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What is Adrian Zmed Net Worth 2022: Full Information

What is Adrian Zmed Net Worth 2022 Full Information
American actor and singer Adrian Zmed has accumulated a net worth of a million throughout his career. Where did all of Adrian Zmed’s success and wealth originate from? Here at Fidlarmusic, we’ll look at Adrian Zmed’s life and career to get a better idea of Adrian Zmed net worth.

What is Adrian Zmed’s Net Worth and Salary in 2022?

Adrian Zmed net worth and salary are both expected to rise in 2022. He is a popular actor who has starred in many films and television shows.

His net worth is currently estimated at $5 million, but it is expected to increase to $8 million by 2022. His salary is also expected to increase from $50, 000 to $100, 000 per episode by 2022.

Adrian Zmed’s Overview

Adrian Zmed’s Overview

Early life

Zmed was born in Chicago, Illinois, to Romanian Orthodox priest George Zmed (1916-2010), who served from 1952 until his retirement in 1983, and his wife Persida (née Golub), who subsequently went by the name Sadie Smith.

Zmed was the youngest of the couple’s three sons. From 1952 until his retirement in 1983, George Zmed worked as a priest. The eldest of three boys, Zmed was (1923–2015).

His father, George, was the country’s first-ever born Romanian-American. He was born in Chicago to immigrants from Comlo Mare, Timiş County, Nicolae, and Paraschiva (née Bălan), who came to live in the country at the beginning of the 20th century.

George moved to Romania with his family when he was five years old. He went to school there up until November 1952, when the family returned to the United States.

George and Persida, born in Romania, exchanged vows in Timișoara on October 15, 1942. Three boys, Cornel, Walter, and Adrian, were born into the marriage in that order.

Adrian completed his high school education at Lane Technical High School in Chicago. He began participating in school football in 1968 before suffering a leg bone fracture and severe artery puncture. He thereafter gave up playing the sport.


His first appearance was in the Guys and Dolls production at his high school after deciding to pursue a career in theater rather than sports.

Zmed decided to register in the Chicago Conservatory of Music and the Goodman School of Drama to enhance his training in vocal performance after being identified as one of Chicago’s most gifted high school singers on a local television program.

After attending the Goodman School of Drapery, he received a Bachelor of Fine Arts degree.



Zmed made his debut on television in 1978 by playing the role of Marty Decker in two episodes of the show Starsky & Hutch.

After that, he was offered and accepted the part of Socks Palermo in the 1979 television series Flatbush, which was an adaptation of the film The Lords of Flatbush. However, the series was canceled after just one season.

After the program was canceled, he was cast in the role of Frankie Millardo in the television series Goodtime Girls, which aired for one season (1980).

In 1982, he had a special appearance on An Evening at the Improv in addition to his previous work as a guest star on the television programs Angie, I’m a Big Girl Now, and Bosom Buddies.

Zmed became a well-known face because of his role as Officer Romano in the ABC series T.J. Hooker. During the 1980s and 1990s, he appeared as a guest on various television series, such as Hotel, Empty Nest, Murder, She Wrote, and Caroline in the City.

He is most known for his role as Fred Feliciano in the 1984 film Victims for Victims: The Theresa Saldana Story.

He left T.J. Hooker in 1985 when the program moved to CBS, and he decided to host Dance Fever instead, where he would take over for Deney Terrio for the show’s last two seasons.


After John Travolta and Olivia Newton-performance John in the Grease movie was a huge hit, Paramount Pictures moved quickly to get the rights to a sequel.

Zmed will play Johnny Nogerelli, the new T-Birds gang boss, in Grease 2. Zmed will play this and other significant parts in the movie.

He was chosen for a variety of movies because of his performance, including The Final Terror (1983) and Bachelor Party (1987). (1984). He appears in the motion picture “The Craving Heart” (2006).

Personal Life

Personal Life

Zmed has married through the process of marriage three times. In 1976, he wed Barbara Fitzner, the girl he had a crush on all throughout high school.

Zachary and Dylan, the couple’s two sons, are both accomplished rock musicians who have played in bands such as the Everly Brothers tribute band, the Bird Dogs, and the rock band The Janks.

Zmed’s 1995 marriage to Susan Wood, a Broadway actor and vocalist, also filed for divorce.

The wedding was married to place on October 5, 2012, between him and Lysa Lynne Baker. On November 23, 2012, they also had a second, more intimate wedding in Thailand.

William Shatner, who starred alongside Zmed in an episode of Star Trek, continues to be a good friend of Zmed.

Why is Adrian Zmed Famous?

Adrian Zmed is famous for his roles on the television shows T.J. Hooker and Bachelor Party.

FAQs about Adrian Zmed

FAQs about Adrian Zmed

Heather Locklear net worth?

Heather Locklear has a net worth of $6 million dollars.

William Shatner net worth?

William Shatner has a net worth of $100 million.

Adrian Zmed height?

Adrian Zmed’s height is 1.74 m.


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