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Arturia Drumbrute Review 2021: Top Full Review, Guide

Arturia Drumbrute Review 2021 Top Full Review, Guide

If you’re searching for an existing analog drum system with excellent performance possible, have a look at Arturia.

It’s 17 analog drum audio generators along with an array of hands-on controls offer you a lot of innovative possibilities for all from old-school techno and home into psytrance, dub, hip hop, and even more.

The Steiner-Parker output delivers super-smooth HPF or LPF sweeps and maybe bypassed using one button press. The variable in the 12 individual sound outputs is apparent the DrumBrute is powerful machine drums for the studio and stage. Keep reading Fidlar to see our Arturia Drumbrute Reviews.

Arturia Drumbrute Review

Tech Specs

  • Type: Analog Drum Machine
  • Pads: 12 x Pads, 1 x Touch Strip
  • Sounds: 17
  • Patterns: 64 (4 banks of 16)
  • Sequencer: 64-step
  • Effects: Reverse Cymbal, Steiner Parker Filter
  • Analog Outputs: 1 x 1/4″ (mix out), 11 x 1/8″ (instrument out), 1 x 1/8″ (metronome out)
  • Headphones: 1 x 1/4″, 1 x 1/8″
  • MIDI I/O: In/Out/USB
  • Other I/O: Clock in/out
  • USB: 1 x Type B
  • Software: MIDI Control Center Software
  • Power Source: 12V DC 1A power supply
  • Height: 1.58″
  • Width: 16.46″
  • Depth: 10.87″
  • Weight: 5.69 lbs.
  • Manufacturer Part Number: 560101

Arturia Drumbrute Review

The Arturia Drum packs 17 distinct drum noises: Pour 1, 2 kicks 2, trap, clap, hi-hat 1, hi-hat 2, conga hi, conga low, tom hi, tom low, maracas, rimshot, clave, tambourine, cymbal, reverse cymbal, and zap.

Having two kick drum tastes provides you a great deal of flexibility in how you write your grooves, and the exceptional analog reverse cymbal is a superb way to transition between routines. Speaking of layouts, the DrumBrute retains 64 patterns with up to 64 steps each.

We have employed lots of drum beats rhythm machine, and we all know that many do not offer you much ability regarding polyrhythms.

The Arturia Drum enables each drum monitor for any length you prefer, enabling you to make polyrhythms with any mixture of drum sounds.


  • An affordable analog drum machine with a superior user interface.
  • It sounds great some voices are superb.
  • A dozen individual outputs.
  • The analog filter.
  • Loop/Roll/Repeat effects.
  • Per-instrument randomization and swing.
  • Polyrhythms are galore!


  • The individual outputs are on mini-jacks.
  • A few parameters would benefit from a wider range.
Arturia DrumBrute Analog Drum Machine, Black
  • Wide-range of controls allowing for many new and unique sounds Two flavors of kick drum Unique analog Reverse Cymbal 64 patterns with up to 64 steps each Separate accent per drum Step Repeat for creating looping glitch effects Song mode for chaining patterns Swing and randomizer can be global or per instrument Pattern looper for beat repeat functions Steiner Parker output filter with bypass (high pass & low pass) Multiple sync options (Internal, USB, MIDI, Clo

Brute Force

Upon carrying the DrumBrute from this box, we were pleased with the burden and general build quality. Our eyes have been drawn to the big pads in the machine’s base, satisfying the celebration and pleasingly elastic and firm.

The faux-wood paneling on the unit’s faces is not deceiving anyone. Still, considering the low cost, it is perfectly okay and ties in nicely with the plan of additional Arturia products.

In comparison to its apparent competition, the Roland TR-8, the plan of this Drum synthesizer is much more mature and timeless, which has been a plus from our standpoint.

Above all the pads, you may observe the sounds that the unit must offer a badly impressive 17 in total. Beginning from the left, there are two distinctly different kicks available.

The first is a punchy, competitive 909-style kick using a powerful strike, and the next is much more akin to that of an 808 with a softer, rounder feel.

Both kicks could be substituted using the typical rust and pitch controls. However, the very first kick may be customized more broadly with added effect and sweep controls.

Consequently, you may correct the first hit, or passing, of the noise in addition to the pitch of this kick, providing you with a range of options for tailoring this part of this DrumBrute’s sound.

The trap section also allows for an identical quantity of control, allowing you to play together with the tone of this first snap’ of this trap, its duration, and just how loud it is.

The tone of this body’ of the trap sound can also be treatable, letting you listen to it to flavor. Decay and tone knobs can be obtained for the clap sound.

Continuing across the assorted sounds, you will find Rim/Claves, Closed Hat, Open Hat, Tom Hi, Tom Low, Cymbal, Maracas/Tamb, and Zap tools readily available, all 100 percent analog.

The Rim/Claves, both Toms Cymbal and Maracas/Tamb parts each have two choices available through a selectable button, so you’ve got two sounds per segment, which are available for sequencing concurrently.

This is an alarmingly great selection of sounds out of this kind of reasonably priced device.

It might have been fantastic to see that the addition of a cowbell, but we have to remind ourselves of the purchase price of this unit once again.

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Sounding Off

The main thing is how the DrumBrute seems in functionality and general; it seems hot, snappy, and analog as we all expected.

The snares possess a pleasant woody tone, and also, the toms and hi-hats remind us of these from Roland 606, together with the hi-hats sounding somewhat more metallic than the ones of the 606 Kick number two was a favorite with us as we discovered that the first kick was quite competitive occasionally.

Nevertheless, this might be excellent for producers operating in techno songs. While some aspects of this DrumBrute are a nod towards classic Roland units, It’s certainly not an emulation of any specific machine.

It does have a Special flavor as Soon as You tweak everything for your taste and Find a blueprint.

A fantastic improvement that seems to be a first from the analog-drum system world would be the opposite cymbal, which worked well when used to finish a blueprint and direct into the following.

Other pleasant surprises would be the tambourine and maracas, which are great for filling out a percussive routine with a few subtle energy.

Round the back of the device, there is the choice of 12 individual outputs for the many devices or just one output of the entire mix.

All this goes via a high-pass/low-pass Steiner-Parker filter, which could sound like anything from silky smooth to appropriately competitive, and so is bypassable in the press of a button.

As soon as you’ve honed your drums to tonal perfection, then you can either record a chain by turning to the metronome (that you can consider a bonus 18th tool!) And playing on your routine together with the completely velocity-sensitive pads, or you could program it manually in the Step mode.

Having 64 steps per pattern and 64 slots for routines means that you would have difficulty filling up the available memory, even if intending a full-length live operation.

A characteristic of this DrumBrute that is seldom seen in drum machines would be that the ability to switch the design length for every individual device, thus providing the capability to make polyrhythms.

By way of instance, a kick component maybe 16 measures, while playing along with a 12-step trap pattern, making an evolving, diverse percussion structure.

There is also a measure Repeat’ function, which enables you to immediately create short loops and loops and the owing’ function that may be applied internationally or individual noises.


Suppose you’re searching for a cheap drum machine in the less expensive end of the current market.

In that case, it might be well worth checking out Roland’s TR-8 Rhythm Performer, which delivers the most delicate sounds and features of its traditional TR-808 and TR-909 drum machines in electronic form.

Additionally, it gives the TR-09 a streamlined diversion of this TR-909, having a more authentic appearance and feel.

Additionally, in 2015, Berlin-based MFB declared the all-analog Tanzmaus and Tanzbär Lite that offer five and five analog percussion tools respectively and 2 sample segments in the instance of this Tanzmaus.

MIDI Control Centre

Arturia Drumbrute analog drum machine provides the MIDI Control Centre as a significant way of backing up and restoring layouts, in addition to tweaking parameters not accessible from the front panel.

The listing comprises placing the MIDI channel, metronome branch, Clock I/O preferences, and behaviors like how banks must change during playback.

You just set the notice mapping to the drum pads and then personalize the randomness parameters and measure repeat functions.

The DrumBrute is a class-compliant apparatus, so all you have to set up two-way communicating is a USB cable. Like it or loathe it, the MCC is vital for firmware upgrades and offers graphical editing of layouts.


Solo and Mute are different modes that replace the pads’ regular functionality. In either model, you define the instruments to be contained, and these are immediately remembered whenever you participate in Solo or Mute.

It is so like having two alternative mix groups offered continuously. Clearing either manner is as straightforward as using Alter and the various button.

One slight difficulty arises when you would like to play some tools manually while retaining others muted. Suppose you have muted a succession of paths to split down into a nearby middle segment.

Then you may want to activate that beautiful reverse cymbal before bringing the entire lot in. As it sounds, it’s possible to either have some monitors muted or activate the cymbal, but you can not do both.

One workaround could involve measurably placing triggers, but it is not ideal. In the end, a way of keeping tracks dull but using play accessibility to the pads will be appreciated.

Before the primary output signal is processed using a 12dB/oct Steiner-Parker filter that is switchable into non – or high-pass manners, however, what I did not emphasize was just how much value that adds to a drum system.

The filter is a cure, including a resonant sweep into a whole routine or processing the couple tools you did not pipe outside for individual EQ and outcomes.

Splendid though it’s, particularly in its high-pass manner, it is impossible not to pine marginally for the more complicated, dirtier edge Brute Factor could have contributed. Maybe the omission is a cute ploy to sell more Microbrutes?

Under the filter are just two white encoders for presenting Swing and Randomness. A button follows both to limit the process into the current track if needed.

Consequently, you may indulge in various quantities of randomness for every device, and different quantities of swing in case your hips can deal!

The randomness differs marginally from the Beat Step Pro using only one controller, but its behavior can be personalized to flavor at the MIDI Control Centre.

Randomization on a lean tool track adds additional triggers, while on a hectic track, it eliminates them. Modest well-chosen randomness onto a few tools is a joy.

Equally, cranking this up across all monitors may be heaps of fun, too, particularly if you like your fills and rests on the manic side.

When you have filtered, been random, the previous celebrity’s instrument is just another not seen on several drum machines. The Looper will probably be quite familiar to customers of this BeatStep Pro.

We have seen how those four buttons produce rolls in real-time recording, but out recording, they perform short loops instead, ranging between four measures and a 32nd step loop.

You can move the loop start point round quickly by pressing various measure keys. The DrumBrute helpfully keeps tabs on the routine’s progress, so once you launch the loop, it continues from where it might have been.


It does not require a crystal ball to forecast Arturia is likely to sell lots of them. The DrumBrute sounds fantastic provides scope for individual device processing and is filled with functionality possible. With a few program refinements, it will be slicker.

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