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What is Aida Turturro Net Worth 2023: Full Information 

Aida Turturro net worth

Aida Turturro is a well-known American actress with a net worth of $5 million. Because of her performance as Janice Soprano, Aida Turturro is now recognized by a wide audience.

How did Aida Turturro become so successful and make so much money? Here at Fidlarmusic, we’ll look at Aida Turturro’s life and career to get a better idea of Aida Turturro net worth.

Aida Turturro’s Overview

Aida Turturro’s Overview

Early life

She comes from a creative family; her mother is a famous artist. Dorothy Turturro was her mother, and her father is the painter Domenick Turturro.

Growing up on New York City’s Lower East Side was a normal experience for the young woman.

On her mother’s side, she is related to actors John, Natalie, and Nicolas Turturro. Aida received her Bachelor of Fine Arts in Acting from the State University of New York at New Paltz in 1984.


First appearing with Annabella Sciorra in the 1989 comedy “True Love,” Turturro quickly became a fan favorite.

After acting with Jami Gertz and Dylan McDermott in the romantic comedy “Jersey Girl” (1992), she went on to appear in the films “Angie” (1994) by Martha Coolidge and “Illuminata” (1995) by John Turturro (1998).

Her cousin helmed both of these movies. In 1999, she was in “Deep Blue Sea,” a science fiction film that earned $164,600,000 worldwide. ‘Crocodile Dundee in Los Angeles’ starred her as Jean Ferraro in 2001.

She then starred with James Gandolfini, Susan Sarandon, and Kate Winslet in the John Turturro-directed musical comedy “Romance & Cigarettes” (2005). Her wealth has been growing steadily as a result of all of these jobs.

Throughout the years 2000-2006, Turturro featured on the HBO series The Sopranos as Janice Soprano, for which she received an Emmy nomination in 2001.

During her time with the actor’s ensemble, she received nominations for the Screen Actors Guild Awards every year (2001, 2002, 2003, and 2005).

The actress had a key role in the 2011 Italian film “Mozzarella Stories,” directed by Edoardo De Angelis.

Aida starred in and her cousin John Turturro directed the 2013 film “Fading Gigolo” (2013). Next, she inspired Raymond De Felitta to use her as the basis for Anna in his crime novel Rob the Mob (2014).

Aida has recently been seen in episodes of “Brooklyn Nine-Nine,” “The Night Of,” and “Criminal Minds: Beyond Borders” (2017).

In 1992, Turturro made her Broadway debut in the role of Eunice Hubbell in the drama “A Streetcar Named Desire.” After that, she had another Broadway appearance, this time as an understudy in the musical Chicago, playing the role of Matron (1996 – present).

Italian Folktales, a theatrical adaptation of short stories by Italo Calvino, had its world premiere in January 2010.

His cousin John Turturro wrote and directed the play, which premiered at the Teatro Stabile in Turin. Her show took place at the Teatro Carignano.

Personal Life

Personal Life

The actor John Turturro was diagnosed with type 2 diabetes in 2001. She does not have any significant others at present.

What is Aida Turturro’s Net Worth and Salary in 2023?

Aida Turturro Net Worth is $5 Million. His salary is under review.

Why is Aida Turturro Famous?

American actress Aida Turturro. She became widely known thanks to her role as Janice Soprano on the hit HBO drama series The Sopranos.

FAQs about Aida Turturro

FAQs about Aida Turturro    

Did Aida Turturro win an Emmy?

Yes. Aida Turturro is an outstanding Supporting Actress In A Drama Series – 2001.

Does Aida Turturro have a tattoo?

No, Aida Turturro doesn’t has a tattoo.

What is Aida Turturro doing now?

Aida is now resting.


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