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What is Alicia Villarreal Net Worth 2023: Full Information 

What is Alicia Villarreal Net Worth 2023 Full Information 

Alicia Villarreal is one of the most talented Mexican singers, and her albums, such as “Orgullo de Mujer,” have earned her a lot of recognition. So how did Alicia Villarreal become so successful and make so much money? Here at Fidlarmusic, we’ll look at Alicia Villarreal’s life and career to get a better idea of Alicia Villarreal net worth.

What is Alicia Villarreal’s Net Worth and Salary in 2023?

Alicia Villarreal net worth is $5 million. His salary is under review.

Alicia Villarreal’s Overview

Alicia Villarreal’s Overview (1)

Early life

Alicia’s birth date is August 31st, 1971, and she was born in Monterrey, which is in the Mexican state of Nuevo León. Her parents, Victor Villarreal and Martha Esparza, are the proud parents of a beautiful little girl (mother).

Her sibling José Vctor Villarreal Esparza was killed in a car crash in Monterrey, Nuevo León, Mexico on October 10, 2009.

Even though Alicia was born in Spain, she still considers herself a Mexican citizen because of her mother’s family roots in that country. Currently, she has not provided any details regarding her academic background.


Alicia Villarreal debuted the song “Mundo De Juguetes” on the national television program Pipo. As an added bonus, she made her professional debut at a church benefit.

Villarreal gave her debut performance of the song “Mundo de Juguetes” on the national TV show Pipo, which her parents took her to see. Her debut in the professional world took place at a charity event held by the local church.

In 1995, the Musica Grupera band Grupo Lmite, in which she sang as the group’s lead singer, began traveling alongside the more well-known Grupo Bronco.

Their repertoire included songs with titles such as “Acariciame,” “Te Aprovechas,” and “Solo Contigo.” There are a total of six albums that were issued by Grupo Limite, one of which being a live CD recorded in Mexico City.

Six albums, including a live CD recorded in Mexico City, were released by Grupo Limite.

In 2003, Alicia released her debut solo album, Soy Lo Prohibido. As a result, the hit single Te Quedo Grande La Yegua was made available to the public.

Her follow-up solo effort, Cuando el Corazón de Cruza, was released a full year later.

Her then-husband, Cruz Martnez, produced the album, which went on to be highly successful and won many awards. Furthermore, they worked together to compose a number of songs.

At the highly attended Selena Vive event, Alicia also performed. Later, in 2005, she released a double CD containing both Punalada Trapera and Ya No Hay Amor from her album Cuando El Corazón Se Cruza in Mexico.

In 2006, she released her third self-titled album, Orgullo De Mujer, featuring the single “Insensible a Ti.” It was also nominated for a Grammy in the category of Best Mexican or Mexican-American Album.

When she made her acting debut as Raquel in the telenovela Duelo de Pasiones, the song on the album was used as the show’s theme song. The Grammy Awards recognized Orgullo de Mujer with a nomination for Best Mexican/Mexican American Album.

La Jefa, her fourth solo album, was released on June 23, 2009, and featured the single “Caso Perdido.” The album debuted at number one on Billboard’s Regional Mexican Albums chart and number four on its Latin Albums chart.

La Villarreal, Villarreal’s fifth studio album, was released on September 8, 2017, following a lengthy hiatus.

Personal Life

Personal Life

Alicia Villarreal is currently wed to Cruz Martinez. Cruz is the owner and producer of the international bands Kumbia Kings and Los Super Reyes.

It was a big day for the happy couple on August 31, 2003. Cruz Angelo Martinez, their first child, was born on December 19, 2005; Felix Estefano Martinez, their second child, was born on February 12, 2007.

She got married to a record producer named Ezequiel Cuevas back in 1991. Even though the couple had split up in 1993.

We can infer that Arturo Carmona was Alicia’s spouse as well. On April 10, 1999, they gave birth to a daughter Melanie Carmona Villarreal. Since 1998, they had been married. In 2001, this couple divorced formally.

Why is Alicia Villarreal Famous?

Alicia Villarreal is a Mexican singer and songwriter who has become famous for her ranchera-style music.

She is known for being one of the most successful female singers in Latin America, with hits such as “Enamorada de Ti,” “La Diferencia” and “Es Mentiroso.” Villarreal is also known for her activism in support of women’s rights.

FAQs about Alicia Villarreal

FAQs about Alicia Villarreal

Alicia Villarreal age

Alicia Villarreal is 51 years old.

Alicia Villarreal daughter age

Alicia Villarreal’s daughter is 20 years old.

Arturo Carmona net worth

Arturo Carmona’s net worth is $5 million.

Cruz Martinez net worth

Cruz Martinez has a net worth 2020 of $55 million.


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