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What is Alexander Gould Net Worth 2023: Full Information 

What is Alexander Gould Net Worth 2023 Full Information

Alexander Gould is an American actor and voice artist. He is best known for his role as Shane Botwin in the Showtime series Weeds, which earned him a Young Artist Award in 2007. So how did Alexander Gould become so successful and make so much money? Here at Fidlarmusic, we’ll look at Alexander Gould’s life and career to get a better idea of Alexander Gould net worth.

What is Alexander Gould’s Net Worth and Salary in 2023?

Alexander Gould net worth is $5 million. His salary is under review.

Alexander Gould’s Overview

Alexander Gould’s Overview

Early life

Tom Gould and Valerie Gould were Gould’s parents when he was born in Los Angeles, California. Gould was named after his father. His younger sisters, Emma and Kelly, who went on to have successful acting careers, were always by his side throughout his youth.

Gould is observant of Jewish law and was a member of the United Synagogue Youth, a youth organization for Jewish conservatives.

In 2013, Gould was a student at Clark University in Worcester, Massachusetts. After that, he switched to Brandeis University, where he eventually earned his degree in 2017 with a dual concentration in philosophy and politics.


This gifted actress began a career in the entertainment industry at the tender age of two. Because his father was a filmmaker who had won multiple accolades, he was given a supporting part in the late 1990s.

Similarly, he debuted in the role of Nemo in the animated film Finding Nemo when he was only seven years old.

Similarly, after producing an outstanding performance in the film, Alexander was asked about appearing in the television series Dark Shadows. Both the audience and the reviewers praised him for his performance as David Collins.

After that, he was cast in an additional television series called Weeds which aired on Showtime. The television show ran for a total of eight seasons, all of which featured him in the role of Shane Botwin.

Gould contributed eight years of his life, spanning the ages of 10 and eighteen, to the production of that series.

Additionally, Gould was nominated for two SAG Awards in the category of Outstanding Performance by an Ensemble in a Comedy Series.

After that, Gould emerged as a promising young actor with star potential. The next year, in 2006, he became a cast member of How to Eat Fried Worms.

In addition, Gould provided his voice for the title role of Bambi in the American animated film Bambi 2. On the other hand, in 2012, Gould made the decision to pause his acting career to pursue his education further.

In the same vein, he provided his voice for the character of Jimmy Olsen in the animated feature Superman: Unbound, which was released in 2013. Similarly, he played in the animated film Finding Dory, which was released in 2016.

In addition, Alexander recently became a member of the Abrams Acting Agency in 2018.

Personal Life

Personal Life

Alexander Gould Wife

Lieba Hall, a wonderful woman, is Gould’s spouse. After several years together as a couple, the couple finally tied the knot in June of 2018. Since both partners are focused on advancing their careers, the couple does not feel they are ready to have a family and raise a child.

Alexander Gould Religion

Gould is a member of United Synagogue Youth, a Conservative Jewish youth organization, and he is observant of the Jewish faith. Through the gap year program known as Nativ, he spent ten months living in Israel, including some time in the Negev desert, where he worked as an English teacher with elementary school students.

Why is Alexander Gould Famous?

Alexander Gould is a well-known former child actor best recognized for two very distinct performances.

He voiced the main clownfish in Pixar’s undersea cartoon success “Finding Nemo” (2003), and he portrayed the troubled Shane Botwin in the long-running drug-centric dramedy “Weeds.”

Both of these parts were quite successful, and Gould received a lot of attention for them (Showtime, 2005-2012).

FAQs about Alexander Gould

FAQs about Alexander Gould

How old is Alexander Gould? Alexander Gould age

Alexander Gould is 28 years old.

Alexander Gould Instagram

You can go follow him on Instagram at Alexander Gould (@alexanderrgould).

He got 6154 Followers, 46 Following, and 50 Posts.

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