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Best 4X6 Speakers 2021: Top Brands Review

Best 4X6 Speakers 2021 Top Brands Review

Buying a set of 4×6 car speakers is not too difficult or too expensive, but with hundreds or even thousands of products on the market today, choosing for yourself an ideal speaker set is not always easy. If you choose speakers that do not match your criteria wastes time and money. So how to choose the best speakers for my car?

If you plan to invest in a 4×6 speaker set, this is precisely where you need it. At Fidlar has compiled and analyzed the list of the Best 4X6 Speakers 2021. See what we have for you.

Types Of 4×6 Speakers

Many 4×6 speakers are relatively standard in their design. They generally possess a polypropylene, paper, or carbon fiber woofer cone. On the other hand, the form of this tweeter fluctuates dependent on the standard of the speakers.

Types Of 4x6 Speakers


Cone tweeters will be the most frequent and are often found in low-end factory speakers. They’re inexpensive to produce and generally possess a newspaper megaphone constructed into the woofer to improve treble. They do not distribute sound almost up to some higher-quality layouts.


Dome tweeter is step-over cone tweeters. They are generally made from polycarbonate, Mylaraluminum, titanium, etc. They have a smooth response and typical sensitivity using a standard operating assortment of 2.5 kHz to 20 kHz. They have a dome shape along with an aluminum wire sound coil affixed into the rim.

Buying Guide When Purchasing 4×6 Speakers

Not all 4×6 speakers seem the same or manage the same amount of watts RMS. When you are picking a car speaker, then there is a range of features you want to consider when you’re updating your music system.

Peak Power Rating vs. RMS Power Rating

The peak power rating and RMS (Root Mean Square) power evaluation refer to just how much power the speakers can manage. The former tells you just how much power a speaker can manage in brief bursts, while the latter suggests just how much power a speaker could endure for a sustained period.

If you would like to conserve the integrity of your speakers, then follow the RMS rating. You do not want to overheat the voice coil, which may lead to a speaker to dismiss out.

What To Search For When Purchasing 4x6 Speakers

Frequency Range

Audio frequency and quality array go hand and hand. To produce hard-hitting bass and vibrant mids and highs, then start looking for a speaker with a broad frequency range. The very best sound systems will have a frequency range between 50 to 100Hz.


This steps the speaker’s audio in connection to the given power. Factory-installed speakers typically have lower electricity, generally, 15 W RMS or reduced, so they’ll seem better using high-sensitivity speakers using 90 dB or more.

Size and Size

Consult with your inventory speakers’ dimensions and form when you are picking out the best 4×6 car speakers. Not all aftermarket speakers will fit perfectly in your car or truck, and you might want to generate some alterations to get a proper match. Fortunately, many oval-shaped speakers have square plates that have different drilling holes.


If you’d like to have the very best-sounding car speakers for the price, first you must consider how much you are prepared to spend. When some speakers are incredibly cheap, they might not provide all the features you need to construct a superior-sounding sound system. Sometimes spending a little bit more will make a significant difference in audio quality.

Tips For Purchasing And Using 4×6 Speakers

The fantastic thing about 4×6 speakers is they are usually simple to install. But you do not wish to purchase the first place you see on the shop shelf. Additionally, it would help if you chose whether you would like to overhaul your audio system entirely or replace the factory speakers in your vehicle, SUV, or automobile.

  • The very best buy 4×6 speakers will not produce bass, mainly because they are very tiny. If you’d like a powerful, punchy bass, then you’ll also require a high-quality amplifier and subwoofer.
  • If you would like to prevent distortion and vibration, start looking for speakers made from lighter stuff. Speakers made from plastic rubber or material are a fantastic alternative since they seem reasonable and will survive more than other speakers since they won’t rust.
  • Metal tweeters are far better than silk, in case you encounter a great deal of street noise on the street or frequently push with all the windows down. Silk tweeters provide a more quality sound when sound is not a problem, or the car’s cottage is mainly made from plastic.

Best 4X6 Speaker Brands

Best 4X6 Speaker Brands

1. Rockford Fosgate Punch P1462 Full Range Speakers

This speaker set includes Rockford Fosgate’s Vertical Attach Surround Technique (VAST), which raises the speaker’s powerful radiating cone place without raising the speaker dimensions. This technique leads to a 25% growth in the active cone compared with a regular 4×6 speaker.

The Punch P1462 includes a bend fit basket that uses slots where possible rather than single screw-sized holes. This feature eases a slight modification of the speaker if it’s mounted.

The Punch speakers also have Integrated Concealed Crossovers (ICC), which hides the basket’s crossover. This guarantees a fresh appearance and even makes the setup a bit easier.

Among the handiest features of this speaker set is its Multi-OEM Adapter plate, which enables round part or full-range speakers to be set up in some OEM openings. It is possible to match this speaker set in just about any car or truck, to put it differently.

The speaker construction can also be a thing to write home about. The butyl rubber surround, mineral-filled, and polypropylene injection molded cone ensures superb quality sound.

If you’re interested in finding among the very best 4×6 car speakers in regards to low-end functionality, then this ought to be towards the best rated 4X6 car speaker brands.


  • Rockford Fosgate’s Vertical Attach Surround Technique ensures a 25% greater surface area compared to standard 4×6 speakers.
  • Excellent performance in the low-end frequency band.
  • Multi-OEM Adapter is very convenient.


  • Priced a little on the higher side.
  • Longevity is questionable.

2. Pioneer TS-A4676R 4″ x 6″ 3-Way Speaker

Pioneer has been from the best sounding 4×6 speaker for 80 decades today, and their experience is reflected in the TS-A4676R speaker set. And yes, it’s a speaker set though the product title states, “Place of 1”, which can be very misleading. Now that we’ve got that from the way, let’s find out if this specific product is worth your cash.

Even though the TS-A lineup provides excellent prices, it includes the brand new spider design incorporating the same substance at the more superior PRS collection. This guarantees a quicker suspension and more precise reaction.

The TS-A4676R speaker pair’s heating basket with an air compressor means it will remain cool even under stressful circumstances. And this leads to better power handling capacities.

This speaker set employs different substances that are carefully blended to produce a diaphragm that’s not just light but also rather stiff. This leads to a decline in the degree of inner loss and remarkable responsiveness sensitivity. To put it differently, you receive clear and vibrant audio quality from these speakers.

The TS-A4676R includes a fresh new Multilayer Mica Matrix Cone architecture that’s remarkably rigid. This causes a broader dispersion of noise using bass. Also, the mid to high frequencies are a good deal more improved due to the new tweeter layout.

Even though the bass performance of the TS-A4676R leaves something to be wanted, it’s readily redeemed with the sound quality from the high-frequency bands. What’s more, it gives the best 4×6 Speakers For The Money.


  • Audio performance is excellent in the mid to high-frequency band.
  • Priced quite competitively.
  • The spider design uses materials found in Pioneer’s more premium PRS series.


  • Bass lovers might find low-end performance inadequate.
  • RMS power output is just 30 Watts RMS.

3. Infinity REF-6422cfx Kappa Series Coaxial Speakers

In the area of car audio, Infinity is 4×6 speakers best buy. Not only can they produce high-of-the-line speakers in regards to sound performance, but they’re also well priced. Regrettably, their product sales are eclipsed by the likes of Rockford Fosgate or Pioneer speakers.

Having said this, we’re reasonably confident that this speaker set is among the very best options for auto speakers featured on our listing. Let us figure out why shall we?

This speaker includes Harman’s patented Plus One stride that provides a larger cone surface area than speakers in its class. This causes a substantial improvement in sound quality, particularly in the low-end frequency group.

The Reference series speakers can be found in a vast selection of standard sizes and include a streamlined design. This means that you may put these speakers in just about any car or truck.

Among the most outstanding features of this REF-6422cfx is its tweeters. It outperforms its rivals from the high-frequency ring and ensures that it doesn’t crack under complete quantity.

Another fantastic quality of this speaker group’s tweeters is the output could be corrected. You may control the output between 0 dB and +3 dB, which helps to maximize system linearity dependent on these speakers’ positioning.

If it comes to sound quality at the mid to high-frequency range, this is unquestionably among the very best speaker producers. Also, these tweeters’ flexible output makes it a perfect selection for people who seek optimal performance from the highs.


  • Excellent audio quality from the tweeters.
  • Best 4×6 speakers for bass
  • Adjustable tweeter output level.
  • It is quite easy to install.


  • Customer service is not as good as leading car audio brands.
  • Build quality could be better.

4. Polk Audio DB461 4×6 Marine Accredited Speaker

Much like Infinity, this is just one more underrated car manufacturer-new speakers. And if their lineup of automobile products is one of the very best buy 4×6 car speakers, they excel with their marine assortment of speakers. The DB461 is just one of the best Marine Certified Speakers. Now, let us see why this is considered among the most excellent products with a marine certificate.

The Polk Audio DB461 includes a Dynamic Balance polymer/mica composite mineral-filled cone that’s not just lightweight but also rather stiff. This ensures a powerful sound output signal with minimal if any distortion.

This speaker set includes low and high pass filters (crossovers), which guarantee that the mids and highs are exceptional compared to conventional 4×6 coaxial speakers in its price class.

The Polk Audio DB Series speakers include Marine Certification. To put it differently, you may be sure that your speakers can withstand rough environmental conditions like snow and rain.

The durable butyl rubber surround is one of the very best 4” X6” car speakers. And it’s hard enough to withstand stressful conditions like extreme temperatures and sun. It’s constructed to last.

The spider has elastic woven leads sewn into it. This ensures more excellent reliability.

Polk Audio has produced fantastic vehicle audio products previously. However, this speaker may leave you frustrated if you seek out excellent bass performance. The mids and highs but make it easily worth the cost.


  • It feels built to last.
  • The Marine Certification ensures that it can fare well against tough environmental conditions.
  • The mids and highs sound fantastic.


  • Installation can be a bit tricky.
  • The bass performance is not up to the level of competitors.

5. Pioneer TS-G4620S 400 Watts Max Power 4″ X 6″ 2-Way G-Series

Pioneer is considered to be among the best 4-inch car speakers and their sparks hardly ever fail. This is why we practically had to discuss their product before any other business. The TS-G4620S doesn’t neglect to maintain the brand’s title status.

Because this speaker comes from various customizable dimensions, it may be preferably simply installed in various kinds of cars. Thus, you do not need to worry over the simple fact of whether it would be compatible with your automobile or not.

Coming to its functionality, the form of this polypropylene cone enables it to produces good excellent sound in very substantial amounts and rarely cracks.

Power handling of the item can’t be matched with most of the products offered on the marketplace. The evaluation is 400 g per set, which further solidifies its compatibility with most of the cars offered on the marketplace.

The speakers’ significance is 89db, which may not be able to create as much electricity in the amplifiers. However, 89db is still considered to be far above average. Irrespective of this, keeping different features in mind, this product is just one of the top 4×6 speakers to your car’s stereo system.


  • The polypropylene cone shape can handle high volume levels easily
  • The rate of power handling is 400 watts so is compatible with most cars
  • Can quite simply be installed due to its lightweight


  • Speaker sensitivity is not very high

6. Earth Sound TRQ462 4 x 6 Inch Car Speakers

Budget is this critical component that occasionally comes between you and your urge to obtain a fantastic excellent item. Well, if you’re facing a battle much like the one, then this item is only the ideal alternative for you.

With a power handling speed of 200 g per set, this speaker can use many car amplifiers. This product’s compatibility does not finish there; its dimensions and lightweight to allow the setup part for a piece of cake.

Why is it durable, and light is its assemble substances. This merchandise’s cone component is composed of polyurethane, making it quite flexible and effective at producing smooth sounds. The sound coil of this item consists of aluminum, which ensures optimum efficacy when used intensely for quite a while.

The very best aspect of the item has a tweeter from the cone midbass. Therefore, further production of the fantastic audio quality could be ensured. Obtaining a tweeter with the speaker at this cost is surprising and ideal for people searching for both.


  • Very easy to install because of its lightweight and size
  • Sound coil composed of aluminum, so efficiency is maximum during heavy-duty usage
  • Is full-ranged so comes with a tweeter
  • Price is towards the cheaper end of the spectrum


  • The sensitivity of the speaker is only 84db which is very low

7. BOSS Audio Systems BRS46 Car Replacement Speakers

BOSS has been delivering products that have left their clients in amazement, and they continue coming back into the business for a long. Their principal objective is to continue to keep their consumers happy without compromising the quality of the items. Certainly enough, they have not let us down this time around using their BRS46 speakers.

This specific issue is perfect for people who aren’t pleased with their fundamental car speakers and are looking for something which may give them more smooth and clear audio quality. And this was made possible due to the double cone, which permits maximum audio clarity.

What’s more, they comprise the polymer foam that will ensure that the product remains operational even after years of heavy-duty use.

The productivity of this speaker does not finish there; the frequency assortment is 100Hz to 18kHz. That is quite a broad selection and will have the ability to grasp each of the mid-and-top notes. Since the frequency is extensive, the speaker may be viewed as a fantastic excellent item and ideal for more critical notes.

Last, the basket of this item is stamped so you’d have the ability to hear sounds which crisp and ones that could barely ever crack.


  • Is quite light, so the installation part is very quick and easy
  • Has a broad range of frequency for higher notes
  • Is very durable because of its premium and strong build
  • Comes with grilles


  • Cannot grasp onto lower frequencies so hence weaker bass

8. Kicker DSC46 D-Series Coaxial 2-Way Car Speakers

Kicker DSC46 is 4×6 speakers with good bass. These speakers are a superb substitute for speakers.

Kicker automobile speakers have been mid-range auto speakers. They signify one of the handfuls of top brands and therefore are quite well known in today’s market.

These speakers produce good bass, but the real magic comes from the middle/wide variety. Where these speakers shine, that is.

The only drawback, maybe, is the low power handling. They have been rated at 30 watts RMS, maybe not relatively high when compared with other speakers.

Bearing this in mind, these speakers will probably be a superb substitute for a stereo system.


  • You also need to be ready to fix any loose wires running from your pos. These speakers will vibrate neg leads; anything left unsecured.
  • Summit: 120 watts RMS
  • Narrow-Profile


  • They possess a vibrant sound that simply doesn’t bad.

9. JBL Club 4×6 Speakers

All these JBL speakers are 3 Ohm using power management of 70W RMS along with 105W summit. They have a 91 dB sensitivity so that they aren’t power-hungry.

They provide excellent treble and mid-range using a high sensitivity. The tweeter is sterile and doesn’t hurt the hearing at more significant amounts.

The low impedance of those speakers makes them sound very significant, plus they get loud with no distortion even when paired with the stock speakers unit. The lows are heavy, and the highs are clear.

One drawback is that they take some time to break and allow the bass to begin hitting deep and smooth. Do not anticipate bursting bass and heavy lows initially.

It takes approximately a month of Usage before you really can listen to the noise you are expecting. Additionally, the terminals to your speakers are somewhat flimsy, and you have to be cautious when placing them. You will also need to use the crossovers provided, or else they won’t seem too great.


  • They are not power-hungry
  • Excellent treble and mid-range
  • Low impedance


  • Take a while to break-in
  • Terminals are flimsy
  • Crossovers are necessary for quality sound

10. Pyle 4×6 Car Speaker

This triaxial speaker system involves a one-inch neodymium film dome midrange and a 3/4-inch piezo tweeter. Also, it features a one-inch ASV sound coil for high temperature and high-wattage scenarios. They’re fantastic for anyone looking for cheap but quality speakers to place in their vehicle. They’re well-built, are made from similar substances utilized in higher-end speakers, and appearance, quality sound, and feel good.

While they are a fantastic price, they are not for audiophiles. Though the mids sound relatively sterile, the highs aren’t terrific. Distortion places in early, and the bass response isn’t great. They have to get paired with a little amplifier, preferably with a crossover in addition to a subwoofer for optimal sound. Moreover, they may begin to pop, hiss, or crackle after a couple of months of Usage.


  • Inexpensive but good quality
  • Good construction
  • Sound coil aids in high-temperature and high-wattage situations


  • Highs are not great
  • Bass is not good
  • They may pop or hiss after a short period of use
PIONEER TS-A4670F 4'' x6 4-Way Coaxial Speaker, Black
175 Reviews


You have just seen our list of the best 4×6 speaker, have you chosen for yourself? A satisfactory speaker not only brings material benefits but also brings the most excellent satisfaction in you.

You can rest assured with all of our suggestions, all of which are thoroughly tested and received a lot of positive feedback from users.

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