signal in the head device and pushes a circuit that immediately switches the power transistors to produce a waveform.

This causes a lighter, smaller, and exceptionally efficient amp. Class D amps operate cooler than other amps, and several are cheaper as they don’t demand aluminum heatsinks.

Among the downsides is that class D amps might not seem as great as A/B amps unless they’re of superior quality. Moreover, if the profit is turned on top, you might hear a hissing noise.

What To Search For When Purchasing A 5 Channel Amp

Not many five-channel amplifiers will be precisely the same. All of them come with various features, and you also wish to discover a high-quality device that can satisfy both your system’s requirements. These features can include everything out of electricity output signal to frequency response, dimensions, and availability.

What To Search For When Purchasing A 5 Channel Amp


The very first thing that you want to consider when buying an amp is whether it matches your music system’s electricity requirements. After all, the purpose is to make your songs seem, and bass and volume are high priorities.

Your sub and speakers have individual power evaluations called RMS and MAX. Take advantage of these evaluations when choosing the top 5 channel amp for audio quality.

Remember that it is far better to overpower than underpower your sub and speakers. Should you underpower your speakers, then they are very likely to get damaged.

Therefore, start looking for the very best 5-channel power amp with an RMS score more significant than your sub and speakers provide.

Bridge ability

Another attribute that you wish to consider is if the amp is bridgeable or not. Though the very best five-channel automobile amp is created for a five-channel program, you may still use the identical amp to get a three-way system so long as it’s bridgeable. Fortunately, many amps have this capacity, so they are not hard to discover.

This can be an appealing feature since it provides more flexibility to your system. Later on, by way of instance, you might reconfigure your automobile’s sound system (i.e., add extra speakers). If your amp is bridgeable, you will be able to do so without needing an extra amp.

Impedance Rating

Before you put money into an auto stereo, check the impedance rating. Each amplifier includes a score clarified in ohms. The ohms refer to this device’s impedance, and that’s how hard it requires to function to create power.

The lower the impedance score, the easier it’s for your amp to operate, and also, the greater the impedance score, the harder it’s for your amp to do the job.

Typically, five-channel amplifiers have a 4- or 2-ohm score. It would be best if you decided on the ideal impedance to work seamlessly with your music system.


It would help if you kept an eye out for a couple of different things when choosing a brand new amplifier. To begin with, make sure it matches.

A number of them are incredibly compact and light and can easily fit beneath the seat of your vehicle. Additionally, pick an amp that is simple to install and contains an aluminum cap, which helps heat dissipation.

If you would like to restrain your sub out of the driver’s chair, select a product with a remote subwoofer controller. You might also need to have an adjustable equalizer so that you can correct the audio much more. At length, high-power amps ought to include some short or voltage protection so that they do not burn.

Tips For Purchasing And Applying 5 Channel Amps

You have finished the first step, which will be choosing to improve your automobile’s audio system. Next, you need to buy the ideal amp and install it into your car or truck.

If you are not mechanically inclined, you might need some professional help. Otherwise, you may set a couple of hours aside to perform it yourself.

  • While constructing a custom sound system is not necessarily difficult, there are several things you want to bear in mind. If you would like the amp and the corresponding elements to function effectively, you have to do your study so that the music you produce is loud, crisp, and straightforward. See the hints below to get optimum performance from the amp. Correctly place the gain on your amp to reduce distortion.
  • Distortion may cause cringe-worthy noises, like crackling or hissing, that interrupt your music.
  • To eliminate distortion, place the amp profit on non, play a tune, and turn up the volume until you notice the distortion. Then turn it down until the audio is clean. This is the place where the maximum volume in your receiver is. Then turn the amp profit up till you listen to the distortion and down till it disappears. This is the way you place the amp gain.
  • Review the specs of your system’s parts before joining a subwoofer.
  • Do not push a sub with a lower impedance score than is demanded (4 ohms or two ohms, for instance ) since it can get the amp and turn away.

Best 5 Channel Amps Brands

Best 5 Channel Amps Brands

Bestseller No. 1
Planet Audio AC1800.5 5 Channel Car Amplifier - 1800 Watts, Full Range, Class A/B, 2-4 Ohm Stable, Mosfet Power Supply, Bridgeable
Specs - Dimensions - Depth 19.7” x Width 10” x Height 2.4”, Weight – 14 lbs.
SaleBestseller No. 3
Polk Audio PA D5000.5 900W RMS, 5-Channel Class D PA Series Car Amplifier (PAD5000.5),100 Watts x4; 400 Watts x1
Sophisticated unit will withstand numerous elements it encounters while on the water; High-speed MOSFET switching power.Preamp inputs
SaleBestseller No. 4
Soundstream RN5.2000D Rubicon Nano 2000W Class D 5-Channel Amplifier
High Efficiency Class D Full Range Amplifiers; Hybrid Aluminum Alloy Heatsink for Optimum Dissipation
SaleBestseller No. 6
Rockford Fosgate R600X5 Prime 5-Channel Amplifier,BLACK
50 Watts x 4 + 200 Watts x 1 @ 4-Ohm / 75 Watt x 4 + 300 Watts x 1 @ 2-Ohm; Accepts High Level & RCA Level Input; Remote PLC (Punch Level Control) - Sub Channel

1. Kenwood Excelon X802-5 Amplifier- To a compact amp

The Kenwood Excelon X802-5 is a streamlined 5-channel amplifier that provides an immense quantity of power. Don’t be deceived by its size since this amp packs several notable features!

It’s capable of distributing 50 watts from 4 stations as well as 300 watts from the subchannel.

A super exciting aspect of this amp is its frequency range. Now you can appreciate a frequency response up to some 50k Hz.

Additionally, it boasts a varying large and low-pass filter; bass boost features that function to supply fantastic-sounding music. And there’s more!

Kenwood didn’t hesitate to put in a thermal control system further. This guarantees safe working for extended periods.

You can count on reliable performance and cooling of internal elements together with the Class D technologies it includes. For the ideal amount of hit, you may use the built-in bass increase so that you may select what suits you the very best.

Kenwood designed divided inner circuitry that entails directing power distribution toward different, non-overlapping circuit boards.

Consequently, if you’re seeking a little amp that doesn’t compromise while fostering your sound system, then this is the best alternative.


  • Easy to install
  • Adjustable bass boost
  • Compactivity does not affect performance
  • Produces clear, crisp sound with minimal distortion


  • Does not include 4-gauge wiring and ground leads

2. Rockville dB55 Amplifier

Rockville dB55 is the most popular version produced by Rockville because of the high power evaluation. The Sky is capable of dispersing 4000 watts across all of the stations.

Its MOSFET power supply gives it a substantial advantage over other versions. This attribute feature permits the amp to deliver maximum power to all stations and boost your audio system to complete potential.

With this amp, you can correct your audio system to your needs using the personalization tools. This also comprises a 12 dB bass equalizer and large, low, subsonic filters.

This amp features an optical coupler that enables a smooth transition between class and course A/B operation. Additionally, it utilizes a professional peak limiter, which guarantees you like distortion-free music.

The Rockville dB55 also has voltage and thermal protection. Thus, you don’t need to fret about elemental damage because this amp provides optimum protection.

In the end, in case you’ve got a budget to be concerned about and do not wish to compromise on an adequate performance, you’ve located a brilliant option.


  • Great value for money
  • Tremendous power output
  • Features sound controls that are user-friendly
  • Produces distortion-free music
  • Built-in equalization technology contributes to crisp audio quality


  • Heavier than other amps
  • Mounting screws are not always compatible with car chassis
  • It does not fit in all cars
Pyle - 5 Channel Rack Mount Bluetooth Receiver, Home Theater Amp, Speaker Amplifier, Bluetooth Wireless Streaming, MP3/USB/SD/AUX/FM Radio, 200 Watt, w/ Digital ID3 LCD Display from - PDA7BU,Black
  • WIRELESS STREAMING: The receiver rack mount features a premium built in Bluetooth 2.1 wireless streaming receiver. Making the receiver compatible with all your favorite devices, like iPhone, Androids, tablets, etc. It has a wireless range of 30’ plus
  • HOME STEREO AMP: The rack mount home theater amp is a complete sound system. It acts like an FM radio with a digital LCD display with ID3 tag readout displaying each song title. Also features a 2.1 channel audio amp design
  • CONNECT TO EXTERNAL DEVICES: The rack mount home theater amp features USB flash and SD memory card readers, as well as a 3.5mm aux input jack and multi source RCA audio input connectors
  • RELIABLE & DURABLE: The home theater receiver is made of heavy duty metal and aluminum alloy panel to protect your gear for years to come. The package includes sturdy removable rack mount brackets for trustworthy and easy installation
  • WHAT'S IN THE BOX: The audio receiver rack mount comes with everything you need to get started. This exclusive bundle from Pyle features our top of the line amplifier receiver, wireless remote control, detachable hardware rack mounts and FM antenna

3. Rockford Fosgate P1000X5 Punch Amplifier To get a high-end amp

If you’re prepared to lose a few additional bucks, you’re in for a treat. The Rockford Fosgate 5 channel amps P1000X5 Punch does a superb job of powering your entire vehicle audio system. It provides up to 75 watts as RMS power for your speakers and 500 watts to a subwoofer.

If you have some super strong speakers, you can change this amp to a 3-channel style and supple all your speakers using a 250 watts RMS.

The amp uses a class-BD amplifier layout, which makes it exceptionally trustworthy and productive. Its low-pass and subsonic filters help produce a crisp, accurate bass. The high-pass filters promote precision by eliminating bass out of the full-range speakers.

If you would like to energize your music further, this amp also supplies treble and bass fosters. The most noteworthy thing about this amp model its all-new Calibrated Level Eliminates Audible Noise or even CLEAN technology. This makes certain your music seems super clean and healthy.

Placing the amp gain can be easy today due to the onboard cutting sensors. Its heat dissipation capacity retains the essential components ventilated and relaxed.

This promotes long-lasting functionality and effective operation. In general, if you don’t have any funding difficulties, the Rockford Fosgate P1000X5 amplifier is of the best Rockford Fosgate amp.


  • Built with high-quality components
  • Heat dissipation ability
  • Short-circuit protection
  • Does not require much power to run
  • Excellent sound quality


  • Designated components cannot be easily replaced if there is any damage
  • Does not include bass adjustment
  • The comparatively higher price point

4. Polk Audio PA D5000.5 Amplifier

Polk Audio produces a vast selection of reputed amplifiers. Also, this exceptionally compact 5-channel Glass does nothing but match every expectation!

The Polk Audio PA D5000.5 amplifier is strong enough to power the complete sound system. Speaking of its functionality, 70 watts RMS is delivered to every speaker and 500 watts to the subfloor.

This amp features adjustable large and low-pass filters, which prevents low frequencies around the full-range speakers and the large ones around the subwoofer.

Along with this, the subsonic filters reduce the frequencies under the configurations. Additionally, it has a wired remote knob to restrain the subwoofer even in the front seat.

The simple fact that this amp may flexibly fit anywhere on your car because of its form and size increases the convenience element.

Get ready to enjoy some smooth-sounding, distortion-free songs together with Polk Audio’s Class D technologies and its own elastic high, and low-pass filters.

Its MOSFET power supply ensures that there’s efficient energy use during sound reproduction. This amp runs trendy by drawing warmth from its inner parts.

About its construction, this amp is made to last. Its coated PB plank and stainless steel parts don’t rust in typically adverse surroundings.


  • Built from durable components
  • MOSFET power supply
  • Bass level remote control
  • Does not overheat
  • Thermal and short circuit protection


  • Higher price point
  • Reaches full potential only with upgraded speakers
Polk Audio PA D5000.5 900W RMS, 5-Channel Class D PA Series Car Amplifier (PAD5000.5),100 Watts x4; 400 Watts x1
  • Sophisticated unit will withstand numerous elements it encounters while on the water
  • Stainless steel hardware throughout to prevent corrosion, short circuit protection and many other marine specific features
  • High-speed MOSFET switching power.Preamp inputs
  • Nickel-plated wire terminals and RCA connectors ensure maximum signal transfer
  • Protection: Thermal, DC offset, reverse DC voltage and short circuit protection

5. Earth Sound AC1800.5 Anarchy Greatest Budget Amplifier

Why ride with soft, dull sound while Planet Audio has attracted to the marketplace among the very favorably priced 5-channel amps?

The AC1800.5 packs around 1800 watts on your system and permits you to personalize your audio as you enjoy it so that each ride is celebration time.

Bridgeable, tri-mode performance best for muscular subs: The bridging ability of the amplifier is exceptional. When you place the AC1800.5 to tri-mode, you let it bridge two channels into one channel. Your subwoofer gets more energy and strikes harder with less stimulation.

The superior build quality to get more excellent durability and performance: Simply looking at this amp structure will inform you it’s intended to win. Nickel-plated connections, heavy-duty set-screw terminals, and chrome-plated connections improve its quality construct. These are some of the principal reasons the amp rated among the top 5 channel coils in 2021.

Attain the ideal balance between power and sound quality: This amp was created with Switchable Input Sensitivity, which permits you to command the recipient’s input signal. Thus, you are ready to customize the audio to match your desired listening requirements.

Enjoy your favorite songs knowing that the system is wholly protected: Earth Sound takes system protection to some greater level with a 3-way System Protection circuitry. Your stereo parts are below full thermal, current overload, and short-circuit protection. The heavy-duty aluminum heatsink additionally prevents thermal breakdown by dissipating heat economically.


  • Powerful enough for dedicated subs
  • Well-built structure
  • Offers excellent sound customization abilities
  • Reliable system protection features
  • Less expensive compared to others


  • May overheat a little bit
  • Minimal distortion may be experienced

6. BOSS Audio PV3700 Phantom

What about BOSS Audio is attractive. Obtaining impressed is the only choice for this amp. Its 3700w MAX power grabs your attention, whereas the multi-LED backlight lighting necessarily fixes your eyes on it, and its flexibility and power necessarily raise your love for quality audio.

Enormous power output: In case you’ve been wondering where to locate an app that could work seamlessly with your large subs for audiophile-level sort of bass, then Boss Audio PV3700 could be precisely what you’ve been missing. You understand what 3700 watts peak power capacity can perform.

Class A/B topology and MOSFET power supply: Boss Audio PV3700 is really where high energy efficiency, versatility, and superior audio production fulfill. The A/B linear circuitry raises the quality and output of sound and reduces distortion. The MOSFET power source improves efficiency and reduces heat production.

2-ohm equilibrium and bridgeable: Being a 2-ohm and secure amp, it is equipped to power your speakers and subs comfortably, so the system produces louder and more robust sound. When bridging, the Sky provides a considerable increase in electricity output for the production of bass.

Construct a high-power sound system from virtually any supply unit: The amplifier includes both large and low-level inputs that provide a lot of flexibility. Whether you’ve got a factory or aftermarket supply device, then it is possible to easily control the frequency passing through your full-range speakers and subwoofer.

The amplifier is nicely protected against voltage and temperature upsurge: whenever you’ve got a high grid, you wish to learn that its protection properties are dependable. The PV3700 includes protection circuitry that continually monitors the machine’s voltage and thermal states to make sure it’s not damaged because of overheating or present upsurge.


  • Among the most powerful amps in our selection
  • Very loud and punchy music
  • Lower price than that of higher-power amps
  • Easy to install and user-friendly
  • Eye-catching LED backlight
  • Nice build quality


  • Heats up a bit quickly
  • Shuts down into protective mode when under heavy use
  • Not fused
Rockford Fosgate R2-750X5 750-Watt 5-Channel Amplifier
  • The R2-750X5 full-range class-D 5-channel amplifier (1.9" x 6.8" x 11.2") is packed with features and performance to deliver power and bass on demand with 750 Watts of RMS power
  • Class D technology makes this amp extremely efficient by reducing demand on the vehicles electrical system (RMS Power: 50 Watts x 4 + 200 Watts x 1 @ 4Ω OR 100 Watts x 4 + 350 Watts x 1 @ 2Ω OR 200 Watts x 2 + N/A @ 4Ω Bridged/Mono)
  • Featuring C.L.E.A.N. circuitry to help you adjust your gain settings, a P.O.W.E.R. Supply that generates more power as voltage increases, and integrated Punch EQ that corrects for acoustic deficiencies while delivering up to 3X the bass
  • Featuring fully adjustable 12 dB/octave high and low pass butterworth crossovers, balanced differential inputs with RCA pass through outputs, high level input capable, defeat able auto turn on circuit and top mounted controls
  • Famous Rockford Fosgate build quality with a full 1-year warranty when purchased from an authorized Rockford Fosgate reseller

7. JL Audio XD700/5V2

Jl Audio 5 channel amps have continued to amaze car audio fans with the right gear. The newest is presently featured in virtually all reviews of speakers and amplifiers. We researched JL Audio XD700/5V2, and here would be the excellent features our inspection was able to affirm.

Small amp packs enormous power for your complete machine: The XD700/5V2 amazed us with its power output. It provides 75 watts RMS for your 4 (front and rear) speakers and around 300 watts for your sub.

Highly versatile to match a vast selection of systems: We have already seen the amp can be used with a 5-channel system. Imagine if you utilize active speakers or a 3-way speaker program? It is possible to high-pass the amp’s front channels to operate tweeters, band-pass back channels for the larger mid-bass output signal, and low-pass the bass’s substation.

Unsurpassed efficacy and sound quality: Due to this NexD technology utilized on the XD700/5V2, the system is updated to produce exceptional sound quality with complete energy efficiency. It plays your songs with complete fidelity, letting you enjoy an ever-pleasant listening experience.

Advanced Rollback Protection (ARP): To remove those annoying sudden amp shut-downs brought on by overheating, the XD700/5V2 utilizes JL Audio’s exclusive protection circuit (ARP) to track the amp thermal illness and make adjustments when required.


  • Very strong amp for beefy, audiophile-grade subs
  • Can be directly controlled from the driver’s seat
  • A great thermal protection system
  • Can fit in any vehicle
  • 2 auto turn-on modes


  • A little bit expensive
  • Not fused

8. Kenwood KAC-M8005

You will seldom find a five-channel amp that powers your complete audio system how Kenwood KAC-M8005 does. In case you’ve got a pair of high-performance speakers and a sub, this amp is more than sufficient to drive them mad with power and push up your moods with outstanding sound quality.

Little amp high power capacities: The KAC-M8005 is probably the smallest 5-channel amp you’ve ever encounter. But in its compactness lies an unfailing ability to operate full-range speakers with 50 watts RMS each and a subwoofer with 500 watts RMS.

Weather-resistant music on the move: Kenwood KAC-M8005 is more appropriate for marine applications and power sport due to its conformal-coated circuit board. This board protects internal circuits from moisture, soil, and water. It makes me convinced the show continues whatever the weather conditions.

Gives you the very best tone to your songs: Technology has contributed to the contemporary audio enthusiast’s control over virtually all entertainment parts on the move. The KAC-M8005 was created with high- and – low-pass filters that enable you to tailor-make the audio output from the speakers and subs.

The KAC-M8005 accepts inputs from any origin – It is possible to join RCA cables or speaker wires from the receiver into the amp. It employs precisely the speaker-level inputs to feel the sign for an automobile turn-on (it turns on). This negates the requirement to twist on the guide on the recipient.


  • Solid and compact for tight space installation
  • Great power from a small amp
  • Impressively loud with no distortion
  • Weather-resistant build
  • Easy gain adjustments
  • CEA-2006 Compliant


  • Doesn’t thump sub as much
  • The conformal circuit board can be easily damaged by extreme heat or humidity
  • Its price range is slightly on the higher side
Rockford Fosgate Punch P1000X5 1000 Watt 5 Channel Amplifier
  • The Punch P1000X5 is an ultra-efficient 5-channel amplifier (2.38” x 7.76” x 15.03”) capable of running your entire system without excessive drain on your charging system and rocking 1000 watts of RMS power
  • Perfect for running a front/rear system and a dedicated subwoofer (RMS Power Output: 75 Watts x 4 + 150 Watts x 1 @ 4-Ohm OR 125 Watts x 4 + 300 Watts x 1 @ 2-Ohm OR N/A + 500 Watts @ 1-Ohm)
  • RCA inputs can accept both Hi and Low level audio signals without the need of a signal converter and tri-stage protection that covers thermal, over-current and short circuits
  • Featuring Class A/B + Class BD (Sub) topology, on-board Punch EQ with +18dB boost @ 45Hz, variable 12 dB/Oct Butterworth crossovers, and C.L.E.A.N. Set-up
  • Famous Rockford Fosgate build quality with a full 1-year warranty when purchased from an authorized Rockford Fosgate reseller

9. Rockville RMS 5-Channel Amplifier

This funding amp comprises a high-speed MOSFET power source, a flexible 12dB bass equalizer, and mute and postpones soft-start technology.

You receive the amplifier from the box, a birth sheet having analyzed electricity, an operator’s guide, mounting screws, and a guarantee.

It is clean and healthy on all stations. It’s also very compact and light, considering that its power output still feels significant. The amp has a lot of adjustments for highs and lows.

Although this amp works just like a champ to get a portion of the price compared to a few of its rivals, it will get hot a bit quicker than a number of its competitions.

Also, it goes into protection mode quite quickly at half quantity. There also have been several complaints that the product arrives with a single station, not working.


  • Clean and powerful
  • Light and compact
  • Several adjustments for highs and lows


  • Gets very hot in very little time
  • Protection mode kicks in too easily
  • May be shipped with faulty channel

10. Alpine 5 Channel Digital Amplifier

This Class D amplifier includes an RMS power rating of 4 ohms (75 watts x 4 stations and 250 watts x 1 station ) and two ohms (100 watts x 4 stations and 350 watts x 1 station ). It’s CEA-2006 compliant using a varying high-pass filter (12 dB/octave).

The Alpine is small enough to fit under your chair, and it’s solidly constructed. It is vital, exceptionally compact, making your sound system seem very clean and balanced.

While the audio quality is topnotch, producing crystal clear highs and mids, the Sky is a bit on the expensive side. It may find a little hot compared to additional five-channel amps, but it does not get overly hot. While it does not provide overwhelming energy, it provides lots to earn an excellent audio system.


  • Small and compact
  • Crystal clear highs and mids
  • Balanced and clean audio


  • On the expensive side
  • Can get a little warm
DS18 Hydro NXL800.5D Next Level Full Range Digital Marine 5-Channel 1600 Watts Max Multichannel Amplifier
  • DS18 Hydro NXL800.5D full range digital Marine five channel stereo amplifier with remote gain control
  • RMS output @ 4-ohms: 4 x 80 + 200 watts. @ 2-ohms 4 x 125 + 300 watts. @ 4-ohms bridged: 2 x 250 watts. Frequency response: 20 - 20Khz.
  • Signal to noise ratio: > 95Db. Selectable x-over: LPF/flat/hpf. Lpf/hpf filter: 40Hz - 3Khz.
  • Smc (surface mount component) technology. RCA input/ speaker/ power direct harness design. Leds indicate working status: power/ protection.
  • Compact size waterproof for all elements (stainless hardware, UV/Salt Fog protection, IPX6 waterproof level). Dimensions: 295 x 125 x 42 mm.


Searching for the appropriate 5-channel amp can get frantic. The amount of versions and the quantity of technology which has come about is sufficient to confuse you completely.

Fidlar expects that we’ve significantly simplified this process for you and narrowed down your choices. All you want to pick one that will meet your car audio needs.

While we’ve picked some of the Best 5 Channel Amps for use, even if you’re still in doubt, we wouldn’t be afraid to assist you further.

Our winner for the most effective 5-channel amplifier is your Rockford Fosgate P1000X5 Punch amplifier. This amp could be one of the pricier models on our listing, but it’s well worth every penny.

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