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What is Ahmad Givens Net Worth 2023: Full Information 

Ahmad Givens net worth

Ahmad Givens was a $300,000-worth American rapper and reality television star. He was better known as “Real” on stage.

How did Ahmad Givens become so successful and make so much money? Here at Fidlarmusic, we’ll look at Ahmad Givens’s life and career to get a better idea of Ahmad Givens net worth.

Ahmad Givens’s Overview

Ahmad Givens’s Overview

Early life

Ahmad’s early exposure to music sparked a lifelong interest in the art form, and he always envisioned himself pursuing a career in the field.

He, along with his brother Chance, and his other brother Micah, came up with the name “The Stallionaires” for their rap group. Despite this, the group was not able to begin a lucrative rapping career, and thus, they separated quite shortly.


Despite Ahmad’s prior efforts to get into the rap scene, he first got popular when he was featured on the MTV reality series “I Love New York.”

This led to Ahmad’s meteoric rise to prominence. The show’s eighth episode featured him, and at that point he was in third place.

A second chance presented itself to him in the spinoff series “I Love New York 2,” in which he was one of 20 potential suitors competing for Tiffany Pollard’s affections.

During this time, he participated in the competition. Givens was approached to appear on the program by the creators of the VH1 show “I Love Money,” which highlighted contestants who did not win their respective competitions.

The competitors faced off against one another in a range of mental and physical tests in order to earn a chance at the top prize of $250,000.

After that, a spin-off called “Real Chance of Love” came out, in which a number of different women competed to win Real’s love. Givens was unable to bring home a single champion from the program for two consecutive seasons.

Ahmad has been in many television series, but he declined an offer to star in a movie that Ben Stiller offered since the part required him to portray a gay male.

By launching his own line of hair care products under the brand name “Real Silk Hair Care Systems,” Ahmad was able to boost his fortune significantly.

Personal Life

Personal Life

Ahmad had a reputation for being a very devout individual in his private life. In spite of the bizarre conduct he displayed on and off camera, he referred to himself as a “God-fearing person” in an interview.

Even though he shared the screen with his brother Chance Givens on a number of shows that were shown on VH1, the public perception of him was that he was more reserved than Chance.

According to Ahmad, he is a kind, impulsive, and extroverted man. He lived out his last years on a ranch in Orange County till the day he passed away.

In 2013, Givens had surgery to address the Stage IV colon cancer he was diagnosed with. A few months later, the cancer returned, and despite receiving chemotherapy, it continued to spread throughout the body.

Raquel, his wife, and their kid were the only ones he left behind when he passed away in February of 2015.

According to the information provided by our sources, he would have had an even bigger fortune if the excessive cost of his cancer treatment hadn’t been incurred.

What is Ahmad Givens’s Net Worth and Salary in 2023?

Ahmad Givens net worth is $300 Thousand. His salary is under review.

Why is Ahmad Givens Famous?

He rose to prominence as a rapper and reality television personality after appearing on a number of VH1 series, including “Real Chance of Love” and “I Love New York.”

Givens and his brother Kamal (Chance) Givens were in the 2009 dating show Real Chance of Love. The program first broadcast in 2009. Over the course of eleven episodes, fifteen females vied for his and her attention.

FAQs about Ahmad Givens

FAQs about Ahmad Givens    

What is Chance net worth?

Chance’s Net Worth is $25 million.

Where are the Stallionaires from?

The Stallionaires are from Los Angeles, California

Kamal Givens net worth 2023

Kamal Givens has a net worth of $300 thousand.

Tiffany Pollard net worth

Tiffany “New York” Pollard has a net worth of $500 thousand.


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