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Beats Ep Review 2021: Top Full Review

Beats Ep Review 2021 Top Full Review

Beats is one of the famous music equipment brands, but its price is relatively high compared to the competition. However, their products are still used quite widely and received positive feedback from users and music experts.

But surprisingly, Beats ep on ear headphones only costs approximately $ 60 for the black version, so have their values changed? Find out what’s in the $ 60 headset with Fidlar.

How Is That The EP Constructed?

The Ep on-ear headphones supply you with a fantastic first impression from the box, using a credible construct quality.

The headband and ear cups appear to be made from the identical plastic found in their more expensive products, and the same goes with all the rubber padding on the base of the headband.

The ear cups are attached through sliding metal plates that provide you with a boost of confidence when paired with all the plush cushioning. Regrettably, that favorable first impression does not last long.

How Is That The EP Constructed (1)

The sound cable appears to be frail and economical with no sturdy attachment point, and worst of all is not removable. If it breaks, you are likely to wind up purchasing a new set of headphones.

What’s more, the headphones do not have hinges for folding (or perhaps swiveling.) Everything you see is just what you get: a rigid pair of plastic cans.

Wearing them can also be instantly uncomfortable in the crown of their head. In a couple of minutes, the strain near the very top of my mind was sufficient to induce me to take them off, which was after correcting the headband.

On the flip side, the match on the ears is pretty friendly considering they’re on-ear cans, but I have never been a lover of that rubberized plastic that Beats considers cushioning.

It all too often pulls my hairs and, as it is so readily compacted, you can virtually feel that the plastic onto the crown of the head.

The cushioning on the ear cups is not great by any means, but when they’d only lined the headband with the same cheap puffy stuff, I am sure I would have had a far more comfortable experience.

Then there is the total flexibility of these Ep on-ear headphones that, as I said, are not. They are pretty inflexible, and that I don’t see them lasting too long within a regular backpack.

I feel as forgetting they’re in the bottom of your package and projecting a couple of textbooks or a notebook along with these may be the end of those.

I don’t observe the falling apart though if you take care of these and invest in a hardshell carrying case, I will see them lasting some time.

The problem is that the usage case for on-ear headphones usually is for commuting or in case you are at the fitness center, each of which looks like actions by which a large carrying case defeats the intent of obtaining a small mobile pair of on-ears.

While we are speaking about the health club, I would not advise using these through many Beats wired headphones products to look at home in the gym.

Aside from the questionable build quality, the Beats headphones ep can also be lacking any IP score to protect against sweat or water damage, and to top it off; they’re wired.

If you’d like something more appropriate to this gym, you may be more interested in something such as the Plantronics Backbeat Fit 500 on-ears.

Beats EP Black Full Review


  • Outstanding sound
  • Reasonable relaxation
  • Great Sound reduction


  • Durability questions
  • Wired connection just


The Beats appearance is an iconic one. Regardless of the typical prices, though, it has never been a high-end end, with reigning vinyl king more than superior materials. Bizarrely, the cheap EPs have flipped things in their mind. Well, kind of.

There is still lots of plastic around the head strap and earcups; however, the trim layout is combined using a pair of stainless steel arms.


In addition to creating a trendy, slightly industrial appearance, these slip arms help guarantee a reassuring fit.

They are comfortable without being too tight, and also, a little bit of headphone-adorned dance or light running for your bus is not likely to shake them loose. There’s a catch, however, and a fairly major one at that.

Flexibility is the headphone’s critical shortcoming.

These stainless steel reinforced arms may be perfect for making sure a firm, comfortable fit, but also, it means that they can not be discounted and therefore take up a reasonable chunk of the room when not being used or pitched on your tote.

However, while pumping out noise, the EP’s sport with a layout that is practical in addition to easy on the eye. The supremely cushioned ear pads are severely comfy, with vertical sliders allowing you to locate the right fit for you.

They may not create a great deal of seal around your ear, so which means a little bit of unwanted background sound can creep in. However, you may enjoy prolonged listening sessions without ear fatigue.

Giving a little bit of style-matching option, the Ep wired on-ear headphone comes in four different colors, with understated white and Ep black versions lining up along with more attention-grabbing red and blue beats headphones. Regrettably, that black and white crimson combo is lacking from the color palette.

Whichever color you plump for, the noise providing cable locks to the left earcup. Annoyingly, there is no choice to pop the 3.5millimeter jack and jack it into the headset.

This usually means you will wind up with cable monitoring throughout your body if you usually take your cell phone in your pocket. There is a good deal of cable, also excessive quantities.

No matter how tall you’re, you are likely to wind up with spans of incentive wiring – ours reaches our knee while standing with the attached phone in our pocket.

Yes, it is far better than coming up short, always yanking on the cable from your telephone, but a little less cable will prevent you from needing to bundle the surplus to the pocket of your skinny jeans.

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Features & Sound Quality

Becoming easily wired cans, there are no features to speak of apart from the in-line control we discussed previously. Beats ep wireless may be convenient somehow, but you will eventually run out of electricity, which is a pain when it occurs.

The EP headphones can not run out of electricity, and you do not need to fret about Bluetooth performance; plug them in, and get listening.


The EP’s layout may do a fantastic job of concealing the headset’s low price, but their features list does not.

Without a Bluetooth connectivity choice or inbuilt sound canceling, these are headphones that kick it old school, using a 3.5millimeter headphone jack and cabled quantity controller, the exclusive features of notice to talk of.

That does not mean that they jump on the noise, though. They are far more musically inclined than you may expect from a set of Beats headphones a relatively reasonably priced set at that.

No, we are not considering a rival to the Sony MDR-1000X or even Bowers & Wilkins P7 Wireless. However, there is a satisfying degree of crispness to the EP’s sound.

There is no electronic clipping once the quantity’s cranked, and there is a more excellent balance to this output signal than you may have anticipated.

Listening to Nathaniel Rateliff’s What I Want, the bass is healthy with no overpowering, while the raspy horn segments are described.

They do often hiss out marginally so long; large tones reach on their crest, though. It is not the most expansive sound we have heard, but we have experienced considerably flatter noises in and about the $100 mark.

The mid-range can find a bit muddied and missing occasionally, but that is far from a threatening condition that impacts all playback. It has busier tracks with a lot of layers that reveal the EP’s flaws.

The synth line in Macklemore & Ryan Lewis ‘s’ Can’t Hold Us neglects to pop from the bass and layers a few of the vocals on Ed Sheeran ‘s’ Form of You satisfying to property together with the desirable punch.

Line these sound skills up along with a sub $100 price tag. However, it is difficult to be too critical. You may cover far more to get a good deal worse and fight to find anything better at a similar price bracket.

Everything you could find elsewhere, however, are far more playback choices. Here, there are no on-ear signature controls to secure you through tracks. There’s still lots you can do with limited controls, however.

The cellphone’s in-line play/pause button (single clicks) may also be used to bypass (double click), jump back (triple click), and also establish your phone’s voice controllers (long press), like Siri on the iPhone.

Android users will have the ability to make their telephone answering abilities; however, they may lose out on several additional features based on their telephone.


We have just finished evaluating a set of headsets that cost nearly $ 60, and for this price range, these are the best buy beats ep, making them ideal for those looking for high endurance and quality headphones sound volume or wireless connection. However, it is undeniable that if the headset costs nearly $ 130 like other colors, it is not worth it.

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