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Best 2X12 Guitar Cabinet 2021: Top Brands Review

Best 2X12 Guitar Cabinet 2020 Top Brands Review

You are planning to invest in a new guitar cabinet for yourself, and you have decided to choose a 2×12 guitar cabinet, but then you stopped because there are so many choices on the market today. So what do you think is an ideal guitar cabinet?

The answer is in you, it is difficult to say which is the best 2×12 guitar cab, but it is not difficult to determine which cabinet is most suitable for you. So you know how to choose for yourself the ideal guitar cabinet yet? If not then you should take a moment to take a look at our article. Here Fidlar has compiled and analyzed the list of the Best 2X12 Guitar Cabinet 2021.

What Are The Ideal Guitar Speaker Cabinets To Purchase?

The open-back cabinets are made to permit the noise from both the rear and front sides and provide a fantastic effect. The noise produced through these sorts of cabinets is more concentrated, and the 360-degree effect blossoms the notes.

Should you select one with large dimensions, this result would also be amplified. Such cabinets are more acceptable for a short period and rehearsals. Nonetheless, in the studio configurations at which mics are placed at several spots around the cupboard, you’ll have multiple sonic choices.

What Are The Ideal Guitar Cabinets To Purchase

The closed back cabinet is created to provide a well-focused and tighter tone within the entire range of frequency vast majority of the sound projects from the front side. It offers an improved response for reduced frequency and a sharp assault, especially from the front of the cupboard.

The noise projection out of a closed-back cupboard isn’t difficult to isolate, and it’s more directional when compared with the open-back layout. Additionally, closed-back cupboard’s sound can easily be captured. You will not require a lot of mics for this; only one or two would be adequate.

Aside from the plan, another significant factor you ought to consider is construction quality. Just like for the majority of the other musical tools, its audio quality can be influenced by its production substance. Some woods such as pine and birch provide a gorgeous tone, and they create the construction sound and robust.

Therefore, should you want a fantastic excellent cabinet that provides enhanced audio quality, then the one made with good wood could be appropriate as it contrasts more musically and far better than other substances.

If you would like to become fresh Cabinets, we’ve got you covered. We’ve produced a listing of the most suggested cabinets. These changes in cost, layout, and construction. For your ease, we’ve included models from other budget ranges.

Whether you will need a reasonably priced cupboard or you’re searching for a costly version, we’ve got you covered. Each of the subsequent versions is preferred as a result of good construction quality and exceptional sonic properties. Have a peek at their particular features and operational efficiency and choose which is more appropriate according to your needs.

Wampler Bravado 212EXT 130-watt 2×12″ Cabinet

Best 2X12 Guitar Cabinets Brands

1. Wampler Bravado 212EXT 130-watt 2×12″ Cabinet

Wampler is the best guitar cabinet in America that specializes in guitar pedals and amplifiers. For people who want outstanding sound and high-class functionality, this is a fantastic selection. The beautiful outlook, straightforward layout, exquisite construction, and durable structure make it among the most appropriate alternatives.

Even though it’s somewhat pricey, but its standard and operational efficacy are not worth spending the cash. In any case, its white and the black color combination looks attractive to your eyes and adds to its aesthetic allure. The cabinet’s dimensions measurements comprise 32.5 x 23.5 x 15 inches, and its entire weight is 57.9 lbs.

This one includes a closed-back layout, and it’s hand-made in the united states. In any case, it features 16-ohm speakers. Considering the construction caliber, this can be an unrivaled alternative. It includes Baltic birch wood, which makes it a substantial selection and makes it last longer.

Another essential feature is the improved energy handling that provides a more generous headroom. If you would like to enjoy a contemporary and timeless tone, then this is a good alternative. Furthermore, it delivers more expressive upper mids, thinner, and well-defined highs. The large-sized speaker cable is fused between the speaker and terminal, which helps you grab the tone better. It is seen as the very best 2×12 speaker cabinet.

2. Marshall MX212

Like I always say when composing whatever needs listing amp brands, it is probably illegal to exclude Marshall; therefore, let us get it out of the way!

I will not dwell too much on introducing Marshall. In case you haven’t played, you will have heard of these, and in case you haven’t heard of these, you are going to realize that emblem from years of use by a number of the world’s top guitarists.

A new like Marshall will have a high number of cabs readily available, which is their more economical one. They tout it as being appropriate for any mind and specifying their particular ones naturally!

The main reason that this costs slightly bit more than the Seismic Audio taxi we looked at is that the addition of Celestion vintage
speakers. No longer than with guitars, I feel like it is a fantastic thing when makers can take a step back and say, “Really, this may work even better if we receive a business that specializes in creating this component to perform it.”

Either purchasing these speakers work out cheaper than making them even if they are branded, such as Celestion vintage.

And why it is not quite as pricey as some of these cabs, we will see because, in the realms of speakers, these are not Celestion’s most pristine supplying, and such cabs are created in the east. The latter stage, particularly, will have a large effect on the production expenses.

It isn’t easy to understand how much of an Eastern-made item of equipment is real production, and just how much is your brand name that is placed on it.

Although this taxi will surely deal with any mind, I feel hard-rocking guitarists would prefer it. Perhaps some blues-rock, but it is the best guitar speaker cabinet.

3. Orange Amplifiers PPC Collection PPC212OB

Much like Marshall, orange ppc212 is one of the very best guitar cabs and another quintessentially British manufacturer, famous for a quintessentially British tone, particularly that of a crispy blues-rock nature.

Having car his dimensions and speaker setup, they are planning it in their high end, e.g., pricey heads, and I figure that is reflected in the purchase price. It Appears somewhat silly to get a high-end taxi like this when it is likely to be paired with a mind that will sound nasty through.

Bearing this in mind, it is essential to be aware that this is created by Orange themselves in the UK. That is a significant Element in why it costs a bit greater than the cabs we have already.

Such as the Marshall, the Orange taxi utilizes Celestion speakers. No over the fabrication state, the Celestions utilized here are Classic 30s a tiny bit higher compared to the superior spectrum than what’s at the Marshall.

You may play anything amp you need using this cupboard, but it is essential to be sensible that something with tubes can do it the most justice.

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4. Yamaha THRC212 300W 2×12″ Cabinet

Yamaha isn’t a brand new name. It’s the best 2×12 cab for metal because of its high quality, reasonable prices, and massive musical instrument array. This brand also supplies world-class guitar closets and is a more dependable option because of its robust construction, attractive layouts, optimum performance, and higher durability.

Among its broad assortment of cabinets, this one is excellent both regarding looks and functionality. Its dimensions comprise 33 x 17.3 x 24.9 inches. That can be thick and caries about68.3 pounds.

If you’d like an exquisite tone, classic warmth, perfect punch, and improved clarity on your operation, this is an extremely suitable choice. In any case, it provides quick switchable stereo and mono operation. This includes a closed-back layout and provided a well-focused and better tone.

Also, effortless manipulation and control make it a much more desirable choice. In a nutshell, it delivers a perfect platform experience with decent audio pressure, increased response, and remarkable dynamics. Last but not least, it’s ideal for the street and on-stage performances.

Fender Bassbreaker BB-212 Enclosure
53 Reviews

5. Fender Hot Rod Deluxe 112 Enclosure 80-Watt 1×12-Inch Guitar Amp Cabinet Black

Fender is a prominent American brand of guitars and amplifiers. It’s particularly renowned for providing a blend of lovely designs and decent construction quality exhibited at very reasonable prices.

This is another choice for people who would like a more affordable speaker cupboard. Its dimensions measurements comprise 26 x 12 x 12.5 inches, and the entire weight of the cabinet is merely 43 pounds making it simple for you to take it.

This is one of the very best recommended versions; also, it offers brilliant outcomes. This cupboard has a 12-inch Celestion SpSpeaker, hat you can readily use with different combo amplifiers.

What’s more, it can manage 80 watts of power and contains 8-ohm impedance. Try this if you would like to bring an improved bass response and a more significant stage policy.

It also includes a fitted cap and speaker cable. In any case, it’s available at a low price. Catch it today and enjoy its exceptionally versatile speaker. It is probably one of the very best guitar speaker cabinets.


BUGERA isn’t a brand new name. This is a reputed and famous firm. It’s a distinctive manufacturer of guitars amplifiers. This can be known well known for its odd high-class vacuum tube along with the hybrid design. If you’re a passionate player who’s mad about the tone, then BUGERA is your best choice to satisfy your requirements.

One of its variety of cupboards mentioned this is designed to offer you a more cost-effective encounter. For people who need a low-budget option, this is a suitable alternative.

Even though it comes at a low cost, it provides a big sound. This one gets the magnitude of 10.8 x 27.2 x 20.9 inches. What’s more, it carries 46.6 pounds.

Speaking of the plan and prognosis, this is perfect. It doesn’t seem to be an affordable one and supplies a spectacular outlook. The magnificent black color adds to its elegance, and this was made to seem tasteful yet straightforward. In any case, the closed-back layout provides a concentrated and improved tone.

Other features that make this taxi more preferable comprise high sensitivity and power handling of 160 Watts. Anyway, the inclusion of a change for speaker choice delivers a lively selection of tones and the different resources for every speaker, making it increasingly desirable. If you’d like great-sounding speakers at reduced prices, this is an appropriate alternative for you.

Fender Super Champ SC112 80-Watt 1x12-Inch Guitar Amp Cabinet
118 Reviews

7. Seismic Audio 410 Bass Guitar Speaker Cabinet

This Seismic version is generally preferred due to its excellent quality, sturdy construction, and enormous sound. If you’re searching for a speaker taxi that may produce found at a minimal pace, this is the most appropriate alternative.

This was made to deliver high-grade performance along with also the sound construction makes it more lasting. Its dimensions measurements comprise 18 x 28 x 29 inches plus its 73 lbs in weight. This is somewhat heavy, but decorative handles make it effortless to carry from 1 area to another.

This cabinet features a terminal cup using two-port inputs and contains a full grill. The front panel consists of 5/8 plywood. Other materials used include Black carpeting and its metal corners.

Additionally, the closed-back is ported and produces a focused tone. Why is it one of the very recommended versions is the inclusion of four woofers? Every one of those woofers has 10-inch dimensions, and all of them have a magnet of 50 oz along with the Kapton voice coil of 2-inch.

This guitar speaker cab features 96db sensitivity. The best part is it includes a 1-year guarantee. Catch it today and have a much more pleasing experience at a minimal price.

8. Hughes & Kettner TubeMeister 212 180-watt 2×12″ Extension Cabinet

Hughes & Kettner is a famous German manufacturer which has been created in 1987. It specializes in bass guitar amplifiers and cabinets. Over the decades, this is now a favorite and more dependable option due to its flawless construction, remarkable quality, unique designs, and acceptable prices.

One of its whole lineup of cupboards is quite popular, and it provides a beautiful reaction. Considering the measurements, it features 29.5 x 11.2 x 17.7 inches dimensions, and its entire weight isare3 pounds that make it simpler to be performed for stage performances.

The black color and simple design make it a much more tasteful option. It’s also excellent concerning functionality. Try this to get a stinging punch and big tone. The lightweight and small footprint make it a much more desirable choice. If you’re using it, any of those standardized heads can match in.

But for the vertical usage, it matches the Tube Miser 36 head. It comes complete with two classic 30s speakers of 12 inches and a few professional guitarists’ choices, mainly for the richer midrange. Anyway, it can manage the power of 120 watts. This is the very best 2×12 bass cabinet.

9. Seismic Audio 2×12 GUITAR SPEAKER CAB

Here’s a beautiful and superb speaker taxi produced by Seismic. Whether you want a high aesthetic appeal or desire a more reliable and robust construction, this is a dependable option. Have a peek at its attractive prognosis.

It’s a convenient alternative for your point performance. Interestingly, it will not cost you a fortune, and you’ll be able to buy it at an affordable price. Its dimensions measurements are 31 x 15.2 x 21.5 inches. This is quite light in weight also carries only 37 lbs. Therefore, it gives easy portability. this is probably the very best cheap guitar cabinet.

This is a vacant cabinet and contains to sole over in crimson color. Additionally, it has a clothes grill in a wheat color that seems fair. High-grade birch plywood is used in its co-construction, which is the reason why this is quite durable. The grill on the front is readily detachable for speaker loading.

Similarly, the panels in the back will also be detachable for simple speaker loading in the rear. A few other features include metal flush pads, back straps, speaker cable, and metal corners. This cab has a strap handle on its top, which enhances the warmth.

10. Laney Amps CUB All TUBE Collection CUB-CAB 2×12 Guitar Amplifier Cabinet

Laney Amplification is a renowned name proven for producing high-quality musical instrument amplifiers. Have a look at this excellent choice made to provide matchless audio and outstanding performance.

If you would like to acquire a superb amplifier cupboard to take your operation to a different level, this is the most acceptable alternative for you.

It’s a reasonably priced taxi that’s intended to offer you an enjoyable and desired experience. In any case, this one has a multi-positional attribute and making it increasingly favorable.

Whether you would like to play with it as the landscape design that is often preferred or you would like to use it in portrait orientation, then it may be utilized in both manners. Its dimensions measurements are 9.2 x 27 x 18.4inches, and it weighs 33.1 lbs.

Becoming multi-positional, it can be set on the tiny stages too. What’s more, it features a traditional British style, 8-ohm impedance, and wholly designed 12-inch speakers.

This taxi has an open-back layout, and it provides an extremely smooth mid-range plus tighter low-end audio. Moreover, the back panel has a connection and enter jacks and retro styling. It’s intended to supply a pure and classic tube tone and provides an enjoyable functionality. This is the very best 2×12 cabinet.


So there we have it. Suppose you have been considering getting a fresh 2×12 cupboard on your rig, either from upsizing out of a combo or emanating out of a half-stack. In that case, these Best 2X12 Guitar Cabinets should equip you with some advice to steer you in the ideal direction for the research.

There are lots of different alternatives out there. In case you’ve got the patience and cash, you can, of course, get custom-made versions, in all of the specs you require, and any end at all you may like.

If you love tinkering with electronics, you may even purchase unloaded cabinets with no speakers whatsoever in them, purchase everything mix of speakers you prefer, and match them, and complete the taxi however you would like. To make the ideal purchasing decision. These can be found in various alternatives in various colors, and also, they vary in functionality and design.

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