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At2020 Vs At2035 2021: Top Full Review, Guide

At2020 Vs At2035 2021 Top Full Review, Guide

If you are an enthusiast of audio equipment, then the name Audio Technica is very familiar to you, one of the most famous and reputable audio equipment brands today. Their products are suitable for beginners to make music at a not too high price. They have brought many quality products at affordable prices and received many high ratings from users and music professionals.

This article has selected two products that are supposed to stand out from the brand, the At2020 Vs At2035. Located in a stylish collection and used by many people.

If you are planning to invest in this brand’s headset, this is precisely where you need it; here, Fidlar will present each headset’s full specifications and features. Let’s see what makes them so popular.

Audio-Technica AT2020 Microphone

As we mentioned previously, the AT2020 was released over ten decades back, but it is still among the most favored mics worldwide. Whether you are a streamer, singer, or even a podcaster, you can make sure to have noticed this microphone at least one time in your lifetime.

This can be Audio Technica’s first entry-level microphone that utilizes a cardioid condenser technology. It is a conventional XLR mic, so you will want to set up an extra audio port if you want to record it to a computer.

Audio-Technica AT2020 Microphone

The defining characteristic of the mic is your outspoken recording feature, which captures the origin’s essence. Highly accurate in its records, this mic is notorious for producing exceptionally accurate source audio representations.

Fantastic for podcasting, recording, streaming, and any other outspoken job, the AT2020 is a flexible device that gets the work done. Below we investigate the numerous features of the product throughout the design and performance parameters.


  • Records sound with unmatched clarity
  • Highly versatile
  • Extremely sound-sensitive


  • Doesn’t come with a shock mount

Audio-Technica AT2035 Microphone

Designed to function as the snappier successor of this AT2020, the AT2035 builds upon the original’s layout. Equipped with comparable technology and similar build quality but a far superior functionality, the AT2035 is easily among the finest available mics for professionals.

Like the old version, the AT2035 additionally boasts cardioid technologies, condenser-based layout, and cast iron construction. Additionally, it successfully rejects any sound from the back or sides.

Audio-Technica AT2035 Microphone

This mic intends to catch neutral-tone sound without specialized embellishments. This produces the noises more comfortable to catch. Additionally, it helps post-production editing of some tonal attributes.

However, since anybody who has heard recordings made over both will readily testify, the audio quality is much superior to its predecessor. Additionally, it has slight differences with the AT2020 concerning impedance, dynamic selection, along other parameters, as we’ll explore next.


  • Balanced, neutral recordings
  • Comes with essential accessories
  • Zero distortion or peaking


  • Switches are a bit rigid

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Comparing The At2035 vs At2020

At2020 or At2035 Layout

The plan is a crucial aspect and one which is richly viewed by lots of men and women. As an individual, let’s say that you walk into a showroom and watch a range of microphones exhibited.

Let us also presume that you don’t have a lot of brand preference. If that’s the instance, what could you do? Try out the one which seems the most appealing to you?

Well, this is precisely why design is a significant attribute. It’s the first chance for a specific version to make an impression and entice you to get it.

Comparing The At2035 vs At2020

There are quite a few businesses that focus heavily on style than functionality and continue to flourish well. It does not necessarily imply bad or good but is stated only to highlight the significance of designing for a product.

Now moving on to the style of Audio Technica AT2020, it’s comfortable and refined. The shiny black finish adds a little luxury to the full product. Additionally, the build appears healthy, which means that you may be sure it will endure for quite a very long moment.

Also, it will come with a pair of helpful accessories. The standalone version includes a pivoting rack mount that’s compatible with the majority of microphone stands. Thus, you can add this microphone to any standalone. If you currently own one, then that is likely to save you some money!

We love another design aspect because Audio Technica AT2020 includes a pop filter to hide your Ps and Ss. If you are wondering exactly what kind of pop filter it is, it’s only a shield that aims to reduce or remove popping sounds and protect against the amassing saliva in the speaker or singer’s mouth.

This implies a pop filter makes your voice sound better and improves the life span of your microphone, as it doesn’t stop the additives from your saliva from inside the outer aspect of the microphone.

Because of these advantages, a pop filter is suggested for microphones, and many leading producers have it also. Therefore, it’s not surprising that Audio Technica has included it in its mic versions.

If it comes to Audio Technica AT2035, there’s not anything much different concerning design. Probably, it seems somewhat sleeker and thinner as it’s a standalone microphone.

At 2035 vs 2021 have a cardioid polar pattern. What on earth does this imply? In other words, the polar pattern is that the significance of a microphone to the management of noise. To put it differently, a mic can listen to the sound from other directions.

Broadly, there are a couple of sorts of polar patterns, and they’re omnidirectional, cardioid, and super-cardioid.

The cardioid polar pattern is just one of the more popular ones. Microphones with this polar pattern have the maximum sensitivity in the front and the least sensitivity in the trunk.

The apparent benefit of this polar pattern is the microphone isolated unwanted sounds within the background.

Additionally, it provides high levels of immunity to comments, particularly compared to this omnidirectional polar pattern. Because of all these aspects, a cardioid microphone is the most perfect for loud phases in which you need every person to listen to you with no voice becoming distorted.

Although some might argue that super cardioid mics would be the best when it has to do with noise isolation, so we do not think it’s true only because they have a thinner pickup compared to cardioids.

This implies, they are inclined to pick up sounds in the trunk, which means you’ve got to put the monitor speakers in the right place to receive the best output. Practically, this isn’t straightforward.

That is why we prefer the cardioid polar pattern over different layouts, and these two mics have this particular pattern, which is good.

Additionally, the length cable is exceptional in these two pellets. Audio Technica AT2020 includes a convenient 20 ft XLR cable.

There’s a small gap in the energy requirement of these two mics. Audio Technica AT2020 demands 48V DC, 2mA average while AT2035 necessitates 11-52V, 3.8 mA typical.

There’s a gap in the carrying case also. Audio Technica AT2035 includes a much better carrying case than AT2020 since the latter’s tote feels flimsy and provides no cushioning at all.

Now it’s time to choose which of both is much better in terms of layout. Considering that both the mics are somewhat similar in style and accessories, we believe both are winners. One aspect to remember is that the shock bracket. If that’s essential for you, go with AT2035.

Audio Technica at2035 vs at2020 Performance

Audio-Technica AT2020 is the organization’s first entrance into the world of microphones. Because of this, it may be termed as fundamental compared to more advanced models within this sequence. In reality, the features of the following versions were included after comments from this original product.

That does not mean that the operation is terrible at all. Audio-Technica AT2020 provides a massive bang for the money and is perfect for anybody seeking to bring a mic for their house studio without spending countless bucks.

Before we proceed with the mic’s operation, it’s crucial to be aware that you will need an audio port to utilize this product. In case you’ve got a house studio, then you are very likely to get this port.

However, for some reason, you do not, you might need to purchase one before you commence utilizing Audio-Technica AT2020. Alternately, you may use the USB version too.

Moving on to functionality, the frequency response of AudioTechnica AT2020 is level though there are a few small cuts around the 70 to 80Hz region. But, there’s a significant increase on the large end places for superior clarity.

It utilizes a cardioid polar pattern to cut back, picking up sounds from the sides and rear area. Because of this, the sound isolation is excellent. In reality, it’s far better than that which other comparable versions provide for a higher cost.

Nevertheless, remember that it is a condenser mic. Therefore it isn’t perfect for a location that produces a great deal of pure sound. If your office produces a lot of pure sounds, then you’re better off picking a lively mic instead.

AT2020 is an all-around workhouse mic as it works well with several distinct programs in your studio. It works perfectly for comment, narration, acoustics, vocals, electric guitars, guitar, banjo, violin, overheads, podcasts, Skype, and much more.

The above list shows that the Audio Technica AT2020 is a multipurpose tool because its flexibility makes it perfect for virtually anything and everything you do!

Well, Audio Technica AT2035 is a large brother of AT2020. It’s not just price but also includes a few added features that are guaranteed to come in useful for you.

Audio Technica AT2035 is a salient characteristic because there are a switchable 80Hz high-pass filter and a 10dB pad. What this does is it provides you the choice to reduce low-end frequencies. This feature is beneficial once you’re attempting to record vocals or other noises.

Some users assert that change isn’t required since it is possible to do it yourself certainly. They assert that you will need a particular feature for this, which many professionals are utilized to doing.

While that’s true to a point, it’s a helpful feature if you need to record an assortment of sounds or should you document frequently. Although you can perform with no change, it’s much more function to list the noises all on your own.

Just a bit of assistance in the apparatus can significantly facilitate this workload for you. In this way, the change is unquestionably a convenient feature to have, especially if you’re among those men and women who tend to document often.

Aside from the change, AT2035 is a flexible mic that provides you a whole lot of flexibility, whatever you would like to document.

Therefore, it’s a challenge to choose the winner regarding functionality because both mics are excellent and versatile. If the change is essential for you, select AT2035 in all ways.

Audio-Technica at2035 vs at2020 Price

Price is another significant determinant of your purchasing choice. For the majority of us, the cost is essential for two reasons. To begin with, we’re always on a budget, particularly considering that we’re aspiring engineers. Second, all people need the very best deal for the money. In the end, it will not come easy.

If it comes to price, Audio Technica AT2020 prices less than Audio Technica AT2035, which’s priced relatively high.

The first question which comes to your mind will probably be if the cost difference is worth it. To put it differently is Audio Technica, AT2035’s features are better than that of AT2020 to justify the excess price.

Regrettably, we do not think so. The premium cost isn’t worth the features provided by Audio Technica AT2035. Fast comparison of these features demonstrates that there is not much difference between the mics regarding both layout and features.

We’ve got the change attribute in Audio Technica AT2035, but that’s also something which we may do it. You do not necessarily need to pay extra for this attribute.

However, one thing to consider is that Audio Technica AT2035 includes a typical shock bracket, and this may be well worth the extra you pay. It merely depends upon your personal preferences and how you’ve set your system up.

One aspect to remember, however, is that Audio Technica AT2020 demands an interface. If you do not have an interface, you’ll also need to factor in the interface’s expense in your financial plan. Even though there are lots of cheap ones available, it’s guaranteed to put you back with a couple of tens of dollars or even more.

Thus, when you include the port’s price, Audio Technica AT2020 might wind up costing more, probably more than AT2035, based on what interface you select.

However, we won’t consider the total cost of this interface for this comparison because that’s subjective. We’ll compare only the retail cost of the mics.

Based on these ideas, Audio Technica AT2020 is a much better value for the money as it provides all that Audio Technica AT2035 offers but at $50 lesser.

Thus, the winner in this class is Audio Technica AT2020, not since it’s cheaper, but because it delivers a much better value for the money.


At2020 vs 2035 FAQs

Which Is More Durable?

If it comes to the look of the Audio Technica AT2020 vs. AT2035, the AT2020 has a reliable build quality that guarantees long-term functionality. The same may also be stated for its AT2035.

Even though it is sleeker, it is constructed from an identical cast iron substance. In general, we could say that both mics are alike rugged when considered from the durability perspective.

Is your AT2035 Worth the Extra Price?

When you consider that the AT2035 includes a much superior recording quality compared to the AT2020, shelling out the excess money is almost a no-brainer; for such high-grade functionality, the expense is undoubtedly well worth it.

I Have a Microphone Stand. Do I Have to Put Money into a Particular One for Either Model?

Not at all! Both the AT2020 and AT2035 may be fixed on many conventional microphones stands. Thus, you do not have to put money into a distinct version unless the mic stand is not compatible together (that is unlikely to be the case).


It’s a tough choice because the mics are similar in construct, quality, layout, and features. Even though Audio Technica At2035 includes a few more features compared to AT2020 if you want these features at all is a matter which you can answer.

Audio Technica AT2020 also will come with particular disadvantages. By way of instance, it requires an interface to join, and if you already do not have an interface, then it might cost you some excess cash.

Nevertheless, if you are going to install your equipment for the very first time, we’d suggest that you go with Audio Technica AT2020 since it includes a pop filter and an XLR cable of excellent length.

You may try to find an inexpensive interface, for example, Scarlet 2i2, to begin. As you progress and begin earning some cash, you can consider switching to higher-end versions of mics.

On the flip side, if you’re among those men and women who tend to capture a good deal of sounds, then you’re better off purchasing Audio Technica AT2035 only because they have the change attribute.

As stated earlier, it’s not something that you need since you can do it yourself by all means. At precisely the same time, it’s fantastic to have a quality that may save you a bit of time and energy. Consequently, if you typically record sounds frequently, proceed for Audio Technica AT2035.

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