Baldwin Piano Review 2021: Top Full Review, Guide

Baldwin Piano Review 2020 Top Full Review, Guide

Baldwin Piano looks and feels like a classic American style. Taking a page from their historic lineup, Baldwin does an excellent job replicating those lines in newer models.

The BP190 is no exception. With brass ferrules (at the bottom of the legs) and the cast iron plate color matching yesteryear models, the cosmetics are lovely.

The tone is clear and bold. It’s fast and responsive. However, I found the soft register somewhat more of a challenge to relax into. It feels like the pianissimo level is firmer than what I would associate with that level of effort required. Keep reading Fidlar to see more information about this piano.

Baldwin’s History

The Baldwin grand piano business was established in 1857 by Dwight Hamilton Baldwin. A Cincinnati, Ohio-based piano, violin, and organ instructor, he transitioned towards promoting pianos.

After initial success in earnings, he finally started the production of tools. The D. H. Baldwin firm introduced its first vertical piano in 1891, and it was a grand piano in 1895. D. H. Baldwin died in 1899. His worker and after business partner Lucien Wulsin decided to buy the Baldwin estate agent.

Baldwin's History

The business continued to expand, and in 1900 that the Baldwin Company won its first award. The Model 112 piano won the Grand Prix in the Exposition Universelle in Paris, France.

This was the very first American-built piano to win the award. The business continued to pick up awards and acclaim at different shows and expositions. From 1913 Baldwin was exporting pianos into 32 nations besides the USA.

Baldwin continued to grow and enjoy other people throughout the 1920s; they combined the fad’ and started producing player pianos.

The tools’ prevalence helped the organization grow considerably, but the explosion in popularity of the radio set piano earnings on the decrease.

The Great Depression hit the company hard. Only careful preparation from the business direction enabled Baldwin to ride out the recession with the provider still intact. An effort made possible by the ample reserves constructed for crises like the melancholy.

The Baldwin BP190 Grand Piano Reviews


Inner & Outer Rims

Baldwin grand pianos include a two-piece, always bent edge design, constructed of the best walnut. This enhances the piano’s structural characteristics and its sound features, helping produce a full, rich tone.

The Baldwin BP190 Grand Piano Reviews

Sand Cast Plate

Baldwin plates are created with a sand throw process that ends in high-strength, stress-free castings. Together with using iron ore, this sand throw process produces a plate that doesn’t contribute to unwanted resonance, thus helping to make the timeless Baldwin Sound.


To make sure a soundboard of consistently superior quality, Baldwin chooses only the best solid Alaskan Sitka spruce accessible. A time-tested, conventional design leads to the responsive nature of this soundboard, providing outstanding tonal quality.

Bridges & Ribs

Baldwin’s BP190 bridge is constructed of hand-notched walnut. This layout results in the sustaining high-quality quality of the Baldwin. Ribs, crafted of top sound Alaskan Sitka spruce, are selected and matched to every soundboard for most excellent stability.

Baldwin Strings

Baldwin strings, created by Roslau, provide consistently rich and detailed basic tones and harmonic overtones.


The BP190 Pinblock consists of 17 plies of hard maple, among the most durable hardwoods. By switching the grain direction of each ply, tuning pins are tightly held. The plies are combined using a waterproof adhesive, or so the integrity of this Baldwin Pinblock isn’t negatively influenced by humidity.


Consisting of over 7,500 components, the Grand activity features the incredibly responsive signature that professional gamers favor. Baldwin uses superior hammers to guarantee world-class, note-to-note consistency and exceptional tonal variety.

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Keys & Keybed

Baldwin keypads are constructed of cross-grained hardwoods. This layout ensures long-term dimensional equilibrium. Baldwin keys comprise all-hardwood reinforcement components. Sharp keys possess an elegant radius for an excellent feel.

Baldwin’s new Professional Series includes a great emerging grand piano to match every budget and every area. The BP190 is an impressive grand styled to match in which a concert grand may feel somewhat cramped while being outfitted to provide uncompromising world-class Baldwin tone at the process.

In 6’3″ in duration, the BP190 becomes the focus of a moderate-sized space while still preserving total visual weight and existence in a more significant area.

This grand readily produces the sweet, singing tone you would expect from a much larger tool while keeping the full visual effect of owning a mythical Baldwin grand piano in your living room.

Timeless Design, Handmade Features To Provide You With A Life

Whenever you purchase a Baldwin grand piano, you anticipate a stunning and traditional cabinet layout together with a warm tone and incredibly responsive action.

These features are in prosperity from the brand new BP190. To guarantee integrity, each component of the grand is carefully selected for its uniformity and functionality.

The soundboard and rib substance are created from healthy Alaskan Sitka spruce, while the bridge is made of solid walnut and accuracy notched by hand. Each key consists of healthy Alaskan Sitka spruce with ebony wood sharp keys and independently weighted to your most responsive action potential.

Abel German hammers sound high-quality Roslau strings, and also a 17-ply hard maple pin block provides a life of precision functionality.

The three conventional pedals, gentle, sustain, and sostenuto, is constructed of solid brass. Also, the fallboard uses a slow-close mechanism to get a smooth, positive movement when in use. That makes it even more comfortable and more manageable for younger gamers.



A grand piano becomes the focus of any space, and when your area is limited, you will want to fill it using the best piano constructed. The Baldwin BP190 is the finest in its category. Fidlar hopes that our reviews can help you know more about this piano.

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