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Behringer Neutron Review 2021: Top Full Review, Guide

Behringer Neutron Review 2020 Top Full Review, Guide

You are a music maker and need specialized equipment to make fantastic music, and a synthesizer is probably indispensable in your kit. Maybe you’ve made the mistake of investing in some lousy gear in the past; the Behringer will be a product you must consider to complement your music-making toolkit.

The Behringer Neutron Semi-Modular Analog Synth is what we want to discuss here, one of the Behringer brand’s standout products, so what was it? Let’s Fidlar to find out if it’s worth it as expected or not.

Behringer Neutron Semi-Modular Analog Synth Full Review

The Neutron synth is a semi-modular synth using a ton of capability. It features 2 VCO’s, a VCF, an LFO, 1 amp EG and one VCF EG, analog delay, and side effects, plus a colossal patch bay to incorporate into your modular installation (Eurorack) – all for just $299.

The Neutron synth packs a great deal of potential right into an inexpensive cost, particularly for an all-analog synth. Behringer was doing a superb job recently with their synths (Model D, DeepMind12( and new declared tools ), which is no exception.

Behringer Neutron Semi-Modular Analog Synth Full Review

Behringer is a business that previously has had a bit of a low reputation for promoting cheap gear. However, recently they’ve been releasing some unbelievable analog synthesizers which are economical in price, but not in quality or features.

Specifically, I’m Speaking about the Behringer Model D and the Deepmind12D, both of which I have and love. The Neutron continues this trip of Behringer’s to the domain of world-class synthesizers at a fraction of the competitions’ price.


The Neutron synth products are jam-packed with features for such an inexpensive analog synth. Here’s a listing of these:

  • Dual 3340 analog oscillators Paraphonic 5 Waveforms (tone mod, pulse, sawtooth, triangle, and sine) – Originally used in OBX, Jupiter6, Prophet5, and more
  • The pure analog signal path
  • Semi-modular synthesizers
  • Individual pulse width/tone mod, and tuning for each VCO
  • Self-oscillation multi-mode VCF with dual output
  • 2 analog ADSR generators for VCF and VCA
  • Multi-Stage analog delay
  • LFO with 5 waveforms – MIDI clock sync – key sync
  • Noise generator
  • Overdrive circuit
  • 36 controls and 7 buttons
  • Utility functions for attenuation, multiples, and slew
  • 32 inputs and 24 output jacks in the patch bay (YES)
  • Audio-Rate sample and hold with glide
  • 1/4 Input, Output, and Headphone jacks
  • MIDI In and MIDI Thru jacks
  • USB/MIDI implementation

I made a movie giving my initial impressions and a summary of the Neutron. In it, I reveal the numerous sections of this synth (it’s laid out in a reasonably logical way) and speak about every knob temporarily. Along the way, I create some noises to show off precisely what many of these knobs do.

If you saw the video, I hope you are impressed by what this thing could do. Close to the conclusion, I glossed over the patch bay because I have not had an opportunity to have fun with it, but I’ll update this article once I get the opportunity.

The patch bay is enormous for a semi-modular synth, and it opens up a TON more doors with regards to precisely what the Neutron can perform this.

Please do not ignore it. Even when you are not into modular equipment today, playing with piling onto the Neutron might motivate you to get right into it.

To get a demonstration of those noises with no babbling off, look farther down the page for my own assessing The Sounds video in which I play the Neutron for 14 minutes straight without speaking.


  • Paraphonic double oscillator semi-modular synth.
  • All analog circuitry and hardware.
  • 80HP Eurorack layout.
  • Durably made.
  • 5 waveforms, two ASDR envelopes, low and high pass filtering.
  • Noise generator along with an overdrive circuit
  • Multi-stage analog wait.
  • LFO.
  • 32 input/24 output.
  • MIDI in and Thru and USB/MIDI connections.


  • No free patch cables.
  • The flaws bleed a bit even at zero due to the analog circuitry.

Attractive Design

Appearances are not as critical as operational elements. Nevertheless, you can’t ignore how you will form opinions on the synthesizer before you have even switched it on. When dropping your preferred combinations, no wonder is looking at the part which makes you feel that the part also.

The Neutron’s iconic red faceplate and black detailing are immediately recognizable by people in the know. It is a fantastic quality that fills me with confidence when producing music before strangers or friends.

Meanwhile, most of the dials are laid out pleasingly. Regardless of 36 knobs and assorted buttons, the device is amazingly streamlined without causing you to knock different switches inadvertently.

Whether you would like to acknowledge it or not, your synthesizer unit’s expression will badly affect your pleasure even though it does not affect the performance or output.

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Two Oscillators

Though the Neutron is a particular product, Behringer could not design a product without borrowing some people’s thoughts. Both oscillator chips are contained using all the Curtis 3340 reissues firmly in your mind. This is a superb feature as it provides you that link with synths of this golden age.

The triangle-based ICs provide strict sync, soft boot, and PWM, linear and exponential frequency controller in addition to the triangle and saw outputs.

The 10-octave range between -5 to +5, and all the 32’/16’/8′ configurations, as well as the simple blend between both oscillators, put you into reasonable control.

As you must mix between both waveforms, the modulate features allow for the full potential of both oscillator chips to be used in fashion.

It takes some getting used to, particularly if you would like to utilize the Tone Mod attribute, but the benefits for doing this are magnificent.

Paraphonic Mode

Besides using two oscillators that replicate the attractiveness of this 3340, the Neutron enables users to command the 2 OSCs independently.

This is a model-defining quality that separates it from nearly all other analog synthesizers available at the price point. It’s the quality that opens the doorway to a universe of new innovative opportunities.

The capability to utilize a monodic structure, where the note is played at one time, to emulate a polyphonic system’s operation provides the Behringer version the sense of a far more expensive version.

As soon as you’re acquainted with enjoying another notice or voice without activating a new brand, it’s likely to drive creativity to a whole new level.

When encouraged by the standard of audio and the controller provided by 36 nobs and seven switches, this can be a versatile unit used by everyone from novice to professional.


The sound paths are a fundamental focus that catches the first focus. However, the auxiliaries are equally vital to creating a modular job and are just another place where the Behringer has a great deal to offer.

For starters, the absolute quantity of auxiliaries available enables one to Split the synth as it is in its unpatched configuration.

Auxiliary elements include two attenuators, including one with a CV), two 2-in-1 summers, a patchable slew speed limiter plus a hardwired Portamento restricted, a sample-and-hold circuit, plus a 1-to-2 passive several.

This contrasts the ADSR, VCA, and filter envelopes and the electronic five-waveform LFO, which compose the synthesizer modulator components.

The capability to configure things for your tastes makes this unit unique. The one thing missing is your choice to normalize the input into a DC voltage.

Round Warm Sound

If you have ever used lower-end equipment in years past, you might have been left with a dull noise that suffers from a prominent absence of body.

This is not a problem with the Neutron since the noise is warm and curved. This can be hugely beneficial for brand new users, allowing us to get an excellent sound before mastering this model’s intricacies.

The triangle-core VCOsfilter and overdrive work together to protect against the underside end reduction out. The bass sounds are not the only ones to gain from this curved sound.

Percussion instrument sounds are both encouraged by the curved warm sounds. Creating dead tracks can eventually become a thing of the past, massive assistance to any consumer. I like that laying a straightforward beat for pleasure can boast professional production values.

It’s still possible to acquire an acid-style shout or a level sound if you want to, but it requires a conscious attempt. Given that many people rarely require this, it’s a winning feature.


There is no escaping the requirement to seek out value for money, which explains why weighing the aesthetic and operational features of any synthesizer, analog or digital, contrary to this unit’s price, is vital.

Though some users might prefer a fundamental option or an innovative unit that costs more, the Neutron is the very best of its type.

It’s significantly more affordable than a lot of the choices that may match its performance degrees. Conversely, it has a minor price increase compared to funding choices that unlock a range of additional features.

In the end, it’s an excellent premium product in the center of this line cost range.

When added into the German maker’s dependability, most would concur this is the ideal option for anybody seeking to purchase a synth at the price bracket.

Any audio production buy feels better when you’ve grabbed a deal. Because of this and others mentioned previously, Neutron is the perfect option.

Social Proof

Within minutes of using the Neutron, I understood this was the very best semi-modular analog synthesizer accessible at a low price.

However, I wished to find out what others have to say regarding the product, especially to see whether there’s a difference of view between casual and professional users.


We have just evaluated the features and quality of the Neutron Semi-Modular Analog synthesizer. Do you have any intention to invest in this synthesizer yet? For us, the synthesizer for almost $ 300 deserves to be on the list of the best synthesizers in its price range.

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