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Alesis Surge Vs Nitro 2023: Top Full Review, Guide

Alesis Surge Vs Nitro 2023: Top Full Review, Guide
  • Max Kuehn

The newly born Alesis has dominated the electronic drum market; today, Alesis is the honored and most influential brand in electronic drums. They give their customers value for money shown through drum sets.

If you are thinking of investing in a drum kit. In that case, you definitely won’t go wrong with Alesis, which among the lineup featuring the Alesis Surge Vs Nitro might be the ideal low-end electronic drum kit for beginners or some other drummer with a savings budget. What are the differences between these two drum kits? Let Fidlar help you learn that in this short article.

Features Of This Alesis Surge Mesh Kit Box

Inbuilt sequencer: This is only one of these Alesis Surge Mesh electronic drums sets; it’s an inbuilt sequencer. This permits you to record your playing and sounds. It is possible to connect your MP3 player and jam to your favorite tunes. You might also record MIDI with the onboard USB / MIDI inputs/outputs.

Several drumming pads: Using this kit, you get eight drumming pads total, with 5 being net heads and another three being cymbals.

A robust kick mat: The set includes one 10″ trap. Additionally, it contains three 8″ toms. What’s been a bone of contention with many is the kick pad is just 8″ in diameter.

The problem was that a few people today believe that it’s too little to get a bass. But as it happens, Alesis understood what they were doing and not just is that the 8″ compact but also, it works well due to the sturdy construction.

Features Of This Alesis Surge Mesh Kit Box

Turnable mesh heads: The five pads which come with this kit are made from authentic mesh heads, and so are turnable. All of them work in addition to an acoustic guitar head. This kit enables you to pitch and set your rebound in addition to sensitivity. Essentially, you have a good deal of room for customization.

Four-post chrome rack hardware: The hardware isn’t only sturdy, but it’s also relatively simple to establish. Though the hardware does not incorporate the slotted poles the brand provides in its high-end possibilities, the simple truth is that the four-post chrome stand does a superb job of holding all of the elements together in a place with practically no motion at all.

Sound Module: The audio module supplied here is the same one you’d see in the Alesis Nitro mesh electronic drum set. The most crucial difference is that one is brand new and improved to adapt to the kit update. It includes a 6-centimeter LCD, making it relatively simple to operate.


  • It provides you excellent audio quality.
  • The net heads are of exceptional quality and very affordable.
  • You may tweak the net head to feel close or like an acoustic guitar set. This is only because you can increase and reduce (personalize ) the tension from the net charges.
  • You can play with it directly from the box (virtually )


  • The kick pedal includes a toe stop that’s approximately 2 inches from the surface of the deck. This makes it uncomfortable and difficult for Individuals with large feet to Put Them on the deck thoroughly.

Features Of This Alesis Nitro Kit

Tunable Mesh Heads: This is among the most noteworthy novelties the group at Alesis has in this choice of electronic drum kits. It’s new heads to the Tom heads and trap. Keep in mind the kick pad remains rubberized, and are the cymbals. Nevertheless, that is not that big of a deal as it is a frequent characteristic in most high-end drum collections that’s mesh heads.

All these durable heads deliver a more natural sense compared to cheaper rubber choices. The simple fact that they’re unable usually means you could readily personalize the rebound and sensitivity.

Features Of This Alesis Nitro Ki

Fantastic hardware: You’ve got eight drumming elements, including a kick pad, drum pads, and cymbal pads. Inside the hardware, you’ll discover an 8″ dual-trigger trap as three tom pads (single zone). When these pads aren’t as enormous as some might want them to be, they’re still relatively simple to play.

You also receive a crash cymbal with a ride cymbal and hi-hat. The hi-hat has an exceptional foot controller and does not just use an authentic hi-hat stand. These cymbals are 10″. You also get a kick tower, which allows you to use a bass drum pedal.

Reputable software: The kit utilizes the regular Alesis nitro module, so if you’ve used whatever in this line until you’ll be knowledgeable about this program. It’s user-friendly, dependable, and permits you to change between the drum set and recording easily.

It’s about 60 preset tunes and its MIDI-compatible significance. It is simple to connect your kit to your personal computer in addition to other elements such as an amplifier or even a PA.

Recording: You have three choices regarding recording using the Alesis Nitro electric drum set; just hit the “record button” after playing, use the audio outputs to connect into a recording apparatus, use the MIDI outputs to communicate with the audio module.


  • The net heads are magnificent and of fantastic quality for this price range.
  • Fantastic quality of drum module
  • It is very Simple to Use and very Acceptable for novices.


  • Though of excellent quality, the net heads are smaller compared to other choices in the marketplace, but they nevertheless play well.
  • Includes an aluminum stand that has some adjustability Problems

Alesis Surge Vs Nitro Mesh Electronic Drum Set Comparison

Drum Module & Sounds

Having a peek at the noises provided by the drum sets, I have learned there is hardly any difference! To be truthful, both the Alesis nitro vs surge sets include the same drum module and have the same noises and onboard features.

The module on the two places is lightning fast and reactive, precisely what you need from a digital drum set. You will find 40 onboard drum sets, which is undoubtedly striking.

The sounds are great for your cash, but nothing to rave about most. These are funding digital drum sets, which means that you can not anticipate the maximum hi-definition and comprehensive professional degree sounds.

Nonetheless, they’re more than acceptable for novices and students, as well as innovative drummers searching for a practice drum collection.

There are just two chief differences I have noticed between the Alesis Surge Vs. Nitro drum sets concerning sounds and module performance. The Alesis explosion includes a choke-able ride pattern, pad, and has a USB-MIDI outside.


Both the Alesis Surge and Nitro mash E-drum set boast exceptional design and excellent build quality. The two digital drum sets include hardware. The principal difference between Alesi’s digital drum sets in terms of build quality is hardware parts.

The Alesis explosion features a 4-post chrome stand that’s marginally more professional in look and more powerful. The chrome hardware appears better for sure that I need to say.

If you’re thinking about using your digital drum set, reside then this could be an essential element for which kit you select, since the viewers will care for the looks!

Mesh Pads

Alesis surge mesh vs nitro mesh include caliber all-mesh heads during that is a beautiful feature you’re typically not likely to discover in an entry-level digital drum set.

There are two chief differences between the Alesis Surge Vs. Nitro drum sets when it has to do with the mesh heads pads.

First, the dimensions of the digital snare drum pads contained are distinct. The Alesis Surge features a 10″ snare drum pad while the Alesis Nitro comes with an 8″ snare drum pad. You might not think that it makes a difference, but that is potentially the most significant part of your drum collection!

The bigger 10″ snare drum pad featured on the Alesis Surge feels better to perform and provides a more realistic playing experience.

The second principal difference between the Alesis Surge Vs. Nitro is that the magnitude of the kick drum tower pad. For me, this is the deal-breaker between the two drum sets.

I love to play a double bass drum pedal, as do a lot of drummers out there! Just the Alesis Surge will adapt a double bass drum pedal since it’s a giant kick drum pad. The Nitro kick drum pad is only going to accommodate one pedal.


Alesis nitro mesh vs surge mesh provide an authentic listening experience, and they’re a whole lot of fun to perform with. Both drum sets offer 40 high-quality drum set sounds.

The module is exceptionally responsive, meaning when you hit the drum, you immediately listen to the noises; also, it finds all of the subtle differences from how you perform.

The most noteworthy distinction is the updated trap drum pad and kicks drum pad concerning the functionality, making it a bit more enjoyable to play than Alesis Nitro. However, what’s the cost difference?


The Alesis Surge and Nitro Mesh digital drum sets offer you a good deal of bang for your dollar. Both of them are exceptionally enjoyable and good value musical instruments.

However, the Alesis Surge comes out about $200 more expensive than the Alesis Nitro. That is instead a substantial sum, considering it costs 50% more.


The difference between the two drum sets is it worth the extra money you have to pay to head for the Alesis Surge Mesh drum set; you are the one who will answer that question.

As for us, I don’t believe the difference is enough to justify the extra money you might need to spend on the Alesis Surge Mesh drum collection.

Now your job is to go to the nearest musical instrument store to experience the difference between these two drum kits for yourself; decide to buy the drum set that fits your goal, not just the brand of the drum set.


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